The Top 10 Youngest People to Become Billionaires

They are young and they have set the world on fire with the billions that they own.Here is a list of the top 10 youngest people to become billionaires.

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10 Ayman Hariri, $1.35 billion – 34 years old

Ayman Hariri is one of the sons of Rafic Hariri, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon who was killed by extremist Hezbollah forces in 2005. Ayman is connected with Saudi Oger, one of the biggest construction companies in Saudi Arabia that is the source of the family’s wealth. Saudi Oger is currently building a local branch of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. He also has shares in Turk Telekom through Saudi Oger, as well as ownership in several banks in the Middle East, like the Arab Bank of Jordan.

9 Sean Parker, $2 billion – 33 years old

Sean Parker was one of the founders of Napster, that popular file sharing applicationthat almost brought down the entire music industry. It is considered to be the fastestgrowing business of all time, amassing tens of millions of users within a year ofits introduction. He also served as the first President of Facebook and co-foundedAirtime, Causes and Plaxo. He is currently on the Board of Directors of technologyfirms like Spotify and Yammer. He also serves as the Managing Partner of TheFounders Fund.

8 Marie Besnier Beauvalot, $1.5 billion – 32 years old

Marie Besnier Beauvalot is one of the owners, along with her siblings Emmanuel andJean-Michel, of Lactalis, a dairy giant from France that owns hundreds of brands ofcheese, milk and yogurt products. This includes the popular President cheeses. In2011, the family was able to purchase Parmalat, a publicly traded milk manufacturerfrom Italy that collapsed eight years before that resulted into its founder being sent toprison.

7 Fahd Hariri, $1.35 billion – 32 years old

Fahd Hariri is the youngest son of the founder of the Hariri family dynasty fromLebanon. He used to be a resident of Paris, where he got a degree in architecturebefore setting up an interior design shop that sells furnishings to clients in SaudiArabia. After the assassination of his father, Fahd decided not to return to Lebanon,moving to Dubai instead. He has, however, inherited his father’s keenness on theconstruction industry, serving as Chairman of Oger Dubai, a subsidiary of SaudiOger. He also heads the property portfolio arm of the company. The company hasbeen tasked with a five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi and an urban project in Dubai. He isalso a Director in Beirut’s Future Television Network.

6 Yang Huiyan, $5.7 billion – 31 years old

Yang Huiyan owns 46 percent of Country Garden Holdings, a real estate developerfounded by her father who transferred his shares to her in 2007. She graduated from   Ohio State University. The company has around 110 projects in China, mostly located in the province of Guangdong. It also has 29 hotels and plans to add around 17 more. The company has also been aggressively adding to its land holdings in Malaysia.

5 Eduardo Saverin, $2.2 billion – 30 years old

Eduardo Saverin was famously depicted in the movie “The Social Network” as thebest friend of Mark Zuckerberg during the time that Facebook was just starting out.He sued after he was unfairly and unceremoniously kicked out of the company.He eventually settled for a five percent stake. In 2011, he renounced his Americancitizenship, just days before Facebook had its initial public offering. He now residesin Singapore where he regularly invests in start up companies.

4 Scott Duncan, $5.1 billion – 30 years old

Scott Duncan is one of the four Duncan siblings that own Enterprise ProductsPartners. Their father, the late Dan Duncan, who made a name in energy pipelineentrepreneurship, established the company. The immense wealth of the familycomes from the fact that the company owns more than 50,000 miles of pipelines ofoil and natural gas.

3 Albert von Thurn und Taxis, $1.5 billion – 28 years old

Albert von Thurn und Taxis traces his blood line to the thrones of both the Thurnsand the Taxis. He actually became a billionaire when he was just eight years old. Hehas assets in a technological company and in the arts. He also has substantial realestate holdings, including 30,000 hectares of woodland in Germany. He races carsfor both pleasure and as a living. He is part of the German autoracing league.

2 Mark Zuckerberg, $13.3 billion – 28 years old

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and his exploits in developing it hasalready been immortalized in the movie “The Social Network.” His net worth hasactually been fluctuating up and down since the May 2012 debut of Facebook in thestock market. The price of the share hit a low of below $20 in the third quarter of lastyear. It has since rebounded strongly on the back of expectations of strong numberson mobile advertisements in the site. He has committed to be an active part in theGiving Pledge spearheaded by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, donating 18 millionshares of Facebook for the education initiatives of the Silicon Valley CommunityFoundation. The equivalent price amounted to almost half a billion dollars, oneof the largest donations to the education sector in 2012. He is also active in thepolitical front, supporting the re-election campaign of Chris Christie for the position ofGovernor of New Jersey.

1 Dustin Moskovitz, $3.8 billion – 28 years old

Dustin Moskovitz used to be the roommate of Mark Zuckerberg in HarvardUniversity. Like Zuckerberg, he dropped out of school to become the third employeeof Facebook. He even moved to California to work in the social networking giant on a full time basis. He left the company in 2008, though he still owns up to now five percent of all shares. He then established Asana, a software firm dedicated to improving how people work with project collaboration tools.

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