10 Jobs You Didn't Know WWE Stars Did Before Entering The Ring

Reputed for its crazy matches and ridiculous conflicts, WWE wrestling has become a common household name. On the basis of WWE wrestling, there are two types of people in the world: those, who are mad crazy about the show, and the rest, who think that the entire thing is a waste of time. While you contemplate over which type you are, let us tell you that half the show is based on acting skills. You really cannot expect one wrestler to hit another with a metal chair, without even cracking a rib or two. Also, surely no one was ACTUALLY made to smell Rikishi’s butthole. Right? For the sake of our sanity, please tell us that that was some well-executed acting!

WWE wrestling is a show that is just like an athletic version of 90210 (With all the drama, back-stabbing and the entry of a new member every two days). However, these entries could be pretty short-lived. Even then, the wrestlers are remembered forever. If they have a strange history, you are inclined to remember their faces better.

Of course, before working as wrestlers for WWE, these men and women must have had other jobs. While some were actors and models (no wonder they flourished in the wrestling business), others had unusual jobs like: being sailors, fitness instructors, dancers and even jailers. Multi-talented people, you see. While you ponder over your own fortes, please take a look at our list of carefully picked, 10 jobs you didn't know WWE wrestlers did on the side.

10 Dolph Ziggler Is A Comedian

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A handsome man, Dolph Ziggler seems to have all the qualities that women want in their partners. You see, besides the looks, he has the humor too. Jackpot for his future-wife. Dolph’s comedian’s job comes in the 10th place on this list of 10 jobs you didn't know WWE wrestlers did before entering the ring.

We do not know if Dolph is a great wrestler or not. However, we do know that being a stand-up comedian is pretty cool. Additionally, you get to walk away from the WWE stage with witty remarks to diss your rivals. Not too shabby.

9 Great Khali Worked For The Police Force

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A man who could scare us out of our wits with just his voice, the Great Khali probably made a fearsome member of the police department. He even starred in a movie or two. Although, we could not make much out of his rumbles and grunts.

Famous for squashing rivals’ faces with his bare hands, Khali never ceased to look murderous. Maybe this is why the Indian police department picked him to work for them. We pity all the criminals who were caught by the Great Khali. They probably swore to never commit crimes, ever again.

8 John Cena Used To Work For A Limousine Company

Having been a car driver for a limousine company, John Cena comes in at 8th place on our list. How on earth did he manage to land a job on WWE? We can only guess.

We got used to the fact that he is an actor. However, the chauffeur matter was a different thing entirely. One may ponder over the question, “Did he ever receive a speeding ticket?”Even if he did, we wonder if he got away by stating, “You can’t see me” to the police officer.

7 Brodus Clay Used To Be A Bodyguard For Snoop Dogg


Brodus Clay comes in at number 7 on this list of 10 jobs you didn't know WWE wrestlers did before entering the ring, having been a bodyguard for Snoop Dogg. A giant of a human being, Brodus intimidates most of us. Hence, it did not come as a surprise to us when we heard that he was Snoop Dogg’s goon/savior at one time.

However, many wonder why Brodus left his first job. Our guess? He got tired of following Snoop Dogg around. It could also be that Brodus got bored of watching Snoopie getting all the action.

6 Paul Bearer Was A Funeral Attendant


Of all the creepy things out there, Paul Bearer seemed to have decided to go an extra mile and become a pallbearer (why do all the wrestlers choose names that mirror their old jobs?) Therefore, he earns his number 6 spot on this list. We hope he loved his job.

Seen in tons of scary, ghoulish make-up, Paul seems to have not one normal picture on the Internet. In all his taken photos, he is seen holding a golden pot-like thing. We direly hope that it never contained the ashes of any deceased people.

5 Naomi Used To Be A Dancer For Flo Rida


Those of us who haven’t watched Naomi in action on the WWE stage, will now probably look her up and try to find her face in Flo Rida’s music videos. Said to be one of his dancers, Naomi comes in at number 5 on this list.

For her sake and ours, we hope Naomi was not the woman grinding up against Flo Rida, while he sang, “Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby? Let me know." Although, you may consider Coach of WWE - that man was notoriously and direly in love with blowing whistles on the WWE platform.

4 Duke Droese Was A Refuse Collector


Containing "The Dumpster" in his name, Duke Droese sure puts his past job under the spotlight. Landing the number 4 spot on our list, Duke used to be a refuse collector. We are all aware that this is just the polite way of saying, he was a garbage man.

Miserably failing to come up with an explanation for why WWE hired Duke as a wrestler, we have come to the conclusion that this man probably considered his rivals as dirt. You know what we mean?

3 Chris Jericho - A Lead Vocalist

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Landing the number 3 spot on this list is Chris Jericho. Jericho is known for being a lead vocalist of a band known as “Fozzy”, this band has to have a whole lot of fans - only because of Chris.

We think it is seriously cute, picturing Chris sing. When you give it a little thought, you will see how Chris and One Direction are now similar, in a way. We would LOVE to see him croon, “You don’t know you’re beautiful!” on the WWE stage. Preferably, to the likes of Kane and The Undertaker.

2 Brutus Beefcake Used To Be A Barber

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Donning “The Barber” in the middle of his name, Brutus Beefcake used to be a hairdresser (sounds much more posh than just “barber”, doesn't it?), earning him a mention on our list. We wonder what his parents were thinking when they christened him.

Allegedly, Brutus used to be a barber for the members of WWE. So, all those horribly odd hairdos were possibly his handiwork. Clearly someone did not know the visual difference between a hairdo and a horse’s tail.

1 Wade Barrett Used To Work In A Laboratory

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What could be more insanely attractive for the women, other than a wrestler who clearly had the brains? Did we mention he is good-looking too. We dare the female population to take a look at the picture above and resist swooning.

Having worked in a science lab, Wade Barett earns a place on this list. Quite certain that he probably rocked a pair of spectacles and a laboratory coat, we marvel at the reason behind his change of careers. Although, we are positive that the women do not mind this, as surely, they enjoy Wade’s lack of pants on WWE.

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