15 Celebs Who Don't Even Know How Much Money They Make

Didn’t you know it was rude to ask someone how much they make? The sheer wealth of movie stars, in particular, is a source of interest to us all. Forbes 400, anyone? Luckily for us, we can find all we ever wanted to know about the state of someone’s assets in the privacy of our own homes, with the click of a button. Indeed, we want to know who made the most that year and we want to know who was the lucky celeb to take home the biggest paycheck for a role. We want to know who is rolling in bills and who is filing for bankruptcy.

We are nosey people. And while we ourselves might have an interest in just how much these movie stars are making, sometimes the stars of those films themselves don’t even know! Some are just cavalier about money in general while some were just child stars when the money in their bank accounts started to weigh more than they did. With that, here are 15 actors (and a few non-actors, too) who don’t even know how much they made.


15 Rupert Grint - The Harry Potter Series

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Rupert Grint, also known as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter (as if he really needs an introduction), was only a tiny tot of 11 years old when he landed the role of Ron Weasley. At the time, he had exactly zero professional acting experience, as you might expect from an 11-year-old, although he had done a school play. Obviously, the iconic role turned out quite well for Grint, becoming a millionaire before reaching puberty. But, just like the laid-back Ron Weasley, Grint seems to take a similar approach to life: he doesn’t even know how much he made for the role! When asked about it, he said that it was a “ridiculous” amount and that “I must admit I don’t actually know how much I earned – the exact number.” Well, Rupert Grint, that figure is something like $30 million, and perhaps even more. Do you want another ice cream van? You could get yourself a few! Interestingly, he also said that “I’ve never really wanted to [know].”

14 Mischa Barton


Here we have a case that wasn’t so much about her not knowing how much she got for a role, but rather, how much was actually in her bank account. Mischa Barton, one of the rich kids in The O.C., was shocked to find that her mother - her own mother! - had stolen money from her without her knowing it. Sounds like an episode right out of The O.C.! Sadly, many child stars, from Macaulay Culkin to Shirley Temple, have found themselves in this exact situation. In Barton’s case, she claimed that her mother, who had been her manager for twenty years at that point, lied about how much she made in a film she did in 2013 and then took the rest of the money for herself. However, it took Barton quite a while to file the lawsuit.

While Barton has since dropped the case against her mother (for now), it would appear that Barton doesn't keep a tight reign on her bank account, which probably explains why she's worth a mere $1 million today.

13 Lil Wayne

Rappers love to rap about their riches and Lil Wayne is no exception. After all, he does happen to have a song titled 'Rich As F*ck'. As of 2015, Forbes pegged Lil Wayne at $150 million. Here is where things get interesting. We know this article is titled 15 Celebs Who Don’t Know How Much Money They Make, but what we mean to say is, 15 People We Don’t Even Know How Much They Made. According to Lil Wayne, he is worth much less than $150 million, saying, “Honestly, I’m gonna let everybody know now – so when you go check motherf*ckers’ net worth and that sh*t be saying some crazy numbers – I don’t have a cent close to that sh*t. But I guess they be meaning that’s what I’m worth.” Well, someone is off here. Is it Lil Wayne or Forbes? Who do you believe?

12 Lindsay Lohan


We thought we'd change things up for this entry. What we mean to say is that Lindsay Lohan probably doesn’t want to know how much she has. We were shocked when we realized just how little Lindsay Lohan is worth today. Indeed, she is officially a permanent fixture on all of those lists featuring celebrities with shockingly low net worths. While Mean Girls could have been the start of something great for Lohan, her bank account began to dwindle over the years. There are several contributing factors here. First of all, Hollywood just won’t her cast anymore due to her rather poor reputation in the industry. While she did an interview for Oprah in 2013 and earned a cool $2 million for it, she had to pay $200,000 in back taxes, on top of the cost of rehab and other debts. Today, Lohan sits on top of a mere $500,000. Yes, we couldn’t believe it either.

11 Jackie Chan

According to Forbes, Jackie Chan was considered the second highest paid actor in 2015 after they updated their list to include actors working outside of the Hollywood film industry. In that year alone, Chan brought in $50 million with a total net worth of around $350 million. Why is this relevant to the title of the article? Well, it would appear that Chan must be oblivious to his sheer wealth since he plans to leave absolutely nothing of it to his only son, Jaycee. You can’t even leave a cool million to the child you forced into the world by your own accord, Jackie? No? While Chan’s son was able to launch a music and acting career simply by being Chan’s son, it hasn’t been entirely successful and who knows what kind of financial situation he could be in the future. Perhaps Chan has forgotten - or has never even really known - the idea of financial stress given that he has been acting since the age of 8. Chan said, "If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money." We take no issue with Chan donating the majority of his money to charity, but surely he could leave a few couple hundred thousand for his son.

10 Bill Gates


The problem for Bill Gates isn’t a problem of not knowing how much he has in the bank - he knows he’s one of the richest men in America, but the problem is that he doesn’t know what to do with it, saying that after a certain amount “it’s the same hamburger.” Gates currently holds the title of being the richest man in the world with a net worth of $85.5 billion. However, Gates has said that “Wealth above a certain level, really, it’s a responsibility that then you’re going have to either, a.) leave it to your children, which may or may not be good for them, or b.) try to be smart about giving it away.” Gates has given away quite a bit of money already and has also started The Giving Pledge along with his wife, which will see that they donate half of their money to charity. He also has plans to eradicate polio by 2019.

9 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, one of the most popular athletes of the 80s/90s, finds himself in a similar camp to that of Lindsay Lohan, at least in terms of celebs that have shockingly low net worths and would probably cry at the thought of how much they currently have in their bank accounts. Of course, we don’t mean to say that money is everything - it obviously isn’t - but Tyson really needed to hire someone to manage his funds a little better. At one point, Tyson was a high roller with more than $300 million. Today, he has a mere one million to his name. One million! How does that happen?! In 2003, he was 23 million dollars in debt and had to file for bankruptcy. Some of it went towards his divorce settlement and the IRS, to name a couple things. On top of that, Tyson was also a bit of a spender. Does someone really need three Bengal tigers? Isn't one enough?


8 Rick Moranis


Did your kids shrink you, Rick Moranis? Because we haven’t seen you in years. It's been so long since you’ve acted you probably don’t have any idea what you made for those famous roles now, do you? Known for his roles in 1984’s Ghostbusters, 1987’s Spaceballs and 1989’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Moranis was probably a staple in your childhood, much like he was for us. And then, poof, he was gone. The last time we saw him was in 1996’s Big Bully, which was twenty years ago. He was also noticeably absent, although probably for the better, in the Ghostbusters reboot. After his wife passed away from breast cancer in 1991, he took time off to raise his children. Although it has been suggested that Moranis is retired, he has actually been doing voice acting and he would like to dispel that myth himself. However, we'd love to see Ricky come back to the big screen again.

7 Amanda Bynes


Let’s be honest. Amanda Bynes probably doesn’t remember how much she made for a role either, since it was all the way back in 2010, in Easy A, that she even appeared in a film. She is now considered a “former” actress. Not only does Bynes not remember how much any role ever made her, we can assume, but she is also confused as to her net worth in general. When asked about it, she answered with the “in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth.” Umm, well, not quite. Either she just grossly underestimated the Olsen twins’ net worth, which is about $300 million, or she thought she was worth more than she actually is. Either way, Bynes was more than a little off on this one. At the time, Hollywood Life did a little investigating into the matter and discovered that Bynes' wealth was more in the $4 million "type of wealth." Today, her estimated net worth is $6 million, which although is an improvement, is still nowhere near that of Mary-Kate and Ashley's fortune.

6 Jack Nicholson 


Sometimes, actors make smart business moves for themselves and end up making infinitely more money for a role than they otherwise would have. Instead of taking a lump sum of money and call it a day, they use their position in Hollywood to negotiate for the much more lucrative slice of the film’s total profits instead. This is becoming a lot more common today and Jack Nicholson was one of the first actors to do it. For his role as The Joker in Batman in 1989, he was set to get ten million dollars. Instead, he took six million on top of earning a percentage of the film’s total profit, which also included sales they made on home video sales and merchandise. The merchandising potential alone for a superhero movie was huge. Batman turned out to be the 5th most profitable film at the time, pulling in over $400 million at the box office. Nicholson wouldn’t have known it at the time, but he ended up making over 50 million dollars for the role and counting, the equivalent of $115 million by today’s standards. That’s more than 5 times what he would have received had he not negotiated. And he’s still making royalties today!

5 Tom Hanks 

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Tom Hanks hit the jackpot when it came to the iconic film Forrest Gump, in 1994. The film almost went over budget before Hanks did a little dealing behind the scenes. He gave them half of his salary, which was a mere $5 million at the time, in exchange for being entitled to 10% of the box office earnings. Similarly to Nicholson’s Batman, Forrest Gump became the most profitable film at the time, bringing in $677 million. It may not have been the wisest move for the film itself, but it certainly turned out well for Hanks since he ended up banking $60 million, which is something like almost $100 million today. Sometimes, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

4 Bruce Willis 


Bruce Willis is in the lead for making the most amount of money for a single film, ever. What was that movie, you ask? No other than 1999’s The Sixth Sense, which makes it even more bizarre given that Willis typically does action roles. And to think that M. Night Shyamalan had Willis in mind for the role from the beginning! Not only did Willis negotiate for $14 million to start him off but he also got 17% of its total profits, which included video rentals, as well. The film made the second most amount of money that entire year, grossing $670 million worldwide, not to mention all of the awards it was nominated for. If you do the math, that’s a whopping $120 million for the role. Willis probably had no idea the film was going to be such a massive success. I see dead people? More like I see dollar signs.

3 Donald Trump

Donald Trump isn’t exactly an actor (in some ways, you might be able to argue that he is), but we included him on this list because billionaire Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know how much he is worth. Forbes pegs him at about $4.5 billion while Trump puts himself above $10 billion. Perhaps both parties are a little off here, but either way, the average of the two puts Trump at more like $7.3 billion. The media seems to collectively agree that Trump is worth much less than he says he is, although we can’t confirm or deny this. Perhaps, however, we can’t be surprised that Trump doesn’t know how much he is worth when he says that his net worth “goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feeling." With a net worth that fluctuates based on his own feeling, we are getting into Kim Jung-il territory here, and we don’t think we will ever know, definitively, how grand Trump’s fortune is or isn't.

2 Tom Cruise 


Tom Cruise, being one of the most bankable actors in the industry, can cash on this when it suits him, which for Cruise, is basically every movie he ever does. Sure, he is guaranteed to get at least $20 million for every movie he stars in, but the reason why his net worth currently sits at $480 million is because of his negotiating prowess. He has done this time and time again, including for the Mission Impossible series, which saw him bring in $290 million across the four films, earning more than any other character in movie history. He also negotiated for 2001’s Vanilla Sky, 2003’s The Last Samurai and 2010’s Knight and Day. But his biggest paycheck came with 2005’s War of the Worlds. This is particularly more interesting than others on this list because he didn’t take a base fee at all - he simply took 20% of the total profits. All in all, Cruise made out with $100 million for the film alone.

1 Emma Watson


Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger, had no idea just how much money she had until she was around 17 years old. Not a clue. No inkling at all that she was a millionaire. In the end, she probably would have made an amount similar to Ron Weasley for her role, which was roughly $30 million. For someone who not only plays brainy characters but is actually a smart woman in real life, one would think that she would have had some inkling that she was a millionaire. It wasn’t until her dad had a “money talk” that she realized just how big her bank account was, saying, "By the third or fourth film, the money was starting to get serious. Until then, she had been given an allowance of 75 dollars a week. On finding out that she was a millionaire, Watson said, "I had no idea. I felt sick, very emotional." Oh, to discover you’re a millionaire…

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