You Won't Believe These 15 Film Easter Eggs!

As much as it may be the dream job of so many of us, we have to recognize that creating art of any form is a difficult and frustrating process for so many reasons. We're not trying to say that other forms of work aren't hard; we're just trying to outline why it is that so much of our entertainment media contain little nods and winks to the audience. Perhaps, the filmmakers were getting very bored during the filmmaking process. Could this be why films have some of the most insane easter eggs out there?

While you may know some easter eggs yourself, we're going to try and show you ones that will hopefully blow your mind, from very intricate references to total early film spoilers. Obviously, if you're hoping to watch any of these films in the future, we would advise you to skip onto the next easter egg. Remember, even if you don't mind the film being spoiled, you won't be able to enjoy the film when you're constantly looking out for the easter egg!

So, are you ready to have your mind blown by some of the most ridiculous easter eggs out there?! Let’s get started!


15 Watchmen's Opening Scene Is Obsessed With Batman

While we're sad that Alan Moore doesn't feel very happy about the way any of his adaptations have gone, we have to say that we think Watchmen is probably worth a watch, but only once you've read the graphic novel. Something that grand can never be summed up within a feature film, and if you truly adore the graphic novel as much as we do, maybe it's worth not seeing the film. However, one aspect of the film that everybody loves is the absolutely insane opening sequence, which is still interesting to watch to this day. With so much going on, it was easy for the filmmakers to fit a few easter eggs in about everybody's favorite bat. There are old-school Batman posters in the background, the word Gotham is clearly stated in the background, and the show on that night is Die Fledermaus. Not only that, but many believe the startled couple in the background are the Batman's parents, with the Nite Owl punching their future murderer.

14 Deadpool Sneakily Gets Around Copyright Law


Anyone who's seen this film knows that the entire thing is pretty much one meta joke after another, with each scene probably containing something to talk about regarding nods to the audience, so we had to include at least one of them on the list. Rather than go for one of the broader jokes, we decided to go for more of an insider reference that we think was a stroke of genius on the part of the writers. Deadpool comes up against Bob at the end of the movie, with the character being a reference to the Deadpool comic book character Bob, Agent of Hydra. However, Marvel Studios owns the rights to the Bob character, meaning that he could never be referred to as anything other than Bob. This was a great little nod to the fans in the know and a way around copyright law that would’ve made Deadpool proud.

13 Fight Club Gives Away The Ending Right At The Beginning

Look, if you haven't seen Fight Club yet and have somehow managed to not find out what the ending is, then this sort of thing will probably blow your mind, but in reality, you almost definitely know what happens. Just in case you don't, it turns out at the end of the film that the main antagonist and protagonist are actually the same person, with one being a figment of the other one's imagination. That sounds like a cop-out these days, like such an obvious ending, but we can promise you that Fight Club is a fantastic anti-capitalist film that takes a look at how both extreme sides of total consumerism aren't to be trusted and that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. You should also read the book, but, back to the easter egg. Early on in the film Tyler Durden, the antagonist, rings back the unnamed protagonist on a payphone, but if you can pause the film at just the right moment and zoom in, you can see a sticker on the pay phone that claims it cannot take incoming calls, proving that the call was always imaginary.

12 Inception Meshes Music With Story


This film is known for having one of the most divisive narratives and endings in modern films. A lot of people didn't really enjoy the Nolan vehicle. However, we disagree. We think that a hell of a lot of work went into the film, and that includes some of the work that went into the narrative and making sure that the film felt like it took place in a cohesive world. Let us explain. In the film, if you haven't already seen it, a select group of people is able to implant ideas into people's brains by infiltrating their dreams. When they wake up, they hear a song by a woman named Edith Piaf, and the song is called "Non, Je ne regrette rien," something that they never hide. However, they do hide a considerably slower version of this song throughout the film. This is because time goes much slower the deeper you go into people's dreams, so at the deepest level, it would make sense that this song that's usually just under three minutes is slowed down to an absolute snail's pace, thereby making it sound indistinguishable. Pretty smart, right?

11 The Matrix Is Obsessed With Twins

So, we're going to have to assume you've seen The Matrix for you to really grasp this one, so if you haven't, then you should probably go and watch it now. We'll wait. Done? Okay, as we all know now that we've all seen it, there's a scene in The Matrix in which Morpheus teaches Neo that anybody can turn into an Agent, meaning that he has to always be on his guard when he's plugged into it. This is highlighted to him through a training exercise where he's subjected to a woman in a red dress who distracts him from the rest of the crowd who are just a bunch of people in drab black suits. This seems obvious to us at first, as from our objective point of view, there's no way we could've failed, but we actually did. If you watch the scene again, you'll see that the makers of the film actually cast loads of twins for the scene, meaning everyone in this training exercise has a doppelganger. Also, rather than use CGI, the makers actually spent a day in Sydney casting as many twins as possible just for this scene.

10 Black Swan Ruins The Whole Film In A Single Scene


Black Swan was a film that had a lot of buzz surrounding it when it first appeared, especially regarding the tense and dramatic narrative that takes place in it regarding a ballet dancer unable to deal with the stress that comes with appearing in a production of the famous ballet Swan Lake. However, if you decide to slow down a particular scene or sit there at the pause button, the film actually gives away the whole story right in front of your eyes. During a rave scene, the filmmakers decided to add various details into the background that give away pretty much every twist and turn in the story, but you wouldn't know this if you weren't looking out for it. This imagery includes the main character Nina being stalked by the characters of the play, dancing with the theater director who morphs into the villain of the piece, dancing as the black swan, and seeing her own features on the faces of others. Many people have hypothesized that this is the filmmaker telling us that it wasn't stress that made her insane; she already had problems, to begin with.

9 Shaun Of The Dead Can't Stop Dropping Easter Eggs

The thing about comedy parodies is they allow the makers to reference their influences liberally without looking like a complete copycat. That is, after all, the point of comedy parodies. However, they can definitely go too far with it, which is why they have to be done in a clever way, something that Shaun Of The Dead definitely understands. They hide references in things like the name of the restaurant Fulci's, named after the horror director Lucio Fulci and a nametag that says Landis, a reference to the An American Werewolf In London director. However, the greatest easter eggs in Shaun Of The Dead are self-referential. For example, during one of the first scenes, Ed is trying to comfort Shaun after he's split up with his girlfriend, the two of them getting far too drunk in their local pub. As Ed goes through the various places he suggests they should visit and what they'll be drinking, he actually metaphorically reveals the entire plot of the film. Seriously, go take a look, and you'll see what we mean.


8 Reservoir Dogs Wants You To Figure Mr. Orange Out


One of the major techniques that Quentin Tarantino has employed in many of his films is a nonlinear narrative that keeps the audience in the loop while keeping the characters in the dark, thereby increasing the dramatic tension. The way this is achieved in Reservoir Dogs is by revealing around halfway through that Mr. Orange is the police informant, something that none of the other characters will find out till the very end. However, the film is throwing clues at you throughout the first half of the film, clues that reveal that maybe Mr. Orange isn't legit. These include little visual clues like an orange balloon following a character talking on the phone about a heist gone wrong, and two characters discussing who could possibly be the rat while in a room filled with orange bottles. However, Tarantino uses the first major scene to highlight each character's personality without the audience realizing it, and Mr. Orange says very little the entire scene apart from to tattle on one of his teammates for not paying the tip. Ever notice that?

7 V For Vendetta Is Obsessed With The Letter V

This one might seem a little obvious, what with the letter already appearing in the movie's title, but you would be surprised by how much the letter turns up in the film's imagery. We're talking about the letter V and its numerical counterpart 5 being hidden in pretty much every frame of the film. When we say hidden, some of them are a lot more obvious than others, and if you were to watch the film now, you'd probably just see it as a little bit of fun on the part of the cinematographer or the director without realizing they're the part of a much bigger easter egg. When a character wakes up after being hurt, she has a cut across her head, unsurprisingly in the shape of a small v, which is a little harder to notice. However, to get right down the insane stuff, you have to start translating the main character's motto into Latin, which leaves you with "Vi veri veniversum vivus vici," a phrase made up of five words that all begin with v...

6 Toy Story Is Obsessed With The Shining


One of the prevailing things about animation studios that specialize in films for kids is that they all continue to feel as if they have to add something in for the parents as well. In some cases, this is a sneaky little joke that goes well over the kids' heads but sees the parents giggling away, while other times, it can be references to films that there's no chance the children have seen. Well, Pixar is no different on this front. If you go back and watch the first Toy Story film, you'll find that during the scene where Woody and Buzz attempt to sneak out of Sid's house, the carpet and wallpaper match that of the Overlook hotel. On top of that, the number 237 is all over Toy Story 3, being the serial number for a security camera, in a truck's plate number, and contained in a web chat username. For those who don't remember, room 237 was rather pivotal in the plot of The Shining.

5 Pixar Really Likes To Tease Their Next Movie

We could spend an entire article talking about the kind of stuff that Pixar gets up to when they're behind the scenes, throwing in easter eggs like it's nobody’s business. Their antics have already featured on this list, but we also wanted to take a look at how they seem addicted to teasing their next film in every project they produce. Where other filmmakers like to nod to their past, Pixar is constantly one step ahead. Rather than revel in their past successes, Pixar likes to show their audience a little something from their next project, while never focusing on it. This is why you can find Nemo in Monster's Inc., Mr. Incredible in Finding Nemo, Doc Hudson in The Incredibles, Dug the Dog in Ratatouille, and Lotso in Up. Pretty ridiculous, right? Just goes to show how far ahead Pixar is in planning their next film compared to other film studios.

4 Quentin Tarantino's Movies All Take Place In The Same Universe, Parallel To Ours


It's no secret that Quentin Tarantino's work is problematic in a lot of ways that have already been highlighted by people much smarter than we are, but that doesn't mean the guy doesn't put the effort into his writing. This guy is always looking to make the world feel as fleshed out as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is to have your entire filmography work as a cohesive whole. Ever seen the film Inglourious Basterds? It ends with Hitler being gunned down by a bunch of Nazi-hunters while watching a film in a cinema, and some people believe that every other Quentin Tarantino film takes place after that event. Not only has Tarantino confirmed that many of his characters are related, meaning that the timeline between films has to be connected, it also makes sense as to why his depiction of society is always ultra-violent. If you were taught from a young age that the way to destroy one of the evilest men ever is to storm in with guns and take them down as violently as possible, that would definitely have a knock on effect.

3 Kevin Smith Refers To His Past In Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

A lot of filmmakers like to refer back to their past once they've made it big, sort of like an homage to where they once were to reference how far they've really come, and it would seem that Kevin Smith is no different. While you may not like his work, nobody can deny that the guy knows what he's doing when it comes to easter eggs and fan service, which seem to include servicing himself as well. You're going to have to fast forward all the way to the end of this one as the antagonist is being escorted out of the movie theatre, but if you've got a good eye, you'll see a poster in the background that uses the same style and typeface as the promotional posters for Smith's debut film, Clerks. However, this one is called Busing. Rather than just being a nod to his breakout film, Busing was actually a rejected film idea that Kevin Smith wrote after his success with Clerks.

2 X-Men 2 Finds A Way To Fit In Characters It Didn't Otherwise Have Time For


One of the things about making a comic book film is that you have to accept you're not going to be able to fit in every character, every plot line, and every reference that you probably want to. The canon stories for these guys are insane at this point with decades of crossed wires and meshed universes, so it's just not realistic to think it's possible to get it all in. This is why filmmakers have used other methods in the past to make nods to the original source material, hoping that this will appease the major fans. For example, there's a scene in X-Men 2 where mystique is waiting to seduce a prison guard in a dive bar. The camera lingers very briefly on a new channel being shown on the television, with one Hank McCoy being asked his opinion on the mutant issue. Hank McCoy is quite possibly better known by his mutant name, which is Beast. Beast then got a proper showing in the following film.

1 Iron Man 2 Teased The Entirety Of The Internet

Marvel is doing a great job at crossing all of their franchises over each other at the moment. While we may not be fans of the films, even we have to admit the way that they're managing them all so that they all make sense with each other, with each of the character's relationships staying consistent over each and every film, is nothing short of genius, at this point. As stated before, it can be really easy to get lost in all of the plot lines and narrative inherent with this sort of stuff. If you're not a big Marvel fan, you won't be aware that after Iron Man 2 came out, a post-credits sequence between Tony Stark and Nick Fury left the internet losing its mind. In the background of the sequence, there's a SHIELD map with New Mexico, Antarctica, New York, and Southwest Africa all circled. These are the many points of origin for Marvel heroes that had upcoming films being produced. Very smart on the part of the studio.


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