Would You Care If These 15 Super Hot Celebs Cheated On You?

Not all of the cheaters in Hollywood have suffered the fate of being considered completely undesirable in the eyes of the public.

Hollywood is filled with complicated relationships and stories of love triangles that could rival the plot of any blockbuster film. In fact, some of the most entertaining news stories coming from the celebrity world don’t have anything to do with what’s been going on in their professional lives. The cheating scandals that have come out of Hollywood have been the stuff that dreams are made of for the tabloids and paparazzi, with some of them even being caught on camera. Oftentimes, the stories about infidelity and scandal have come from some of the biggest names in Hollywood, which has tainted their reputations in the eyes of the public. From Jude Law’s affair with the nanny to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with his maid, the men in Hollywood haven’t exactly fared well when their infidelities have been discovered.

Yet, not all of the cheaters in Hollywood have suffered the fate of being considered completely undesirable in the eyes of the public. While there are far more instances of male celebrities caught cheating on their partners, there are still a good amount of female celebs that have turned their nose up at the notion of monogamy. Although they inevitably had to endure some harsh criticisms by the media and the public alike, their cheating ways didn’t make them any less desirable. Check out our list of the 15 celebrities that cheated but no one seemed to care because of their stellar good looks and see how being a beauty in Hollywood can be super helpful.

15 Heidi Klum

There was always a bit of intrigue over Heidi Klum’s personal life, especially after she became pregnant and began raising her child alone. When she married the music artist, Seal, it seemed like her fairytale romance was going to be her “happily ever after.” Seal and Klum made a family for themselves, including the child she had with another man. Yet, their wedded bliss didn’t last long and the two ultimately divorced. The breakup of their marriage became quite nasty and Seal made a number of allegations towards his ex-wife. He claimed that she was having an affair with her bodyguard and the paparazzi often photographed the two of them looking quite cozy. However, the tables turned on her once she began dating Vito Schnabel and rumors began flying that he was cheating on her with Dakota Johnson.

14 Kourtney Kardashian

There are a handful of celebrity couples that have the distinction of being categorized as serial on-again/off-again relationships. Yet, the tumultuous relationship between Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian definitely finds itself in that category. From the very start, there were rumors surrounding the couple since the early seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians painted Disick as a bottom feeder with a wandering eye. Yet, Kourtney wasn’t exactly an angel the entire time the two were together. In a season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Kourtney met a new “friend” at an art class and the two became quite close. Jackie Cruz was an aspiring singer/actress and the two shared a steamy kiss at a gay nightclub one night. Cruz is now best known for her role on Orange Is the New Black but at the time, her presence was difficult for Disick to be comfortable with. Kourtney wound up maintaining a friendship with Cruz, which caused some tension between her and Disick.

13 Selena Gomez

When Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber became an item, the world seemed to be rooting for this young couple to make it work. Gomez was just starting to get her music career off the ground and Bieber was riding high after a string of hit singles. Yet, things started to get hazy with the couple when Bieber began to spiral out of control. During this tumultuous time, their relationship status seemed to change with each new day and the ultimate breakup didn’t exactly go smoothly. Things blew up on social media once Bieber debuted photos of his new love interest and Gomez decided to weigh in. Bieber ultimately called Gomez out for all the world to see and accused her of cheating on him with Zayn Malik. Although some immediately dismissed this claim, seeing Gomez hooking up with The Weeknd just weeks after the end of his relationship with her supposed friend, Bella Hadid, made the cheating accusations easier to believe.

12 Britney Spears

When Britney Spears first started out as a pop star, it wasn’t long before she became romantically involved with her former Mouseketeer cast mate, Justin Timberlake. The two were seen as the ultimate couple on the red carpet and even donned matching denim ensembles at one point. It seemed like nothing could go wrong with their relationship until Timberlake began insinuating that Spears was cheating on him while they were together. Kevin Federline was a backup dancer that quickly became her new main squeeze and the father of her children and Timberlake went on to write “Cry Me A River,” which seemed to tell the whole story of infidelity. He even cast a Britney lookalike for the video and made the infamous statement, “I’m not bitter, I’m better.”

11 Lindsay Lohan

When Lindsay Lohan first started out as a child actress, no one could have guessed the downward spiral her reputation would take later on in her career. While she was trying to make it as a music artist, Lohan began dating Wilmer Valderrama. However, their relationship seemed rocky at best and they ultimately broke up. Since then, Lohan garnered quite a reputation for her sexual escapades. One of the biggest public relations snafus occurred when Lohan allegedly wrote down the names of all the sexual conquests she’d made over the years. The list was found in a hotel trash bin and released to the tabloids. Not only did it make her look even worse in the eyes of the public but it seemed to shed a tad more light on the reasons behind all of her failed relationships.

10 Sienna Miller

When the world first heard about Jude Law allegedly having an affair with his nanny, it was a salacious story that didn’t exactly paint him in the best light. The media crucified him as a heartless cheater and quickly ran to the side of his spurned fiancé, Sienna Miller. However, the tables quickly turned when a damaging voicemail was revealed from a tabloid publication, News of the World, that was hacking into celebrity phones. Two of the tabloids former editors were put on trial for phone hacking and the details that emerged were truly shocking. While Miller was engaged to Jude Law, she was having an affair with their mutual friend, Daniel Craig. More information was later revealed, which stated that there was actually a discussion on how the couple was going to get through the public relations nightmare of a celebrity cheating scandal.

9 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was catapulted into superstardom through her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight film series. The world became fascinated with the love story between her character and Edward Cullen and things were amped up to a whole new level once rumors started to swirl about their chemistry even after the cameras stopped rolling. There was quite some time when Stewart and her co-star, Robert Pattinson, kept their relationship private but eventually, they could no longer deny their off-screen romance. Just when the world was able to indulge in their romance, Stewart was caught in the act of cheating when photos surfaced revealing her in a compromising interaction with her Snow White and the Huntsman director. The world pounced on Stewart as a cheater and a homewrecker to her then-married director, Rupert Sanders. However, the heat eventually cooled down and she’s now filling the public with images of her newfound fondness for women.

8 Katharine McPhee

When Katharine McPhee was introduced to the world as a lowly contestant on the fifth season of American Idol, it was already evident that she was extremely talented. She finished the competition as the runner-up but audiences expected big things to come for her future career. Besides her stellar voice, McPhee actually had a background in acting and was even cast in a MTV soap opera pilot prior to performing on the Idol stage. While she did have a bit of success in the music industry, she later proved that acting was her real passion. She is now best known for her lead role in the TV series, Scorpion, but that doesn’t mean all of the headlines surrounding her were solely in regard to her stellar professional career. While married to Nick Cokas, McPhee was revealed to be having an affair with her “Smash” boss, Michael Morris.

7 Claire Danes

Claire Danes was first introduced to the world as the young actress on the TV series, My So-Called Life, but quickly transitioned to film acting. She starred alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood before finding her way back to TV with the hit series, Homeland. While everything seemed to be going well with her professional life, things weren’t so picture perfect in her personal life. Danes made headlines as the homewrecking mistress when it was revealed that she was having an affair with Billy Crudup. At the time, Crudup was married to Mary Louise Parker, which he ended up leaving when she was 7 months pregnant. Yet, it didn’t look like Danes had found her true love with Crudup because she wound up cheating on him with her co-star, Hugh Dancy. The two met while filming, Evening, and it supposedly changed her views on the concept of monogamy.

6 January Jones

Although January Jones has had a number of acting roles throughout her career, it wasn’t until she appeared as Betty Draper on Mad Men that she truly found a place to shine. She was the perfect embodiment of the character and quickly became thought of as one of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood. Yet, it wasn’t just audiences that seemed to think so and Jones soon picked up a new reputation in the world of celebrity. Various reports began coming out about the many different men in her life, with some of them already married or in steady relationships. Jones was photographed numerous times performing the walk of shame and there was even an incident where she got into a car accident and called the then-married, Bobby Flay, to come to her rescue. Jones ultimately became pregnant but refused to name the father. To this day, she has never come out to reveal the name of the father and is living her life as a single mother.

5 Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi has long been considered one of the most beautiful women in the celebrity world and is thought of as a favorite television personality on the series, Top Chef. She’s had an incredible amount of success through her talents in the culinary world and is thought of as a celebrated television host. Yet, her career hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy. When she became pregnant with her daughter, she didn’t know who the father of her child was because she was carrying on sexual relations with two different men. Lakshmi didn’t know if it was the IMG CEO and billionaire, Teddy Forstmann, or Adam Dell, the brother of the Dell Computer founder, Michael Dell. When the story first broke, Lakshmi was incredibly embarrassed about the situation surrounding her pregnancy but was able to get beyond it in the eyes of the public. Nowadays, she’s completely open about how the entire situation occurred and seems content with her new life as a mother.

4 LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes was first introduced to the world as a young talent in the world of country music but it became evident that her home life was a bit dysfunctional. Rimes ultimately became emancipated from her parents and she spent some time out of the limelight. When she emerged as an older and more accomplished woman with a budding acting career, people began to see her in a new light. However, just as the world began accepting Rimes as a talented force to be reckoned with, it was revealed that she was carrying on a romance with her co-star from the film, Northern Lights. Rimes was married to Dean Sheremet at the time and her costar, Eddie Cibrian, was married as well. The two wound up divorcing their partners and ultimately married. While there was a bit of bad publicity at first, the world has moved on to embrace their love and they often take to social media to show their blended family.

3 Kris Jenner

While the fascination over the Kardashian/Jenner clan has generally been fixated on all of the sisters, the beauty of the woman that birthed them all cannot be denied. Kris Jenner has always been thought of as a beautiful woman but it was hard to see just how glamorous she was when she was busy handling disputes with all of the kids, as well as her husband. Yet, that didn’t mean her beauty was completely overlooked since she even posed for a scantily clad nude shoot during the early years of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She didn’t truly start showing off how beautiful she was as a woman of a particular age until after the demise of her marriage. That’s when she was able to emerge as a super hot cougar setting out to live her life. However, her past wasn’t only filled with controversy surrounding Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn. Her past transgressions involving the affairs she had while still married to Robert Kardashian. The most infamous was with Todd Waterman, an Emmy-nominated Hollywood animator.

2 Rita Ora

While Rita Ora was already well on her way to earning a name for herself as a music artist and celebrity in the UK, it took awhile for U.S. audiences to recognize her or her talents. Yet, she started to make headlines in America once intimate details surrounding her relationship with Rob Kardashian became known to the public. The two had been dating quietly for quite some time but the relationship came to a bitter end and Kardashian was quick to air out all the dirty details on social media. Kardashian posted numerous times about Ora’s infidelities and in one post, he stated, “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together. I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart? But I mean 20?!!!!”

1 Kendra Wilkinson


Kendra Wilkinson was just a young girl working as a body painted model at the Playboy mansion when she caught the eye of Hugh Hefner. She quickly became his newest girlfriend and was moved into the mansion. She became famous through her role on the reality series, The Girls Next Door, and the world fell in love with her quirky style and fun-loving personality. There were obvious allegations that she didn’t truly love Hefner and their relationship was a sham but it wasn’t until she became romantically linked to Hank Baskett that the real truth came out. Wilkinson has been quite open about the fact that she was cheating on Hefner while living at the mansion and even detailed how she had to maneuver around the strict curfew Hefner set on all his girlfriends.

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Would You Care If These 15 Super Hot Celebs Cheated On You?