Richest Black People In The World - Black Billionaires

List of Wealthiest & Richest Black People In The World As Of 2012:

7 No.1 Mohammed Al Amoudi

Net Worth:

$12.3 billion - As of March 2012Saudi Arabia's Richest Person: #2World's Richest People: #61 overallSource: oil, self-made , Age: 67 Citizenship: Saudi Arabia, Residence: Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaMarital Status:Married , Children:8

Son of Saudi father and Ethiopian mother, Al Amoudi started investing in Sweden in the 1970s. His construction company Midroc scored contract to build Saudi Arabia's nationwide underground oil storage complex in 1988; estimated $30 billion project solidified his fortune.

6 No.2 Aliko Dangote

Net Worth:

$11.2 billion - As of March 2012Nigeria's Richest Person: #1World's Richest People: #76 overallSource of wealth: Source: sugar, flour, cement , self-made Age:54 , Citizenship: Nigeria , Residence:Lagos, NigeriaMarital Status:Married, Children:3

Aliko Dangote is worth $11.2 billion after making money from interests in sugar, flour milling, salt processing, textiles, real estate, oil, gas and cement. He is the richest person in Nigeria, richest black in the worth and the 51st richest person in the world. His fortune grew 557% over in 2010 - growth that was sparked by listing Dangote Cement. This allowed his investments across Africa to be integrated with Benue Cement, and the company now constitutes a quarter of the Nigeria Stock Exchange's total market cap. He recently purchased a Bombardier aircraft as a birthday present for himself - worth $45 million.

5 No.3 Mike Adenuga

Net Worth:

$4.3 billion - As of March 2012Nigeria's Richest Person: #2World's Richest People: #248 overallSource of wealth: Telcom, banking, oil, self-made Age:57 ,Citizenship: Nigeria ,Residence:Lagos, NigeriaMarital Status:Married

Mike Adenuga is the second-richest person in Nigeria with a fortune of $2 billion. He is the 248th richest person in the world and made his money in telecommunications with Globacom, a carrier that has recently launched its 4G network. The company has also invested in the submarine cable connecting Nigeria to the world. His beginnings were small, as he started selling lace and Coca-Cola, but then he finally won a contract to build military barracks in the late 1980s. Adenuga also has a stake in the Equitorial Trust Bank, and is the chair of Conoil.

4 No.=4 Patrice Motsepe

Net Worth: $2.7billion - As of March 2012South Africa's Richest Person: #4World's Richest People: #442 overallSource of wealth: Mining, self-made Age:49 ,Citizenship: South Africa ,Residence: Johannesburg, South AfricaMarital Status:Married, Children:3

Patrice Motsepe is South Africa's third-richest person, worth $2.7 billion. He made his money in mining and is the 442th richest person in the world. His money is the result of purchasing of low-producing gold mine shafts in 1994, which he made profitable. Since then, he has built African Rainbow Minerals, benefiting as a result of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) laws. He also owns a stake in Sanlam.

3 No.=4 Oprah Winfrey

Net worth: $2.7 billion As of March 2012Source of Wealth: Television (Talk show host), Media proprietor, self-madeEducation: BA/BS, Tennessee State University

The queen of daytime TV is now the queen of cable. Winfrey's OWN station launched in the beginning of 2011. In addition to her cable channel, Winfrey oversees a magazine and Harpo productions. She also started a school  for girls in South Africa: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (which she invested $40 million). She consistently earns more than $225 million a year.

2 No.6 Mohammed Ibrahim

Net Worth:

$1.1 billion - As of March 2012UK's Richest Person: #32World's Richest People: #1075 overallSource of wealth: communications, self-made Age:64 ,Citizenship: United Kingdom, Residence: London, United Kingdom

Sudanese-born "Mo Ibrahim" founded Celtel, a mobile phone company that now serves 23 countries in Africa and the Middle East. He sold it in 2005 for $3.4 billion; pocketed $1.4 billion. He lives in London and spends his time on philanthropy and investing in Africa. He treated the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to improve governance of African countries. Most prominent element of the foundation is a lifetime award of $5 million over 10 years, and $200,000 annually thereafter, to an African head of state who has retired within the preceding three years and left his country materially better off and more transparent.

1 No.7 Michael Lee-Chin

Net worth: $1 billion - As of March 2010Source of wealth: Mutual funds, self-madeResidence: Burlington, CanadaCitizenship: Canada, JamaicaEducation: BA/BS, McMaster UniversityMarital Status:Divorced, Children: 5

The Jamaican-Canadian investor sold Canadian wealth management and mutual fund business AIC to Manulife in 2009. He originally acquired AIC mutual funds in 1987. Owns Columbus Communications, Barbados media company that sells broadband to Central and South American countries. Also owns stakes in National Commercial Bank Jamaica and Total Finance in Trinidad & Tobago. Personal real estate portfolio includes 250 acres of beachfront property in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and homes in Canada and Florida.

Source: Forbes Billionaires

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