10 WTF Moments From WrestleMania 32

With last night playing host to Wrestlemania 32 at a packed AT&T Arena in Dallas, Texas you just knew that there would be plenty of fireworks and so much more when the roof closed and the superstars entered the ring.

Promising a host of title matches, simmering rivalries and plenty of reputations and careers on the line, this year certainly didn't fail to deliver in those famous 'WrestleMania moments'.

This showcase of the Immortals once again proved why so many flock to stadiums and stay up to the early hours to witness the greatest wrestlers embark on their own quests to legendary status.

Among those this year looking to cement their names in history were the likes of Shane McMahon, hoping to gain control of Raw and end The Undertaker's WrestleMania career, revolutionary women Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, fellow NXT blossomer Sami Zayn, and so many more.

Thankfully, it would be a night to relish the talents of such superstars as we were privy to a cavalcade of unbelievable, memorable moments from the WWE's biggest live event. From death-defying stunts, to underdogs climbing the mountain to the pinnacle, this was a 'Mania that ticked all the boxes and here are some of the best moments.

10 The Unlucky Number For Ambrose

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One of the most appetising and enticing matches was the No Holds Barred Street Fight between the 'Beast' Brock Lesnar and the 'Lunatic Fringe' Dean Ambrose.

After all, this was a rivalry that had been bubbling for some time, backed by some great moments within Raw and Smackdown, paving the way for certain carnage come their in-ring showdown in Dallas.

Instead, we were treated with what was essentially a rather standard battle between these combatants, briefly showcasing weaponry, but all-too-often letting us down.

Despite the shortcomings of this match, we were able to revel in the sheer strength, audacity and brute force of Lesnar's infamously dubbed 'Suplex City'. In fact, it was an especially unlucky night for Ambrose as his loss came way of thirteen suplexes delivered by Lesnar during the match.

9 The Roman Empire Rejuvenated

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As far as WrestleMania main events go, Triple H and Roman Reigns going toe-to-toe had been earmarked for quite some time. With Reigns falling foul of Corporate actions left, right and centre in the past, this year's WrestleMania was always going to be his time to shine - even if the crowd was having none of it.

That being said, what could have easily been a rather dull and drab affair of a main event did result in a handful of moments worthy of applause. True, these two men hardly have a glorious repertoire of outstanding moves, but their strength and technical abilities shone through.

While tirades of beatdowns and Superman punches weren't quite what the doctor ordered, the sight of Triple H being speared through the barricade certainly provided a 'WTF' moment, as well as that sweet moment that Stephanie saw the brutal end of a Spear herself.

8 Shaq'll Show 'Em

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One of the greatest things about WrestleMania is that it always looks to acknowledge the superstars of the past as much as it does the very future generation of superstars. In this case, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale seeing a host of wrestlers take on one another for the coveted trophy.

This year's tournament looked primed for a possible defence from the Big Show, until someone a little bit bigger than him entered the fray... Shaquille O'Neal!

That's right, big Shaq, of LA Lakers and Orlando Magic fame, burst into the tournament and immediately set his sights on the big man who would be his biggest rival in the ring. It was one of those celebrity moments that we'll never forget, sadly resulting in both men being hauled over the ropes to elimination.

7 Moment Of InZaynity

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Fresh from his NXT's own Takeover event this past Friday, the sight of Sami Zayn finally competing in his first ever WrestleMania was a fairy tale in and of itself. The fact that he was part of a seven-man Ladder match for the Intercontinental title, with his former best friend Kevin Owens defending his title, only made it that sweeter.

Driven by desire and revenge, we all knew that Zayn would be a huge part of the highlight reel for this particular match and he certainly didn't falter in the PPV opener.

With Stardust, The Miz, Sin Cara, Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder on the floor, Zayn would vault over the ropes and take down five of the competitors vying for the spot of champion. It was an inspired moment of sheer insanity and brilliance, only matched by what followed. Zayn would then set his sights on champion Owens, flinging himself through the corner ropes and planting his rival with a massive Tornado DDT onto the floor.

Zayn had proved his worth to the WWE in his NXT days but now he had cemented his place in the hearts of fans with one insane minute of absolute quality.

6 Women's Title Gets The Match It Deserves

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Following the unveiling of the stunning new WWE Women's Championship belt, the Dallas crowd were treated to a Triple Threat title match that epitomised why Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are seen as the major force of the 'Diva's Revolution'.

A scintillating prospect merely on paper, these three women defined what women's wrestling is all about with a magnificent showcase of technical ability and incredible agility. This was a match that rivalled the very best at WrestleMania 32, a true testament to the skills and traits of these superstars, throwing their bodies on the line for the ultimate prize.

5 Ryder Woo Woo Woo-n It!

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For those of you who had the fortune of watching WWE Network's Breaking Ground, you will know that Zack Ryder is a superstar who has seen his fair share of highs and lows, almost at the brink of exiting the business. Therefore, when the moment came for him to grab the Intercontinental Championship and break down in victory, it couldn't have felt more deserved.

A man who has overcome all of the obstacles and then some, Ryder  managed to fight his way through six other men to prevail as victor in one of the best matches of the night.

4 No Main Event Groundbreaker

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Despite touching upon the evening's main event previously, it must be noted that one of the biggest WTF moments of WrestleMania 32 came in the form of a non-starter in terms of a big revelation or interference.

Many have criticised the WWE Championship match for its predictability in terms of the result, and ultimately, the outcome of this ongoing storyline. This couldn't ring any truer, especially when you consider the possibilities.

After all, last year's event essentially paved the way for some sort of involvement from The Rock, his rivalry with Triple H seemingly reignited, but alas this never arrived. Even the slight glimmer of an appearance from Seth Rollins or some other superstar would have been a welcome sight, but it never surfaced.

The WWE needs to take a long, hard look at the very top end of their pyramid because it just isn't working...

3 The Legends Take On The League

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While The New Day continue to hold the tag team division upon the weight of their hefty shoulders, they were mainly bystanders in a WrestleMania moment that helped to once again show why the League Of Nations just doesn't work.

After their victory over the Tag Team champions, Rusev, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett would gloat and announce that they were unmatched by any trio, the roof would be blown off by the sight of three true legends.

An unexpected treat if there ever was one, HBK Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin would smash their way into the arena and show them otherwise.

A few Sweet Chin Musics, Manidble Claws and Stone Cold Stunners later, and these three were dancing to the New Day tune, before one more Stunner closed their performance showing that they've still got it.

2 The Rock Shares A Record

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We all knew that The Rock was set to appear at WrestleMania, promising a record-breaking announcement upon his arrival in the ring. While the record was impressive in itself, a new attendance record of 101,763, what would follow served up some of the best entertainment of the night.

Interference from the Wyatt family would not deter The Rock as he made his own history in the quickest ever 'Mania victory (six seconds), as well as being joined by returning superstar, John Cena.

Two behemoths of the WWE stood tall together, taking down the Wyatts and leaving the crowd with another moment in the night to get excited about.

1 Shane Takes A Leap Of Faith

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Any wrestling fan will have known prior to his fateful showdown with The Undertaker that Shane McMahon is a unique risk-taker. In the past, we've seen him leap from the top of copious Titantrons, leap from one corner of the ring to another, and generally put his body on the line.

Thankfully, in the name of entertainment, Shane O'Mac was up to his old tricks again when he entered this year's Hell in a Cell versus the Deadman.

In a match-up that was all but predictable from the get-go in its outcome, we were still treated to two veterans of the business giving the crowd and us fans at home exactly what was asked.

Various well executed moves settled us into a rhythm in the early stages of the fight, until madness prevailed, with one section of the cell being obliterated and the limits of combat smashed wide open.

With the announcer's tables in imminent danger of attack, it took a moment of craziness from Shane to create the defining moment of the whole show - a leap from the top of the cell to an announcer's table. Shane's body missing Taker's and smashing through every inch of table available. Slow motion replays only heightened the madness and bravery of this competitor in what was the moment of a rather average Wrestlemania 32.

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