15 Things You Didn't Know About Mark Cuban's Billionaire Lifestyle

Mark Cuban is one of the most fascinating billionaires in the world. As a child, Cuban always had an entrepreneurial spirit, selling sets of garbage bags at age the age of 12 to save for a pair of shoes that he wanted. This spirit continued on throughout his life to make him the person that he is today. Today, Mark does a great deal of public speaking where he gives advice to current and future entrepreneurs and business leaders.

On the popular ABC network show Shark Tank, Cuban is seen as a “man of the people” who will often tell entrepreneurs not to pay attention to what the others are telling them and keep working. He appreciates those that keep grinding to make it big and has a lot of advice for them. He is a no nonsense kind of guy though, as evidenced by some of his sharp remarks to certain entrepreneurs on the show as well as some NBA referees from time-to-time.

There are many interesting facts and little known information about this self-made billionaire that are very surprising. There are so many different things that the public doesn’t know about Cuban, including information about his home, his sports franchise (the Dallas Mavericks), and even his skills in front of the camera. This list of 15 facts about Mark Cuban will surprise everyone.


15 Dallas Mavericks Owner

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Everyone knows that Mark Cuban is the majority owner in the NBA franchise, the Dallas Mavericks. But not everyone knows that Cuban got a pretty great deal when he bought the team. He purchased them for the low price of 285 million dollars. Now while this is a large amount of money for just about anyone, Cuban saw this as an opportunity to realize a dream of his and give himself a new project.

In the year 2000, Cuban took the Mavericks as a struggling franchise and shook things up. He changed a lot of the practices of the team, including management. He became very hands-on with operation and boosted motivation and support from the community. In 2011, the Mavericks won the NBA title and are worth today approximately $1.4 billion according to Forbes magazine.

14 Holds a Guinness World Record

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Mark Cuban made his billions from the sale of the company “” to Yahoo for $5.7 billion in 1999. Shortly after his wealth skyrocketed to such an obscene amount, like many new gazillionaires, he decided that it was time to buy a jet. Most folks would make a call to a broker and the deal would get put together in a very “high touch” manner. This wasn’t appropriate for Cuban though.

Cuban paid $40 million for his Gulfstream V business jet in a single e-commerce transaction. With the click of a button, Cuban got himself into the Guinness Book of World Records as the holder of the largest single e-commerce transaction. It’s only fitting that a man who made his vast fortune selling an internet company, should find himself as a world record holder for an internet commerce transaction. Good job, Mark!

13 NBA Fines

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You already know that Mark is a very involved owner of the NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks. What you may not know is how very passionate he is about the team and the games. You may have seen some of his sharp tongued remarks on Shark Tank, but they don’t end on the show. Cuban has been fined nearly $2 million by the NBA over the years for some of the things he’s said or done.

One of the most controversial comments he’s made was about referee Ed Rush. He stated that he wouldn’t hire Rush to manage a Dairy Queen. This little remark cost Cuban $500 thousand! His fines almost always involve his interactions with referees, but one $100 thousand fine was as a result of Cuban sitting on the baseline during an away game in 2001. According to Cuban, the NBA said “it wasn’t fitting for an owner to sit there.”

12 Reality Show Called The Benefactor


Cuban has had an interest in acting for years and has found himself in front of the camera several times over the years. Most people know him for his work on Shark Tank, but before this, some may remember him as the host of the short lived show The Benefactor. The show aired for only one season totalling six episodes in 2004. It was seen more like Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice, but offered a million dollar cash prize to the winner.

While The Benefactor was very unpopular as a series, it did give Cuban an interesting opportunity to show what he would be like as the host of a reality show. Just a few short years later, he was offered the chance to join the sharks in ABC’s series Shark Tank, and the rest is history. It seems that he’s found his niche!

11 Private Jets

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As mentioned, when Mark Cuban bought his Gulfstream V for $40 million, he set a world record. But since this first purchase, he has remarked that in his business, he sees private aircraft as a necessity more than a luxury. Now, Cuban has a Gulfstream G550, a Boeing 757 used for the Dallas Mavericks team and a Boeing 767 that is chartered out for private use.

Cuban has recalled many times where the jet saved him many precious hours that allowed him to spend time with his family. While it certainly lets him and his family travel in comfort on their own schedule, Cuban believes it’s an absolutely necessary part of his life. Flying the friendly skies in style is one area that Cuban is simply not willing to do without. No one could blame you, Mark.

10 Preston Hollow Mansion

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Mark Cuban’s Dallas, Texas home located in the Preston Hollow residential area is one of Dallas’ most valuable homes. At nearly 24,000 square feet, this home has 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms! Sitting on nearly seven acres on Deloache Avenue, Cuban has some pretty upscale neighbors. Former President George W. Bush, technology billionaire Ross Perot, professional athletes, and even Mary Kay cosmetics founder Mary Kay Ash are some of Cuban’s Preston Hollow Neighbors.

But while very private, Cuban does open-up that in his home office, he prefers a pretty simple desk and office chair to a lavish conference style setting. He even stated that he never went upstairs until his kids were born. Having all that room is certainly an amazing status symbol and his Preston Hollow mansion is an absolutely gorgeous piece of property!

9 Cameo in Rap Video

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Mark isn’t a shy guy when it comes to the camera. He doesn’t have any trouble getting in front of the camera and letting his personality shine through. In 2015, he took this to a new level, appearing in a cameo on a music video by rapper Lil Dicky. With a little comedy mixed with his rap, Lil Dicky has used several athletic figures in his work, including Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

Cuban’s appearance shows that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. The rap video began to trend on social media and quickly became the top comedy and rap album in the United States. Now, Lil Dicky is talented and funny, so we won’t contribute it all to Mark Cuban, but you’ve got to be doing something right as an entertainer when you can get a multi-billionaire to appear in a rap video!


8 Role in Sharknado 3

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Mark Cuban’s acting isn’t limited to just reality television. It seemed fitting to mention specifically his opportunity to play the President of the United States in the action-adventure movie Sharknado 3. We don’t think that he did it for the money, considering that the budget for the entire movie was just about $2.4 million. With the opportunity to do real acting where he is playing a character other than himself, this seemed like a pretty cool project.

We also felt it may be necessary to add that this was a movie released to television only on the SyFy network. While Sharknado 3 did pretty well in its cable television time-slot, it still fell behind reruns of The Big Bang Theory and Family Guy, so let’s try to keep it all in perspective.

7 Callbacks For Twister

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Mark made his first substantial company sale, netting him a measly $2 million in 1990. After this, he had a pretty good time while still working very hard. He took acting lessons and even tried getting some work as an actor. As we all know by now, his rise to fame through becoming a billionaire and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks got him some great acting opportunities, but before this, he was duking it out in auditions.

The 1996 smash hit Twister (what is it with this guy and tornado movies?) saw a few auditions from Mr. Cuban. Mark auditioned for the role of Dusy, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman and even got a few callbacks for the part! Cuban laughs about it now stating that if he had gotten the part, he’d probably never have gone on to create and sell it for billions. I guess all things happen for a reason!

6 Avid Dancer

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After The Benefactor but before Shark Tank, Mark Cuban went on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. The show uncovered that this billionaire team owner was actually a pretty good dancer! In fact, while paying his own tuition in college, Mark made money by teaching dancing lessons and hosting disco parties.

Even back in the 70s when Cuban was in college, he saw where the demand was located. With the boom of disco, he saw that was where the audience was and so that’s what he did. Teaching those lessons made him $25 an hour and allowed him to hangout with cute sorority girls. Not a bad gig for a young guy. Certainly, the first rule of business about supply and demand applies to dancing as well as anything else.

5 Production Company Owner

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We’ve certainly uncovered that the television and film industry is of interest to Mark Cuban. He is also the owner of production companies 2929 Entertainment and Magnolia Pictures. These companies have green-lit some very popular movies, including Akeelah and the Bee, Goodnight and Goodluck and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, among others. Cuban has stated that he would sell Magnolia Pictures, but the offer would have to be very good.

Either way you look at it, Cuban is very well invested in the television and film industry. He enjoys doing more than acting, although it’s pretty obvious that this is one of his interests. Beyond owning the production companies, Cuban also owns Landmark Theaters. I guess he not only wants money from the films, but the popcorn too!

4 Grounded Parent

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Mark is a very down-to-earth dad. As a self-made billionaire, he doesn’t want his children to get soft by getting waited on hand and foot. He has said that this is something that actually keeps him up at night. He wants his children to experience some of the battles that he experienced as a young person. Selling garbage bags to save up for basketball shoes was his start as a youngster and Cuban wants his kids to feel the same kind of drive in life.

The Cuban kids won’t have to worry about having access to the best health care or living in poverty, but they also won’t have butlers and maids wiping their bottoms. Many billionaires are content to provide for many generations, but Mark wants them to make their own way. This is understandable and incredibly respectable!

3 Yacht With Basketball Court

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Cuban owns a 288 foot yacht called “Fountainhead.” This amazing piece of nautical equipment is absolutely off the chain! The coolest part of the yacht is that it’s got a basketball court onboard. Cuban’s favorite hobby is basketball and it’s been a passion of his for most of his life. Now, if Cuban wants to host any of his players, they can get some practice time in, even when on the water.

The yacht is absolutely amazing and when lit-up at night, it is absolutely gorgeous. While it is roughly half the size of the world’s biggest yacht, we wouldn’t turn our nose up to an invite onboard. Yachting is not exactly the most practical activity, but it’s one of those extra perks that comes with having an insane amount of money! Congrats Mark and enjoy the beautiful vessel.

2 Founded the Fallen Patriot Fund

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The Mark Cuban Foundation established the Fallen Patriot Fund in 2003 to fill a very important need. It provides financial assistance to the families of soldiers that were killed or seriously injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This assistance is provided with the purpose of helping the family with immediate financial hardships as a result of this disability or death.

The fund has given over $5 million in grants and is a project that Mark is very passionate about. Aside from the Fallen Patriot Fund, Cuban’s philanthropy is kept pretty quiet. He has given money to several other projects, including educational charity and medical research. But the Fallen Patriot Fund is the most public of his philanthropic endeavors and is a wonderful outreach to families of veterans, both living and deceased.

1 Family Man

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Mark has been with his wife Tiffany Stewart, for nearly 20 years. They met at the gym in 1997 before he became worth billions. Tiffany and Mark married in 2002 in a very small ceremony in Barbados. Mark loves his wife unconditionally and she is a very grounded mother and wife as well. Mark dated Tiffany for five years before they got married, so it certainly wasn’t a step he took lightly.

The couple have three children who keep them busy. They don’t have a huge staff of servants and for much of the time, it’s just them being parents and doing normal parent things. Their children are Alexis, 11, Alyssa, 9, and Jake who is 6. They both want their kids to understand the responsibility that comes from having wealth, but not to be “entitled jerks” in the words of Cuban.

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