15 Luxurious Items That DJ Khaled Has In His $10,000,000 Mansion

Saying that our gorgeous celebrities aren't living the life of their dreams would be the greatest lie ever! As fortunate as they are, these guys are able to do whatever they want with their money. Indeed, there is hardly a thing that guys like DJ Khaled can't afford. Fancy houses, supercars, and super cute lovers - they've got the whole package. As successful as he is, DJ Khaled is now the proud owner of an extremely opulent mansion that's allegedly worth over $10,000,000 dollars! That’s not the craziest part of the story though. Located in Beverly Hills, California, this gorgeous 10,681-square-foot Mulholland Estate is the ultimate embodiment of Beverly Hills high-end luxury. Built around 1992, this splendid mansion is tucked behind the exclusive neighborhood’s gates, overlooking all of Beverly Hills. With ultramodern high ceilings, spacious rooms, and limitless entertainment areas, DJ Khaled’s $10,000,000 mansion looks like a surreal castle.

By the way, the former owner of this treasure was the phenomenal singer Robbie Williams. Originally, this gorgeous mansion was listed at $11 million dollars but it seems like DJ Khaled talked Robbie down. Without further ado, let's go ahead and check it all out, shall we?

15 Take A Look At His Pricey Sneaker Closet

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Would you believe us if we told you that DJ Khaled has a special room where he keeps all of his pricey sneakers? Love it or hate it, the world's most trendy DJ is obviously quite fond of all kinds of custom sneakers. His love of unique shoes is probably the reason why he's got a spacious sneaker closet. From rare models to never-released sneakers, DJ Khaled has his own custom-made sneakers with Jordan. By the way, Khaled’s son has been growing his own sizable collection as well. So it turns out that his son has followed in the footsteps of his famous father. Frankly, it's one hell of a lucrative business, especially when his father is DJ Khaled. Some of Khaled’s favorite sneakers allegedly cost around 75 thousand dollars. He even found a way to get the black Kaws x Air Jordan 4 before anybody could lay their eyes on this new model. Indeed, this guy is so fierce when it comes to fashion!

14 A Unique Garden With Exotic Bamboo Trees And Flowers

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Apart from his wild sneaker collection, DJ Khaled's gorgeous bamboo trees and exotic flowers will absolutely take your breath away. Not only does he have a gorgeous home that's more like a beautiful castle, but DJ Khaled perfectly knows how to add a touch of glamor to it. According to the gigantic music mogul, his home is like his own oasis reflecting his positive mindset and personality. Heading outdoors, you just run into a magnificent backyard with swaying palms, coconut and bamboo trees and other exotic plants. This fabulous waterfront property is allegedly packed with a stone statue of a lion as well. As we think of his pricey mansion, we can only imagine DJ Khaled sipping champagne in his magical garden while catching up with old friends.

13 Versace Pillows... Because The Details Matter

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Who wouldn't want to wake up and kiss the morning while enjoying such high-end luxury? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. However, the only issue is that only the richest guys (and celebs) out there can really afford such tiny, yet luxurious details like Versace pillows. But as you can see, DJ Khaled is all about glamor and luxury from A to Z. The world's most loved and famous DJ at the moment even chose these tiger Versace pillows for one reason only: they symbolize strength while expressing art at its finest. You see, DJ Khaled is all about tiny details which can totally make a huge difference at times. Besides, his love of deluxe interior design totally proved it.

12 There's A Fine Swimming Pool Too!

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If you haven't noticed, DJ Khaled's gorgeous mansion boasts an incredible swimming pool as well. Well, we're pretty sure that the successful DJ just loves being around his bamboo trees, exotic flowers, and plants. As crazy as it sounds, he even describes them as "beautiful angels". As you can guess, his swimming pool and magical garden are his favorite places in his castle-like mansion. Speaking of his fabulous home, did we mention that it's been estimated to cost 10 million dollars? Another crazy detail is that DJ Khaled allegedly bought it from another musical legend Robbie Williams. Rumor has it that Robbie's former house was originally listed at almost 11,000,000 dollars. Well, it seems like DJ Khaled perfectly knows how to get what he wants for less money.

11 A Sweeping Staircase Leading Up To 7 Fancy Bedrooms (And 11 Bathrooms)

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Alongside his incredible sweeping staircase, DJ Khaled's mansion boasts fancy flooring as well. Although the house was originally built around 1992, the former owner took care of his mansion as it was eventually upgraded to an 11-bathroom estate with a total of seven bedrooms. Shortly after Khaled bought it from Robbie Williams, he also made sure that the place would be redecorated in a way that would resonate with his own ideas of comfort. His gorgeous property comes with a two-story entry with a mind-blowing sweeping staircase, a super formal dining room with a mirrored wall and a whole lot of other entertainment options. From the ultra-modern kitchen with a broad center island to the fancy staircase, this house is definitely packed with the most luxurious things you can ever imagine.

10 Khaled's Mirrored Wall Will Make You Green With Envy

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Apart from DJ Khaled's extremely expensive shoe collection, which he keeps in a special sneaker closet, his pricey mansion also boasts an insane mirrored wall. This makes his dining room the brightest place in the entire mansion. Additionally, his spacious dining room also features a giant bay window and lots of beautiful ornate light fixtures. Even his fabulous backyard can't beat this specific wall that probably costs a whole fortune. DJ Khaled is obviously into luscious interior designs so this could totally explain why his mansion is packed with so many unique things, like his special mirrored wall. Outside of his gorgeous mirrored wall, a chef's kitchen or a luxurious master suite, Khaled's fabulous home also features a luxurious spa-like bath waiting for him to come over and sip some champagne while relaxing. Indeed, Khaled's $10 million mansion will probably make some celebs green with envy.

9 A Chef's Kitchen With A Broad Center Island

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Another super pricey detail we've noticed in his palace is a chef's kitchen with a broad center island. Isn't that the kitchen of your dreams? This tiny detail probably costs an arm and a leg too. Seriously, there's hardly an item in this beautiful mansion that's basic. From his super cozy and expensive Versace pillows to his chef's kitchen, DJ Khaled's $10,000,000 house has the whole package for sure. Well, we can't really say if DJ Khaled will ever use this fabulous kitchen. However, it's a genuine treasure that must be tried out for sure! Besides, how many kitchen and dining room sets can offer you an insane broad center island as a part of its decoration? Well, this sure makes it one hell of a place that's been such a hot topic of discussion. Indeed, DJ Khaled is making the most of his successful career.

8 A Moroccan-Themed Master Bedroom That Costs A Fortune

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The all-white interior, modern bathrooms and a cozy Moroccan-themed master bedroom just add a touch of uniqueness and style to this lovely mansion. The custom-built house features a fabulous master suite that's probably one of the rapper's favorite places in the house. His marvellous Moroccan-themed master bedroom is equipped with a luxurious spa-like bath and a spacious sitting room. Finally, let's not forget the doors that open to a beautiful balcony and a cozy office with a recording studio. Can you even imagine the high-end luxury DJ Khaled is presently enjoying? Well, all of these amazing details could really come in handy for the world's most famous DJ at the moment. Besides, this Moroccan-themed master bedroom looks simply amazing! It sure costs more than our houses and cars put together! All in all, this is just another precious thing that you can only see in the houses of such great celebrities.

7 Well, There's A Waterfall Too...

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Well, that's hardly a surprise whatsoever. If DJ Khaled can afford a statue of a lion, a spa-like bath, a luxurious Moroccan-themed master bedroom or a fancy chef's kitchen, then why should he care about the price of a waterfall?! After all, DJ Khaled's one of the world's most famous DJs. This sure means that he can afford the luxury of a waterfall as well. As you can see in the picture, his pricey mansion boasts lots of mind-blowing things you can only dream of having. At least now you know how wonderful this house looks on the inside as well. Speaking of that, we can't really imagine why anyone would ever turn their back on such beauty. Indeed, it really makes no sense why the legendary British star Robbie Williams decided to get rid of such a palace.

6 Take A Look At His Fine Rolex

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Saying that DJ Khaled is just another celebrity would be such an ugly underestimation. He's anything but an ordinary guy from the block. He was pretty lucky to become a musical sensation all over the world thanks to his talent. He's an immensely gifted DJ and a producer; he's also the man standing behind some of Nicki Minaj's hottest beats! He even had the privilege to work with top rappers, including Kanye West, Drake (his buddy) and Ludacris. Today he may enjoy a booming career and business but if you ask him about the key to his unique fashion style, he'd probably point to his luxury watch collection. Seriously, his wrist game is so strong and fierce! In other words, having a great wrist game is an essential factor that leads to great things. More often than not, the famed producer often brags about his ever-growing collection of luxury watches. All in all, it features a variety of styles for every occasion, from the boardroom to the golden beach.

5 DJ Khaled's Massive Gold Chain You Need To Know About

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If you haven't paid any attention to DJ Khaled's fancy accessories, then here's what you should know about his love of diamonds and gold. One of his favorite accessories is his distractingly massive gold chain that's valued at $56,253. Allegedly, this item happens to be a Miami Cuban 18-karat yellow gold chain he bought for $56,253 - and that’s without the diamonds. Although it doesn't really come as a great shock to us, DJ Khaled actually bought this chain for a video collaboration with another artist. Indeed, this is probably what celebs do most of the time: they just buy expensive things for fun. As for the DJ, he isn’t really the first rapper to rock a sizable gold chain (or several ones) for reasons that are self-explanatory. But anyway, rappers have always been trying to outshine one another, even in the jewelry department. Fancy gold chains, Rolex watches, and million-dollar mansions - you just name it! Their fancy everyday items, which are often laden with diamonds, are only getting bigger and twice as expensive. Therefore, it's not rare to see celebs dropping tens of thousands of dollars on hip-hop jewelry, like watches and chains.

4 A Special Hublot Watch Collection

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Aside from his $10,000,000 mansion that's packed with everything you can think of, DJ Khaled's obviously a die-hard fan of fancy watches too. His rumored watch collection includes unique Hublot timepieces as well. And just like many others before the successful producer, his very first major watch purchase was the timeless Rolex. However, it wasn't long before he expanded his strong luxury watch collection to a few Hublot timepieces. So no matter how nice his Rolex is, DJ Khaled is apparently most comfortable with a Hublot on his wrist. Once he got into the game of fancy watches, his pricey collection has expanded to lots of Swiss watches. He once said that he's such a big fan of Hublot for lots of reasons, like its wide variety of styles for every occasion.

3 A Fancy Barbecue For Late Night Adventures

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Oh, that's the last thing we expected from him! Just kidding! Having an extremely expensive and modern barbecue for late night adventures is definitely a must-have in any similar castle-like house. Seriously, how can you not have such a beautiful and practical thing in your backyard? That's real talk right here. DJ Khaled's backyard looks so amazing that you feel like you can stay there forever. If you add in all of his "ordinary" stuff, like his swimming pool, fancy barbecue, fireplace and an insane lion statue, you'll see that DJ Khaled's really in his prime. All of these super fine and cozy details in his backyard only make his mansion look even more stunning.

2 A Diamond-Covered Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch (Valued At $300,000)

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Another special item inside DJ Khaled's spacious house is his extraordinary diamond-covered Patek Philippe Nautilus watch. Believe it or not, the cherished rapper and producer has lots of fancy watches valued at thousands of dollars. It's said that his beautiful and classy Patek Philippe Nautilus watch is worth $300,000! Can you believe it? As one of the most renown rappers and producers, DJ Khaled doesn't really think much about purchasing such luxury items. Although the price tag on the Patek Philippe Nautilus goes for the insane amount of $300,000, we're pretty sure that DJ Khaled isn't exactly bothered by it. After all, let's not forget that he bought this $10,000,000 mansion from Robbie Williams. Therefore, we believe that his pricey watch is perhaps just another daily purchase.

1 Two Terraced Patios And A Sprawling Lawn You Can Only Dream Of Having

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He writes and produces while making the most of his booming career and fortunate life. He's one of the most renown moguls in the music industry with lots of Billboards hits. In case you didn't know, he's the man standing behind some of the most successful singles released by Nicki Minaj, Drake, etc. By the way, did you know that Khaled and Drake are close buddies? Well, now you know! Just imagine these two enjoying the day or soaking up the sun by the pool in DJ Khaled's pricey mansion. Although this palace looked fabulous from the get-go, DJ Khaled installed two terraced patios as well. This French Normandy-style house is now a chic place that's heavily packed with everything you can ever dream of! Heading outside, you'll also see two terraced patios and a beautiful sprawling lawn, waiting for Khaled's buddies to come over and sip another one.

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