15 Instagram Stars Who Got Rich By Being Hot

These days, success is more often than not based on the number of followers you have on social media. With Twitter and Instagram at the forefront of how we communicate, is it any wonder that these websites can also make superstars out of their users?

If you’ve got a beautiful face, tons of sex appeal and a savvy business mind, you can create yourself an empire all at the click of a button. We all know at least one star who isn’t really famous for anything in particular, but regardless, they’ve got millions of followers. When it comes down to it, these buxom beauties are just famous for being really, really hot - and it's made them more cash than you can shake a stick at. They’ve taken their God given assets and ran with it – and who can blame them? If you were one tenth as desirable, wouldn’t you do the same?

But don’t be fooled – these gorgeous ladies are more than just pretty faces. It takes a lot of business acumen to make a career out of being Insta-famous. Let’s have a good stalk at some photos and give these beauties credit where credit is due. Get ready to take some screengrabs and be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor. Welcome to 15 Instagram Stars Who Got Rich By Being Hot.


If you like them Swedish, blonde and with a perfectly sculpted derriere, then look no further. Fitness guru Anna Nystrom boasts 4.7 million followers and gives her fans plenty to look at and admire. From belfie shots to cute snaps, her long blonde flowing locks and teeny tiny dog, Nystrom boasts an Instagram aesthetic most of us can only dream about. Anna regularly updates so don’t worry, you won’t miss a beat of her exercise regime, workout tips or travel updates. What are you waiting for? Hit follow now! You won’t regret it, with this ray of sunshine brightening up your dreary feed.


Buxom brunette Jessica Rose was a contestant on this year’s Love Island, a British reality TV program where a host of beautiful young singles are placed in a luxury villa to find – you guessed it – love (or at the very least a good fumble in the dark). Prior to this, Jessica had a great Instagram following thanks to her career as a ‘model’ (i.e. cam girl) and chat line operator. Stunning from tip to the toe, Jessica entertains her avid fan base of 821k and rising with fitness tips, plenty of sexy selfies and updates. What more could you want?


21-year-old Miami native Yovanna Ventura is a social media star that shows no signs of slowing down. The 5’9 beauty has amassed an impressive online following for someone so young, with over 5 million followers. Ventura caught the eye of pop sensation Justin Bieber and the two briefly dated. You can follow Yovanna for plenty of eye popping, jaw dropping snaps of perfectly toned abs, gorgeous dark hair and plenty of bikinis. Represented by Wilhelmina models LA, we’re probably going to see much more of this Latina lady in the future – and lucky us. For a 21-year-old, she’s working this social media thing to her advantage. Go girl.


While Nina Agdal was technically a model before she was an Instagram star, I’m going to make an exception. I don’t think you guys will mind. The 5’9 Scandinavian goddess has 1.6 million followers and is represented by IMG models. At 25, she’s doing pretty well for herself, having moved to the US to pursue her career. If subtle sexy is more your thing, then Nina is 100% for you. Agdal has a beautifully toned and sleek physique, and a certain kind of mystery that can’t be taught. Of course, it helps that her face is prettier than a Botticelli masterpiece. You can follow Nina to keep up with all of her latest work as she takes over the fashion stratosphere.


28-year-old Brit Rosie Roff was voted by FHM as one of the world’s top ‘100 sexiest women in the world’ in 2011 – not much has changed. The Instagram starlet started out as a ring girl and Top Rank Knockout for boxing events in Las Vegas. She makes a pretty penny from her endeavors and these days keeps her notoriety as a social media star, frequently posting revealing pictures to her accounts to keep the interest of her fans piqued. Roff is revered for her fitness regime and dedication to working out. Her fans remain loyal, with many tuning in for the boxing matches just to see Roff. Can you blame them?


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Think of a cross between Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, and you’ll come up with Russian stunner Galinka Mirgaeva. Not only is Galinka absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, but she thrills her 2.3 million followers with nearly naked shots and plenty of-the-moment snaps of her enviable lifestyle. If anyone made being an internet sensation look easy, it’s Galinka. Most of her pictures show her living it up on a beach somewhere with a drink in hand, a ready smile and a barely-there bikini. Let’s face it, who’s not into that? Let her pictures do the talking, and go and have a good old-fashioned stalk. You won’t regret it.


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It’s not hard to see how Abigail Ratchford notched up 7.8 million followers. One look at her pert derriere will tell you exactly why the young brunette has so many dedicated fans. The 25-year-old former beauty pageant contestant turned glamour model has appeared in a variety of men’s magazines thanks to her social media fame, including Sports Illustrated, Zoo Weekly, Nuts, Esquire, Maxim and Playboy. If you follow Ratchford you can keep up to date with a variety of interesting facts about the world chess championships and – okay, who am I kidding. You can expect lingerie, boobs and butt. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place.


Everything they say about Swedish women being beautiful is completely and utterly true. Ines Helene has more curves than a roller coaster, and she wants to take you along for the ride. With an impressive following of 1.7 million, the brunette beauty keeps you up to date with life in London, fitness tips, plenty of cleavage shots and a pout that will make you wonder why it took you so long to discover her. Helene’s beauty has made her a super popular Instagram sensation, but it’s her savvy selection of pictures that has kept her at the top. Tell us your favorite Inis Helene snap in the comments.


Playmate Alyssa Arce frequently pushes the boundaries, laughing in the face of Instagram’s nudity policy. Just a quick flick through Arce’s feed will show you a host of blurred out nipples and very close to the knuckle raunchy snaps. Arce also spent some one-on-one time with Justin Bieber back in 2014, so it’s a little surprising that her Instagram following is a little on the low side for a recent Playboy model, standing at 478k. How many of you will be following Acre after reading this article? Show the girl some love – it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?


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Sahara Ray is the modern day equivalent to Pamela Anderson. Blonde hair coupled with a luscious pout has helped Ray to acquire 1.3 million followers. Believe it or not, Ray is ANOTHER one of Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriends, so this list is pretty much a lesson in the types of women Bieber goes for – i.e. hot, young and attractive. The swimwear designer is a staple on the social scene and can often be found in magazines, particularly in The Daily Mail. The Australian native really isn’t famous for much other than her sizzling Instagram snaps, but we're here for it. A quick search on Google will come up with a plethora of articles pointing you to her slick physique and love for the ocean.


Here we have another Playmate in the form of Carly Lauren. Lauren captivates her 1.2 million strong audience with a string of teasing photographs – although, beware of the green eyed monster, this social media siren is happily married off. Despite being one of Hef’s crew, the blonde haired vixen likes to keep it relatively PG on her Instagram feed, instead hypnotizing fans with a mixture of behind the scenes shots and smoldering looks. Lauren is currently in the process of building and launching her very own blog, so fans will soon be able to keep up to date with her via that platform too. Clearly this is one lady intent on building her brand.


Lira Mercer strikes an uncanny resemblance to Nikki Minaj – and her appeal doesn’t stop there. At just 23-years-old, the Houston native has built her brand from the bottom up. With a solid following of 3.6 million, Mercer keeps her fans on their toes with a selection of tantalizing candid shots of her awe-inspiring curves. American rapper Rick Ross was engaged to Mercer for a short while, however the relationship ended. Fun fact – Mercer is part of a pretty impressive girl squad, with close friends like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna. The starlet also has some impressive ex credentials, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Meek Mill and oh, what a surprise – Justin Bieber.


Misa Campo is an up and coming social media star. Even at a tame following of 275k followers, that’s not to be sniffed at. The half-German half-Filipino model is nothing short of pure fire. Not a huge amount is really known about Campo, but her shots definitely expose a side of her that’s helping to slowly but surely build a social media empire that most of us could only fantasize about. Sometimes the slow burners are the best ones, and Campo is certainly worth a follow if you’re into a dark and moody aesthetic with so much sass it almost hurts.


There’s nothing more attractive than a boss babe building her empire with clear determination. The Australian entrepreneur has turned heads since day one, appearing on the cover of Zoo, FHM and Maxim. Not only has Emily Sears got a doll like face and a svelte figure, she’s a girl’s girl and avid feminist. Her feed is littered with pictures of her glamorous day to day life, ample assets and beautiful smile. If anyone makes being IG famous look hella fun, It’s Emily Sears. Hop straight over to the beauty’s IG and click follow. It’ll be the best thing you do all day – or, all year.


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Hailing from the UK, Demi Rose Mawby could teach a masterclass in how to get rich by being hot. Although the sultry brunette has only had Instagram for four years, Mawby has racked up 4.6 million followers. That kind of following pays well – and that’s all too apparent by her Instagram feed. The 22-year-old took a massive leap of faith when she used her Instagram popularity to move to the US and pursue a full time modelling career, but luckily it worked out. Her toned body, petite waist and sculpted abs have gone down a storm, even tempting Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga in 2016.

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