WWE vs. UFC: 15 Side-By-Sides Of Our Favorite Women

Are you ready for the ultimate showdown between the lovely ladies of the WWE against the bruising beauties of the UFC?

Do you know the actually real reason that women can do anything men can do and nine times out of ten, they do it better? All due apologies to woman’s lib, but it's because they look damn good doing it!

In the world of fight sports, thanks to wrestlers like Lita and Trish and MMA fighters like Gina Carano who were able to show throngs of fans that they are just as tough as their male counterparts had paved the way for today’s women to not only be as good as the men, but be better than them. Matches like Bayley vs. Sasha in Brooklyn, along with headlining pay per views like Carano-Cyborg and plenty of Rousey fights in UFC, it will only be a matter of time before Beyonce’s song becomes 100% fact – girls run the world.

It’s a big time for fight sports right now and women are indeed leading the charge – WWE will feature both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champions defending their gold at SummerSlam. UFC 215 will have three Bantamweight fights, including champion, Amanda Nunes defending. The WWE Network will be featuring 32 of the best women’s wrestlers in the world right now competing in the Mae Young Classic.

But the main event is the dream event right here at TheRichest! It’s the lovely ladies of the WWE against the bruising beauties of the UFC – its WWE vs. UFC: 15 Side-By-Sides Of Our Favorite Women!

15 Five Feet Of Fury – Alexa Bliss vs. Tecia Torres

Our first contest features the current reigning and defending Raw Women’s Champion, the only woman to have held both of the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Titles, the slightly unstable mean girl herself, Alexa Bliss. The former cheerleader and bodybuilder built quite the niche for herself as WWE’s resident small fierce fighter – Five Feet of Fury.

Tecia Torres also stands at a petite five–feet–one–inch but never let the small frame fool you, after all she's just closer to devastating some very important parts. Not that she needs to go low, after all are Tiny Tornado is well versed in karate, Taekwondo, and Brazilian Jiu–Jitsu, and she has a nine and one record (the only loss by decision).

Both women had to endure body shaming while growing up…clearly the people in their communities were morons – there is nothing shameful about either of these ladies. Sinful perhaps, but that's a column for another day perhaps. In any event, both ladies have risen through the ranks athletically but also rank among the hottest girls in fight sports.

So who wins the pint–size death match? Alexa–she's crazy and she cosplays, makes her hotter by default.

Winner - Alexa

14 Abs That Shred – Carmella vs. Claudia Gadelha

Being the number two ranked Strawweight fighter in the UFC is no easy fete, and Claudia Gadelha did not take an easy path to get there either. Her parents who didn’t understand her rebellious nature or her desire to train in martial arts put her right into the path of drugs, which forced her parents to take her to Natal, Brazil away from the bad influences to finish high school, where she also began to train in secret and gain abs that are so phenomenal she barely has to flex to show them off. According to an interview with, Gadelha uses X3S to get her ridiculously shredded abs.

Second generation WWE superstar, Carmella is also no stranger to working hard to get rock hard abs that can make a woman say “hey, my eyes are up here,” and not be referring to the twins. The former cheerleader for both the Lakers and Patriots has been tearing it up on Smackdown as the first ever Ms. Money in the Bank, in theory it's just a matter of when she cashes in to become WWE Smackdown Women’s champion.

Claudia takes this one from the Princess of Staten Island. While both ladies have stomachs you can barbecue a steak on, Claudia’s washboard is slightly more sizzling.

Winner - Claudia

13 Underrated No More – Naomi vs. Holly Holm

Naomi has been a great many things for WWE during her tenure. A former dancer for the Orlando Magic, Naomi has been a Funkadactyl and a Total Diva before finally being given the chance to show her wrestling prowess on Smackdown and is the current reigning and defending Women's champion with one of the coolest entrances in a long time – an all-out rave party, where fans can “Feel the Glow.”

Holly Holm also knows about hard work and perseverance. The Preacher’s Daughter worked for years in fight sports honing her craft in boxing and kickboxing before parlaying both into a MMA career where she shocked the world at UFC 193 in 2015 where she defeated Ronda Rousey, giving Rousey her first loss and winning the Bantamweight title in the process, proving that anyone and everyone can beaten at any time.

Despite Naomi’s phenomenal glowing glutes, Holm takes this round, she sank the unsinkable at UFC 193, that has to account for something, right?

Winner - Holly

12 When Worlds Collide – Becky Lynch vs. Marina Shafir

Our first big match on the undercard not only features a clash of Horsewomen but a crisscross girlfriend thing, too – Becky Lynch is dating MMA fighter Luke Sanders and Marina Shafir is engaged to NXT superstar, Roderick Strong. See, fight sport dating crisscross.

Both women are also part of their respective sport’s “Four Horsewomen” clique, both members of a crew of girls who all believe, and who alt fans generally believe are the best in their sport. Both women are ridiculously cute gals with smiles that can melt any man’s heart, and if for some reason their pearly whites don't work, both women are so shredded that they'll just crush anyone who crosses them.

Lynch gets the nod here, she's just that hot, and the Irish accent certainly helps – not to mention the steampunk inspired persona.

Winner - Becky

11 Bad Ass Beauty Brawl – Dana Brooke vs. Ashlee Evans Smith

Dana Brooke might not be in the top tier of female workers on the WWE roster, but she is second to none when it comes to being a pint sized powerhouse. She continuously competes in the Arnold Classic (she placed fifth in this year’s competition). She's got anime–style silver hair and a phenomenal gun show to compliment the rest of her looks. She's one of the few women on this list whose looks are flawless.

Her opponent matches her pound for pound in beauty and then some, Ashlee Evans-Smith has added a slew of ink to her chiseled out of sexy stone frame. She's even got a hairstyle reminiscent of Cressida in The Hunger Games. Only having seven bouts under her belt, Smith is 5-2 and has yet to tap into her full potential as a fighter.

Clearly these two are badass girls – Dana has arms that can rival Hulk’s pythons and she's one of the rare instances of a bodybuilder with a great set of twins. Ashlee’s nickname Rebel Girl says it all – she's punk rock all the way. This one’s too tough to call.


10 Obligatory Same Name Throwdown – Paige vs. Paige VanZant

Former WWE and NXT Women’s champion, Paige has been all over the news as of late and sadly for a variety of wrong reasons. Once at the forefront of the Women’s Revolution in the WWE, in reality and in storyline, as she was one of the first NXT divas to come up almost two years before the big influx of NXT ladies, who all came up due to the storyline that Paige was sick of the Bellas. She was a huge success in the WWE all before she was 25.

The heir apparent to the being the smoldering hot face of the UFC, Paige VanZant trained under the first fight sports WWE-UFC crossover star, Ken Shamrock, VanZant won her first fight at 18. The 7-3 fighter also has crossed over into the both the world of celebrity dance and cooking shows, as she has made appearances on both Dancing with the Stars (finishing second) and Chopped, where she won the whole competition – cooks, dances, and kick tail – what's not to love?

Thanks to Paige’s recent behavior she’s gone from Diva to disgusting pretty quick. Hopefully she’ll be able to redeem herself one day. In the meantime, Ms. VanZant takes this round handedly as she continues her rise to be UFC’s latest crossover star.

Winner - VanZant

9 Clash Of Queens – Natalya vs. Lina Lansberg

As the only female to survive the famous Hart Dungeon in Calgary, Natalya Neidhart was also the first third generation Diva and for the past ten years has been doing all she can to carry on the Hart family legacy while establishing her own, whether it be as a locker room leader or as part of Total Divas, no matter what the situation, it has always seemed that Nattie’s work ethic and winning smile is all she needs to get through, and earn the moniker the Queen of Harts.

But another Queen has emerged in the UFC world – from Sweden, Lina Lansberg – the Elbow Queen. With a 1–1 record (her loss coming to Cris Cyborg, who is universally excepted as one of, if not the best fighter in the world) and a 7–2 overall record in the world of MMA, she is not the traditional “Swedish Bikini Team” model, but her looks are still as impressive as the Swedish stunner’s elbows.

Wrestling royalty trumps MMA royalty in this match – up. Landsberg is a beautiful lady but Nattie’s smile is infectious and lights up the room.

Winner - Nattie

8 Who’s The Boss? – Sasha Banks vs. Michelle Waterson

She calls herself the Boss, and for most of her WWE career, Sasha Banks has been nothing but. She's already put on not one, but two match of year candidates with Bailey at the first Takeover and again a few months later in an Iron Woman match. On the main roster, she and Charlotte have been able to elevate the Raw Women’s division to the next level and the pair became the first ladies to not only have a Hell in a Cell match but to main event a PPV.

Michelle Waterson might not call herself the Boss, but damn if she isn't! She juggles pounding heads in with mommy duties, and as any mother knows you're automatically a boss babe by default when you can pull anything off and still be a mom. The Karate Hottie’s journey was covered in the 2016 documentary “Fight Mom.”

The Karate Hottie is the true Boss here – Sasha’s pretty sweet, but when there are pictures out there of Waterson like the ones above, it's really no contest.

Winner - Michelle

7 Russian Rough Housing – Lana vs. Valentina Shevchenko

After several years of being completely jaw-dropping eye candy for Rusev, “the Ravishing Russian,” Lana now seeks to hone her in ring skills and drop jaws by knocking her opponents out. While plenty of her male fans would love to see her once again rock her sexy business suits that show a heap of thigh and backside, it seems for the time being, Lana is doing her best to be taken as a serious in-ring competitor.

Another stunning blond hailing from Russia is Valentina Shevchenko. The Peruvian-Russo fighter was nicknamed “Bullet” for her speed and has no issue playing he moniker up for cameras in poses with guns and a gun tattoo on her side. A dominant fighter in several styles, she even holds a victory over former champ, Holly Holm.

So in a real fight there is absolutely no chance in hell that Lana lasts longer than the two seconds it would take the Bullet to come out of her corner and swing. But this is a competition for who is hotter and Lana wipes the floor with just about anyone in that category.

Winner - Lana

6 Cover Girls Clash – Emma vs. Miesha Tate

Similar to Paige, Emma doesn't get a whole lot of credit that she deserves. In NXT, she and Paige had phenomenal matches that helped bring the ladies to the forefront. Her time in NXT rivals anyone else's and hopefully she'll eventually have a place as a trainer, as everyone she has worked with from Dana to Charlotte to Paige have only gotten better. For some reason she can't seem to find her place on the main roster, even when given the money gimmick of a cover girl.

Conversely, the recently retired Miesha Tate had no issue being a covergirl. The former Bantamweight champ was dubbed by Fitness Gurls magazine as “the most beautiful woman in MMA.” It's easy to see why if you look at anything with Cupcake’s face on it. But her looks certainly didn't bring Tate the title. Hard work and perseverance in wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai are what did that, and what propelled her to an 18-7 career.

With both ladies being what Enzo Amore might call "dimepieces," both ladies care more about their craft and therefore are both deceptively hot. This is another split down the middle; leave it for the judges to decide.


5 Nice Girls Can Fight Too – Bayley vs. Felice Herrig

Since her debut in NXT, Bayley has been more or less a hero to so many little girls all over the world. Just take a look at any of her entrances and you’ll see the Hug Machine living Hug Life making all the kids in the arena well up with tears of excitement. When booked properly, she's a mega baby face that anyone would love and if you don't, check your pulse. Part of the reason she's such a role model is because even in the world of fight sports, she doesn't like to be mean.

The Huggable One has her work cut out for her in the nice girl department when it comes to Felice Herrig. Just like Bayley, Felice wants to be nice to everyone, even her opponents. In her latest fight this past June, the Muy Thai Kickboxer declared she wouldn't talk smack about her opponent, Justine Kish.

Both girls have shown that nice girls don't always finish last and have risen to the top of their respective fight sport. But here one of the WWE’s Horsewomen falls short. She's adorable, but we're talking hot here not adorable, and Herrig trounces Bayley in that department.

Winner - Felice

4 The Easy Life vs. The Hard Life – Nikki Bella vs. Randa Markos

Nikki Bella might be the divisive women on the WWE roster. No one is disputing how hot “Big Boobie Bella” is. But being the last of the old guard of Divas plus the fact she's engaged to John Cena just means she has work extra hard to consistently keep her spot. Which is why she enlisted the services of UFC Horsewomen, Shayna Bazsler to teach her some kickass submission holds to add to her repertoire, like the Fearless Lock.

If you think Nikki has had it easy, take a look at Randa Markos for a life far less easy. Spending your early life in war torn Iraq could have that effect on you. Markos grew up in Iraq and was even held hostage at gun point with the rest of her family before fleeing to Canada. She certainly endured and became a woman who can certainly fend for herself – she's currently 7-5, and thanks to her hard work and some bottled red hair, she's quite the looker too.

But Nikki is just on another plain as far as hotness goes, and the more she learns in the ring, her skill will match her looks. If that happens, her opponents will all be in big time trouble.

Winner - Nikki

3 Family Feud – Eve Torres vs. Kyra Gracie

Our last big match before the epic double main event is a family feud of sorts. Former WWE Diva Eve Torres was one of the hottest ladies the company had. She was able to use her looks to elicit the fan’s adoration or disdain – a rare trait for a lady to be able to be a babyface and heel and Torres was able to turn it up to eleven on both accounts. After retiring, the hottie with golden tanned skin married Renee Gracie, and dabbles in Gracie BJJ herself so be wary if you're stupid enough to try to put your hands on her.

Unless you're her in–law, Kyra Gracie then all bets are off. The BJJ fighter is the only Gracie girl to go pro and it has paid off – she is a champion multiple times over in several competitions. To go along with her fighting prowess, Gracie also has the Brazilian beauty thing going on – and the positive stereotype that there are only pretty girls from Brazil continues.

Both Gracie girls are completely stunning, and both are two of the hottest ladies on this list and can stand toe to toe with any woman on Earth in the looks department. This one is narrowed down to the golden silky skin of Ms. Torres, it gives her the kind of look reserved for mega fembots like J-Lo, just enough for the former Diva to best her kin in this expedition.

Winner - Eve

2 Horsewomen Leaders Clash – Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey

When you're the daughter of the universally accepted greatest professional wrestler of all time, you better be at the very least a fraction as great as dear old dad. Thankfully, Charlotte Flair is way more than just a fraction as good as the Nature Boy, she's at the forefront of the Women’s Revolution, and the rest of the roster falls in line and follows suit bowing down to the Queen.

Speaking of revolutions, Ronda Rousey is the reason for the current iteration of women in UFC. According to Dana White, her match with Miesha Tate in 2012 was reason for the Women’s division being created in UFC. Her pretty face was plastered everywhere (up until she lost to Holly Holm) and being undefeated led a lot a great publicity for UFC, fight sports, and women athletes in general.

In a matchup that actually could become a reality at a WrestleMania one day, the heir apparent to the entire WWE Women’s division, Charlotte Flair would probably be booked to go over and have Ronda do the honors (unless Charlotte is the heel). Even though she's a statuesque blonde, there's just something about Ronda – after all, even after suffering two shocking losses, she's one of the most talked about athletes in the world.

Winner - Ronda

1 Throwback Round – Trish Stratus vs. Gina Carano

The quintessential image of what every woman in the WWE should aspire to, former fitness model Trish Status began her career as eye candy - superiorly good looking eye candy. But she dedicated herself to learning how to work and between her looks and her skills, she became the most popular diva ever, still to this day for many fans. Even though she missed out on working with current crop of girls, she's one the reasons they're able to have their spot on the card.

Just like Trish, Gina Carano is as beautiful as she is tough. Crush was able to pave the way for women’s MMA like it was nobody's business. Her MMA career is still one of the great ones. 12-1-1 with a draw and a loss to Cris Cyborg. She missed the boat on UFC, but to focus more on becoming an action heroine in movies like Haywire, Fast and the Furious 6, and Deadpool.

Both women are superb physical specimens who crafted their body into nothing short of spectacular. All of the other women on this list and the many others currently in fight sports have both Trish and Gina to thank. But you don't get to be WWE Diva of the Decade by not being the hottest woman in the room. Trish Stratus took the world by storm and is still spoken about to this day. For that, she takes Carano down as the hottest girl ever in all of fight sports history.

Winner - Trish

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