10 Tragic Cases Of WWE Stars Committing Suicide

"If you smell… what The Rock… is… cooking!" - The Rock, WWE Heavyweight Champion.

I can still recall the memory back from my old high school days. The sun had gone down and it was just a couple of minutes before seven. My brother and I rushed towards the living room. My dad had been sitting there quietly reading the paper and, upon seeing us, slowly reached for the remote. We placed ourselves on the couch and got comfortable. And then, the TV blinked on.

WWE Smackdown had just started and we glued our eyes to the TV screen. We watched the wrestlers enter the ring, saw them show off and heard them boast. We enjoyed their trash talks and enjoyed how they threw insults at each other. And after a whole moment of drama, the real thing started. We watched as the two competitors beat each other senseless. It was excellent entertainment. And after a quick while, it all ended and we turned off the TV. But one thing, we admired these great stars.

WWE Stars are absolutely amazing. These wrestlers know how to provide some excellent entertainment. And people just love them to bits. But unfortunately, their lives, sometimes aren't as glamorous as we might think. Most wrestlers tend to suffer a lot. While providing great entertainment, they often suffer serious injuries. These injuries inflict wounds that never heal and scars that never fade. Along with that, these stars tend to suffer from depression, brain disorders and even, suicidal tendencies. Wrestlers have a reputation for premature deaths, and while suicides are both tragic and appalling, the wrestling industry does hold some of the more shocking suicide cases there are. Here are 10 Shocking Cases of WWE Stars Committing Suicide.

10 Ludvig Borga


Starting off at Number 10 on our list of shocking cases of WWE stars committing suicide is Tony Christian Halme. Hailing all the way from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, Tony Halme was a true athlete who was built to inspire fear among his wrestling competitors. Tony Halme was more famously known as Ludvig Borga in the WWE.

Ludvig Borga held the Finnish Heavy Weight Championship title and all was going well for him. However, two days after his 47th birthday, Tony Halme shot himself and took his own life. He died on January 8, 2010 and reasons for his suicide are unknown.

9 Eddie Graham


For the folks who have been watching wrestling from the old days, you probably remember this old school hunk. Number nine on our list is Edward Gossett. Born in the state of Tennessee, United States, this star went on to make a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling and won many titles.

Eddie Graham was awarded a place in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008. However, he wasn’t there to receive the award. Unfortunately, long before he was inducted, he took his own life. On January 21, 1985, Graham committed suicide by a bullet to the head.

8 Chris Von Erich


The Von Erich family was an icon in the wrestling world. People who watched wrestling back in the 50s will know what I am talking about. Fritz Von Erich was a famous professional wrestler. His sons followed his footsteps and made him proud. Chris was the youngest of the sons.

Chris Barton Adkisson always loved the world of wrestling. However, he never shared the success his brothers had. Chris was weaker than his brothers and suffered from asthma. So he wasn’t quite cut out for it. Depressed and frustrated, he sadly took his own life on June 22, 1990. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

7 Sean O'Haire


Earlier this month, there was shocking news of a wrestler who had taken his own life. The news came as a blow to all the wrestling fans of the younger generation. Sean Christopher Haire sadly shook the world when it was reported that he hung himself. He is Number 7 on our list of shocking cases of WWE stars Committing Suicide.

Christopher Haire made a name for himself in the WWE, under the stage name of Sean O'Haire. After all this, he soon went out to become a hair stylist. Over the years, he was constantly arrested by the police for a number of crimes. On September 9, 2014, Sean O' Haire was tragically found dead by his father.

6 Kerry Von Erich

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Following at Number 6 on the list of the shocking cases of WWE stars committing suicide is yet another Von Erich. And his suicide is a real shocker. Kerry Gene Adkisson was an incredibly famous wrestler, going by the name of Kerry Von Erich. He was the fourth son of the famous, Fritz Von Erich. Kerry was a talented wrestler and his rise to stardom was quick.

After a biking accident, Kerry had to amputate his leg. He still wrestled with his prosthetic leg, but the consequences were high. He soon became addicted to painkillers and drugs. Sadly, on February 18, 1993, he committed suicide by a gunshot to the heart.

5 Mike Von Erich

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For the third time, another member of the Von Erich descendant comes in our list. By now, you might think that the stage name of Von Erich is probably cursed. Well, I can't blame you and quite frankly, I am starting to think that myself.

Michael Brett Adkisson was the fifth son of the famous wrestler, Fritz Von Erich and went by the stage name of Mike Von Erich. Mike wasn’t as athletic as his other brothers, but he still was a magnificent entertainer and worked closely with his brothers. However, Mike had a drug problem, and on April 11, 1987, he committed suicide by an overdose of sleeping pills. Thus, he earned the place of Number 5 on our list.

4 Crash Holly


Coming in at Number 4 was a real favorite of the audience. 22 times winner of the WWE Hardcore Championships, Crash Holly's suicide was a rather shocking one. Crash Holly had a lot of nicknames and ring names, but his real name was Michael John Lockwood. Lockwood's narcissistic personality in the ring might have been hilarious, but it earned him great success. The crowd just simply loved him.

Lockwood's death was highly tragic. On November 6, 2003, he was found dead with empty bottles of muscle relaxants and alcohol. A few days earlier, Lockwood got divorce papers from his wife, which might have contributed to his intentions of killing himself. Lockwood died tragically by choking on his own vomit and his death was ruled to be a suicide.

3 Chris Kanyon


Next on our list is one of the most well known wrestlers in the industry. Christopher Klucsarits was loved by both his fans and his friends. Better known as Chris Kanyon in the WWE world, the late wrestler suffered from severe bipolar disorder. On several basis, he threatened to commit suicide, and one day, he sadly went through with it. Chris was found dead in his apartment by his brother on April 2, 2010. Like many other wrestlers on our list, it was reported that Kanyon would have taken his own life by overdosing on antidepressants.

2 Shawn Osborne

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Near the end of our list, at 2nd place, we have Shawn McGrath, more popularly known as, Shawn Osborne. This talented star died prematurely at the young age of 34. On January 26, 2011, Shawn Osborne committed suicide. But before he did, he wrote a huge suicide note. The note explained how he had thought long and hard about what he was about to do. In his note, he explained all the reasons that contributed to his decision. He also assured that he was perfectly sober and not under any sort of influence. The note was allegedly posted on Facebook.

1 Chris Benoit


And finally, in the 1st place, standing at 5ft 11 in and weighing 220lbs, is Chris Benoit. Christopher Michael Benoit takes the lead in our list of shocking cases of WWE stars committing suicide. Why? His suicide case was just as shocking as it was brutal. All the Chris Benoit fans will know exactly what I'm talking about.

If I'm going down, you're coming along with me. The phrase works really well in Benoit's case. Chris did not just take his own life. He also took the lives of two others along with him. He murdered his wife and his seven-year old son, before claiming his own life. Whether it was a result of brain damage or complete insanity, we do not know. But what we do know is that, on June 25, 2007, this Rabid Wolverine was found dead in his home along with his family.

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