Who's Your Favorite? 15 Pics Of The Duck Dynasty Ladies

If you haven’t seen it yet, Duck Dynasty follows the life and times of the Robertson family. Headed up by brothers Si and Phil, and extending through their children and grandchildren, the family became successful with their business aimed at duck hunters. The men are known for growing long beards and spouting heavy Christian views, but the women – particularly the younger ones – have something a little more appealing about them.

The show has broken a lot of ratings records, so if you haven’t ever glimpsed these folks before, you might just be in the minority. It hasn’t been without controversy – with Phil Robertson once making some homophobic comments in an interview, the show was suspended and then reinstalled later. It is a highly lucrative slice of reality TV, spawning merchandise and of course driving traffic to the Duck Commander business.

The series may have ended this year, but you can of course still catch the full episodes online – and if you’ve seen them all before, you might be looking for some extra content to help you cope with the loss. If so, let us show you a side of the Robertson women that you are definitely going to enjoy. Comprising Miss Kay, Korie, Mary Kate, Rebecca, Sadie, Bella, Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and Mia, the female part of the family has a trick or two up its sleeve.

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the choicest of picks from the Robertson archives. Here are the steamiest photos of the women from Duck Dynasty.

15 Sadie In Her Robe

This behind the scenes shot shows Sadie Robertson when she took part in a fashion show for Sadie Hill, wearing her dresses on the catwalk. She has her make-up done professionally and her hair styled into soft curls on one side of her head. You can see that this was taken in the busy backstage area with the make-up artist still working behind her. Since it’s a fashion show you know that she is out to look her best, and she does. She’s got a real glow about her, and that robe puts you in mind of spas and hotel rooms that you might be able to share together. There’s definitely something a little steamy about this shot, even if it was unintentional. She wore some great looks on the runway too, though they were nowhere near as hot as this simple outfit turned out to be. How ironic!

14 Korie Tries Yoga

There’s something about a fit, strong woman getting involved in some yoga poses that always gets the blood pumping. In this case, it was Korie Robertson’s turn to dial up the heat. In one of the episodes, she took her husband along with her to get hot and sweaty on the mat. She was having a great time practising all of the poses, while he didn’t fare quite so well. This was almost definitely set up just to be a comedic situation, but we’re grateful either way because it means that we got to see Korie in her yoga pants and sports vest. With poses like this one appearing in the episode, it’s safe to say that this has to go on our favourites list. It’s one you could watch, and rewatch, and watch again. It doesn’t hurt that the class was also full of many other ladies who were obviously experienced in some of the more complex yoga positions.

13 The Girls Get Muddy

There’s nothing like a family portrait, right? This one may be a little out of the ordinary for most people, but when you are looking at a family that made its money from hunters who hang around wet areas, it’s really quite fitting. The girls are all dressed up in their sporting gear after tackling a muddy course which got them just about as dirty as they could get whilst still looking great. They are clearly soaked to the skin in places and their clothes are totally splattered – not to mention their skin. It’s great to see a gang of girls who can get this muddy and then still have big, wide grins on their faces, rather than worrying about their hair or make-up. They all look like they are having a great time, and that in itself is pretty hot. It also proves that they are all pretty fit, as moving through mud is a whole lot harder than moving around on dry land!

12 Sadie And Her Ex

If you’re feeling jealous of the guy in this photo, don’t worry – you don’t have to be. He was Sadie’s boyfriend, but they have now called it quits. The only relic of their relationship is fun Instagram shots like this one from when they were together. We have to say, anyone would be proud to have Sadie on their arm when she looks this smoking hot. She has a great look in the first place, but this red dress really knocks it out of the park. That zipper on the front is so provocative, and we love the classic plunging neckline. If you look closely, you’ll see that the front isn’t even zipped all the way up, which makes it even better. Don’t even try and deny it – we know that you’ve been looking closely. There’s no wonder the guy has such a big grin on his face – wouldn’t you?

11 Sadie And Mary Kate At The Beach

Instagram is full of some great gems, as is Mary Kate’s blog. She actually posted this photograph herself after a day at the beach with her new family. It’s great that the two girls get along, since Mary Kate has become one of the Robertsons. They all went out to the beach to enjoy a day on the sand, and we’re pretty happy that someone had the presence of mind to record it. Both Sadie and Mary Kate opted for two-piece swimsuits that flatter their figures, and it’s obvious how in-shape the both of them are. While they’re probably posing rather than really looking through shells and pebbles, it’s a great sisterly moment to record for posterity. What with these two looking great, and the sea and blue sky in the background, this looks like a place we’d enjoy being transported to immediately. Anyone for a beach holiday?

10 Missy Having Some Fun

It’s great to see the older members of the family – the wives of the brothers who are now in charge of the dynasty – letting loose and having some fun. They may be wives and mothers, but they still get to let their hair down every once in a while too! In this shot from her Instagram, Missy Robertson is clearly having a great time. She’s sitting sideways on her chair and kicking both legs up in the air, one higher than the other. It’s great to see her looking so relaxed and carefree. She’s wearing a pretty nice outfit with her ripped jeans and heeled shoes, without it being too showy. Missy is all about her kids and rarely posts anything that isn’t about them, so she definitely deserves having some time to enjoy herself as well. Being a dedicated Mom is a big plus on her good karma side!

9 Sadie And Korie Pose

There’s nothing like a mother-daughter selfie. But does Korie really look old enough to be Sadie’s mother in this selfie? We really don’t think so! It’s obvious that they have great genes, as they both look so youthful. You would maybe put Korie in the category of being an aunt or something like that – they don’t quite look like sisters as Korie has a slightly different bone structure, but they certainly don’t look like there are 20 years between them. Both women are smoking hot, and just about perfect in every way – with their artfully placed hair, straight white teeth, flawless skin, and full faces of well-applied make-up. This is definitely the kind of family that you might want to marry your way into if you want your kids to be gorgeous. They even have hot friends, as this shot clearly demonstrates! They clearly enjoy hanging out together, too.

8 Jessica...Squatting?

We’re not at all sure what might be going on in this shot, but we like it. The great thing is that you can easily stare at Jessica Robertson and allow the camouflage gear to do its job of convincing you that there is no one else in this photo. She is engaged in a pretty awkward pose, with her knees bent and her back bent forward over them – she looks like she might be straining over the toilet or some such. On the other hand, there is at least one other activity we could imagine which would involve this posture and facial expression. We won’t go too deep into it – you can use your imagination. Anyway, it’s great to see Jessica having fun (and allowing us all to have some fodder for our late-night fantasies). She is definitely a great-looking member of the Duck Dynasty family, with a fit body to match.

7 Jessica Gets Wet

If you were wondering how Jessica gets such a fit body, then this photo might go some way as to helping you figure it out. She is obviously very active and appears to be quite an adept surfer, even while other members of the Robertson family are struggling in the background. She has a lot of focus and is looking right ahead at where she wants to be. She is wearing a great little surfing outfit of bright pink bikini bottoms and a tight white shirt, which seems all the tighter considering that it is now wet. This all goes together to show off how toned her body is. It’s a sight for sore eyes, that’s for sure. We could sit around and watch Jessica surf in an outfit like this all day if need be. Well, someone has to do it, right? At least to get some good paparazzi shots in the can?

6 Sadie Swirls Her Dress

Sadie could easily be a fashion blogger from the looks of her social media posts, and she isn’t afraid to show off how good she looks in her clothes. In this shot, she is wearing a brown hippie-style ensemble composed of a loose crop top and a long, flowing skirt. She has matched it all up with a pair of burgundy peep-toe heels, which fit the look perfectly. In order to show off the outfit to the best effect, she has been captured in the middle of a happy twirl. The great news for us is that this means her long legs are left almost completely bare – in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they had to retake this one a few times to ensure that she wasn’t flashing her underwear! That is, assuming that she was wearing any with this boho look. Just don’t let her dad know we said that.

5 Sadie On Dancing With The Stars

When Sadie took a stab at Dancing With The Stars, you just knew that this was going to be an excuse for the producers to dress her in some great costumes. For this routine, her and her partner ended up dressed as Adam and Eve, although with a bit more clothing than that role normally implies. Instead, Sadie was draped with a leaf-themed dress which left parts of her midriff bare, as well as most of her arms and legs. There were plenty of great moments during the dance, but this pose has to be one of the steamiest. You can almost feel the passion of the idea of a woman giving in to a forbidden pleasure. We’re up for seeing this kind of outfit every week for the foreseeable future. There’s plenty of footage from the show to catch up on, as she ended up going right through to the final.

4 Jessica On The Red Carpet

Some women really just know how to work a red carpet, and Jessica Robertson is definitely one of them. She showed up to this iHeart Radio event wearing a plunging black and white top, over a short black miniskirt, with a pair of smart black heels. But it wasn’t her outfit, and her seemingly endless legs, that earned her the most attention on this carpet. No – it was the saucy way she approached the photographers to give them the best shot possible! She turned half-on to give them a shot that included her backside, and turned to give them a cheeky look over her shoulder as well. That’s a woman that is proud of and confident in her body, and doesn’t care who knows it. She’s a great role model for her kids, who will need to grow up feeling confident in themselves if they have to deal with the kind of media attention that their parents get.

3 Sadie Goes Western

Sadie is definitely a fan of dressing up, and that’s great news for us. Here she is at an event with one of her friends, dressed up in their best country-style outfits. They have even completed the looks with a fake pistol each! Sadie looks fantastic in her shorts and cowboy boots, and she is definitely showing off a lot of thigh with the pose that she has chosen too. We’re sure that she had a great time at the party – after all, she has already shown that she knows a thing or two about dancing in all kinds of styles. Country music should be fairly easy for her to keep pace to. This cute little photobooth setup wasn’t ready for the level of heat that Sadie had to bring to it. It’s just a good job that this was more of a modern party, not a throwback to the days of saloon girls!

2 Sadie Dances Country Style

When she showed us that she really had the moves on Dancing With The Stars, everyone around the whole country fell just a little bit in love with Sadie. She proved that she’s more than just one of the kids from Duck Dynasty – she’s a hot young woman in her own right who has a lot of talent to boot. This look was one of our favourites, because it touches on her more rural roots whilst also being as hot as possible. She wore a skimpy country outfit complete with tiny shorts, a tied-front shirt, and cowboy boots, all of which showed off her lithe body to perfection. Then she executed some fantastic dance moves while wearing them, and as this freeze frame shows, she looked great while doing it. There’s something about a woman who knows how to dance that we can’t resist – she must be able to get her body into all kinds of crazy positions.

1 Jessica Enjoys A Burger

Jessica might keep fit, but she is clearly not the kind of girl to exist on salad and air alone. In this shot from her Instagram profile, she shared a candid moment with her fans as she tucked in to a giant burger. It’s great to see a girl that loves her burgers, and there’s something kind of hot about seeing her being able to fit it all inside her mouth for that first bite. Wouldn’t you just love to take her out to dinner? It wouldn’t even have to be fancy, as this shot clearly shows – she would be done for fast food too. Not only that, but she looks great while chowing down. The shot would be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that you can clearly see her wedding ring in the picture! Oh well – she might not be available, but there are still a few Robertson ladies out there.

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