New App JetSmarter Is All Celebrities Want For Christmas This Year

JetSmarter was launched in March of 2013 by Sergey Petrossov. The vision was clear, allow travelers the opportunity to create their own custom charter flights with jets, as well as easily book private flights that will take you all over the world through their fantastic app. By taking advantage of the tens of thousands of planes that remain idle, Petrossov has made some of the finest private jets in the world accessible.

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The vision has continued to expand and as of now, members have the ability to purchase JetShuttle, JetCharters and become aware of JetDeals.

If you want to go on a JetShuttle, the app will show you already assigned routes and allow you to book a seat. If there isn't something out there that appeals to you, you can also create your own shuttle flight.  There may be a minimum seat purchase required if you choose an on-demand JetShuttle flight. You can expect to have some fellow JetSmarter members on board, but nothing like a nice networking opportunity to pass the time!

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JetCharter takes it to the next level, allowing you to schedule your flight based on your timeline, as well as giving you the option to book an entire plane (or just individual seats). You will gain a lot more flexibility around when you want to travel and are able to also book shared charter flights with fellow members. JetCharters are also guaranteed to be available 365 days a year.

JetDeals are constant deals you'll be offered that will allow quick and affordable getaways on a regular basis.

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The company also provides helicopter services, giving the example of being able to avoid downtown Chicago traffic because instead, you can just take a helicopter to the airport.

The initial membership fee will run you roughly $15,000 ($4,000 to join and $11,000 for the year) and renewal is $11,000 for each following year, but there is clear value in what you are spending your money on. You also gain access to the company's 24/7 customer service, as well as their concierge services that will include various hotel accommodations and ex0tic car rentals, plus access the more exclusive things in the area (such as fancy restaurants).

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Members will also be able to access thousands of complimentary seats on JetShuttle and JetDeals flights. Similarly, most charters or shuttles that you choose to sign up for will allow the first seats purchase to be free.

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Routes are currently allowing travelers to go across the United States, to various places in Europe and the Middle East. While that already makes it one of the largest and most successful companies in this field, more routes are being added on a constant basis.

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