The 15 Craziest Ways People Tried To Sue McDonald's

Whether we want it to or not, our world is shared with a bunch of crazy and often ignorant people. Some of these people think it's okay to sue their problems away. Don't like the new color of your hai

Whether we want it to or not, our world is shared with a bunch of crazy and often ignorant people. Some of these people think it's okay to sue their problems away. Don't like the new color of your hair? Sue the salon! Don't like the smell of your freshly cleaned car? Sue the carwash! Don't like the shape of the nose you were born with? Sue the doctor that birthed you! It's almost like they take pride in how creative their suits are. While other people take pride in something more rational like a good day's work or successfully building a piece of IKEA furniture. It's hard to settle with people like this because they don't want to settle, they want to sue!

McDonald's has had its fair share of ridiculous suits over the years. The most of them being customers blaming the company for making them fat, but there are other one's that barely hold any ground, like not being allowed to walk through the drive-through or subconsciously being drawn to buying a cool kids toy. Which to most would seem like common sense, but apparently not for more than one person out there.

What's even more messed up is that a lot of these ridiculous suits won! Even though most cases didn't make any sense. Like when a woman got hurt and her husband sued because he felt helpless... That guy won! And McDonald's is left scratching its head wondering, "How did these people find us?"

Well, the same thinking goes for the rest of the world. How did these people find anything?

15 The Napkin Dilemma


Like any business that grows in popularity, it has to start setting some ground rules. That's how structure is made and there's no horrible backlash of employees going on strike or customers complaining about inconsistency. What McDonald's did with their napkin policy was very simple. They made it so that every guest gets one napkin per item they purchased. Which seems like a pretty realistic rule of thumb.

To Webster Lucas, a Californian man who visited McDonald's one day, this rule was insane. After ordering a Quarter Pounder Deluxe and only receiving one napkin, he returned to the counter and asked for more. He was greeted by a manager named Angel, who refused to give him any more napkins. Webster claims that after that, she started muttering racist remarks, referring to Webster as "you people". As a result, Lucas has become mentally anguished, which has also made him unable to return to work and is requesting $1.5 million as compensation. The dispute is yet to be settled.

14 The Fast Food Dieter


You've probably heard a lot of these stories. A man or woman sues McDonald's because they say the fast food restaurant made them fat. This idea has been long running but was most publicly made through the documentary Supersize Me. Where two teenage girls blamed McDonald's for their obesity, and lost. In total, there have been over a dozen recorded cases where someone has tried to sue the fast food chain for weight gain. It's sad to say more than one of them won.

An Orlando man named Walter Randell is neither a winner or a loser. Walter tried suing the company for over $2 million for making him overweight, but decided to drop the suit when McDonalds proposed a settlement offer to him that was too good to pass up on. What was the offer? A free lifetime supply of McDonald's! So, even after two heart attacks by the age of 53, Walter decided eating McDonald's at least 10 times per week was really the best solution to everything.

13 Missing Cheese Conspiracy


A lot of products we know and love are usually made with a filler or chemicals. If you look closely on a lot of orange juice labels, you see that they're heavily made with concentrate (which insinuates the natural product isn't quite good enough on its own). Or even something as simple as hot dogs, which contain anything from "meat trimmings" to "red #7". The same goes for fast food items! Isn't that a surprise?

A Californian man named Chris Howe is suing McDonald's for falsely representing their mozzarella cheese sticks. The product is currently being advertised as being made with 100% real mozzarella cheese when, in fact, it is only made with 96.25% cheese. The other 3.75% is made with starch filler. This is very upsetting to Chris, who is also suing on behalf of all customers that have been wronged. He is asking for $5 million and a $1.27 refund for his purchase of the cheese sticks in the first place. At this point in time, McDonald's is still defending themselves strongly, claiming they've done nothing obscenely wrong.

12 No Shirts, No Shoes, No Blind People.


Drive-throughs are great, especially in the winter. Nobody wants to get out of the warmth of their car and have to trudge through the snow for an Egg McMuffin. That's why getting to drive up to the building is such a blessing in disguise. Then, there are the people who try to ruin everyone's fun. The people that are so lazy that they would rather walk-through the drive-through than go inside. For some reason, they feel privileged enough to think that's ok, but it's not. It's actually considered a safety risk, since some vehicles do speed through it unexpectedly. That's why it's not allowed and if you try it, you will be turned away.

In Louisiana, a blind man named Scott Magee, went to visit his neighborhood McDonald's, only to find out it was closed for the night. However, the drive-through was still open. When he walked up to the window, Scott said he was laughed at, discriminated and turned away. He said he had never felt so ashamed and is now suing the company for their discrimination towards blind people. His case is still unresolved.

11 Oh, Pickles


People come to McDonald's for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they're too tired to cook for themselves. Or maybe they're craving a crispy, salty french fry and know that no matter how well they try to make it at home it will never compete. So imagine how devastating it is to be hurt by the thing you wanted so badly? It's like a slap in the face... or a pickle to the chin, in this case.

A woman in Tennessee is suing McDonald's for having the pickle in her burger slip and hit her chin, burning her. She claimed the pickle as unnecessarily hot and that it caused both physical and mental pain and that it has also left a scar with second degree burns. She is asking for $100,000 in compensation, but that's not all! Her husband who was there to witness the entire event is also suing McDonald's. He's asking for $15,000 because his wife was denied consortium and he could do nothing to help her. It's not said whether or not they won, but the amount they're asking is quite absurd. Unless the woman is asking for her chin to be re-grafted with blood diamonds, there's no reason for the price to be so steep.

10 Eye For An Eye


Sometimes things just happen. They're called accidents. They're unforeseen, and unpredictable. They're usually unfair, but they occur without warning. Some people don't see them that way and are only looking for someone or something to blame. Like if you stub your toe on the coffee table at your house, clearly it is IKEA's fault, because they hired someone incompetent to manufacture the wood; and they chose someone uncaring to package; and they selected someone clueless to deliver it to your home. Therefore, IKEA is to blame for you stubbing your toe.

A similar case happened to a woman in New Mexico. While visiting a local McDonald's, she used the bathroom and when it came time to reach for the toilet paper, the dispenser became loose and fell from the wall, hitting her in the eye. The action disrupted her retina and the woman started noticing eye clouds (or "floaters"). Since the accident, she's been unable to work and has been through a lot of suffering and pain. She is suing McDonald's $10,000 to make up for medical bills and her traumatic experience.

9 Slippery When Wet


If you think about it, you can make a lawsuit out of anything without a warning label. If you watch too much television and get a headache, there's a grey area where you can technically sue the TV manufacturer or program for giving you pain (even though it's common sense not to watch a screen for hours on end). Or maybe you accidentally zap someone after dragging your feet on a carpet, you can technically sue the carpet company for not warning that they produce electricity (even though it's a known fact that that's how static electricity is created). Most people are smart enough to know better, but others are always looking for a way to make a quick buck.

A woman in Moscow is suing McDonald's for slipping on their floor. She now has a displaced hand fracture and is seeking action. It's not said whether there were warning signs prior to her fall, but what is known is that it was heavily raining that day. Which means that anyone who entered the restaurant already had wet fee. She was claiming about $15,000, but since McDonald's had rejected her settlement offer, she is asking for $87,000.

8 The Vegetarian Menu With Meat Essence


Nobody likes being lied to. Especially when it has to do with your beliefs. If a product says "no dairy added" you expect one thing not to be there... dairy. So imagine how painfully frustrating it is to see "lactose" on the ingredients panel, or something else moronically straightforward like "dairy may be included". It makes you want to kick and scream, "What is the friggin' point?"

In this case, McDonald's really was to blame here. The company started to advertise that their french fries were now vegetarian, switching over from animal fat to vegetable oil for their deep frying. Except they didn't completely switch over. Their fries still had a "beef essence" that was added to them. Which is literally equivalent to spraying their fries with a perfume before serving. It was an unnecessary thing they were adding that rendered them a meat product. When multiple Hindi groups found out about this, they sued McDonald's and received $10 million in donations and an apology.

7 But It Could Have Happened... 


Getting sick is a pain in the butt. You can't miss work because you have to pay the bills. And nobody can stand you at work because you're dripping snot everywhere. It's a lose-lose situation. The only time it was even remotely a pleasure was during grade school, because that meant sleeping in and video games. Nowadays, the thought of getting sick makes you groan out loud. And for some people, the thought makes you want to sue.

A man in New York named Christopher Welch is suing a McDonald's in Waterloo for almost getting sick. You see, one of their employees has Hepatitis-A and Christopher has since been plagued by his thoughts after eating food made by them. Christopher did not contract the disease, he is simply in shock from the possibility of being diagnosed. He is seeking damages not only for himself, but for others who have also been touched by this issue.

6 McDonald's Murder Trial


There is so much wrong with this case that even McDonald's representatives don't care about how to respond. Usually, when receiving criticism in a legal dispute, one would expect representatives to plan a well thought-out speech with the perfect set of words and phrases to avoid more conflict. In this case, the representatives basically replied, "Only a moron would do this" (more or less).

Two women from Texas are suing McDonald's for trying to kill them. One of the girls weighed under 130 pounds 5 years ago and now weighs over 300. She also has high blood pressure, diabetes and is diagnosed with morbid obesity. This is probably due to eating McDonald's everyday for lunch. The girls claim they had no idea eating that much McDonald's would harm their bodies so badly and that the company had been using marketing techniques to keep them interested. One of the girls actually said in her defense, "They know how to lure us in with inexpensive burgers and two-for-one Big Macs. How in the world can anyone turn that down!" Truer words were never spoken...

5 The McRibs That Taste Like Human Ribs


How many times do you think a person has uttered the words, "Wow, that tastes like me!"? If you said never, or even once or twice, you'd be wrong! Because apparently, more than three times people have accidentally eaten themselves at McDonald's. Yes, you read that correctly.

A man in Albuquerque is suing McDonald's for accidentally eating some of his hand. It started innocently enough. He ordered a Quarter Pounder, sat down and began to gnaw away, when an employee came out to mop and distracted him. The man didn't realize he'd set the burger down and began chewing on his hand, thinking it was the burger! He said that the taste was indistinguishable from his muscle, tendons and bones. Another lady chewed off her entire left arm while eating a McRib and Apple Pie. Really puts a spin on the saying, "You are what you eat".

4 The Chair That Hurt The Chairman


Getting hurt is a part of life. Physical or mental, it's unavoidable. So what gives any person the right to sue when they're hurt? Suing only makes sense when you've been wronged. Like if someone steals from you, or beats you up, or denies you service based on your racial background. Going to court for those kinds of incidents makes sense, but something like getting a splinter or some dust in your eye, those aren't really grounds for a lawsuit.

Monica Conyers is a former councilwoman who visited a McDonald's in Detroit before her flight. She had barely sat down when she reached under her chair to help maneuver herself closer to the table when she cut herself. It was an extremely painful cut that caused her to lose her fingernail. She tried suing the McDonald's $25,000 for rendering her hand useless due to their chair being poorly put together, but so far nothing has been done.

3 Chicken Cancer


If someone with a PhD in medicine says something informative to you, you should believe it... right? Obviously they went to school for many years and have devoted their lives to healing the world and making it a better place. So how can you say "no" to someone who clearly has no reason to be wrong?

A U.S. doctor's group did a study on seven different fast food chains (one of them being McDonald's) and came to the conclusion that every one of them served cancerous chicken. Apparently, their grilled chicken products contained traces of a cancer-causing agent. They tried suing each of the chains for withholding information from the public, but quickly lost the suit. The reason being that even though the chicken may have traces of carcinogens, it's definitely not enough to induce health risks. It was also noted that the doctors were strong anti-meat advocates who want to limit our meat intake. So their suit got tossed for having no grounds and being somewhat biased.

2 Deceptive Toys


As if eating greasy food wasn't enough, why not throw in a toy? That's exactly what most fast food chains do for their kid's menu... and why not? It's a simple pleasure that doesn't seem to cause any obvious harm (unless the toy is being recalled for being a choking hazard). Even as adults, when we see that a place like McDonald's is advertising Pokémon or Monster's Inc. toys, we can't help but get excited.

Well, a non-profit watchdog group is suing McDonald's for that exact reason. They believe that McDonald's is luring children to their stores with their promise of a toy with each Happy Meal, which will ultimately lead to child obesity and other health risks. The group claims that McDonald's is deceptively hurting parental authority by exploiting young children's developmental immaturity. Which basically means they're teaching kids to throw tantrums until their parents finally cave and buy them a cheeseburger. The whole thing seems a bit far-fetched and has yet to be settled in anyone's favor.

1 The Employee Is Always Right


It takes a lot of guts to stand up to your employer. It takes even more to sue them. Whether it be for mental trauma, physical pain or discrimination, lawsuits are made by company employees all the time, but it takes a lot of nerve for them to step up and do it.

A former franchise manager is suing McDonald's for making him gain 29 kilograms over the past 12 years. Now before you think this is like all the other cases where customers sued McDonald's for making them fat, listen to the evidence. The employee was told on a daily basis by upper management that "mystery clients" would be stopping by to inspect the food quality at any time and that he needed to ensure flavor consistency. This resulted in him eating something from McDonald's every shift he worked. With his bosses constantly breathing down his neck, he was forced to keep eating even if he didn't want to. Finally he sued the company for enforcing such a bad habit on him and he won $18,000. Out of all the cases of "McDonald's Made Me Fat" this one has the most merit.


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