15 Disney Toys With A Shocking Price Tag

When you're a kid getting a brand new toy, it never crosses your mind that one day this toy could be worth thousands. Instead, you tear open the packaging and create yourself a whole new world thanks to Disney (see what we did there?). But if for some reason you never opened your Genie from Aladdin or Woody from Toy Story and tucked it away in the attic, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Because these boys are being sold at four and five figure prices on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Doesn't it make you regret the time you got paint on your Simba figurine? Or the time you got food and snot on your Winnie the Pooh stuffie? Technically, your toy is still sell-able, but it'd be stupid to expect even half the price that the mint condition version is being sold for. But you can't blame someone for trying, right?

Before we get started, you should know that the prices for Disney toys do vary. There's a difference between what something is actually worth and what someone is trying to sell it for. Here, we discuss some of the ridiculous prices people are asking for their Disney toy. So even though it's only worth $100, the seller may be asking for $10,000— and they just might get it!

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14 Princess Elsa - $4,000

via ebay.ca

As if it wasn't obvious enough, Disney's Frozen was a big hit all around the world. To the kids that watched it, it was an enchanting tale with beautiful colors and music that did not disappoint. For grown-ups, it was filled with bits of adult humour and— quite possibly— Disney's way of opening up to the LGBT community (if you did catch that cabin clip halfway through the film, then you'd know what we're talking about). On top of everything, it was also incredibly well written. Finally we have a princess who's smart enough to call out the "love at first sight" and "let's get married right away" fairytale bullsh*t. It's pretty great that Disney's teaching kids about reality and none of that kissing frogs nonsense.

As of right now, you can buy your very own limited edition 17" Princes Elsa doll. Still in its original packaging. It includes the doll, her famous icy blue dress and a few handmade items. The current offer is a whopping $3,999.90, but may take other offers if deemed reasonable.

13 Child-Size Scary Cinderella Doll - $10,000

via ebay.ca

Cinderella was the first Disney princess that was not born into royalty. Her life as a child is nothing less than miserable. First, her mother dies and then her father. When you think it couldn't get any worse, you find out the stepmother that took her in at her time of need doesn't even console her, but instead makes Cinderella her own personal servant. It's truly amazing how kind and decent she turned out despite her horrible upbringing. Although it is somewhat vain how the prince chose her, falling for the whole "love at first sight" ordeal. It kind of makes you wonder if he and Cinderella's stepmother had a lot more in common, since their decisions in life were based on beauty and wealth. Anyway, it worked out in Cinderella's favour, so we're sure she's not complaining.

Interested in getting a child-size plush Cinderella doll? Well there's one up for grabs right now for a striking $9,999. The doll is still in mint condition and has her tags intact. You cannot buy her anywhere else because she's no longer in production. So what's really stopping you from making a bid?

12 Basic Woody - $6,000

via ebay.ca

Remember the iconic scene in Toy Story 2 where Woody is taken to the craftsman's apartment and gets a total upgrade? Some people have even been quoted saying that scene was unknowingly orgasmic. Seeing Woody get his pupils shined, the name 'Andy' slowly painted off his boot, his arm being perfectly stitched back together. It was so graceful and clean, something we all know Andy could never do. Well, this toy has got to be in the same condition, if not better, because this one hasn't even been played with yet!

Currently (but not for much longer) you can buy your very own Woody doll, like the one Andy had. The toy is accompanied by Woody's famous cowboy hat and a few other handcrafted items. He's being advertised at $5,990. Do you think Andy's mom paid that much at Al's Toy Barn?

11 That Bad Guy From Pocahontas - $10,000

via ebay.com

If you knew the true origins of Pocahontas, it's understandable why you'd hate the Disney remake; seeing as Pocahontas was a mere child in real life and John Smith was an old fart (in her eyes at least). On top of that, many villages were raided as well as attempted murders. But ignoring all that, Disney made nature a living, beautiful place to be. With talking grandmother willow trees and colors of the wind, kids suddenly wanted to go camping and diving off cliffs. It was an amazing film that introduced diversity, teaching kids that it doesn't matter where you come from, that love can find you anywhere. Unless you're the cranky governor that was only interested in gold. The only love for him can be found up his butt.

If for some reason you really wanted to buy said villain from Pocahontas, a silver-plated Governor Ratcliffe is up for grabs at the measly price of $10,000. You should know, however, that this guy is considered "used", but has no nicks or physical faults whatsoever.

10 Disney Infinity Phineas - $3,000

via ebay.ca

If you're not familiar with Disney's Infinity, it's basically a video game where you have to buy character figurines to unlock them in the game. So you can't be Mickey Mouse unless you own a Mickey Mouse. With so many characters available out there, it's hard to stop yourself from buying more than one. It was a smart move for Disney, earning over $100,000,000 in sales to date.

You'd never guess what the most expensive one is, though. The priciest character out of all the infinity figurines is a Phineas from Phineas and Ferb with a factory defect! Still inside its original casing, the character is missing his entire left eye. Which makes us wonder if his online character would also be missing an eye? For a few more days you can try to buy this guy for $3,150. The seller isn't much into bargaining, so expect the final price to be close to what they're asking for.

9 Genuine Lifelike Jack Sparrow - $4,000

via ebay.com

It's hard to believe Pirates of the Caribbean is a Disney franchise. With the creepy special effects and slightly morbid storyline, you'd never think that it's part of a company that is much more recognized by its princess stories. Their first film made a killing at the box office, but not much can be said for the 2nd and 3rd film. And while the 4th is promising, it doesn't have very big shoes to fill after the last two. The main reason for its popularity has to be because of one character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Made famously relevant by none other than Johnny Depp. He's the type of guy who's all swag and cool, with hints of sympathy and more booze in his body than blood.

A life-size Jack Sparrow is available for purchase at $3,999. Unfortunately he isn't in mint condition. He's got a few nicks and scratches, plus his beard is partially broken off. Still, it's a human sized captain that can be used for anything. A place to hang your coats on or someone to talk to if you're lonely.

8 Beauty And The Beast VHS - $30,000

via ebay.com

Although this isn't really a toy, it's still a great feature film by Disney that holds your undivided attention for an hour or so. Kids all over the world finally met a princess who wasn't actively seeking out a prince. Belle was happy reading while living with her father. If anything, she hated boys. Gaston was a total douche that wouldn't leave her alone. Then things took a turn and she ended up stuck in a castle with yet another one, but at least he lightened up after a while. The film was a great way to introduce the concepts to kids that looks don't always matter, but who could forget the stunning gold dress that almost every little girl desired?

If you still have a VHS player, you can buy the Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond Tape off eBay for as steep as $30,000 US! Makes you wonder if the film is made out of the same gold material as the dress to be worth that much...

7 Crystal Donald Duck - $9,000

via ebay.com

Who doesn't love the main cast of Disney? There's Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and of course, Donald (we're not counting Mickey because he's a given). Known for his lispy voice and cackle, he's a fan favourite who's known to get hot-headed pretty quickly. Especially when it comes to his nephews' shenanigans. Huey, Duey and Louie never fail to rile him up. But no matter what, as long as the boys apologize (which they always do, it's Disney after all) Donald quickly forgives them and they melt together in a family hug. No wonder Daisy finds Donald to be such a catch, he's great with kids and knows how to be a grown-up.

Out of all the toys so far, this one actually shows its value. The figurine is made of Swarovski crystal and is one of 150. You can buy it online for $9,100. Unfortunately, he isn't being sold internationally due to the possibility of it breaking.

6 Seven Very Old Dwarves - $65,000

via ebay.com

Despite Cinderella being the centerpiece for all Disney princesses, she wasn't actually the first one they turned into film. Snow White was actually the first to make it on the big screen in 1937, which was 79 years ago! There wasn't much backstory given for her. She was a kind girl who would sing and attract animals. Then one day someone realized how annoyingly perfect she was (more or less) and tried to have her killed, but she managed to escape and found shelter in the home of seven dwarves. Who, of course, couldn't complain because for once they were getting the attention and care of a lady.

As of right now, you can buy the entire and very rare, original set of hard rubber dwarves that stand about 6" tall. There are only 5 or 6 sets in existence and this is the only one that seems to be up for sale. You can purchase them for a steep $65,000.

5 Creepy Leather Mickey - $8,500

via ebay.com

It's a wonder why people were so interested in this Japanese-made black, leather Mickey. Maybe because it's more tailored for adults, or maybe it's simply more edgy and cooler than the original— because it's leather, and leather is cool. Who knows, all we do know is that it's popular and hard to find. The owner that did find it got it in a coach shop in Tokyo, but that doesn't really narrow it down.

If you're interested in buying this authentic, mostly untouched sheer black 38" tall Mickey, he's available for the mind blowing price of $8,455. Perhaps he's secretly made out of dragon leather! At least that would explain the price, right?

4 Cruella De Vil - $8,000

via ebay.com

Did you know it took over 200 dalmatians to film the live action 101 Dalmatians? Did you also know that during that year dalmatians were the most demanded dog for adoption and subsequently the most euthanized? Probably not, because they don't tell you that in the film. So let's go back to the animation version from 1961. What's so great about this story is that Disney teaches us that there's still hope left in the world. That in the rare case that a hundred and one dogs turn up at someone's door, they all are kept and get to live on a plantation rather than sold or made into a coat. Imagine all the back pain from carrying 101 dogs' worth of puppy food home from the pet store. Cruella is probably laughing maniacally in her cell thinking about it.

If you were so mesmerized by the villain's black and white appearance that you wanted your own version for keeps, well you're in luck! There's a life-size Cruella De Vil for sale for $8120.

via slice.ca

If you look into it, you'd learn that there's a lot of fan theories about the Aladdin franchise. The fact that Genie talks about events that haven't even occurred yet, proving him to either be a time traveller or that the story took place in the far future rather than the past, makes you ask all sorts of questions. Although that's probably something you didn't figure out as a kid. On top of the theories, there's also the adult humour clips, like when Aladdin stumbles into a brothel. Kids don't usually pick up on that kind of thing, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If you're interested in buying a 40" Genie plush doll, sorry but you're out of luck. The last one was sold on eBay for a hefty $1000! Whether it's being stored in its mint condition or being played with by a toddler, no one knows. But for a price that high, you'd hope whoever bought it is putting it to good use.

3 The Disney Carriage You Never Got - $1,000

via ebay.com

In pretty much every Disney film, an iconic carriage is inevitable. In Cinderella, it was a pumpkin in her garden that had been bewitched into a beautiful, white chariot with its own horse and driver. In Shrek, the carriage had the appearance of an onion, which is ironic because Shrek always explained himself to being like an onion (Ogres have layers, remember?). So imagine how amazing it would've been to have your very own carriage as a kid. A big, bright pink one that you could share with a friend and was actually motorized, not a peddle-pusher! You'd be the talk of the town and everyone would be envious.

Right now you can buy your very own carriage for a heaping $1,100. Although you should know it's only tailored for kids, so if your 20-something-year-old body tries to cram into it, well, that would be a waste of one grand. At least it's pretty to look at.

2 Humongous Olaf - $1,200

via ebay.com

Who doesn't love Olaf? He's full of witty comebacks and adorable tunes. He's like an upgraded version of Frosty the Snowman. A friend that cares about you so much that he'd melt for you. That's the kind of person we should all be looking for. Not the "love at first sight" or "true love's kiss" person. Disney has finally come up with the perfect partner and he is Olaf! Too bad he isn't real... or is he?

If you want your very own melter, there's a 6 foot tall giant plush Olaf being offered at a generous $1,200! He's never been played with, completely undamaged (unless you count a bit of dust build-up from sitting on the floor) and ready to go home with you! All you have to do is place a bid and pay for shipping... which we can only guess costs as much as the doll itself. Because again, let's remind you, he's 6 feet tall! He probably needs half a plane to get shipped anywhere.

1 Ariel Storybook & Music Box - $500

via likesharetweet.com

One of youngest Disney princesses, Ariel taught us that a little curiousity can be a good thing. That is, if you gain something out of it. Because learning to use a fork as a hairbrush can't be a smart idea, even for short hair, ouch! She sang her way into our hearts and crushed our souls when she lost her voice, but it was all for true love. Which Disney, at the time, didn't think was all that problematic. Nowadays people get aggravated at how naive someone can be to give away their voice for a sexy stranger. Or they get angry because even though we saw that Ariel knew how to read, she couldn't manage to write to Eric the entire situation! We'll just have to blame it on her young age to ease our minds.

This deal is really a two-for-one, because you get both a storybook and music box. However, being priced at over $500 doesn't make us want to buy it any more than any regular one-item deal.

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