15 Billionaires Who Are Evil AF!

Unfortunately, some people who come into the money do not exactly have the highest moral caliber.

Not everyone can be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. These are billionaires who have made their money the "right" way and went about being a positive force in their communities (and in many cases, the world). Some people have used their power to do extraordinary things for other people. They have moved mountains and provided a tremendous service to the world. There are, however, some people who have used their wealth for evil. Thus, the real question is how are people going to leave this world because they aren't going to leave it with all their money.

Now, even the best of them have been accused of stealing their wealth. Gates and Zuckerberg definitely give back, but there are questions about how they got started. Unfortunately, some people who come into the money do not exactly have the highest moral caliber. They ascend via a variety of methods to accumulate their fortune. Some assume power, the kind of people who lead companies or become ruthless politicians. Some are Kings who have been blessed into a role of wealth by earning nothing but a birthright. There are a wide variety of ways people could amass a fortune. And some of those people are unfortunately as evil as they come. They literally are evil AF. They contribute very little to society except to ensure their own wealth and power. These are the people who contribute to the destruction of our moral fabric and are considered by many to be some of the most dangerous people in the world. These are 15 Rich People Who Are Evil AF!

15 The Koch Brothers - Power Plant And Cancer

We go for a two-for-one here. The Koch Brothers are extremely wealthy and influential in the United States. In fact, anytime there is a major US election, you will hear their names repeatedly floated about. They are incredibly rich men who spend their money to influence a wide variety of avenues. In the film Koch Brothers Exposed, director Robert Greenwald makes quite a few inflammatory accusations against the Koch Brothers including: manipulation and the gutting of the US Social Security System, segregation efforts, suppressing voting rights, causing cancer clusters due to pollution outside one of their paper plants, and manipulation of college university hiring practices through financial influence. The Koch Brothers are extremely conservative in nature, aiding and supporting "Tea Party" politicians in the United States.  The Koch family's business is the second-largest privately owned US company. Their revenues exceed 100 billion annually. Most of the damage done at their Georgia-Pacific plant is caused by air pollution as well as water pollution, greatly affecting the largely poor Black community in the surrounding area. The city of Crossett, where the charges come from and where the plant is located, has one of the highest cancer exposure rates in the United States. 2,200 of the 6,000 residents of the town actually work at the plant. Another film entitled Company Town also exposes the pollution from the plant, which chimes in at 1.5 million pounds of toxic chemicals EACH YEAR. The company's response is that they have a permit for that level of pollution. (Now that's evil AF!)

14 Bashar al-Assad - Chemical Weapons

When you run Syria, you're a bad dude. And right now, there is the likelihood of chemical weapons being used on children and others by the Assad regime. He's not a good dude, a man whose country has been embroiled in a lengthy and very deadly civil war still going on. This is another political leader who uses his country's treasury as his own personal piggy bank. Bashar is also one who has come to question 9-11's and al-Qaeda's existence. What has been a bigger concern is human rights violations, which have occurred within the country's borders for years. Extreme around-the-clock torture and murders of opposition forces have been a regularity in Syria and a hallmark of the Bashar regime. This has continued through years upon years of civil unrest. There is a lot that is unknown about the Syrian atrocities since they are occurring behind their borders, and they have no free press to report on the atrocities. One thing is for certain, Assad's wealth has been estimated to be worth $2 billion all the way up to $100 billion.

13 Dan Gertler - Blood Diamonds

And now we arrive at the diamond trader. Hey, who doesn't want to rape nations of their natural resources and be indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths and murders in the process? Heck, Dan Gertler said, "Sign me up!" Gertler didn't amass billions in assets by accident. Gertler has become an expert at infiltrating and manipulating African nations in disarray. He uses money and influence to bankroll rebel regimes and military coups in order to strike deals to obtain diamond mines. In case you aren't familiar with the term "Blood Diamond," Gertler is a man who is all over them. A prime example of Gertler's activities occurred in the Congo. Gertler's good buddy, Joseph Kabila, is well-known internationally to rig elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Joseph's father, Laurent Kabila was moving forward with a war in Congo in 1997 that resulted in the death of nearly a million civilians, and that's not counting the millions more wounded and raped. Gertler dumped $20 million into the war to support the fight while securing exclusive diamond rights in the Congo. His money would support the killing of hundreds of thousands while lining his pockets with straight cash, or in better terms, boatloads of blood diamonds.

12 King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz - The King Who Didn't Share The Wealth

Who wants $20 billion? Now, some may be asking how you amass such a fortune. Well, if you're the head of a big time oil-producing country in the Middle East, then that is one way to have cash coming out of your rear. Passing away in 2005, King Abdullah was the third wealthiest head of state in the world. It is also estimated that the King married up to 30 different women and had 35 children (estimated numbers). There are two sides to this King. He has pushed forward some progressions in his native Saudi Arabia and coordinated quite a bit of peace in his region while at the same time maintaining selfish control of finances in the region and people in his country. King Abdullah had a strict interpretation of Sharia Law, which is the whole "eye for an eye" concept. You steal something? Hands cut off. You are drunk in public??? You get flogged publicly, and it's not a good time. Public executions in the way of beheadings were common for murder, rape, drug trafficking, and yes, witchcraft (belief in alternative religions). In addition, his treatment of women (as with most Middle East nations) was highly questionable when it came to rights. Needless to see, this billionaire is a mixed bag in terms of the Middle East but brutal in terms of Western human rights.

11 Harold Simmons - Poorly Stored Nuclear Waste

Worth over $10 billion, Harold Simmons was a business giant, owning 5 different companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Aside from owning the largest producer of Titanium in the world, Simmons was a highly successful and controversial businessman. Simmons passed away in 2013 but not before he made a terrible impact on society by poorly storing nuclear waste. West Texas was the recipient of Simmons's goal of saving money and his lack of concern for all of society. He lobbied aggressively to open up a nuclear waste dump in Andrews County by the New Mexico Border. The waste is stored right over a large number of aquifers. According to D Magazine, in Dallas, they refer to Simmons as the "most evil genius" for his push to dangle a few local jobs in exchange for him making millions more and poisoning large swaths of poor people.

10 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - Suppressive Regime

Speaking in terms of volume of evil, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is definitely pretty high up on the evil chart. The man lived for 87 years up to his death in 1989. His business holdings combined with being anointed as Supreme Leader in Iran contributed to him ending up with nearly 100 billion of net worth. The Ayatollah was a combination of religious leader, politician, philosopher, and revolutionary. Khamenei introduced brutal and strict Islamic Law. Women were greatly restricted, and any music outside of marital or religious music and nearly all of Western culture and entertainment were shunned. Anyone who opposed the Ayatollah was killed by firing squad. He labeled adversaries as "enemies of God." In 1988, anyone who opposed the government as political prisoners was intensely interrogated, and anywhere from 1,400 to a whopping 30,000 people were murdered. Brutal suppression and mass executions marred the Ayatollah's reign. The world is a better place now that he has passed on.

9 Gina Rinehart - Use A-Bomb To Mine

It is certainly nice to be born into big-time money. That's the case with Gina Rinehart, who was born into the family business, and business is going very well. Rinehart is very good at preaching to others. She spewed her advice to the ladies of the world by telling people they should "spend less time drinking or smoking and socializing and more time working." Her advice for working is ironic being that she was born to the kind of fortune that is the equivalent to the GDP of a small country. Born to Lang Hancock, an Australian tycoon, Rinehart inherited an iron mine, the equivalent of the biggest silver spoon ever. Rinehart has been known to complain about her wealth because African miners are paid $2 a day, and it has been difficult for her to compete with those labor prices. (Mind you, she makes over a million dollars an hour... that's right, a freakin' hour!) Rinehart was also exploring options of dropping an A-bomb off the coast of Australia in hopes of creating a nice mine for her to access. That's no joke. She wanted to explore dropping a nuclear weapon. Crazy talk for sure. International scorn arrived at Rinehart's doorstep over her suggestion that there shouldn't be labor laws for pay and lowering her Australian pay rate would help her to compete better with the African nations. if she isn't making enough cash already.

8 Teodoro Mbasogo - Dictator Enjoys Shopping On Rodeo Drive

Besides having one of the most complicated names on the list, Mbasogo is also the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea. He took hold of power at Equatorial Guinea in 1979, tossing out his uncle in the process. (Thanksgiving has gotta be rough at that house!) Mbasogo enjoyed his takeover, having his hands in the African nation's treasury, amassing a personal wealth of well over $1 billion. Almost no one has run against him (by design) over the past decades, and even when they did, Mbasogo has fixed elections, amassing over 103% in one district count (wow...that's a crazy %!). This wealthy politician has the kind of rule reminiscent of many dictators around the world. He even loves to spoil his children, taking them on expensive shopping trips around the world and purchasing numerous high-end estates all around the world. Mbasogo has overextended his stay in his position, pushing out those who would challenge him, ensuring he stays in power. He also has had his security forces carry out numerous killings, authorized kidnappings, and numerous tortures in his country. He has created some of the most brutal prison environments and also enjoys long walks on the beach and shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

7 Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman - Ruthless Drug Lord

We start right off with our friendly neighborhood drug lord. Sure, you know the type. It's that kid at school that has long hair and wears a lot of flannel, a hoodie and seems disinterested in school. Take that and multiply that dude by a million. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman isn't the most physically imposing of men at 5' 6", but he definitely swings a massive stick. In fact, his nickname "El Chapo" means "Shorty." But as of 2003, "Shorty" became the top dog of Mexico's drug ring. The United States Department of Treasury considered Guzman the most powerful drug lord in the entire world. In 2001, Guzman exceeded a net worth of over 1 billion. He was literally one of the two most powerful men in his country and was responsible for a multitude of murders within the Mexican borders and beyond. The US Government labeled Guzman "The most ruthless, dangerous and feared man on the planet." Guzman's criminal network infiltrated far and wide, prompting the city of Chicago, Illinois in the United States to label him "Public Enemy Number One" despite possibly never even stepping foot in the city. He is responsible for transporting and selling tons upon tons of drugs all around the world.

6 Ali Bongo Ondimba - Uses Treasury As Piggy Bank

Must be nice to run a country. You can use its treasury as your own personal piggy bank. At least some countries, that is. This is the case with Ali Bongo Ondimba and then some. The President of Gabon has been rumored to steal nearly 25% of his country's wealth. He is known to own expensive homes around the world, including a massive multi-million dollar estate in France. His country has been bled dry while he has enjoyed the fruits of his presidency. The country has gone on prolonged strikes due to poor monthly wages. A teacher's starting salary in Gabon is paltry, just over $100, prompting most government and state-sponsored workers to make just enough to afford a single dwelling shack as their main form of shelter. While he bought a home in Paris, France that cost more than $100 million from his country's coffers, his countrymen and women were struggling tremendously. In a hilarious display of hubris and stupidity, Ondimba claimed his new $100 million estate in France would help reduce travel and hotel costs when he visited Europe. Yeah... winning! Just awful.

5 Robert Mugabe - People Suffer While He Enjoys His Spoils

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is one of the many African leaders who enjoy complete rule in addition to complete access to all the spoils that are offered to such a leader. Mugabe sets the tone for reverse-racism with his extreme views toward whites. His anti-white views are heightened by his Marxist views, which don't jive well with his extreme mismanagement of his country's economy. His net worth is estimated at $10 billion due in large part to the low incomes he pays out to his fellow countrymen and women. A prime example of Mugabe showering himself with funds would be his travel budget, which has exceeded $10 million over 6 months. Mugabe provoked wars inside his own nation and encouraged those to "strike fear into the hearts of white businessmen." If you aren't on Mugabe's team, be afraid. He is widely known to murder political opponents and have women raped in his country. He has been a brutal ruler whose people live to feed his greed.

4 Ivan Glasenberg - Cruel Business Practices

Some people kill to remain in power, and then there are those who simply have shockingly cruel business practices. An example of the latter is Glasenberg, who has been able to establish mineral mines in a variety of small countries. He pays a fee to be there and extracts billions in minerals. He then uses a Swiss subsidiary to purchase the minerals prior to selling them to the world. But guess what, the Swiss company is one that he owns, so the foreign nations get pennies on the dollar on tax revenue. See, Glasenberg, for example, has his mining company in Small Country X, and they pull out $5 million in iron. They sell the iron to one of his Swiss subsidiaries for $1,000 and pay taxes to the poor country for the export off the $1,000, not the $5 million. Needless to say, Glasenberg makes money hand-over-fist. He is worth nearly $7 billion.

3 Kim Jong Un - The North Korean Dictator

Little Kim Jong Un -- the tiny, but mighty (at least in his own mind), leader of North Korea swings a big stick in the world arena. He is a regular in dropping inflammatory dialogue. Kim Jong is one of those angry outcasts in high school that loves to stir the pot and screw with people. Make no mistake about it: he is someone that disrupts and he loves to do it. With a cool $5 bill in his pocket, Kim Jong has quite a bit of money in his overstuffed bank account. He has his money spread across international banks all over the world. He was responsible for illegally manufacturing drugs as well as specializing in counterfeiting US currency. Kim Jong also enjoys his cigarette sales and business. Everyone knows about Kim Jong's love of developing nuclear weapons. He is clearly one of the most dangerous figures in the world and is hell-bent on getting recognized as a real world power and earning a seat at the "big boy" table.

2 Viktor Bout - Arms Dealers

It's about time we got to massive arms dealers who are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths across the most unstable lands in the world. Viktor Bout is the focus of the movie Lord of War which starred Nicolas Cage. He was a small boy hoping to make it big in the world. And he certainly did just that. Viktor Anatolyevich Bout was extremely smart and at a young age learned to speak a wide variety of languages, including Persian, Russian, and English. He spoke 6 languages in total and picked up small bits of others. He worked as a translator in the Soviet Army until 1991, which got him in the front door. From there, he would create one of the most successful arms webs in the world. He was a contractor who kept filling the pockets of Russia while filling his own ten-fold more. He specialized in getting arms to Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Congo, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Angola, and the Central African Republic. If there were hot spot war zones in third world nations, you could guarantee that Bout's guns were being used. He got arrested in Bangkok back in 2008 for selling weapons to the DEA. The sting landed the 6-billion-dollar-man in jail. But to put Bout in context, his motto of "supply and demand" was a cold business offering that led to hundreds of thousands of victims being slain by his guns.

1 Vladimir Putin 

And we finally get to the "papa bear" of all the evil AF billionaires on this list. It should come as no surprise that we see one of the most influential and powerful world leaders in Vladimir Putin. When you think of a billionaire being evil AF, Vladimir Putin's picture is front and center. With over an estimated $75 billion in his coffers, Putin stands as one of the most wealthy villains in the world. Heading back to the days of the U.S.S.R., Putin made his name in the KGB and has amassed an incredible amount of power during his time in his homeland. Putin is well known for having his adversaries killed, many of them disappearing without a trace. The bodies of his enemies have piled up over the years, and Putin enjoys complete control over the news content in his country. Putin is also known to meddle all across the globe, even possibly infiltrating the 2016 US Presidential Election. Make no mistake about it, he is one badass dude and tops our list.


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15 Billionaires Who Are Evil AF!