11 Current WWE Wrestlers We're Absolutely Sick Of

Most wrestling fans are very loyal and will tune in multiple times each week to see their favorite superstars compete. Everyone has their favorites and also has some guys that they don’t like so much. Even with lots of new talent continuously entering the WWE from NXT, there are certain guys that seem like they have been around forever. Wrestling fans can easily get sick of certain wrestlers if they are shoved down our throats too much.

Some of these guys have been around for several years, while others are relatively new and doomed to having fans be sick of them already. Just look at The Undertaker as a guy fans will likely never get sick of. He only wrestlers a couple times a year at most, but every match he competes in in must see. Here are the 11 current wrestlers we’re absolutely sick of.

11 Kane

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The Undertaker has got things down to a science. He wrestlers very occasionally and every match he is in can be considered a main event. His “brother” Kane on the other hand has made wrestling fans sick and tired of seeing him. The only good news is that now we seem to be done with “Corporate” Kane and “The demon” Kane seems to be back to his old devastating ways. Kane never really seems to win any titles or do much of note. Luckily he reformed the Brothers of Destruction with The Undertaker to give us something interesting to watch.

10 Bo Dallas

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WWE fans were sick of Bo Dallas from Day 1. His gimmick of being a motivational speaker never really took and everyone just looks at him as being ridiculously annoying. Although the Social Outcasts are still a bunch of rejects, at least he has found a place to belong. If he had to do things over again, Dallas would probably hope to be associated with his real life brother Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. At this rate Dallas will never win any titles and will basically be a jobber to put over better superstars.

9 Rusev

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For about a year, Rusev was a devastating force in the WWE and had a solid feud with John Cena. After he lost for the first time, his career really started to go into a downward spiral. The best thing about Rusev was Lana, who is rarely seen with him even though we know that the pair is now engaged in real life. Whether it is his annoying way of speaking or his horrible hair, wrestling fans are certainly starting to get sick of Rusev. His association with the League Of Nations may help him out and get him back on track for a Tag Team, US, or IC title shot.

8 Adam Rose

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Adam Rose was actually cool for a little while before things started taking a turn for the worst. Once “The Bunny” actually started wrestling you know the WWE was desperate and didn’t know what to do with Adam Rose. He then changed his ways and bashed partying and made fun of other superstars. Now he is a part of the Social Outcasts which may help him blend in, but Adam Rose is not a guy who will be in the title picture any time soon. His annoying look and way of speaking is enough for wrestling fans to get sick of him pretty quickly.

7 Ryback

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It seems like Ryback changes his ways more often than the WWE Universe can chant “Goldberg” at him. Ryback started out as a devastating force and defeated everyone in his way. After that his career really took a dive and he started losing more and more often. The WWE fans are sick of Ryback because he has gone back and forth from being a rule breaker to being a good guy. He came out and shared his heart with the fans, telling them about how the book The Secret changed his life. Not too long after that, Ryback decided he was better off on his own and turned his back on some of his tag team partners.

6 Sheamus

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5 The Miz

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4 Triple H / The Authority

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It was refreshing to see Triple H actually get out of his suit and tie and get out from behind a microphone and get back into the ring this year. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been in charge for too long as part of The Authority and fans are getting sick of them. The way things seem to work in the WWE is that someone is in charge for a year or two before the fans get totally sick of them and then someone new is brought in. Although Triple H is a bit too old to be a full time wrestler, it is nice to see him compete instead of talk down to the WWE Universe and superstars all of the time.

3 Big Show

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You know wrestling fans are sick of the Big Show when they chant for him to retire from sports entertainment. The Big Show is actually one of the best big men of all time, but he has overstayed his welcome in the WWE. It seems that he just hasn’t been used properly, and his size and strength are not emphasized. Big Show could probably still be winning championships but he really doesn’t accomplish much at all. The last thing he did was win the 2nd annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but that was over a year ago. He also needs to quit flip flopping from being a good guy to being a rule breaker and pick a side.

2 Roman Reigns

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1 John Cena

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Every time John Cena’s entrance music comes on many fans in the WWE Universe start to boo. As time has gone on, it seems that more fans boo Cena than cheer him. Rumors of him turning into a bad guy have been floated around for years but it never actually happens. John Cena started his wrestling career in 1999 and became a legit WWE superstar in 2002. He has certainly proven his in-ring ability by winning three World Heavyweight Championships and 12 WWE Championships along with two World Tag Team Championships, two WWE Tag Team Championships, and five WWE United States Championships. The cycle of John Cena winning a championship, getting injured, rehabbing, coming back, and winning another title just annoys wrestling fans who are sick of Cena at this point.


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