15 Reasons Why Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Will Suck

Novels, television, plays, comic books, professional sports, video games, and feature length films—all of these things make up the major sources of entertainment that people use to pass their time. For decades, these different forms of entertainment stayed within their own respective media, with some minor exceptions. However, over the past twenty years, we have seen these media sources come together in big ways, which is why there are now numerous movies and TV shows based on Comic books and superheroes. The bulk of these shows and movies come from two competitive primary sources—Marvel and DC. Although both these publishers have produced iconic characters who have generated tons of profit on both the big and small screen, there has always been a debate as to which company provides the best live-action adaptations. As it stands, that crown belongs to Marvel.

Marvel's Cinematic Universe so far includes eight different shows, as well as 23 movies. Three of which will be released later this year, including the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, which comes out on May 5. This, of course, is a sequel to 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy which casts a group of lesser known Marvel characters, with their own unique backstories, coming together and defeating an extremist alien bent on destroying an entire civilization. The Guardians, which include a talking raccoon and tree, were such a niche portion of Marvel's hero catalog. Marvel actually had no idea if the first movie was going to be a success or not. It turned out that it was indeed a successful one. This led to people assuming that the sequel will turn out even better. As history has proven though, almost no sequel is as good or even better than the original, and Guardians 2 may in fact have several issues that will cause it to actually suck compared to the original. This article will identify 15 of those issues.


15 Studio Interference

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had several different directors take the reins on certain films. Normally, a director gets to make the movie the way he/she wants to, but when it comes to the Marvel films, the movie studio will interfere with the director's vision if they want to. The biggest example of the studio's interference came in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when the studio came in and told director Joss Whedon that he needed to change the script so that the movie could tease plot elements for the next set of movies. Virtually, every fan agrees that this interference is what led to Age of Ultron being a poor follow-up to The Avengers. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 may in fact deal with that same problem because even though the Guardians have very little to do with Earth, they will be appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. So, it is quite possible that a major point of the movie will be to set things up down the line, which has already proven to give negative results.

14 Gamora Might Be Sidelined


At its core, the Guardians are made up of five main members. One of which is Gamora, the green-skinned alien played by actress Zoe Saldana, who was left orphaned by Thanos who turned her into his own personal assassin. In the first movie, we learn that Gamora has turned her back on Thanos, and is desperately trying to make amends for all the evil things she has done in his name. In the first movie, we see her slowly accomplishing that goal. However, based on what we have seen in the trailers, there is a chance she may be sidelined a bit in the sequel. As per the trailer, Gamora also runs away from a ship which is shooting at her. She stabs a tentacle monster and she gets twirled by Star-Lord. Unlike the other members, she virtually has no dialogue in the trailers. The movie will see at least three other characters temporarily joining the Guardians, and with so many people involved, she may not have as important a role as she did in the first movie. If Marvel does sideline her, it would not be that surprising as the studio has a track record of not properly developing its female characters.

13 A Simple, Forgettable Story

The original Guardians of the Galaxy may have turned out to be an incredibly profitable surprise for Marvel because of all the positives the movie had. However, there was one glaring problem with the original—the fact that it had a very linear and forgettable story. A good movie needs to have a somewhat complex and fleshed out plot to draw the audience into the story. The original movie definitely did not have that, as the plot of the movie was basically about Star-Lord finding the Infinity Stone, the villain wanting the stone, him meeting his fellow Guardians, and them fighting and defeating the said villain. Seeing as this is a comic book adaptation, it is not surprising that the story's plot was so simple. However, when it comes to a feature length film, the plot should never be THAT simplistic. The first movie got away with it because it introduced new characters. But now that we are already familiar with those characters, the movie really needs to step it up script-wise if we are supposed to care about the sequel's story.

12 Sacrificing Drama For Comedy


Every single movie within the Marvel's Cinematic Universe is known for having both comedic and dramatic elements. But as many fans would agree, the movies tend to focus a lot more on the comedy than the drama. The original Guardians of the Galaxy proved to be the funniest of all Marvel movies. It also sported relatively little action and drama which was balanced out by the new characters being well-developed through sympathetic backstories. However, because these characters are no longer new and unexplored, the movie might not be able to get away with being so focused on comedy this time. Yes, the movie will have a lot of humor in it and everyone will still get a good laugh, but considering how close this movie is to the final showdown with Thanos, it just does not make sense for there to be so little dark dramatic events occurring in it. And based on the trailers, there is virtually no dramatic tone to the movie whatsoever, and when you focus more on humor, you get a disliked movie like Age of Ultron.

11 Some Actors May Be Wasted

All the movies within Marvel's Cinematic Universe may involve superheroes battling super-villains, but they are nonetheless movies, which only means that the studio wants to cast as many established actors as possible to help promote and market the movies even more. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the studio brought in Kurt Russell, Sylvester Stallone, Elizabeth Debicki, and Tommy Flanagan (from Sons of Anarchy). Thanks to directorial decisions and the trailers, it appears as though all but one of these actors will be completely wasted in the film. Russell will be playing Star-Lord's dad, so it is fair to say that he will get his fair share of screen time while Debicki will be the movie's villain. However, her lack of presence in the trailers does not bold well for her character being all that threatening. When it comes to Flanagan, he will be playing a minor bounty hunter who has not even appeared in the trailers. Not only has Stallone also not appeared in the trailers, but we still do not know what character he plays. Seeing as Marvel is essentially hiding these three actors, it is quite possible that they just do not feel that they are that integral to display, which would make their casting somewhat irrelevant.

10 There May Not Be Any Real Stakes


Usually, when a movie introduces a heroic type of character going up against a formidable villain, there is almost always something at stake, whether it be our hero's life, the life of his or her family, or the lives of innocent people. In the realm of comic books, there are indeed such stakes in the stories, but there are also certain factors within the comic books themselves that greatly reduce the significance of those stakes. Sometimes, those stakes even become non factors. Owing to Marvel's Agents of Shield, we saw that Agent Coulson lived thanks to an alien surgery. Also, in Doctor Strange, we learned that time travel exists and can be used to fix a terrible situation, and in Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot lived thanks to a single piece of his body surviving and regenerating. Aside from loopholes like that, we know in advance that the actors portraying the principal heroes are signed to multi-film contracts. Meaning, no matter how strong and dangerous the villain is, the heroes will all survive the encounter, which makes all of the stakes for the heroes themselves literally zero. And with the Guardians appearing in Infinity War, we already know that they will all come out of the movie safe and sound.

9 There Might Not Be An Actual Connection To Infinity War

What makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so good is the fact that the movies have been building towards one all-powerful villain since the success of Iron Man in 2008. And the first Guardians of the Galaxy properly introduced us to that villain. Yes, Thanos was first introduced in a mid-credits scene in 2012 in The Avengers, but it was in the first Guardians that the audience actually got to see the titan speak and interact with other characters. We also learned more about the Infinity Stones which will be used by Thanos in his battle with the Avengers and Guardians. Regardless of studio interference, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is supposed to set up the Guardians heading to Earth to help the Avengers. But as it turns out, director James Gunn has decided not to include either Thanos nor the Infinity Stones in the movie, which raises questions about the movie's script seeing as one of the things that made the original movie so good was its connections to the rest of the MCU and Thanos.


8 Ego The Living Planet


If you ask any hardcore Marvel fan, they will tell you that The Guardians of the Galaxy is considered to be one of the publisher's most niche franchises, as the bulk of their readers have almost always been more interested in heroes like Spider-Man and the X-Men. Although the comics still have a relatively small following, the hardcore fans still want the characters and their backstories to remain intact. And those fans were greatly disappointed to learn that director James Gunn decided to change a major part of Star-Lord's backstory by making Ego the Living Planet his father. In the comics, Star-Lord's father is a human-looking alien named J'son who does not possess any actual special abilities. He has been completely removed from the movie and replaced by Ego, who is literally a sentient planet considered to be something like a god who has psionic powers and the ability to manipulate matter. Ego is capable of taking human form, which is why he is being played by Kurt Russell. Considering that Marvel allowed this change to occur, they must believe that Ego makes the movie better. However, based on the trailers, he does not play that big of a role, and if his role is insignificant, then Marvel would have changed continuity and hyped the character for absolutely nothing.

7 Expectations Are Incredibly High

Guardians of the Galaxy was released on August 1, 2014. And despite the characters being fairly unknown within the Marvel pantheon of heroes, the movie proved to be a whopping success as it earned $773.3 million at the global Box office. The first movie had everything going for it—new fun and dynamic characters, a great new setting, MCU development, nice action scenes, perfectly-timed comedy, and an amazing soundtrack. It is because of all these things that fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel. The problem with this sort of anticipation, though, is that fans build up an incredible amount of expectations; expectations that will undoubtedly not be met because sequels almost always fail to replicate and improve upon the greatness of the original simply by just trying too hard. There is no question that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will do amazing at the Box office, but just because it will make money, and because reviews say it's great, does not mean that it will be better than the original; which is why fans need to lower their expectations because if they do not, they may leave the theater a bit disappointed.

6 Visuals Have Not Been That Impressive So Far


As the name Guardians of the Galaxy would suggest, the movies take place in outer space, which means there will be a lot of spaceships and different alien races appearing onscreen. The first movie definitely showed off these things, with the help of both practical and special effects. And based on the trailers, that same formula will be used in the sequel. But from what has been shown in the trailers, the visual effects in particular have not been all that impressive. There is no doubt that the movie's visual effects will look good, but it is looking as though Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has gone the cheaper, less imaginative route, as evidenced by the fact that the trailer sees them fighting a giant CGI tentacle monster that looks completely unrealistic and seemingly designed very quickly. The trailers also showed Star-Lord's ship in action. But from what was shown of that sequence, the scene quality looks like a cut-scene taken from a PS3 game, which makes sense as Henry Braham is in charge of cinematography, the same man who gave us The Golden Compass and The Legend of Tarzan—both of which had terrible CGI.

5 Forced Romance

As stated earlier, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just like any other movie that comes out of Hollywood, regardless of the fact that it is a movie featuring comic book characters as the main protagonists and antagonists. No matter what the genre is, though, there are always certain things that are common within every movie, and one of those commonalities is that basically every movie has some sort of romance in it. When it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy, the first movie hinted at a future romance between Star-Lord and Gamora, and from what was shown in the trailers, there will be more focus placed on their relationship. Don't get me wrong, that would be fine if only Marvel did not have a track record of giving audiences forced romances like the Thor-Jane Foster and Hulk-Black Widow tandems. It is almost certain that these Guardians will share a kiss in the movie which is all well and good, as long as there is not some needless and weak subplot put into the movie to get them to that point.

4 Drax Might Become An Annoying Character


With this entry, we will be focusing on Drax the Destroyer, another core member of the Guardians who is played by Dave Batista, the big guy out for revenge against Thanos who had his entire family killed. As a character, Drax is fairly inconsiderate and obtrusive, and because he is not all that bright, he tends to be unable to understand social situations. This causes him to appear as a jerk at times. In the first movie, Drax made us laugh with his mean-spirited dialogue, and the audience loved that about him because of his backstory and his other redeeming qualities. However, based on the trailers, they may be trying too hard to make Drax funny in the sequel, to the point that he may come off as more of an annoyance. In the trailer, we see him with Star-Lord and Mantis, and he goes on to humiliate Star-lord in a very loud and obnoxious way, which may be funny, but it is the kind of humor that can get on people's nerves. And seeing as the bulk of Drax's time in the trailers saw him converse with his friends in rude and blunt ways, viewers may get tired of his antics by the time the movie's credits role.

3 James Gunn's Vision

Aside from hiring well known director Joss Whedon to direct the first two Avengers movies, Marvel has done a good job of finding and hiring lesser-known directors to helm their film projects, with James Gunn being one of them. Gunn wrote and directed the first Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the upcoming sequel. And unlike all of the other movies in the Cinematic Universe, Marvel has seemingly given Gunn a lot of creative control over the movie. Based on previous entries, Marvel interfering in a script does not always pan out well. But if they do not bud in a little bit, then the overarching storylines will also somewhat suffer if the director wishes to focus only on his vision instead of building upon what is part of an ongoing saga. When a studio gives a director that much control over a comic book movie, you get things like Batman vs Superman, which was terrible if you ask me. Considering that Gunn has changed character backstories and will not feature Thanos in the movie at all, it looks like Gunn cares more about making a comedy with some crazy antics and some action scenes, than a superhero movie taking place in the MCU.

2 Another Underwhelming Villain and Ending


The biggest negative surrounding the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the studio, aside from Loki, Zemo, and the Winter Soldier, has done a terrible job when it comes to their villains. The most glaring examples of these misused villains are Malekith, Ultron, Yellowjacket, and Ronan the Accuser (the main villain in the original Guardians of the Galaxy)The studio focuses a lot of time on getting the heroes right, which would explain to a degree why most of their villains turn out to be nothing more than ordinary bad guys. In the original movie, Ronan was essentially relegated to being a terrorist. The main villain of the sequel, based on the trailers, is a female alien known as Ayesha. She does not look all that imposing or threatening, which does not bold well for a character who is depicted as the main villain. Of course, Ayesha could turn out to be a good villain, but even if she is, she may suffer the same dismal fate as Ronan, who was not ultimately defeated by teamwork nor some kind of over-the-top battle but by Star-Lord distracting him with a song and dance. As funny as that scene might have been in the first movie, it was just plain dumb and incredibly anti-climactic, which is not what fans deserve to see repeated for the second time in the sequel. But in all likelihood, that is probably what will happen.

1 Overuse Of Baby Groot

The final main member of the Guardians that we will be focusing on is Groot, the tree-like humanoid alien who is voiced by Vin Diesel. Groot is known for basically only being able to say his name. In the first movie, Groot became a fan favorite, because of his action scenes and his simplistic yet funny dialogue. In fact, after it was revealed that he actually survived the events of the first movie to become "Baby" Groot, the character's popularity greatly increased, thanks to his new cuteness factor. Groot was great in the first movie because he was used sparingly throughout it, which will probably not be the case in the sequel seeing as the trailers have focused a great deal on him. Baby Groot may be cute and funny, but like anything that is popular, it will become incredibly stale if Groot is overused especially if the little guy is given a lot of screen time. Overusing him can be detrimental to the franchise, as it will not only diminish Groot's importance but will also cause the story to revolve around one character instead of the entire team of Guardians.

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