Highest-Paid Political Leaders In The World

In 2010 Kenya's prime minister, rejected the pay increase he was awarded by the country's parliament. MPs had granted Mr Odinga a raise to nearly $430,000 a year, while giving themselves a 25% increase to $161,000. This boost placed Mr Odinga among the highest-paid political leaders in the world. More worryingly, his salary would be some 240 times greater than the country's GDP per person (measured on a purchasing-power parity basis).

Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister of Singapore, tops the list of selected leaders' salaries. He is paid more than 40 times the city-state’s GDP per person. At the other end of the scale, Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India, reaffirms his reputation for saintliness by taking a modest sum of US$4,106 annually from Indian taxpayers.

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18 1.Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister Of Singapore

Annual Salary-  US$2,856,930 (S$3,870,000)

17 2.Donald Tsang

Chief Executive of Hong Kong

Annual Salary-  US$513,245

16 3.Raila Odinga

Prime Minister of Kenya

Annual Salary-  US$427,886

15 4.Barack Obama

President Of United States

Annual Salary-  US$400,000

14 5.Nicolas Sarkozy

President of France

Annual Salary-  US$345,423 (€240,000)

13 6.Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada

Annual Salary-  US$296,400

12 7.Mary McAleese

President of Ireland

Annual Salary-  US$287,900

11 8.Julia Gillard

Prime Minister of Australia

Annual Salary-  US$286,752

10 9.Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

Annual Salary-  US$283,608

9 10.Naoto Kan

Prime Minister of Japan

Annual Salary-  US$273,676

8 11.Jacob Zuma

President Of South Africa

Annual Salary- US$272,280

7 12.John Key

Prime Minister of New Zealand

Annual Salary- US$271,799

6 13.David Cameron

Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Annual Salary- US$215,390

5 14.Ma Ying-jeou

President of Taiwan(Republic Of China)

Annual Salary- US$184,200

4 15.Lee Myung-bak

President of South Korea

Annual Salary- US$136,669

3 16.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

President Of Indonesia

Annual Salary- US$124,171

2 17.Shimon Peres

President Of Israel

Annual Salary- US$120,814

1 18.Dmitry Medvedev

President Of Russia

Annual Salary- US$115,000

Source: Economist.com

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