15 Things You Didn't Know About A-Rod's Millionaire Lifestyle

If you follow Major League Baseball in any way, shape or form, odds are you have an opinion about the Yankees. Whether you love them or love to hate them is entirely up to you and your baseball experience. I’m from Toronto, so we need to declare our hatred of the Yankees whenever we vote in every mayoral election.

Anyone who has bothered to click on this link, is probably doing so because they have just as strong of an opinion about New York Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez. Is he worth his current decade-long, $275 million contract, or deserving of heckles: A-Fraud, A-Roid, or Mr. May? Perhaps, but that’s not today’s debate.

We all know that A-Rod has made a pretty penny during his tenure as one of this generation's most well-paid and talked about MLB players. Even though he’s busy playing baseball right now, he still manages to find a lot of time to date and spend his money. Perhaps by looking at some of the more interesting facets of his million dollar lifestyle today, we’ll get a sneak-peak into what his life post-retirement looks like after this season’s over. Here are 15 extravagant and unusual things you didn’t know about A-Rod’s million dollar lifestyle.


15 Player's Going To Pay For Playing In Divorce Settlement

We all know that in addition to playing in the big leagues, ball player A-Rod also likes to date and be married to A-List ladies. He has been romantically linked to Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, and most recently Jennifer Lopez. In 2007, right after signing his big 10-year $275 million contract with the Yankees, Stray-Rod was seen spending the evening with a very well-known exotic dancer. It turns out his wife of five years, Cynthia Scurtis, was not impressed. She filed for divorce just five days later. Although no one has been able to get the actual figures, and many have looked extensively, Scurtis did quite well for herself. She kept their 12 million dollar marital home in Florida, was reimbursed for her legal fees, car, life and health insurance. She continues to receive child support, alimony, and received other assets in the settlement.

14 A-Rod’s Self-Centaured Boudoir Paintings


Ever wondered what A-Rod would look life if he became a centaur (half-man, half-horse)? Apparently A-Rod asked himself this very question and decided that the answer was so beautiful that he’d hang paintings of his self-centaured self above his bed so he could look at it lovingly as he falls asleep each night. His ex, Torrie Wilson told Us Weekly that the MLB player, “was so vain, he had not one, but two painted portraits of himself as a centaur.” She added, “It was ridiculous”. When the story hit the news A-Rod went on record denying such a painting, “No, I do not have a painting of my upper body on a Minotaur, I don't know where they get that stuff." Here’s the thing, his ex, Madonna, would neither confirm nor deny this rumour, and no one said he had a picture of himself as a minotaur, (bull head, human body), they said Centaur! Odds are he’s spending some money nowadays to keep these wild paintings hidden!

13 Dished Out $10K Per Night While Vacationing With J-Lo

When two superstars this big are dating and vacation together, odds are it’s going to cost a pretty penny. On their 10-day getaway they rented a villa in the Dominican Republic at Casa de Campo Resort & Villa. According to the resort’s website, standard private villas cost just over 4K per night, ocean facing villas start at around five thousand dollars, although it’s been reported that the dating duo shelled out 10K per night for their six bedroom villa. Their digs included a car, private balconies, breakfast, maid and butler services, Moet Chandon champagne and fancy snacks upon arrival, fitness centre usage and much, much more. Villas like this are for sale, so perhaps the two might want to take things to the next level and buy something together.

12 A-Rod The House Flipper?


Could there be a potential reality TV show in a few years where Alex Rodriguez is flipping homes for profit? If his track record for success says anything, then maybe. In 2010, he purchased a piece of land in Miami for 7.4 million dollars. Then he utilized his own construction company (that’s right he owns his own construction company, Newport Property Construction) and he spent millions of dollars to build a 20,000 square foot mansion in minimalist style. He lived in his custom built home before selling it for a profitable 30 million dollars. Then he decided to live in a Miami Beach condo which he purchased for a cool 2.1 million dollars, he sold that for 2.6 million dollars, and then purchased Meryl Steep’s former Hollywood Hills house for a meager 4.8 million.

11 He Has An Art Collection Worth Over $150K

A-Rod has a passion for art that he wants to share with everyone, particularly his two daughters who he’s eager to educate. He has an extensive collection which goes way beyond the alleged Centaur piece – this, he’ll gladly talk about. Most notably he has pieces by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Nate Lowman. It’s been estimated that his Nate Lowman painting is worth $140,000. Rodriguez has said, “It’s fun to tell my girls who Basquiat was, who Warhol was, we live with this art every day. We enjoy it.” Solomon, Rodriguez’s designer, has commented on the ball player’s love of art and has said that he’s caught Alex just standing back and really admiring one of his pieces. Truly this is an investment that he sees a great personal value in.

10 A-Rod Doesn’t Just Buy Cars, He Buys Car Dealerships


Although it sounds like we’re talking about the Most Interesting Man in the world from the Dos Equis beer commercials, let me assure you, we’re still talking about Mr. Alex Rodriguez and his penchant for what is fast, furious, and luxurious. In 2004, a car wasn’t good enough, so the player became a partial owner of a Mercedes Benz dealership located in League City, Texas. The dealership was called, “Alex Rodriguez Mercedes-Benz” until 2014 when the dealership was purchased by Group 1 Automotive and they decided the name had to go, changing the name to “Mercedes-Benz of Clearlake”. When it comes to cars, it appears that variety is the spice of life for A-Rod. Cars he’s rumoured to own include a Porsche 911 Convertible, Maybach 57s, and a Ferrari 575 Maranello. Vroom, vroom!

9 Makes Sure Rookies Look Good And Takes Them Shopping

Different sports teams and associations have interesting ways of initiating new players. It seems that Alex Rodriguez doesn’t want his new teammates to look shabby when they’re out on the town and puts his money where his mouth is in terms of outfitting his teammates like super stars. In fact, he’s found a way to contribute directly to their appearance off the field. Ever since 2004 Alex Rodriguez has treated rookies to a little slice of luxury, having purchased each newbie on his team not one, not two, but three suits. It doesn’t matter to Mr. May if the player is a coveted prospect who will be making big money in the majors, or is just filling in for an injury, A-Rod makes like Oprah, and buys all of them three suits.


8 A Boat Inspired By Baseball Worth $300K


If there’s one thing anyone can say about A-Rod it’s this, he certainly has a lot of self-confidence. Perhaps this is why he felt a need to name his boat after the way he hits a ball. We have to wonder if he chills on his boat alongside his dog, a yellow Labrador retriever, he named “Shorty Stop” since he needed to pay tribute to his performance on the field as well as at bat. Alex has been known to enjoy some down time on the open waters, and has been photographed boating often over his career with his exes, girlfriends, and daughters, relaxing and taking it easy. In 2013, a few days after he accused MLB Commissioner Bud Selig of railroading him out of baseball, he retreated to the waters of Miami with his family in a 39-foot long Midnight Express boat valued at around $300,000, having hired a private pilot to chauffeur them around.

7 Spoiling His Niece Rotten

Is being a cool uncle worth thousands of dollars? Apparently if you’re Alex Rodriguez, it most definitely is. The home run hitter took his 21 year-old niece, Michelle Silva, on a rather large shopping spree at Blue & Cream in New York City, a dream outing for many young women. Purchases came in at a whopping $17,600 total, with over $1200 spent on shoes alone. Rumour has it that Silva’s mom wasn’t thrilled about the indulgences and wouldn’t let her daughter accept the gifts from her darling uncle, and requested that he return everything. Here’s the snag, Blue & Cream doesn’t allow for returns, so poor uncle Alex was literally left holding the shopping bags. So ladies, if A-Rod tries to give you an expensive pair of shoes, odds are they’re re-gifted.

6 It Isn’t Always The Money You Spend


Because of A-Rod’s connection to other famous folks he isn’t always the one footing the bill, sometimes other celebs will show their generosity by celebrating their squad in style. When he was dating Kate Hudson she wanted to show him just how special he was to her by throwing him a very happy birthday party at a rental home in Westchester County, New York (although we don’t have any receipts to see who really took care of the bill). The rental provided the perfect secluded space to party hard with an intimate crowd of 100 other VIPs. Attendees included power duo Jay-z and Beyonce, because what A-lister party is complete without those two party animals? For décor Hudson selected white flowers and candles that flickered under the twilight. We’re guessing this was the perfect fit for A-Rod's “simple” tastes for minimalism.

5 Charity Gone Wrong

One would expect that someone making the mad cash that A-Rod has been would funnel some of this money into philanthropic endeavours. He has, and unfortunately, like many things involving Rodriguez there is some controversy surrounding the A-Rod Family Foundation.

The Boston Globe Reported that A-Rod’s foundation was one of many not-for-profits run by professional athletes being examined by the IRS, and that only 37 cents out of every dollar raised was getting to the designated charities. The standard minimum that is deemed acceptable for these types of charities is somewhere between 65-75 cents for every buck. It was reported that in 2006 the foundation managed to raise over $400,000 but just a small amount of this made it to the intended cause.

A spokesperson for the ball player and his ex said, “Once it was launched, however, they found that running the foundation was less efficient and more cost prohibitive than they imagined. They ultimately decided that they would have more of a positive impact by giving money directly to worthy causes, and working with those causes directly to help promote awareness and raise additional money."

4 Charitable Lessons Learned


After the 2006 PR debacle, Rodriguez decided that he wanted to give money directly to causes he believed in instead. He was one of the main people to help organize an All Star Dinner for a Boys & Girls Club and personally donated one million dollars out of his own pocket for the 1.8 million dollar program. In addition to donating some big bucks, he also gifts his time. People have raved that he spends a lot of time with the kids, shows up with gifts and acts as a mentor. In addition to his work with The Boys and Girls clubs he also donated 3.9 million to the University of Miami for a new baseball stadium, and in 2009 he gifted $250,000 to Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine for a vehicle that could provide dental care for families in need.

3 He Owns A Gym Franchise

Alex Rodriguez has admitted to steroid use for three years while in the MLB while he was playing for the Texas Rangers. He has said his use was because of immense pressure to perform. Today he says he’s off the juice and relies on a fitness routine to keep him in game shape. Steroid jokes aside, fitness is important to an elite player like Alex Rodriguez. Because of this, it seems like a natural fit that he’d invest in a gym franchise. A-Rod is connected financially to the Mexican chain Energy Fitness. His regular workout routine during the off-season is said to include sprinting, baseball drills, and weight lifting three days a week. He’s also said to use a stationary bike daily and rip his abs with 300 crunches a day. You have to wonder if they run any classes like that at Energy Fitness.

2 Baller Investments


It makes sense for the highest paid player in Major League Baseball history to want to hold onto his money and invest it wisely. A-Rod has acquired over 416 million dollars in his career salary alone (and that doesn’t include his affinity for house flipping). A-ROD Corp is not a made up thing, even though it totally sounds it, it’s his investment business where portfolios include luxury and commercial real estate, automotive dealerships, as well as high end fitness facilities, and a pinch of some of his philanthropic projects. In 2016, A-Rod joined fellow athletes Shaquille O’Neal, and Jimmy Rollins to invest in an esports team, just like Mark Cuban. Team co-owner Andy Miller wouldn’t disclose the investment amounts but has said, "This is pro sports for the millennial generation. We will see other pro sports owners buying in by the end of the year for sure.”

1 Mad Money At Met Gala... Like Over $100K

When you go out with some of the hottest leading ladies in Hollywood (or New York) that comes with a price tag. People are all talking about the Met Gala, and who was with whom, particularly J-Lo and A-Rod. The cost of a ticket to the Met Gala will run you 30K. If you want some sort of control over who you get to sit with – we’re guessing these two want to know who they’ll be parked next to for the night – costs even more, $275,000. Add onto this a car service, because no one is going to see A-Rod and J-Lo leave in a Yellow cab or Uber, and amazing designer duds; A-Rod wore a Tom Ford Tuxedo, while J-Lo wore a Valentino gown. Although they didn’t need to hire a photographer, both the paparazzi and A-Rod took care of that. Apparently he was pretty excited about the night and snapped a couple of selfies with his new girlfriend.

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