WWE's Bayley Looks Sizzling In These Pics

Bayley is a decent wrestler. The real-life Pamela Jean Martinez grew up a huge wrestling fan and followed her passion into the business and is making her dream come true every time you see her enter the ring.

For many in the WWE, like Alexa Bliss or Carmella, being a professional wrestler was never the end goal, and while both watched it when they were kids (Carmella’s dad was even a jobber wrestler on WWE TV in the early '90s), they didn’t have the desire to make it their lives like Bayley did. They sort of fell into it, and it worked out for them.

One of the reasons Carmella and Alexa don’t need to have the passion to make it is because they bring superior DNA to the table. Both have great bodies, pretty faces, and a ton of charisma in playing a character. Unfortunately for Bayley, she can’t claim to stack up to those ladies in any of those areas.

That said, we don’t want anybody to think that we believe Bayley isn’t a pretty girl. We think she’s an average-looking girl who's capable of looking hot every once in a while. And just to prove our point and to save you time searching, here are 15 hot pics of WWE’s not-so-hot Bayley.

15 Inspired by a lot of wrestlers

There are some wrestlers whom Bayley has been inspired by, and it’s obvious. For instance, simply by the fact that she tries to drop an elbow off the top rope shows that she's a huge fan of “Macho Man” Randy Savage. And she grew up watching Lita and Trish Stratus dominate the women’s ranks, so it’s obvious they will be huge standouts, but just like her bestie Sasha Banks, Bayley says Eddie Guerrero is one of the big influences in her career. She also credits The Rock, The Hardy Boyz, and Bret Hart as male influences, while other female wrestlers who have been important in shaping her were Ivory and Victoria. And smartly, she also lists her former NXT boss, Triple H, as an influence. Always say the boss was an inspiration for you, even when he wasn't.

14 Her lack of sexiness could play in her favor

It must've been interesting for Bayley as a kid growing up wanting to be a WWE diva because she knew she was never going to look like one Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, or Stacy Keibler, who were three of the main women on the WWE roster at the time. Along with that trio, there were plenty of blonde models who were clogging up the ring with their lack of ability. They’re all gone now, and while you could say they still look good, they don’t look the same. For the most part, these women’s gimmicks were their looks. That doesn’t help with staying power. When you consider the real greats of women in professional wrestling over the last 50 years, it’s the ones who weren’t the sexiest that were the most successful in the long run... people like Molly Holly, Fabulous Moolah, Lufisto, Kana/Asuka to name just a handful. Since Bayley isn’t seen as some young sex object, it may help with her longevity.

13 She does look great in those pants

If you ran into Bayley in real life and she weren’t famous, you’d probably think she was an OK-looking girl but nothing special. Most of the women in real life fall into that category, but because she’s a celebrity, many people will say she’s actually hotter than she is. However, if you’re a fan of a nicely-toned butt, we think Bayley may have no equal... although Mickie James would give her a run for her money. What we like about Bayley’s behind is that it isn’t a non-existent entity and isn’t over-the-top Kardashian huge. She wears crazily form-fitting pants, which prove you’ll find her best asset behind her and wouldn’t want her to switch to the cheek-hugging variety that some of her contemporaries who have a tiny butt, like Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, like to wear.

12 At least she’s prettier than her promo skills are good

In the WWE, character is really what drives a person’s success. Some of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world who have no charisma are not going to make it. People connect with characters and want to either see that person overcome the odds and defeat evil, or they want to see a wrestler get what’s coming to them with a good butt kicking. This connection is usually made in interviews. People like The Miz, Dean Ambrose, and even Rowdy Roddy Piper weren't great wrestlers, but they could capture a stadium’s attention with a microphone in their hand. Unfortunately, Bayley has shown that promos are not her strong suit. Since being called up to the main roster, she just hasn’t been able to captivate the large WWE audience because her “I’m just like you” speeches have fallen flat. If I wanted to see someone just like me, I would've stayed home or watched something else on TV.

11 Bayley’s charisma is like close-up magic

You don’t go to a giant magic show in Las Vegas and expect to see card or coin tricks. It’s a giant venue, and you expect to have glam, glitz, giant props, and a larger-than-life feel. However, sit at a table with a master magician who can manipulate a deck of cards, and it’s like watching an artist work. Bayley is like close-up magic in that she's good in a small space. In the confines of the small studio at Full Sail University, where NXT was taped, she was able to make connections with that small group of fans who attended again and again. However, being out on the road with the WWE, working giant arenas and stadiums, Bayley hasn’t been able to make the transition to become an over-the-top performer. She hasn’t tweaked her act for the big time, like Charlotte or Sasha Banks have. This is what may cause her to be left behind.

10 Best women’s match ever

At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in 2015, wrestling fans were treated to what many say was the match of the year and may be the best women’s match ever presented in a WWE ring. While we’d put the Wrestlemania triple-threat women’s match and another TakeOver special match (Banks vs. Lynch) ahead of Brooklyn, there’s not a doubt that Bayley capturing the NXT Women’s Title against Sasha Banks was the best match Bayley has ever been a part of. While the two did battle at the next pay-per-view special in an Ironman match, this was seen as a turning point in women’s wrestling as a curtain-call of sorts between the Four Horsewomen was allowed. The ending sequence of the match was exciting with Banks taking a Frankensteiner off the top rope leading to a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex and the pin. This is a must-see for any wrestling fan.

9 Better chasing the title

There are just certain wrestlers who have a character that works best as an underdog, and Bayley is certainly one of them. On the men’s side, we’d say that Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn are among the best at working that kind of character. When she was in NXT, everybody was so invested in Bayley finally getting her hands on the belt after never being able to wrest it from Charlotte and taking a long time before she scored the pin on Sasha Banks. But once she had the belt, it was anticlimactic. The story was done, and Bayley on top isn’t an interesting tale to tell. So, they gave it to Asuka and let Bayley chase but never quite got that magic back. When she got to the main roster, it was exciting wondering if Bayley was going to be able to beat Charlotte for the title, but when she did, it wasn’t that big a deal, and it made sense that she quickly dropped it to Alexa Bliss and never won it back.

8 Her career in 10 years

Despite some obvious pessimism about Bayley’s future that you’ll find on this list, we do think she’ll be in the WWE for quite a while for one simple reason: she moves merchandise. Pre-teen girls don’t want to walk around in Seth Rollins T-shirts, and they really haven’t figured out a way to market another one of the women to that age group. Becky could potentially be the closest at the moment, and we could see Alexa Bliss being popular in a face run years from now, but if you’re an 11-year-old girl, you’re buying Bayley’s merchandise. It doesn’t look like anybody at NXT is going to challenge that in the near future. So, the WWE will keep her around, but at what level? Mickie James returned with a splash but is little more than a jobber. Emma can’t get any traction despite being around for years now. This could very well be the fate of Bayley come 2025. She used to be awesome, and she still sells T-shirts.

7 Waiting for the heel turn

There's a vocal group on the Internet just waiting for the Bayley heel turn. They fell in love with her when she worked her magic down in NXT but aren't blind to the problems she’s had connecting with the larger WWE Universe on the main roster. Their solution is to take the character she’s been milking for too many years now and flip it to become a heel. Is that really the best solution? She’s clearly playing a character somewhat close to who she really is now, just like all the greats have done, be it Steve Austin, The Rock, or John Cena. Roman Reigns is in the later stages of learning how to do that now. None of these men were straight-ahead faces or heels, and we think Bayley might succeed in that role. Let her be the virtuous female version of John Cena. Those who are snarky heel lovers can chant “Bayley sucks!” while the kids and those who still believe in the good guy can chant “Let’s go, Bayley!” She’ll still move a ton of T-shirts and add an edge to her performance.

6 Not expecting a leak

In the last year, we’ve seen current WWE roster members Dana Brooke, Paige (she’s still technically with them, though we have our doubts she’ll ever see the inside of a ring again), and Charlotte Flair, along with former stars like Melina and Victoria, all become victims of hacking scandals that released their nude photos on the Internet. While a lot of people wonder who will be next, and we certainly have a list of our favorites, a more interesting question is who on the WWE roster would never be the victim of a hack because they’d never take those pictures in the first place. There’s just something that tells us Bayley and Sasha Banks aren't the kind of people who partake in that kind of behavior in their real lives. Part of it is because they’re both married, but part of it is that they haven’t lived their lives being the super-hot girls who are urged to do that kind of thing by the people in their lives. While photo leaks are never a good thing, we certainly wouldn’t look away if Bayley was caught up in one; we’re just not expecting it to ever happen.

5 Not a winner in the indies

Bayley, whose real name is Pamela Jean Martinez, will be celebrating her ninth anniversary in the business in September 2017. She was the real fan who's portrayed on television, having attended her first indy show when she was 11 years old. Seven years later, she started taking classes with that indy, Big Time Wrestling, to learn to be a wrestler. In her first match, her ring name was Davina Rose. She stuck with Big Time Wrestling for the first two years of her career but became a regular on the California indy circuit and also worked with Shimmer Women Athletes. One thing that you don’t hear a lot of stories about is that she wasn’t actually on the winning end of things very often. She lost her first four matches with Shimmer and never held a title on the indy circuit.

4 Bayley’s mentor is a familiar face

One of the women whom Bayley has credited as being one of her mentors, teaching her how to work matches and carry herself in and out of the ring is Serena Deeb. The two first met in October 2010 when Serena returned to the independent circuit after spending time in the WWE developmental system and appearing as a member of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society for a short time. Most people don’t remember, but Luke Gallows was also a member of this very unique trio. She only had one match on TV before being released under sketchy circumstances. Deeb was one of the top women on the indy circuit for the next 5 years, wrestling all over the world, and even announced her retirement in 2015 but has come back to wrestle a few times, most notably as a participant in the Mae Young Classic, winning her first round match but losing in the second round. She hasn’t talked about being an influence on Bayley nearly as much as Bayley has given her credit.

3 May not have made it in The Attitude Era

When we see Bayley, we see a fairly average-looking woman. We don’t think she’s ugly by any means, but thankfully, for her sake, women are judged not only on their hair and chests, unlike in The Attitude Era. Bayley probably wouldn’t have made it back then, not only because she doesn’t look like the “divas” of the era but just because we can’t picture her taking part in bra-and-panties matches. We think if she had been wrestling in the late '90s, she probably would've been a lot like Molly Holly, who didn’t do any of that sexual stuff, probably to the detriment of her career. It’s too bad Holly wasn’t around to wrestle these days because she probably would be having the career that Bayley is.

2 Not the greatest social media game

We’ve mentioned elsewhere on this list that Bayley doesn’t have the greatest charisma as a wrestling character. They’ve dressed her up with the hugs and wavy army creatures during her entrance, but she simply doesn’t have a spark that's going to be needed for her to be one of the all-time greats. Unfortunately, we don’t think there’s a person brimming with charisma hiding behind the Bayley character. For proof, just take a look at her Twitter. If you want to see amazing Twitter pages, check out women like Natalya, Lana, and Becky Lynch. You really see that these women are committed to a persona and know how to entertain, even on social media. Bayley tries to make jokes and retweets just about any fan who expresses some kind of love for her, but it’s just not fun to watch, much like her in-ring promos over the last year.

1 Will she be one of the all-time greats?

Bayley will be remembered in women’s wrestling history as being the best pure babyface at the time of the women’s wrestling explosion, ushered in because of NXT. She, along with Four Horsewomen members Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks, will always be remembered as the group that changed fans' minds about what women’s wrestling could be in America. Charlotte and Sasha have further etched their place in history by being the first women main eventing and participating in a Hell in a Cell match. What has Bayley done to ensure a similar fate? Not that much thus far. Simple title reigns may get you put on a list of people who were champions, but not all champions are remembered. We think Bayley still has got to do something major if she’s ever going to be considered among the all-time greats.

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