10 WWE Wrestlers With The Most Impressive Cars

WWE wrestling superstars aren't just passionate about their wrestling careers or their special moves. All of those days spent in the ring is extremely lucrative. WWE wrestlers are required to be on the road sometimes more than three hundred days every year. This means that at the very least, they have to battle it out in the ring once a week at the minimum. That much dedication to a sport should give them what they deserve: a lot of money.

WWE stars spend their money on lots of different things, no doubt; mansions, swimming pools, vacation homes, tennis courts and so on. But many WWE wrestlers in both the past and present have dedicated a significant part of their money on various cool cars. Some wrestlers have just stuck to one tried and true car, while others have built up quite an impressive collection. Many people have forgotten about the cars that WWE wrestlers own, but who can blame them? If you’re a fan of WWE, you would probably rather care about what goes on in front of you in the ring, than care about what kind of car your favorite WWE superstars prefer.

But something that’s unique about WWE wrestlers and their cars is that they have used their cars for entrances and for transportation in between matches. Some wrestlers may just walk into the ring, but there have been countless times where wrestlers have used their own cars to enter the ring instead. Most notably, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has made entrances with many of his more unique vehicles, as have the Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero. And on just a few rare occasions, WWE wrestlers have even used their personal cars during the matches as well. Here are the top ten most exclusive cars owned by WWE wrestlers:

10 Randy Orton’s Hummer


Let’s face it, a Hummer screams WWE superstar wrestler. You may actually be surprised to hear that there aren't too many other Hummers on this list, though that’s not to say that not very many other WWE wrestlers drive Hummers. Nonetheless, perhaps the most notable Hummer owned by any WWE wrestler is owned by Randy Orton, who uses a Hummer 2 Dub as one of his personal vehicles. Orton received the Hummer by the Legacy at WWE and has had it ever since. Not only that, but he has kept it up in good shape as well.

9 Stone Cold's Monster Truck


Everyone first took note of Stone Cold’s Monster Truck in the late 1990s, when Stone Cold had a feud with Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. Stone Cold’s Monster Truck is one of the most notable examples of where a wrestler had used their car during a match. Not only that, but Stone Cold even used his monster truck to crush the Rock’s Lincoln Continental Town Car beneath it (was that scripted, or not?). He also notably drove the Monster Truck on an episode of Raw and actually slammed the Rock with the vehicle. Beyond the ring, Stone Cold keeps the monster truck in his collection of cars. It is appropriately Stone Cold themed, with logos and pictures of Stone Cold all over the truck.

8 JBL's Limousine


Another car that you might have guessed would be on this list: a limousine. Though of course, a limousine doesn't exactly scream WWE wrestling. Instead, Hummers and large trucks and sports cars would probably come to mind. Nonetheless, a lot of the WWE wrestlers are very wealthy, so it absolutely makes sense that a wealthy person would have at least one limousine around. JBL’s limousine is very unique, in that it features a pair of horns on the front and a cowbell that rings off and on. JBL may not be the only one to own a limousine, but his limo is definitely the most distinctive.

7 Eddie Guerrero's Low Rider

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The late Eddie Guerrero has been, and will always be remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers on WWE of all time. Although, one of the more notable events of his career where he will also be remembered is when he made an entrance into a match with his Low Rider, one of the cars from his personal collection. Guerrero was always one with style, and he has been greatly missed by the professional wrestling community.

6 Stone Cold's Zamboni


Yep, you read that correctly. Stone Cold owns a Zamboni, but not only that, he has driven it as an entrance vehicle into WWE matches before. Stone Cold’s Zamboni first made headlines in the WWE world when he was defeated by The Undertaker and Kane, for the championship title in late 1998. At the next match he was in, Stone Cold drove his Zamboni right up to the ring and then attacked Vince McMahon. However, he was handcuffed and pulled away from the building by security, leaving his Zamboni sitting there in the middle of cheering fans. The Zamboni remains in his personal collection today, but we have yet to see if he will ever bring it out to the ring again.

5 The Undertaker's Motorcycle

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You might think it's not right that a motorcycle is being included on a ‘ten most exclusive cars owned by WWE wrestlers’ list, but no list of that type would be complete without The Undertaker’s infamous motorcycle. In his spare time, the Undertaker is actually a dedicated motorcyclist, and is very rarely seen driving a car. He’s also used his personal motorcycle as entrances into the ring, and to even chase his opponents on the ring. The Undertaker owns many motorcycles in his collection, but none are as famous as the one he’s used in his matches.

4 Batista's Car Collection

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Batista is an avid car collector and as a result, it’s impossible to narrow down his collection to just one exclusive car. He favors newer, expensive and higher end cars, and owns a number of impressive vehicles, ranging from Hummers to BMW’s to Lamborgini’s. He recently acquired a Mercedes Bens SL500.

3 The Rock's Chevrolet Chevelle

This is without a doubt, Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson’s most favorite car out of his collection. As an avid car collector, The Rock keeps a variety of different vehicles in his garage, but it’s clear that he loves none of them as much as his Chevelle. The Rock has been spotted driving the Chevelle regularly and also drives the car to the opening premier of most of his movies. He’s even driven the car in a couple of his movies, where it was modified for increased performance on the road.

2 Stone Cold's Beer Truck


That’s right, another entry into this list is from Stone Cold. But the reason why is because Stone Cold has used a number of his cars from his personal collection in his wrestling matches, and it’s hard to narrow it down to only one car. The beer truck he used during his feud with the Rock is perhaps the most notable car of his that he has used during a match, soaking many people in the ring with the beer from the car and taking a beer bath in it during the match.

1 John Cena's Car Collection


John Cena is perhaps the most avid car collector in WWE; there’s literally no more room at his mansion to store all of his cars. Just a few of the cars in Cena’s collection include a brand new Ford Mustang, a 2007 Dodge Charger, 1970 Ford Gran Torino, 1969 AMC AMX, 1970 Plymouth Superbird and a 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger.

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