14Silvio Berlusconi - Sex And Taxes

Silvio Berlusconi was the former Prime Minister of Italy. Silvio was a favorite of voters, being a four-term PM for his country. However, his success was not exactly scandal-free. For years Silvio had a myriad of issues during his tenure. He had numerous run-ins and accusations that never

quite stuck to him. He was hit with many sex scandals during his time in office, all of which seemed to just roll off of him. But in 2013, things seemed to catch up with Silvio. He got caught in a tax scandal he couldn't deny or talk his way out of. He was hit with a 4-year sentence which was ultimately reduced to 1 year. Silvio ended up doing unpaid community service to pay back his time. The charges and arrest were an embarrassing end to an otherwise tumultuous tenure.

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