15Banning Of GMO 

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GMO is a Genetically Modified Organism created in a scientific lab which helps genetically engineer plants, animals, and even humans (not that it's used that way). GMO isn't natural and can result in damaging side effects, such as susceptibility to certain diseases, bacteria and sickness. GMO is also extremely harmful to the

environment, as it requires more pesticides to be used in production and can lead to the contamination of natural seeds forever.

As the health craze continues in the West, with our obsession with being healthy and our concern for the environment, the banning of GMO can be a very popular topic - which is why the Russian government signed a deal to ban the production and exportation of any GMO product. This deal was signed by Putin in June 2015, which subsequently left Russia as the World's #1 exporter of Non-GMO goods. This is a very favourable move for the West, especially America, which is struggling with its diabetes epidemic. Trade deals with America may not be in the talks anytime soon, but Russia is certain to rank in some trading partners which will help boost the Russian economy, which has been declining due to oil prices.

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