7 Most Beautiful First Ladies

1.Queen Rania of Jordan

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah is much more than just a queen.The beautiful, intelligent, and Queen Rania of Jordan made Forbes magazine's list of the world's 100 most powerful women 2009 for the second time ranking #76 better than 2005 ranked #81.

Balancing a modern outlook with a deep concern for her people,since she entered the spotlight after she married then Prince Abdullah in 1993, she has become known for her philanthropic work, pushing for better educational facilities for Jordan's school children and supporting efforts to empower women.

Feted by the West (she has been interviewed countless times, including a half-hour appearance on Oprah), she was named the third most beautiful woman in the world by Harpers and Queen magazine in 2005.

She's unquestionably the most beautiful -- First Lady in my list.

2.Asma al-Assad - Syria

There's no doubt international politics has become more interesting to style watchers these days - thanks to Carla Bruni, and of course, Michelle Obama.The First Lady of Syria, Asma Al Assad 's beauty has been described as All-Natural Beauty by major magazines.She understands that when it comes to makeup, less is the new more and makeup should compliment ones natural features.

Asma Al Assad love Christian Louboutin platforms, sunglasses, and her signature wavy hair. The above photo shows you her natural look to her classic style.

With high accomplishment in investment banking,unlike other first ladies of Syria, she has an important political role in the country as she participates in numerous political and diplomatic events. It is said that she is among the most important decision-makers in Syria.Influenced by liberal ideas in economics, she tried to convert her husband to liberalism.

She is also involved in charitable and humanitarian organizations, as well as in movements for the emancipation of women.

3-Mehriban Aliyeva - Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's Stylish First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva,we love a first kady with a strong sense of style.Like Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni,Mehriban Aliyeva is very fashion-conscious.She's beautiful, accomplished and a qualified medical doctor.

4.Carla Bruni-Sarkozy of France

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is one of the world's most photographed and most financially successful first lady in the world.

Carla is what we call one helluva fashionable first lady. Since she got married to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has made waves over what she does --and doesn't-- wear.The Italo-French songwriter, singer, and former model sued a fashion chain for nearly $170,000 for printing a nude image of her on tote bags.

Hottest political woman in the world,beautiful and bionic, serial heart-wrecker, rocker arm candy, arrogant heiress, polling gimmick — the first lady of France has been called all this and more.

Also, she is the first First Lady to have nude pictures posted on the Internet,she boasts in one of her songs of having “30 lovers.” She was, of course, exaggerating she later explained; she’s only had 15.

After she aged out of her career as one of the most highly paid models of the 1990s, with campaigns for Dior and Chanel and some 250 magazine covers to her credit, she became a musician.

Her last full year as a model, she made $7.5 million U.S. in 1998, according to BusinessAge magazine. It's a hefty sum, but money is the least of her worries. As the heiress to a Turin-based manufacturing fortune, she should have a Jaguar parked in her driveway for the rest of her life.

5-Michelle Obama - USA

Mrs. Obama is most certainly beautiful. She possesses a type of beauty that you don't see to often. A powerful, loving, strong willed, self-assured woman. Many will look up to her.

We know Michelle is insanely stylish. Even though she’s not a supermodel, she’s probably the most attractive first lady we’ve had since Jackie O.—who was rather “interesting-looking” herself.

From Mrs. President to casual Michelle to party girl to queen of the night, the current First lady seems to be showing off a fashion sense which has class, variety, personality and many followers:  A fashionable woman with a modern approach to dressing, the "new Mrs. O" blends pieces from high-end designers, leaving behind the power suits that were fitting for the first part of her career, Michelle Obama's new look is a softer approach to style that perfectly suits her stately role.

It is a rare accolade for a political spouse, but Michelle made it on to celebrity magazine People's annual list of the world's 100 most beautiful people.

Legendary model Iman said in an interview,“Mrs. Obama's looks and beauty is the type that when you get older you just get better looking with age.”

Essence included her on its 2006 list of 25 of the World's Most Inspiring Women, and 02138 featured her in a collection of the most prominent Harvard Alumni.

6.Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Princess Lalla Salma, wife of Moroccan King Mohammed VI,very beautiful with gorgeous red hair.But wait, she's not just pretty, but very intelligent.She play a great role in the Moroccan government.

7.Chantal Biya - Cameroon

There's no denying that Chantal Biya is a beautiful woman but her Bold Fashion and hairstyle has been a favorite of a handful of bloggers and magazines.

The most stylish first ladies of the world are Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni of France but Chantal's brand of Sasha Fierce meets Chaka Khan fashion sense with you.

Her signature mix of custom made traditional couture and luxurious Western labels (she's mentioned Chanel and Dior as favorites) is sometimes clownish, sometimes over the top, but always delightful! Some might say she's tacky, but many argue that she's the best thing to happen to first lady fashion since Michelle hit Washington D.C.

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