10 Of The Most Distressing WWE Neck Injuries In History

Some people seem to take the “Break a leg” phrase a little too seriously. Or so, it seems, on the WWE platform. A stage where everyone seems to excel at performing flips, double flips and twists in the air, WWE is home to a big bunch of wrestlers. And why not? We are positive that the entire set has seen the blood of several wrestlers.

The entire world has witnessed many of these bad boys and girls receiving wounds and injuries (as a matter of fact, reports say that a WWE wrestler even died on the sets). While a few were alright, in a matter of weeks, other players had to painstakingly wait for months to get back on their feet.

A number of the WWE sensations have a history of injuries. In fact, we think that Vince McMahon needs to host an award function, giving out awards like, “Worst Gash Receiver”, “Worst Leg Buster”, “King of Concussions” and even, “The Dude Who Has Seen It All." The last would definitely go to Mick Foley. Misplaced jaw and shoulder, bruised organs, broken teeth and many others - there isn’t much that this guy has not endured. It is a sad matter when your favorite wrestler has fallen down, even if a few of the fans’ reactions are a little hilarious. Out of all the places possible, obtaining an injury to the neck is quite dangerous; even a teensy move could lead to the death of a wrestler. Sadly, the WWE members have a variety of signature moves that are directed to that region. Congratulating yourself on the decision of resisting yourself from joining WWE, take a look at our list of 10 of the most distressing WWE neck injuries in history.

10 Santino Marella

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A man who had a fair share of wounds and bruises, Santino Marella comes in at 10th place on this list of 10 of the most distressing WWE neck injuries in history. The bumps and hits must have been pretty rough, resulting in him having to undergo several surgeries.

Although it is not known who cost him all that pain and money, news has it that Santino cited the neck injury as the reason for his departure from WWE. We will definitely miss your cherub-like face, Italian man (just take a look at the picture above; you will know what we are talking about).

9 Daniel Bryan


Having chosen the wrong time to come knocking at his door, Daniel Bryan’s neck injury has landed itself on this list of 10 of the most distressing WWE neck injuries in history. Supposedly, the entire ordeal stole his thunder. Aww, you poor thing.

Missing for a few months, Daniel sure had his fans worried sick. After all, he had won a big WrestleMania title, along with a bunch of compliments from the WWE industry. Regardless of not knowing which rival was the cause, we have acquired knowledge that Daniel had to face the knife (not the kitchen type; the surgical one).

8 Bob Holly

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Having faced Brock Lesnar (what is it with this man breaking contenders’ necks? Please refer to point number 4 for further understanding), Bob Holly’s injury earns a spot on this list. Surprisingly, Brock was new to the game, still managing to break Bob’s neck.

With his name containing a “Hardcore” in it, Bob was rumored to be a meanie. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he was chosen to demean the newcomer, Brock. Clearly, ragging isn’t confined to schools only. Imagine the spectators’ shock when Bob was taught a lesson instead. Not too hardcore now, are you, Bob?

7 Chris Benoit


Also known as “Crippler”, Chris Benoit lands himself the 7th spot on our list. The nickname is a perfect depiction of his actions with WWE competitors.

A rough and tough bloke, Chris seemed to receive the chance to show off, every now and then. He would get to face renowned contenders, while spectators would sit and watch, holding their breaths. During a TLC match that required 4 wrestlers, Chris broke his neck. Our belief? That was karma’s way of saying, “A neck injury, for a neck injury." If in doubt, please refer to point number 5.

6 Edge


Long-haired, with a wild look in his eyes? Yes, that is The Edge for you. Famous for his mad crazy offense and defense moves, Edge has gotten himself on this list of 10 of the most distressing WWE neck injuries in history. Eventually, the poor bloke gave up on WWE. One of the saddest breakups in existence, we are sure.

The painful neck injury took place sometime in 2003, forcing Edge to go in for an operation. Major ouch. Despite taking a year off, he could not overcome the underlying issues. Continuing to wrestle competitors till 2011, Edge finally gave in, almost in a “Dude, I’m done” manner.

5 Sabu

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A man we do not know much about, Sabu was forced into a neck brace during 1994. His injury comes in at 5th place on our list. Definitely not too fun being a wrestler, is it? Especially if you have Sabu’s luck. To clear out confusions, please read on.

While facing contender Chris Benoit, Sabu was supposed to face a Flapjack Bump (A move which requires you to throw your rival over your head. It is bound to make you feel like you’re warding off bad luck with a person, instead of traditional rice). A sight certain to give you goosebumps, Sabu landed on his face.

4 Kurt Angle


A John Cena lookalike, Kurt Angle (we are going to go ahead and assume that his descendants were fond of geometry, deciding on that surname) comes in at 4th place on our list of 10 of the most distressing WWE neck injuries in history. Said to complain about injuries since his Olympic wrestling days, Kurt must have been furious about receiving another blow to the neck, while in WWE.

While facing Brock Lesnar in a match, Kurt had his neck cracked. Purportedly, he was in a daze for quite a while, probably seeing stars circling his head. This tough man had to end up undergoing a surgery. Things must have not gotten better, as Kurt decided to leave the WWE platform in 2006.

3 John Cena

Probably a favorite among most wrestling enthusiasts, John Cena has earned a spot on our list of 10 of the most distressing WWE neck injuries in history. We mean, have you seen the man? Women are found fanning their flushing faces, when they see him on TV. And we aren’t even joking.

During 2008, Batista was said to have dropped a Batista Bomb on John. In other words, John found himself in neck braces after the encounter. Afterwards, he had to undergo an operation (imagine the horror, the doctors could not see him during the surgery! Could not see him, get it?). To the fans’ utter relief, he got back to his feet in a short span of time. If that wasn’t impressive enough, John went on to receiving pats on the shoulder, right after his recovery, thanks to his commendable victories inside the ring. You go, tiger!

2 Stone Cold

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A grand WWE wrestler, Stone Cold has landed a spot on this list of 10 of the most distressing WWE neck injuries in history. Even though he got back to his feet, just a few months after the whole ordeal, Stone Cold proved that it was all about willpower. And here, we strive to manage to get up on time in the morning.

A Spike Piledriver gone wrong, (a move which requires the offender to do a crazy dance around the ring before attacking his contender - that is what we saw off some YouTube videos), Stone Cold broke his neck in 1997. After suffering from insistent pain for years, doctors sat him down to tell him to bag the game or risk losing the use of his legs.

1 Darren Drozdov


A terrifying incident for WWE and for himself, Darren Drozdov’s injury earns a spot on our list. In a match, facing D’Lo Brown, Droz was supposed to be finished off with D’Lo’s signature move. Although, what happened next was a nightmare.

In the Running Powerbomb move, the rival finds himself in between D’Lo’s legs (head under the crotch too. Oh, the ickiness), only to be thrown into the air and landed on his head. However, during the D’Lo and Droz match, a badly-executed throw had Droz fracturing his neck. While conspiracy theorists claim foul play with the likes of Pepsi and Mirinda thrown onto the stage (What in the world…), poor Droz faced quadriplegia. Occurring in 1999, this injury led to Droz being confined to a wheelchair. So, basically, if life hands you a bad blow to the neck, you go on to become Professor X. Cool, or what?

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