20 Rich Celebs Who Choose To Wear Shoes That Cost Less Than $150

Feeling obsessed with your sneakers? Celebs are just as crazy as we are when it comes to shopping. So relax, we don’t blame you at all. Rather, we’d love to cheer you up and relieve you of these self-destructive thoughts. For this purpose, we’ve rounded up 15 cherished celebs who’re downright hopeless shopaholics. But don’t think that only women have fallen victim to the fanciest shoe brands out there. For example, DJ Khaled's $10,000,000 LA Mansion boasts a special sneaker closet filled with all shoe brands you can possibly think of. This can only mean one thing: celebs seem no less preoccupied with their outfits, shoes, and accessories. Although most of them rarely look at the price tags, we’ve noticed that certain celebs love rocking basic footwear as well. Ultimately, nothing beats a fresh pair of white loafers or runners – especially if it’s a great bargain. Just grab a pair of classic sneakers, and you can turn any casual look into a fabulous one. From Cara Delevingne to Emma Stone, today we bring you 15 celebs who can't get enough of their $100-$150 shoes!

20 Emily Ratajkowski And Her $80 Adidas Gazelle Kicks

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Born in Westminster, England, Emily is an American model and an actress with a net worth of about $800,000. The English model rose to fame only after her music video “Blurred Lines” hit the billboards in the US, UK, and Canada. Her first major success came with this song which boosted her acting career as well. Although she’s finally successful enough to treat herself to luxury items, Emily still prefers the ordinary side of life. For example, her pink Adidas Gazelle kicks are only worth $80. Whenever she’s out for a walk or a quick run, she often wears her soft pink kicks. Besides, they really match her sporty outfit, don’t they? You too can recreate this look by ordering the same pair of sneakers. Don’t worry, it’ll only cost you $80.

19 Malia Obama Loves Rocking Her $60 Black Sneakers

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Next on our list is Malia, the charismatic member of Barack Obama's family.As a freshman at Harvard, she flaunts a simplistic yet chic college style. After all, a pair of classic Converse Sneakers is a must-have, especially during the day. Her $60 sneakers are not only super comfy but offer excellent ankle protection as well. And as we all know, college requires lots of movement when running late for classes. If you add in the mid-top silhouette with the durable canvas upper, padded collar, and tongue, you’ll have the perfect college-inspired look. It’s said that less is more, and it seems that Malia lives by this fashion rule as well. Her denim jacket only adds a touch of freshness and glow to her overall styling. Frankly, there’s nothing to hate about Malia’s college outfit here.

18 Rihanna's A Big Fan Of Puma! And They Cost As Little As $75

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The Bad Gal of R&B music is a living proof that real fashion has no boundaries. The second she gets on stage, you know she’s there to impress. Radiating glamor from head to toe, Riri’s fashion game is as fierce as her character. When she’s not walking the red carpet, Rihanna looks like every other girl from the block. She also seems to be a HUGE fan of casual styles when running errands. A crisp white pair of kicks sounds like a great start to the day. Well, it’s no secret that Rihanna has been collaborating with the famous brand. However, she also seems to enjoy how comfy and chic her Puma kicks really are. Recreate this look by purchasing the same pair of Puma sneakers. You can still buy them for as little as $75!

17 Prince William And Kate Middleton Showed Up In Sneakers, Totalling $190

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Earlier this year, the royal couple was spotted at a marathon looking more casual than ever. Both are royalty, so we believe that their fashion choices are quite limited. The lovely couple is practically the face of the British crown. Therefore, their wardrobe picks have to be as conservative as possible. This sure leaves no room for skin-revealing outfits whatsoever. When they’re off duty, they don’t have to go out dressed up to the nines. As they cheered on the participants, they enjoyed the marathon clad in Nike (on him) and Superga (on her). Apparently, Kate Middleton and Prince William are great fans of the simple yet comfy look when enjoying each other's company. Find your tried-and-true wardrobe essentials, and step up your fashion game as well! Kate’s classic pair of Superga features a signature style, soft textile lining, and lace-up closure with metal eyelets. The best part: both pairs are worth $195!

16 Does Kylie's Sneakers Really Cost $125?!

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Dubbed the “Selfie Queen”, Kylie Jenner often goes for less glamorous outfits as well. When she’s not walking the red carpet, Kylie looks as fresh as a daisy. It turns out that Kylie isn’t a big fan of extravagant looks when hanging out with her buddies. The 20-year-old beauty prefers a classic pair of Nike sneakers to her fancy high heels. By the way, this is exactly what Kylie looked like for a quiet night out in London. Perhaps she wanted to feel comfy and fresh, so she decided to put on her Nike sneakers. Another simple yet stylish detail was her pair of leather jeans. It accentuated her figure without crossing any fashion rules. As for her footwear, we still can’t believe that Kylie actually rocks such affordable shoes. Believe it or not, Kylie’s classic sneakers are worth no more than $125!

15 Justin Timberlake Is A Fan Of Cheap Golf Shoes That Range Between $90-$135

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Born on January 31, 1981, Justin Timberlake is easily one of the greatest stars in the music industry. With an estimated net worth of $18 million, Justin has won the hearts of millions of fans. Much like any great celebrity, Justin Timberlake is no less interested in elegant suits. However, he’s nothing like this when running errands or having fun. We suppose that he’s just as obsessed with comfy sneakers as we are - and who can blame him?! When he’s not busy, Justin often enjoys playing golf in his comfy pair of Adidas golf shoes. Also, you’re not going to believe how affordable Justin’s shoes are! His Adidas golf shoes are worth between $90-135! They feature a special Boa Closure System for a customizable fit and 24/7 comfort that costs no more than $135.

14 Can You Believe That Gigi Hadid's Red Reebok Shoes Are Worth Only $36?!

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Gigi Hadid is without a doubt a stylish young woman. Just give her a few minutes and she’ll come up with a super chic daytime look without any problem. Be sure that Gigi can certainly turn any unappealing look into a fabulous one as she needs no inspiration to do so. The gorgeous model is a 24/7 stunner whose attractive wardrobe picks only maximize Gigi's appeal. Although she looks amazing in designer gowns, Gigi’s casual outfits are no less appealing. A perfect example of that is her sporty outfit here. Unlike many other celebs, Gigi Hadid isn’t afraid to rock less expensive footwear, like her comfy pair of red Reebok sneakers. Next time you don’t know what to wear, just borrow this trendy look from Gigi!

13 You Can Have Anthony Bourdain's Classic Converse Chuck Taylors For $90

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Anthony Bourdain is a widely-known author/chef who's no less passionate about fashion. When he’s off-camera, The Parts Unknown TV host likes strolling around in a pair of basic Converse Chuck Taylors. His comfy shoes feature canvas lining with cushioned footbed for a maximum 24/7 comfort. After all, he’s one of the most prominent chefs out there. So he must feel as comfy as possible when prepping gourmet meals. Just grab a pair and face the five-eye lace-up front with chic metallic eyelet details. Just leave it to Anthony to create a charming casual outfit that’s comfy, chic and so affordable! Again, less is always more and it certainly applies to Anthony Bourdain's casual style as well. His Converse sneakers are worth around $50! How nice!

12 Giada De Laurentis Isn't Ashamed Of Sporting Inexpensive Shoes Worth $150

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Some celebs just love demonstrating power and affluence. For the most part, they use their supercars, luxury watches, etc, to convey the message. Thankfully, Giada doesn’t belong to this category so she's hardly bothered by her cheap leather sneakers. For a flight out of LAX, the beautiful Giada picked an all-black ensemble, a chic denim jacket, and black leather sneakers. Frankly, she’s created one hell of an outfit: it’s girlie, super fresh and trendy! What else does she need when she’s off-camera? Also, she wore a pair of black pants combined with a silver shopper bag, and 'Soft 7' Cap Toe Sneakers that are worth $150. Her black sneakers offer a lace-up style, removable insole, and a signature comfort insole. Lastly, you can have them for $150 - quite a bargain, isn’t it?

11 Taylor Swift's Green $90 Nike Sneakers Look Amazing

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Well, Swift is definitely fond of any colorful footwear. Just look at her neon green Nike kicks - they're not even that pricey! They’re super light, comfy and will add a touch of freshness to any casual outfit. As for Taylor Swift, we’re really impressed that she also prefers less extravagant looks during the day. Whether she’s on her way to the gym (or the recording studio), Taylor always makes sure to feel comfy and fresh. Not only do they complete her sporty outfit in a lovely way, but she probably feels invincible in her Nike kicks. Today the 28-year-old recording artist boasts a net worth of about $280 million, six studio albums and over 41.8 million digital tracks sold worldwide. So yes, she can totally afford whatever she wants but is it really necessary to spend millions on footwear? Frankly, she looks fierce in her Nike kicks although they’re only worth $90.

10 Emma Stone's All About Classic Shoes! Have Hers For $80

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With a net worth of nearly $8,000,000, it’s really hard to not imagine the La-La-Land Star wearing designer clothes, shoes, accessories. We always picture celebs on exotic beaches holding a refreshing cocktail in one hand and thousands of dollars in the other. But in reality, Emma Stone is hardly entirely focused on having the best luxury handbags or sneakers. Besides, she really seems like a down-to-earth person who's passionate about all kinds of fashion brands and styles. Speaking of footwear, we really dig her classic pair of Adidas Superstars. To finish off the casual look, Emma opted for an all-black outfit that looks cute and charming. We believe that Emma loves traveling the world in her comfy pair of Adidas Superstars. By the way, they’re worth $80.

9 Reese Witherspoon Walks Around In Lovely $35 Sneakers! How Cute!

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Reese Witherspoon is just another Hollywood star who’s fond of classic styles. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, Reese has never looked less than perfect on the red carpet. For her gorgeous looks, she always trusts the greatest fashion brands out there, like Louis Vuitton or Prada. This time, however, Reese opted for a comfy pair of Puma Sneakers. Her wardrobe may be full of Prada accessories, but she still prefers to walk around in her $35 sneakers. It turns out that Reese simply prefers her tennis-oriented Puma sneakers to her designer high heels. Taking cues from Puma’s iconic 1974 Tennis collection, Reese’s pair offers a classic approach to the everyday footwear.

8 Gordon Ramsay Has A Great Sense Of Style (And Sneakers Worth $150)

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Although he’s known as a spectacular culinary star, Ramsay is apparently a fashion lover as well! When he’s off-camera (and doesn’t make your stomach grumble), Gordon goes for super casual looks. When he’s traveling, he’s anything but picky. As nice as he seems, Ramsay’s travel outfits include navy blue footwear (costing around $134), matching jeans (plain and simple) and a white T-shirt. Put shortly, this is Gordon’s organic recipe for a lovely daytime look. Now that you’ve unveiled his secret, you can have a similar model for around $134! Isn’t that the perfect last-minute outfit?!

7 Justin Bieber Also Loves Wearing Sneakers That Are Under $150!

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He’s the bad boy of R&B music whose full-length studio album, My World 2.0, was certified triple platinum in the U.S. He might’ve started off on the right foot but it didn’t save him all the trouble in his career. For better or worse, he’s always been the center of attention. Now that his net worth goes beyond $300 million, we’re sure that he hardly cares about the price of his outfits. Same applies to his sneakers. From elegant suits to downright ridiculous fashion choices, Bieber never fails to impress – although it’s not always in the best way. This time, however, he looks extra casual in his pair of Jordan sneakers. His love of sports (and specifically basketball) isn’t a shock to us - and neither is his favorite pair of Jordan sneakers. His Jumpman pro kicks are currently priced at $99, so it's now or never, guys! Don't miss this bargain!

6 Ciara Shines In Her Classic $40 Keds!

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How do you feel about Ciara’s pair of Keds sneakers? Denim and white sneakers have always been an eternal duo. So why change the fashion game now, right? The 32-year-old R&B beauty shines brightly in her Keds Champion Originals that are worth $40! Dubbed “The Lady of Crunk R&B”, Ciara looks fresh and lovely in this casual outfit. Today she can totally brag about her successful career and a net worth of about $16 million. But outside of her fortunate career, Ciara doesn’t seem to be that much overwhelmed by luxury. Even now she’s still attracted to basic and chic items, like her pair of Keds. You too can have the same pair of Keds for no more than $40. That’s certainly one hell of a bargain that provides a sweet and feminine style.

5 Lily Aldridge Can’t Get Enough Of Her $70 Adidas Originals

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The 32-year-old beauty is easily one of the most coveted models in the modeling business. Over the years, the charming brunette has walked the runway for some of the greatest fashion brands out there. Born on November 15, 1985, Lily has appeared on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the cover of the issue's 50th anniversary. Today she’s one of the best-paid models with an estimated net worth of $2,000,000. As a successful VS model, Lily’s always had a passion for modeling and fashion. But despite her fortunate career, Lily still can’t kick the cheap shoe habit – and that’s a wonderful thing. As you can see here, Lily looks fashionable and sweet in her all-black ensemble and a pair of Adidas Originals Campus 2.0 Sneakers.

4 Gigi Can’t Stop Thinking About Her Classic Adidas Shoes

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Whenever you feel like you don’t know what to wear, you can always replicate Gigi’s style: it’s cute, super girlie and fresh. But most of all, it’s affordable and won't cost you a fortune. Unlike most celebrities, Gigi is apparently not interested in fashion games because she is already an icon as it is. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on shoes, Gigi is all about that sweet and sporty look. The 22-year-old has just shown us another chic casual style that’s even a great option for a night out with friends. It doesn’t take much to look great even if that means wearing shoes for about $70 – and Gigi just proved it. For a night out with her sister, Bella, Gigi sported a pair of Classic Adidas sneakers and a tight mini dress.

3 Doutzen Kroes Also Fell For The Cute Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

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Another beautiful lady who’s apparently a fan of affordable and cool looks is Doutzen Kroes aka the VS veteran. The gorgeous blonde has always been a role model for many girls out there and her beauty and feminine style are equally inspiring as well. Whenever she’s walking the runway, she has all eyes glued to her slender figure and golden ringlets. But don’t be mistaken, my friend – she’s just as lovely in person. Perhaps the only difference is that Doutzen can rarely be spotted wearing high heels or extravagant outfits when she's off-camera. Instead of getting all dressed up, Doutzen prefers her cheap yet chic Adidas Sneakers. Not only are they super comfy and classic, but they’re easy to match with basically everything. Now you know the key to the perfect everyday look: just put on your $75 Adidas Stan Smith shoes and turn heads wherever you go!

2 Kendall Jenner Looks Fresh In Adidas Superstar Sneakers

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Forget about the super pricey footwear that does nothing but break the bank. There’s really no need to waste that much money on temporary items, like clothes and shoes. After all, nothing is forever, and there's even a song about that. So why not look as fresh as a daisy in a chic pair of Adidas Superstar? Feel like a superstar and steal the show wherever you go. It’s an easy job: just grab a classic pair of Adidas Superstar for less than $150 and enjoy stylish looks every day! Besides, Kendall Jenner also seems to be a great fan of the brand’s footwear. Frankly, it can’t be otherwise, especially when you can dive into a sea of chic fashion choices. As you can see, the gorgeous Kendall opted for a casual dress combined with a white pair of superstar sneakers and a pair of sunglasses.

1 Karlie Kloss Maintains Her Slender Figure In Nike Flyknit Roshe Sneakers

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The beautiful Karlie is all about comfy looks when working out. Born on August 3, 1992, Karlie Kloss is another successful model with an estimated net worth of $21,000,000. Although she’s no longer in the VS squad, she’s still one of the most coveted runway models with a worldwide fan base. Apart from her modeling career, Karlie is also a freelance director who can often be spotted in super sporty outfits. You see, she must be so fed up with the spotlight that she probably prefers her Nike Flyknit sneakers to her fancy high heels. Plus, she looks just as gorgeous as she does on the fashion runway. You see, girls, it’s all about the details, not the price!

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