15 $100,000 Items That Prove Money CAN Buy Happiness

What would you do with $100,000? Imagine the shoes, food, and cars you can buy with this amount of money. A hundred thousand dollars will make you feel free. You can get out of debt, buy your mother a house or attend as many NBA or NFL sports games that you desire.

While it may seem impossible to make this type of money without working a full-time job, for some it is easier than you think. Professional poker players, online business owners, the top Bloggers, freelancers that work from home, start-up companies in San Francisco and of course, past lottery winners can have this kind of money. Did you know that in the UK financial planners are sent to Lottery winners homes before they get their first cheque? In North America, you are basically on your own.

Below we include arguably the best mattresses in the world, some elaborate celebrity purchases and even where Beyonce and Jay-Z went for vacation.

Whether you inherit large sums of money, invent an irresistible product or save enough for you to laugh to the bank, here are ideas to help you with your extra $100,000.

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15 Drive Off in a 2016 Dodge Viper GT

Via Dodge.com

We can’t deny that when a man drives a luxury car, more women pay attention. Spending all your money in one place might not be wise, but this car is worth the purchase. The 2016 Dodge Viper GT is $95,895 with a V10 engine and according to Dodge, “generates 645 horsepower and twists of 600 pound-feet of torque." The doors are aluminum, and the dealership has a list of 19-inch aluminum rims for you to choose. Cotton car seating is a no-no in this sports vehicle. The finest leather is available in multiple colors handcrafted to perfection. With an 8.4-inch touchscreen system, you can connect your mobile devices to Wi-Fi internet, turn the volume up on your HD radio, while using voice command to activate your favorite features. If you can stay under your $100,000 budget, ask the dealership to add a few more accessories that we are sure can bump up the cost.

14 Own A Private Island Anywhere in the World

Via Big-zioo.com

If your parents own a cottage up north, that is awesome. Maybe they have a time-share in Arizona that you can’t stop thinking about to see again next summer. I have a better idea that will be worth your while. If you are infatuated with Brazilian women, this island is in the perfect place. The Piaçabuçu is a set of six islands located in Northern Brazil and is $80,000 with 81.58 acres. Many people may think that a private island is only a reality for the wealthy and famous, but this statement is false. It is true that Shakira, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kim Kardashian and Madea movie mogul Tyler Perry own islands but we can too. If vacating in Canada is more appealing Sweet Island in British Columbia has 3.3 acres and is $82,900. Think about the over the top parties you can have or if you are an investor, lease your island to an exclusive resort and receive a cheque in the mail every month.

13 Rent the Quassy Amusement Park for a Full Day

Via Quassy Amusement Park

The children of famous celebrities are not the only ones that can rent out an amusement park to celebrate a birthday. Let’s take it up a notch. The Quassy Amusement Park in Connecticut can be rented out for a day if you bring 3,400 people at $25 a ticket. That is enough people to ask your friends and family to invite whoever they want. Unlike some amusement parks, it has a water park with slides, and raft rides to glide on the water. The Warrior roller coaster is one of the 25th top coasters in the world. When visitors get tired of being indoors, the Laser Maze Challenge activates after pressing a red button. Get your James Bond swag on to try and loop your way under lasers to win the game. When your guests want to chill out, lay on the amusement park's beach and play volleyball with your friends. It is clear that at least you won't be bored spending your $100,000.

12 An Education to Become a Helicopter Pilot

One of the best luxuries that anyone can have in life is learning to fly a helicopter. Think about it. When you want to impress the man or woman of your dreams, taking them on a helicopter ride will help you to land a second date. If a natural disaster is coming your way and you have a few days to prepare, knowing how to fly will come in handy. Depending on the aviation school, the cost to become a pilot can vary between $35,000 to $70,000 a year. Learn to fly high in Hawaii at SPR Helicopters in a Robinson R-44 helicopter that professional pilots around the world use. If Miami is more desirable Bravo Helicopters has a one-on-one training program that teaches you how to land at busy airports and when you graduate, the last test is to fly to a tourist location that includes the Florida Keys.

11 Hire An On-Call Chef for a Year

Via Huffington Post

It is possible that you are a simple person that is happy with the way your life is today. As you are finding it hard to balance a personal life with a job, the experience of hiring a professional cook is priceless. Most chefs request $20 to $30 per hour and if you hire an experienced professional for a year for 5 hours every day that is a $50,400 annual salary. Use the rest of your money to buy luxury food items and request their time when you need to throw a party. Can you imagine the time you can save with a chef in your kitchen? They can use recipes and make international foods you have never heard of before. If you like to cook, you can be creative by coming up with an original recipe or ask your chef to teach you how to make new desserts. With an on-call chef at your side, the sky is the limit.

10 Own a Franchise Cruise Agency 

Via plus.google.com

Travel to the Caribbean or around North America with your Cruise agency. The Expedia Cruise Ship Center is a leading franchise in North America and is a $65 billion earning company. It costs $99,340 to operate and according to the Expedia Cruise Ship website, in 2015 successful franchise owners made $172,790. People that own this franchise can make a return on investment if they play their cards right. As your employees work hard to book customers, you can enjoy being on the ocean and seeing the most exotic places on the planet. Imagine all the men, women, and families you will help to fulfill their dreams of travel. Marketing will be effortless because you will be the go-to person when people you know want to book a vacation. Surprise your girlfriend for spring break or give your parents a gift for their next anniversary. It is as easy as pressing a button and making it happen.

9 Lunch With Bill Clinton to Talk Business or Politics

Via The Daily Beast

Now that we are on the topic of business, lunch with Warren might be outside of a budget of $100,000, but Bill Clinton is available. Whether you want to get into politics, purchase property, or learn how to run a successful company, Bill Clinton can teach you all you need to know. Bill Clinton has a net worth of $80 million and the Bill, Hilary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation alone has $455.7 million in assets. The Clinton’s company has received a high number of donations from wealthy people and was set up for humanitarian reasons. In addition to the foundation, Bill Clinton also owns a list of properties; 3 houses in Arkansas, and real estate in New York, Washington, and Little Rock.

While this has caused eyebrows to raise during Hilary Clinton’s campaign, Bill also owns a company where he acts as a consultant for three unknown organizations.

8 Fly High in the Sky with a Water Jet Pack

Via Jetpackadventures.com

Do you live near an ocean, lake or river? If you spend a lot of time by the water at your parent's cottage then owning a watersport product is an option to consider. A water jet pack levitates people up in the air at 30 feet high and moves 30 miles per hour. According to Hawaii Flight Adventures, it has "a 200-mile power marine engine." Fly like an eagle over the water after a hard day at work, on the weekend or when you want to impress your friends. The way it works is a pump is attached to the jet and gushes out water to help you rise to the sky. Two handles need to be pressed to start the engine. If it looks like an intimidating activity, wear a helmet and a swimming safety vest to keep you safe while you have fun.

7 An Elaborate Play Ground to Call You Own

Via Playlsi.com

I can’t forget about the parents or people reading this blog that lives with younger siblings. Sometimes in life bringing joy to the people you care about will make you feel wealthy. Rather than bringing your son or daughter to the playground down the street, have a contractor build one in your front or back yard. If you are a big kid at heart that does not have children, this can be a way for you to have youthful fun. Landscape Structures can set up the GeoNetrix for a price between $60,000 to $100,000 depending on the features. If you choose the $60,000 playground, you can buy an inflatable Scooby-Doo or Batman bouncy castle for $1,000 each. With $100,000 to spend you might as well go big or go home. With an over the top GeoNetric set, invite the neighborhood on occasion and charge a $5.00 1 hour limit fee.

6 Own a Rare Pokemon Card

Via youtube.com

When the Pokémon Go game launched in 2016, the world became addicted to this real-life interactive game. It was like pandemonium when fans were lined up at stores on July 6th to get their hands on the newest craze. One of the benefits of fans capitalizing off people’s obsession with Pokémon is the price of trading cards began to go up and players that held onto their cards from back in the day are smiling with excitement.

But perhaps nobody is happier than people who own the original Japenese Promo Illustrator Pikachu card. When it was made available on eBay, it quickly sold for $100,000.

If the proud owner of the card sold it, they could use that money to pay off student loans. Keep it in mint condition, place it in a safe location and you can hold, and re-sell to potentially triple or quadruple your money. Heritage Auctions has gone on the record to state that these trading cards doubled since Pokémon Go launched this year.

5 Condo in Sunny South Florida

Via Realtytoday.com

South Florida is the playground for the rich, famous, wealthy and nightlife enthusiasts. Whether you are in South Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami, there is no way that you can get bored. The hottest night clubs, good looking people, mile-long beaches and Caribbean food will keep you coming back every year. Booking a Hotel on South Beach sounds like a good idea but why not own a condo. You can come and go as you please. A gated community can buy you a two bedroom 2-bathroom condo in Lauderhill for $100,000. Stay close to the action in North Miami Beach with a one bedroom place with a swimming pool at the same price. Sit back wherever you decide to permanently stay and watch the price of your home go up. Besides restaurants and parties, South Florida also offers water sports activities, and the dock at Miami has cruise ships that leave the port almost every day.

4 V-Spring Organic Eco-Friendly Bed

Via Squarespace.com

To the readers that have the luxury of working or doing business from home, this one is for you. If you depend on your laptop to work, you can’t go wrong with a V-Spring organic, eco-friendly bed priced at $84,425. With your flat screen TV set up in your room a mini refrigerator in the corner or a balcony from your apartment to get fresh air, you can call it your desk. What are the benefits of an organic bed? There are no toxins used in the materials plus it is handmade. A British company makes the bed, and they have proudly mentioned that it has 6,240 springs with only the best materials. Forget about the traditional materials; the V-Spring bed is of cashmere, silk, cotton, and lambswool. The company believes that sleeping on this bed will change your life. There is no shame in sleeping like a king or queen.

3 Secure Your Future with Gold and Silver

Via Pinterest

Many are starting to wonder why China has been purchasing gold at an alarming rate. The United States alone has invested in 8,000 tons of gold. With that amount alone, you can retire your entire family if you decide to liquidate. Either way, economists are predicting that paper money will no longer be of value in the future and to get yourself on track, having commodities is essential. It costs about $1,323 to buy a bar of gold and $508.3 per kilo of silver from a dealer. Instead of buying bars and keeping it in a safe, shape it into a statue like Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga (something we are sure she also isn't shy of doing). Form it into a household item or stack it up like Lego and leave it in storage with insurance. It may seem like a waste of money now because you can’t spend it but if you research how much silver and gold has increased over the decade, you can run laughing to the bank.

2 Buy Several Pieces of Land

Via Theliteratelens.com

A piece of land is not as desirable as real estate to some people, but those that buy in an upcoming area that a municipality plans on building schools and communities can participate in a game of monopoly. In Costa Rica, four acres of land costs $95,000. If that is not enough land 80 acres in San Bernardino County in California is $64,770. Buying a piece of land before a property development company builds a neighborhood of houses will guarantee money in your hands. Depending on the type of territory, property taxes, landscaping and maintenance will come with the responsibility.

What else can you do with a piece of land? Lease it to an RV park owner, rent it out to your city, say yes to an estate developer that wants to turn it into a strip mall. The possibilities are endless. Build the house of your dreams or simply use it to build a soccer field for you and your friends.

1 4 Days and 3 Nights in a Presidential Suite at the Hotel Cala di Volpe

Via Coolturehunter.it

There might be a gorgeous woman you want to impress. You have never left your city and want to do it up in Italy with a group of people. Your 21st birthday is coming up, and it is time to treat yourself like a king. At the Porto Cervo, Italian Hotel Cala di Vople it costs $26,000 per night. If you think this vacation spot is a no-name resort, it was a place that Beyoncé and Jay Z enjoyed staying at in addition to being a Hollywood film location for the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loves Me. If you pay in advance of your trip, the hotel gives a 30% discount. Have fun on the Mediterranean Sea and water ski or ride on a speed boat. Pour a glass of an Italian beverage and look out to the natural landscape of mountains. It’s your vacation, and you deserve.

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