17 WWE Women Who Posed In The Buff: Where Are They Now?

Whilst the wrestling business is famed for its engaging, competitive in-ring product and its legendary feuds and storylines, there's a very special place in the business for the glamourous female performer.

These days, thankfully it appears as if women are being once again looked at as genuine in-ring talents who are finally being given some time to shine in the squared circle rather than just being used as eye candy. Still, that's not to say that there's anything wrong with those performers who are or were seen as eye candy, for the wrestling business has many different elements to it.

Over the years, particularly during the late-90s and early-2000s, the WWF/E featured many a female talent who wound up shedding their clothes either on WWF/E programming or via other avenues, such as film/TV work or skimpy modelling shoots. The number of those women is plentiful, but some of those talents have seemingly slipped off the radar since departing Vince McMahon's company.

So, with that said, let's take a look at 19 women who appeared in the WWF/E and at some point got naked, and let's get up to speed with what they're up to nowadays.

17 Maryse

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Maryse initially appeared for the WWE between 2006 and 2011, joining many fellow Divas of that time period in appearing nude in Playboy.

Whilst Maryse left the WWE in 2011 and launched her own clothing and jewellery range, not to mention later try her hand at real estate, she returned to the company the night after this year’s WrestleMania.

Now teaming up with her real-life husband The Miz, Maryse feels far more relevant and enjoyable now than she has ever been during her previous years in the business, and she has also brought an added dimension to her husband that has seen him do his best work in years.

As far as the on-screen couple of The Miz and Maryse are concerned, they’ve been some of the real highlights of the post-Mania season.

16 Amy Weber

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Like a host of mid-2000s Divas, Amy Weber’s time in the WWE was extremely brief, coming and going before anyone even really realised she was there in the first place.

Having taken part in the company’s Divas Search contest, the highlight of Weber’s run was her brief stint as part of JBL’s Cabinet stable. She was officially signed to the WWE in 2004 but would be gone by early-2005 amidst claims of sexual harassment and pay disputes.

Weber had appeared in many a movie before her WWE tenure, but it was in 1995’s Forbidden Games and 1999’s The Contract that low-budget film enthusiasts saw her strip down to her birthday suit and take part in some sex scenes.

Since leaving the WWE, Weber has continued to sporadically act in movies and on TV, and she’s also released a music album and has performed in theater productions such as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Grease.

15 Ashley Massaro

Via Playboy

Having won the 2005 Diva Search, Ashley Massaro was handed a WWE contract, with her staying with the organisation until she asked for her release to care for her sick daughter in 2008.

During her stint in the WWE, she, like many other Divas of the time, appeared naked in Playboy. She may not have won herself any titles during her WWE stint, but her Playboy spread certainly saw her win the hearts of many.

As for what Ashley is doing these days, she’s largely stayed under the radar and is believed to spend the majority of her time caring for her daughter. The only real thing of note in recent years has been a Twitter war between Ashley and Tammy Sytch, with Sytch accusing Massaro of being an escort… because we all know that Sunny never makes sh*t up!

14 Nicole Bass

Via The Howard Stern Show/Unknown

It seems that after her 1998 WWF run came to an end, Nicole Bass participated in certain erotic fetish movies where her hulking physique was used to dominate smaller guys.

Added to this, Bass has recently taken to stripping on stage. In fact, a recent performance in West Virginia was covered by The Howard Stern Show, of which Bass is a longtime friend of the show.

Since then, Bass was actually due to perform a strip show at a New Jersey club in March before the club cancelled the show at the last minute. Following that, Nicole randomly shed her clothes on Stern’s show.

Bass sadly lost her husband in 2013, with him passing away minutes after having sex with her. Openly discussing this on Howard Stern many a time, she has also admitted that she thinks that she may now be bisexual.

13 Dawn Marie

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After making quite the name in ECW, Dawn Marie would find herself in the WWE from 2002 until 2005. Before her time in Vince McMahon’s organisation, though, Dawn had a sex scene in a 1999 horror movie called Carmilla, aka The Vampire Carmilla.

The then 29-year-old Dawn Marie, under her full name of Dawn Marie Psaltis, appeared in the film with hopes of pursuing a career in acting for her days out of the squared circle.

Since leaving the WWE under a bit of a storm in 2005 – Dawn took legal action against the company after she believed that they released her because she was pregnant – the ECW vixen has largely stayed under the radar, with her now happily married and the mother to two children. She also launched the Wrestler’s Rescue scheme to attempt to look after retired grapplers with their healthcare needs.

12 Jacqueline Moore


The former Miss Texas, Jacqueline Moore, is one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Still, that didn’t mean that she didn’t end up exposing her ample breasts on WWF programming like many a female performer during the tail end of the ‘90s.

During the 1998 Capital Carnage show, Jackie would end up sans-shirt and on the shoulders of referee Timmy White.

The tough-as-nails Moore left Vinny Mac’s company in 2004 and would then make work with TNA until as recently as 2013. Earlier this year, of course, Jackie was honoured and inducted until the WWE Hall of Fame. Outside of wrestling, she’s taken steps into the acting world, although she’s still not officially retired from in-ring competition should an ass-whooping need giving out.

11 Candice Michelle

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Whilst her run with the WWE lasted from 2004 until 2009, it was her pre-WWE days that saw Candice Michelle showing off more flesh than you’d expect to see on an episode of RAW.

During the late-90s heyday of late night softcore TV, Candice was one of many a young hopeful who agreed to bare the goods in order to try and get their big break. It was in Cinemax’s Roommate Wanted movie and the cringe-inducingly-titled Hotel Erotica series that saw Candice get nude in 2002, not to mention appearing in plenty of saucy photo shoots.

Following an appearance in a Lillian Garcia music video in 2011, these days the 37-year-old Candice is happily married to a chiropractor and spends her time raising her three young daughters as her wrestling days are firmly behind her.

10 Maria Kanellis

Via Playboy

Having competed in the WWE Diva Search back in 2004, Maria Kanellis was hired by the WWE despite coming fifth in the contest.

After several years with the company, April 2008 saw Maria become the latest Diva to pose naked for Playboy. Interestingly, Playboy had first approached her back in 2001 but she declined at that point in time. As well as appearing nude in her Playboy spread, Maria would appear naked in the 2014 movie, The Opposite Sex.

Kanellis was released by the WWE in early 2010, but she’s since stayed active in the wrestling business, having worked with Ring of Honor from 2011 until last year. She’s also appeared in the likes of Chikara and FWE, and is now currently contracted to Impact Wrestling where she manages her real-life husband, Mike Bennett.

Away from wrestling, she has dabbled with web shows, podcasts, a singing career, and her own perfume range.

9 Lana

Via Unknown

Lana is one of only two members of this list who are actually still employed by the WWE.

Before her WWE days, under her real name of CJ Parker, the Ravishing Russian was no stranger to posing nude, with her having done many a naked photoshoot in her pre-sports entertainment years. Then in 2013, eagle-eyed fans caught an eyeful when she had a raunchy sex scene in the oft-heralded Banshee show.

As mentioned, Lana is still very much under a WWE contract and has recently returned to managing Rusev on WWE TV following that doomed face turn last year involving Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae. In real life, of course, Rusev and Lana are now engaged to be married.

8 Christy Hemme

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Whilst several entrants of the WWE’s 2004 Divas Search winded up with a WWE contract, it was Christy Hemme who actually won the competition. And like many women of that time, Hemme was another who would end up posing in Playboy Magazine.

Surprisingly, considering the amount of years that many of the Diva Search girls would stay with the company, Christy departed the WWE in 2005. The following year saw her sign with TNA where she managed several talents and also competed in the Knockouts division.

Hemme officially retired from the ring in December 2009 but continued with TNA/Impact Wrestling as an interviewer and then the organisation’s main ring announcer. She would also end up as part of Impact’s booking team.

Married and with a 1-year-old daughter, Christy officially left TNA in April of this year.

7 Miss Kitty


Despite many merely remembering her as a Chyna clone during her 2-year run in the then-WWF, Missy Kitty/The Kat's most famous WWF moment was also the same moment which saw her go topless.

It was the UK-exclusive Insurrextion show in 2000 that saw The Kat have her top pulled off by Terri Runnels following an arm wrestling match. Seemingly if it happened in the UK then nudity was fine by the WWF’s logic, and the moment was certainly one that got the pulse racing and the pants tightening of many a teenage wrestling fan. Luckily for those fans, the Kat wouldn’t be shy at removing her clothes on a regular basis from then on out.

Kitty would leave the WWF and the wrestling business in 2001 following the breakup of her marriage to Jerry Lawler. Since then, as plain ol’ Stacy Carter she has made herself a successful career in real estate and has largely avoided returning to the wrestling industry. She also got married to Sinn Bodhi, aka Kizarny, in 2010, although the couple later divorced in 2013.

6 Tiffany

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Whilst she was known as Tiffany during her WWE days, Taryn Terrell had far more success in TNA under her real name. Under the Impact banner, Terrell became the company’s longest-reigning Knockouts Champion with an impressive 279-day reign.

Where nudity is concerned, the talented Terrell has appeared sans-clothes on several occasions. As well as plenty of nude modelling shoots for Playboy and the like, Taryn has also flashed the goods in projects such as Treme (shown above), Jake’s Road, and Will Ferrell’s Get Hard.

These days, still only 30, Terrell has left the wrestling business behind her. Claiming that wrestling had led to a life of sin, she retired in November 2015 as she dedicated her life to God. Having been previously married to current TNA World Champion Drew Galloway, Terrell tied the knot earlier this year with motorcyclist Joseph Dryden, to whom she has a baby girl.

5 Torrie Wilson

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Having debuted in WCW in 1999, Torrie Wilson was picked up by the then-WWF in 2001 during their purchase of their longtime rivals.

In March 2003, she found herself on the cover of Playboy Magazine, and the following year saw her part of another spread for the publication, this time appearing alongside fellow Diva and Playboy veteran Sable.

Wilson left the WWE in 2008, although she made a one-off appearance at 2009’s WrestleMania 25. Since then, she’s launched her own clothing range, Officially Jaded, and famously dated the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez from 2011 up until 2015. She’s also tried her hand in Hollywood but with nothing of note to report of on that front.

Now 40 years old, Torrie still looks just as stunning as ever.

4 Gail Kim

Via Unknown

There’s no question about it, Gail Kim is one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. It’s just a shame that the WWE rarely knew what to do with her during her two stints with the company. As well as the WWE, she’s also had two hugely successful spells in TNA.

It was during a break from the WWE and TNA in 2005 that Kim agreed to pose topless to advertise a Korean phone company. What bare breasts have to do with cell phones, I have no idea, but I’m sure you won’t find many complaining about the ad. Similarly, there's no one complaining about any of Gail's other steamy shoots.

These days, Gail Kim is still with TNA and is still putting on fantastic matches when given the opportunity. Outside of wrestling, she got married to chef Robert Irvine back in August 2012 after meeting on Irvine’s Restaurant: Impossible show.

3 Sunny

Via Wrestling Vixxxens

Tammy Sytch has been making all kinds of headlines over the past few months due to her venture into the adult entertainment industry.

Whilst she became an icon of the mid-90s WWF landscape for her run as Sunny from 1995 until 1998, Tammy finally popped her "adult film" cherry with the does-exactly-as-it-says-on-the-tin, Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor earlier this year.

Reportedly turning down approaches from Playboy as far back as 1997, it was only her post-WWF days that saw Sunny appear nude, firstly for Missy Hyatt’s Wrestling Vixxxens website and then later in the aforementioned Sunny Side Up.

With her career only recently starting, it remains to be seen whether Sytch continues down that particular career path now. Elsewhere in her life, Tammy has battled drug and drink issues, offers X-rated Skype sessions, has had to deal with cancer scares, and also has plans to release a tell-all autobiography.

2 Chyna

Via Playboy

In terms of female wrestlers who showed some skin, nobody bared more flesh than Chyna.

Having debuted in the WWF in 1997, Joanie Laurer first posed for Playboy in 2000 before doing a follow-up spread for the outlet in 2002. That was only the tip of the iceberg, though, for 2004 saw Laurer’s adult film debut in 1 Night in China alongside fellow grappler Sean Waltman. A homemade sex tape, the video was mass distributed by Red Light District Video.

From there, Another Night in China was released in 2009, Backdoor to Chyna was made available in 2011, and then parodies followed in the form of a wrestling-themed adult film and two Avengers-themed adult films, with Chyna playing the role of She-Hulk in the latter.

Having struggled to come to terms with how she left the WWE and having fought her demons for years, sadly Joanie Laurer passed away earlier this year, accidentally overdosing on prescription medication.

1 Sable

Via Playboy

To many wrestling fans, Sable was their teenage crush, with her antics during the late-90s adding some sex appeal to the WWF’s Attitude Era. And key to all of this was her posing for the April 1999 issue of Playboy; an issue which became one of the publication’s highest-selling issues ever.

Sable, then also known as Rena Mero, landed her second Playboy cover of the year with the September ’99 issue, and she’d later share a spread with Torrie Wilson in 2004.

To give you an idea of what Sable is up to now, these days her name is Sable Lesnar. Yep, as in she’s married to The Beast himself, Brock Lesnar. Having tied the knot in 2006, the pair have two sons together to go with Rena’s daughter and Brock’s twins from previous relationships. Now 48 years old, Rena has also become a grandmother for the first time.

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