10 Of The Best WWE Matches That Involved Celebrities

The full form of WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment, inc. and when it comes to entertainment, WWE sure knows how to fill in that requirement. Call it a sham, call it a misrepresentation of sports-culture and media, but you have to admit, when it is time to see some pre-planned, scripted fun, WWE is one of the best shows on earth.

Although, many criticize this for being superficial and for being disrespectful to the other professional wrestlers. But if we can tolerate soap operas and movies, then what is so wrong about a little showdown of brilliant action choreography, and some out of the world muscle builds. The normal shows are always entertaining, with someone trying to kill someone or bury someone alive, wrestlers crashing plastic chairs on their opponents, but the entertainment gets multiplied by thousands of units when celebrities end up being a part of it. WWE is like a fresh bowl of warm pasta and celebrities are like the extra cheesy toppings. I am pretty sure no one would be able to reject the love for extra toppings when they can get it for free. Celebrities spice up the total fun and entertainment of WWE. WWE is all about drama and if Hollywood superstars are a part of it, then you can understand how more dramatic and exciting it can be.

There have been a great number of celebrities who were a part of WWE matches, and all of the shows were great, but some were considered amazing. After carefully going through the really funny and entertaining videos of matches, we have tallied 10 of the best WWE matches that involved celebrities.

10 Criss Angel

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He knows how to play with the minds of people. He knows how to use illusion to give people a spectacular show. But the world didn't think that Criss Angel would use his magical skills on the matches of WWE. He was a host for a match between John Cena and the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon. It was a typical WWE show, with trash talking, Cena’s loose pants and at the end, with an ultimate showdown of drama and strength.

But at the end, the outcome was magical, that is why that match was one of the 10 of the best WWE matches that involved celebrities.

9 Snooki


8 Ashton Kutcher

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He sure is one of the best looking guys in Hollywood. No girl would dare to throw him in that square ring of WWE, and fortunately he wasn't, but he was still a part of a WWE match. He was the host of a match. Well, he was a bit annoying with his all trash talking, but it was entertaining and in show business, everything is fair in love and entertainment. Female audiences were already smitten by his charming good looks, but the male audience had to love him for his funny commentary.

7 Bradley Cooper


Another good looking man from the village of Hollywood decided to put up a little show for the WWE fans. His silver linings were prominent enough, but to satisfy the fans and of course, to support his team for that time's upcoming movie, The A Team. That match had the gleams of stars, as he didn’t come alone, he brought his teammates too.

Even though he didn't put up a fight, his hosting was great, and the show was shimmering with Hollywood stars, that is why it was one of the 10 of the best WWE matches that involved celebrities.

6 Shaquille O'Neal


When it is about scoring in Basketball, we know who to call. But what we didn't know is he can take action when it comes to show his valor. He was the special guest host and ringside enforcer of a WWE Raw match. This NBA superstar was doing great at supervising the match, but Big Show had to open his mouth and had to show attitude. Big Show might be big, but not bigger than America’s beloved Basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal. So he had to lose in front of his valor and vigilance. This is why to us, it was one of the 10 of the best WWE matches that involved celebrities.

5 Snoop Dogg

What a match this was, Snoop Dogg suddenly coming into the arena and entering the ring to save the poor little guy. He is not just one of the world’s best rappers, he is also a savior when it comes to injustice being done. When the cruel, Chavo Guerrero was torturing a little guy, he came into the ring to rescue him. Hopping like a bunny in a white loose tee-shirt, he looked more bubbly than ferocious but at the end, with his calculated and masculine hit, he had the victory.

4 The Rock Dwayne Johnson


One man who rocked both the film and wrestling world, one man who has an article before his name, that man is Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. Wrestling was already popular, but he took it to a new level. There is probably not even a single WWE viewer who doesn't love The Rock.

Now, all his matches were great, but one of his best ones was the championship finals, where he took home the victory against Steve Austin. It was all about the adrenaline rush, this is why it was one of the 10 of the best WWE matches that involved celebrities.

3 Hugh Jackman


Hollywood's Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, had to show the world that he is actually invincible. He went to the WWE raw to promote X Men: Days of Future Past. There, Magneto confronted him, he tried to be calm for a while but after tolerating constant nonsense from Magneto, he had to take a step. And what a step he took! He slammed fake Magneto on the floor with his invincible adamant hands. Magneto's power might work on him on the silver screens, but in that match we saw, his power doesn't work in the wrestling ring.

2 Mike Tyson and Steve Austin


Like Dwayne Johnson, Steve Austin also rocked both Hollywood and the wrestling world. He is not just a WWE champion, he is also an actor, director and producer of Hollywood films. Though now retired, he is considered one of the best WWE wrestlers. He had the title of Stone Cold, well when it was time beat someone up in WWE matches, he is as cold and tough as chilled stones. This is why he won his championships. But there was this one match when another boxing superstar, Mike Tyson, helped him to win the championship in Wrestlemania XIV. It was one of the best matches of the whole WWE, this is why it is chosen as one of 10 of the best WWE matches that involved celebrities.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger


He is a barbarian, he is a destroyer, he is the terminator. Yes, we are talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is not just a successful actor and politician, he is also a great wrestler. In a WWE Raw match which took place in march 2014, everything was going smoothly with Arnold as a host. He was in the ring with Hulk Hogan and Joe Manganiello, wait, don’t get too excited, this isn't the best part yet. The talk was sweet, but not dramatic. The drama began when The Miz came into the ring and started trash talking, but the day was saved as Arnold, Hulk and Joe took care of things, WWE style. It was drama and entertainment to its fullest level, this is why that match is no. 1 on this list.

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