Who's Trashier? 15 Side-By-Sides Of Snooki And Marnie Simpson

When it comes to reality TV shows, often the goal these days is to have the trashiest and most shocking antics possible. If the people on the show are acting wilder, trashier, and more out of control than most people you would ever meet in your life, then the producers consider that they are doing a good job. They want to get headlines and keep viewers coming back for more, so crazy behaviour is encouraged in all ways.

For the women on these shows, the stakes are often even higher. They must dress in the trashiest clothes possible, have the most lewd and loud behaviour, and cause in-fighting with other cast members as often as possible. That’s why these shows often have a few female cast members who are notorious for being the most trashy people around.

Marnie Simpson is one of the examples of those cast members. She is one of the stars of Geordie Shore and has been pictured getting up to all kinds of antics, normally resulting from the fact that she gets drunk in nightclubs to the point of passing out or falling over.

Then there’s Snooki, who hails from Jersey Shore. Real name Nicole Polizzi – and now LaValle after marrying her reality show sweetheart – she is also known for her less-than-acceptable behaviour. While she may have settled down now after giving birth to two children, she had a lot of events in her time that attracted heavy public criticism.

But which of them is trashier? There’s only one way to find out: with a comparison side-by-side of their shameful moments.

15 Classy Looks For Outings

When you go on a night out, it’s important that people understand you’re the trashy one of the group. How else are you going to get even more famous? Both Marnie and Snooki understand this well and are bringing their best game to the table. Marnie chose to go out in this case wearing a short plain skirt and a plunging white vest, with her best accessory being a cigarette so she could blow smoke right in people’s faces. Next up is Snooki. She chose to wear a shirt emblazoned with the slogan “I’m Bad”, just in case we wouldn’t be able to work it out for ourselves. Then she accessorised with giant fluffy boots and sunglasses equipped with a totally unnecessary chain. This is really hard, because both of them are fully trashy but in very different ways. You could almost consider this the definition of UK trashy vs US trashy.

Trashiest: Tie

14 Getting into Fights

Both of these girls have ended up getting into physical fights, and more than once. Let’s take a look at a couple of their greatest hits. Here’s Marnie being dragged away from one of her castmates, who was left sprawled on the floor after her attack. Both of the girls were wearing what looked like leotards or swimming costumes at the time, which only heightened the enjoyment of fans watching the show. Then we turn to Snooki, who apparently got very drunk on the beach (while wearing a shirt that says “slut” on the front). Then the police came and had a word, apparently not very happy with her conduct. When they tried to arrest her, she allegedly punched one of them in the face. Getting into fights is one thing, but fighting with law enforcement is a whole new level of trailer trash that guarantees you a night in a cell.

Trashiest: Snooki

13 Sitting Down Drunk

Sometimes when you get really drunk, you just want to sit down. Snooki had a lot too much to drink on the beach and ended up laying down ready to have a bit of a nap. Her friends knew that this wasn’t a good idea and had to work hard to get her to get up and move. Marnie is pictured here leaving a party which she apparently didn’t want to end. While one of her friends was literally falling into the car that had been called for them, Marnie sat down on the floor. She then cried and resisted when a bouncer tried to pick her up to get her to leave. When the party is over, the best route is to accept that and start planning the next one. Don’t throw a full-on adult tantrum and sit on the floor. Many people sit down drunk, but few go that far.

Trashiest: Marnie

12 Tripping Over

Tripping is something that can happen to the best of us. You can trip over something on the ground, or even over your own feet without any provocation. But when you’re doing something stupid enough that it causes you to trip, that’s when we start to get into the trashy area. Snooki is shown here tripping over because she clearly can’t handle the excessive high heel/platform situation going on with her shoes. She’s practically on stilts, so it’s no wonder she fell. As for Marnie, she’s here tripping over along with two friends who are also tripping. They are laughing so hard in their drunken state that they can no longer stay upright on their heels. Again, this seems to be a case of the wrong type of footwear combined with the wrong kind of behaviour. If you’re wearing shoes you can barely walk in in the first place, don’t rush around or get drunk. A lesson, ladies!

Trashiest: Tie

11 Wearing Inappropriate Outfits

Both of these girls really know how to wear something inappropriate at the wrong place and the wrong time. Let’s start with Marnie, who is standing outside in literal snow. Despite this, she is wearing a very short dress with a small coat that hasn’t even been pulled over her shoulders. Not to sound like a concerned parent, but she’s going to freeze if she doesn’t get inside soon. Snooki, on the other hand, has turned up to the MGM Grand’s red carpet wearing… well, something. There’s definitely a swimsuit and/or scarf being worn as a top here. The bottom half of the outfit appears to be a dress which has been pulled down to turn it into a skirt. We can still see the halter neck, though. We’re not sure exactly what this outfit was supposed to be, but it’s definitely a nip slip just waiting to happen.

Trashiest: Snooki

10 Flashing More Body Parts

Because they are reality TV stars, you know that they just can’t go very long without flashing this or that. Here, Snooki is wearing some sort of baseball-themed outfit which is way too small for her body. Add to that the fact that she chose to go without underwear, and you have a flash just waiting to happen – and happen it did. This wasn’t a great look for her, baring her behind to the entire world. Then you have Marnie. She went on a night out wearing just a tube top and yoga pants, and it didn’t go well for her. Once she was suitably drunk she started tussling playfully with her lingerie-clad friend, which resulted in her top slipping all the way down. She seemed unaware for quite some time. Since Snooki at least appears to be realising the situation and trying to cover up, Marnie wins this round.

Trashiest: Marnie

9 Kissing Their Friends

Both Snooki and Marnie have been known to kiss their friends on a drunken night out. They have allowed photographers to take pictures of them fully making out with a female friend, tongues and all. That much is clear for both of them, so at first glance this appears to be a tie. However, there is a little more information on Marnie’s side which kind of tips the scale. She has claimed to reporters that the night in question, which saw her kissing her friend Chloe Ferry, ended up with the two of them going home together and doing a lot more than kissing. There’s been no confirmation of this from Chloe, so either she made it up for the press or she wasn’t supposed to share. That gives Marnie some extra trashy points for this one. We will say that at least she isn’t wearing giant flowers in her hair, but that’s not enough to tip the scales.

Trashiest: Marnie

8 Going Out With Sheer Clothing

What’s a trashy girl to do when she needs some extra media attention? Go out in sheer clothing, of course! Snooki used this tactic when she wore a sheer shirt with a tiny jacket over the top. In the end, the jacket wasn’t quite enough to protect her assets when seen from the side, a fact which paparazzi gleefully discovered. But she can’t even compete with Marnie on this one. Marnie went out to the National Television Awards wearing nothing but a sheer lace dress. Literally nothing – everything else was on full view. We’re talking no pasties, no flesh-coloured underwear, no subtle thong. Just a lace dress with nothing under it. Even the fans standing behind her look disgusted or are laughing at her desperate attempt to stay relevant. Her ex-boyfriend publicly stated that he thought it was cool for her to go out like that, but his opinion isn’t really needed here.

Trashiest: Marnie

7 Dancing In Clubs

When it’s time to dance in the club, trashy girls know that it’s important to wear as little as possible and grind up against whatever is available. Here, Marnie is wearing simply a swimsuit to party in Ibiza. We know it’s near a beach, but seriously – swimsuits aren’t for clubbing. She is dancing against a friend in white, who appears to be less than interested and possibly actually a bit embarrassed to be there. Snooki, on the other hand, doesn’t need a friend – she has a pole. Her clothes are dishevelled and riding up her back, but she doesn’t seem to notice. Her hair is also a complete mess, probably because she has been drunkenly dancing around that pole so much. No one is really watching her – the men in the background all seem totally uninterested, so her display isn’t working so well. All this needs is a few dollar bills to get even trashier.

Trashiest: Snooki

6 Falling Over Drunk

Being drunk does tend to interfere with your motor skills. Those high heels that seemed totally manageable at the beginning of the night turn into an obstacle course once you’ve done a few shots. Snooki took a tumble here when leaving a club, with her friends and bodyguards around her to help pick her up again. Though they tried, they couldn’t stop her from fall to the floor. In Marnie’s case, she was evacuated from a club after there was reportedly some violence inside. Sans her shoes, she stumbled outside alone and tripped up while walking across the pavement. Since she can’t even blame the heels, and she’s clearly hanging on to her drink rather than trying to save herself, we have to say that Marnie comes off the worst here. She hasn’t even managed to find anyone who cares enough to help her up or stop her from falling in the first place.

Trashiest: Marnie

5 Flashing While They Kiss

When you are making out with someone in the club, you often get into a bubble with them and ignore everyone and everything around you. Especially when alcohol is involved, it’s easy to become disconnected. In that kind of state, you can end up showing off a little more than you probably should as you attempt to get as close as possible to your new beau. Snooki has made the classic mistake here of raising her knee up a little too far in a miniskirt, which has left everything hanging out for us to see. Marnie, on the other hand, has gone out in a dress so small and tight that it really leaves very little to the imagination in the first place. With the straps falling down her side, she reached up to put her arms around the neck of her companion. This mistake caused her dress to lift up around her hips, again revealing everything. Her friend was able to spot the error and try to pull her dress down, but not before someone snapped a shot.

Trashiest: Marnie

4 The End Of The Night

When the end of the night comes and you have run out of energy, you get to a point where you just want to sleep. The smart thing to do would be to head home before that moment comes. For these trashy girls, however, it’s not the normal course of action. Marnie and her friend Chloe (suffering a wardrobe malfunction) have ended up out the back of a club, where the bins and the outdoor fridge are kept. Marnie seems to be having a little sleep while she leans on the fridge. Snooki got herself into such a state in this photo that she had to be carried out of a nightclub by her taxi driver – and though he may seem like a gentleman for lifting her up, he wasn’t too concerned with protecting her dignity, causing her to flash all the waiting press. Sleeping near bins or carried out by a taxi driver – it’s hard to judge which is worst.

Trashiest: Tie

3 Flashing Body Parts

Celebrities can often get their names on some new headlines by flashing parts of their bodies that aren’t normally seen. For those who are a more prudish, letting a new tattoo slip into public view is a good option. For reality TV stars, it’s more about getting as naked as possible. Snooki doesn’t really do this, but there have been some accidental occasions – such as in this example, when she wore a dress that was just too short to cover her up when she sat down. Marnie, on the other hand, is all about flashing. On Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, she shocked the house by pulling down the front of her vest to deliberately expose her bare chest. The other housemates were appalled, having no desire to check her out. This wasn’t the worst or trashiest flash that she did while in the house, either!

Trashiest: Marnie

2 Public Displays Of Affection

When you love someone, or at least lust after them, sometimes you can’t wait to be alone before you take a physical action about it. For most people, public displays of affection are limited to quick kisses and holding hands. For Snooki, that does seem to be her limit. She isn’t afraid to smooch her hubby in public, but it goes no further than that. Marnie, on the other hand, likes to go all in. While in the Celebrity Big Brother house, she stripped fully naked to have a shower with one of her fellow (male) housemates. The two of them were clearly seen on camera getting up close and personal under the water, and they later burst out of the shower cubicle with no clothes on too. Treating the whole house, and the live cameras, to a full-frontal display definitely makes Marnie the trashier one here.

Trashiest: Marnie

1 Posting On Social Media

When taking selfies for social media, most of us know by now that explicit shots are always going to be at risk of being hacked. That’s why we self-edit before we post, either publicly or in a private message. Snooki was unfortunately the victim of a hack which saw her topless photos being released to the public. She also showed off everything downstairs in a cropped dress which was pulled down from her shoulders and up to her hips. It wasn’t exactly her fault the photos went public, however.

Marnie, on the other hand, happily posted a shot of herself fully naked, with just a few small emojis to cover the important bits. She’s clearly not shy about being as naked as you can get on social media without having the post taken down. Taking private photos is one thing, but putting them out for everyone to see on purpose is another.

Trashiest: Marnie

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