Foxy Walking Dead Girls: Christian Serratos Vs. Lauren Cohan In 20 Pics

The Walking Dead's shocking seventh series finished in April 2017, with its eighth series due to start in October the same year. Though many characters have been killed off during the years, luckily for us, two hotties are still on the show – Christian Serratos, who plays the tough and headstrong Rosita Espinoza, and Lauren Cohan, who plays the bad-ass Maggie Rhee whose husband Glenn was infamously killed by Negan and who’s been training the residents of Hilltop how to fight despite being pregnant herself.

Christian, who is of Mexican-Italian descent, is also known for playing Angela Weber in the Twilight Saga Series and started out as a teen playing Suzie Crabgrass on Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. She’s currently expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend David Boyd. She’s also a vegan and animal activist.

Lauren, who is British-American, has appeared on Chuck, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries, and has also had roles in movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (playing none other than the ill-fated Martha Wayne aka Batman’s mom).

These two beauties have quite the fan base, but which one of them is hotter? Let’s have a look at our slideshow to answer that question.


20 Lauren Cohan: Cat-Eyed Beauty

Lauren's eyes really do pierce right through you, don't they? She actually looks a little bit like Natalie Dormer here because of the sultry, piercing look she's giving the camera, a look Natalie is famous for. It must be those British genes, right? Once again she's putting her modelling skills to good use. Many actresses look comfortable enough when posing for a photo shoot, but Lauren makes it look like it's no big deal and that she was born to do this. She is a woman of many talents – not only is she a natural at posing for the camera, but she also nails her tough dramatic scenes on The Walking Dead! Lucky her! Of course, she always manages to look sexy while doing these things. Some people just naturally ooze sex appeal instead of forcing it, and Lauren is definitely one of those people!

19 Christian Serratos: Silver Beauty


This is a stunning photo from Christian's 2015 After Hours Becoming Attraction Playboy editorial. Well, let's be honest, all the photos in the editorial are stunning, it seems that there's no such thing as a bad photo of Christian! In this photo she is seen wearing a silver, off-shoulder cocktail dress which shows off her slender yet curvy figure. Once again we see that classy sex appeal that Christian pulls off so effortlessly. Leaning over an armchair onto a dressing table in a hotel room which perfectly suits the whole Old Hollywood vibe that Playboy was going for, Christian gives an effortless half-smile for the camera. Wow, she truly is a photogenic young woman! Her youthful facial features also help her pull off being sexy without trying too hard. The red lipstick is perfect at showing off her naturally full lips.

18 Lauren Cohan: Million Dollar Smile

This photo the camera focuses more on Lauren's face. You can really see here how beautiful her blue-green eyes are! Not only that, she also has a gorgeous smile! Unfortunately, we don't get to see her smile a lot on The Walking Dead as her character has gone through a lot of horrible things, including witnessing her husband being beaten to death (R.I.P. Glenn). Although she grieves for her husband, Maggie hasn't spent the whole season lying in bed crying, but she has proved to us once again what a strong, bad-ass woman she is! It can be difficult to stay strong when grieving a loved one, but with a zombie apocalypse going on, you have to be strong if you want to survive.

17 Christian Serratos: Rosita The Badass Zombie Slayer


And here is a picture of Christian as her Walking Dead character Rosita Espinosa. Christian joined the show as said character in a recurring role during the fourth season, becoming a series regular in the fifth season and finally being added to the series' main credits during the seventh season. So with many characters being killed off, it's great for Christian that her character's become more important over the years! This cute outfit is what her character Rosita usually wears on the show. The shorts and thigh gun holsters (as well as the full lips!) kind of give off a Lara Croft vibe, don't you think? We can all agree that she's just as badass as Lara Croft, and she's definitely way hotter than her! By wearing her hair in bunches we're reminded that despite everything she's been through, Rosita's still quite young, and of course who better to pull off the whole cute-but-sexy thing than Christian?

16 Lauren Cohan: Strong Is Beautiful

Wow, strong really IS the new sexy! This photo is from Lauren's interview with Strong Magazine, where she talked about her fitness routine. All in dark blue, with her hair tied back and her eyes looking more green than blue, Lauren reveals in this interview that she never misses a workout because she truly enjoys it (even when working long hours on the set of The Walking Dead!). How does she enjoy always working out? Well, she makes sure there's always variety in her workouts, that way she never gets bored and sees it as a chore. Of course, it probably helps that she's a naturally athletic person. Kudos to Lauren for staying fit and healthy despite a busy schedule! That for sure isn't always as easy as it might seem.

15 Christian Serratos: Hot But Cute


This photo is from when Christian was featured on Maxim's Hot 100 List for 2012. It perfectly shows off the whole sexy-but-cute vibe that Christian often has going on. Once again she's in baby blue, but because she has her usual dark chocolate hair color, she's sexier than in the Rehab party photo where she was just cute because of the blonde hair. Also, the fact that she's in sexy lingerie helps! But unlike some lingerie shoots where the women posing look kind of uncomfortable, Christian oozes confidence and proves once again that she's a natural at posing for the camera. By playing with her bubble gum she gives off a playful and youthful vibe. Because of this, she manages to be both cute AND sexy at the same time! You go, girl!

14 Lauren Cohan: Ab-tastic!

This photo is from when Lauren posed for GQ Mexico, and perfectly shows off her amazing abs! Here she is seen wearing a tiny grey crop-top paired and a pair of low-rise jeans (that are just out of the photo) to really show off her six-pack in all its glory. Since Lauren is a fitness enthusiast, she surely owns plenty of crop-tops like this one. After all, proper clothing and equipment is an important part of working out successfully! But seriously, just look at these abs! Plenty of women and men out there would kill to have abs like hers! Not that that makes her look masculine, you can have muscles and still look feminine, of course! And well, it's clear that Lauren is one sexy lady and those muscles definitely agree with her.


13 Christian Serratos: She Wore Blue Velvet


In 2010 Christian was ranked no. 65 on Maxim's Hot 100 list. This photo is from when she posed for their June 2010 issue, and we have to say she should have been ranked way higher than 65! Brunettes always suit blue, and this dark blue lingerie set shows off her effortless sex-appeal, but at the same time, she’s someone who looks cute. The fluffy high ponytail shows off at the same time her gorgeous facial features and her thick, healthy dark chocolate waves. The mini corset really draws attention to her cleavage (though she doesn’t really need the help of a corset as she’s naturally blessed in that department), and her stomach is so flat it’s almost unfair! Women around the world would kill to look as hot as she does.

12 Lauren Cohan: Killer Abs

This photo is from when Lauren posed for GQ for their January 2017 issue. In this photo, she's posing in a kitchen (getting ready to prepare some high-protein fitness meals, by any chance?) in a grey tank top and white panties, with the top revealing her amazing six-pack. Wow, you can really see the amazing results of her intense workout routine that she talked about for Sharp Magazine! This is definitely another good example of how strong is the new sexy! Her abs are to die for! While both of our The Walking Dead ladies have gorgeous, slender figures, Christian's figure is a bit curvier than Lauren's, while Lauren's is more like something you'd see in the fitspo tag on Instagram. But both are great, it's just a matter of personal preference!

11 Christian Serratos: Monochrome Beauty


When she was younger, Christian used to have bangs. Well, when you have such a gorgeous face, you can pull pretty much everything off! Though some would say monochrome colors are boring, we feel you can’t really go wrong with them, especially if you jazz things up with an interesting bracelet like the one Christian’s wearing. The bracelet also draws attention to her gorgeous toned arms. Also, since the black and white striped top is off-shoulder and shows off her back, it turns a simple outfit into a sexy one, especially paired with the high-waisted pencil skirt! What makes Christian even sexier is that she always knows how to strike a pose. We assume that’s from her child modelling days, because when you learn how to pose at such a young age, you become a pro at it!

10 Lauren Cohan: Effortlessly Hot

Here's a really hot photo of Lauren from her Maxim October 2013 photo shoot. She's wearing a really simple outfit – jeans and a tank top – that doesn't show that much skin, but with her natural sex appeal, she manages to look just as hot, if not hotter, as when posing in lingerie! The slightly darker lighting is perfect for her sultry good looks as it creates a sexy, mysterious atmosphere. The minimal makeup and tousled wavy bob also add to the whole effortlessly sexy vibe that's going on in this photo and that Lauren is always so good at. Her brown hair and blue-green eyes give her quite the English Rose appearance, which makes sense since her mom's British! She also has some Scandinavian blood in her which might have contributed to the color of her eyes.

9 Christian Serratos: Classy and Beautiful


This close-up really shows off Christian's beautiful facial features. She really does have a gorgeous face, don't you agree? Her hair is a bit shorter than usual, it's shoulder-length and styled into the popular messy lob (long bob for anyone who's been living under a rock) hairstyle. Of course, this hairstyle suits her as well. When you have naturally beautiful and healthy hair, you can pull off any hairstyle. This photo perfectly illustrates how Christian is sexy but really classy, and all without trying too hard! The makeup is minimal except for the smokey eyes look which really makes her gorgeous eyes stand out. It truly is refreshing to see a naturally sexy celebrity who still remains classy and who doesn't try too hard. Keep up the good work Christian, we're here for it!

8 Lauren Cohan: Rock The Casbah

This photo is from Lauren's photo shoot for Sharp Magazine's October 2014 issue. Here she's seen wearing a tiny crop top of the English punk band The Clash (good styling for a rebellious girl such as herself) and tiny denim shorts. This outfit shows off both her amazing six-pack and her gorgeous long legs. She's standing in a bathroom brushing her teeth, with her trademark messy bob, so we have that whole effortlessly sexy, 'I woke up like this', vibe that Lauren with her model good looks is such a pro at. Brushing your teeth is not a sexy activity, but of course, Lauren looks sexy while doing it! There just are those types of women who would look sexy doing just about anything and Lauren is definitely one of them.

7 Christian Serratos: Do Blondes Have More Fun?


Wow, no-one saw this coming! Christian shocked everyone in 2012 when she appeared at the Rehab party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas with her hair dyed blonde. Although a drastic change from her luscious chocolate locks, she's such a natural beauty that she can pull it off! She truly is a chameleon. The tight ponytail really draws attention to her gorgeous face. The blue outfit is perfect for her figure as it shows off her toned midriff and long legs. However, though she suits the blonde hair color, it gives her more of a cute look as opposed to her naturally dark hair color which makes her look sexier than with the blonde, don't you think? The outfit's baby blue color also adds to the cuteness factor.

6 Lauren Cohan: Healthy Hottie

This photo is part of Lauren's photo shoot for Health Magazine for their December 2016 issue. Naturally, with a body like that, she's always going to have a lot of offers for interviews with fitness & lifestyle magazines. But since she's a fitness enthusiast, we're sure she doesn't mind regularly talking about her fitness routine! Who knows, maybe her fitness secrets will help many women who see her as body goals! In this photo, she's wearing a wine-colored one-piece bathing suit with a leather waistcoat on top, and her hair is a bit shorter and straighter than usual, but a hottie like her suits basically any hairstyle! Her stunning smile and long legs immediately draw attention. She also proves that you don't always need a huge cleavage to be a grade-A hottie!

5 Christian Serratos: Va-va-voom!


This is one of the many sexy photos from when Christian posed for Playboy. This was part of the After Hours Becoming Attraction section of the March 2015 edition. Going for an Old Hollywood kind of glamor, Christian managed to prove to the readers that she's super hot with retro waves and vampy red lips and nails. The beautiful black dress showing off her stunning cleavage and stockings adds to the whole Old Hollywood vibe. Not every woman can ooze both class and sex appeal at the same time, but Christian is definitely one of those women, and she makes it look so effortless! Also, probably everybody will agree that Christian might be the only woman who genuinely looks hot while duck-facing for the camera. Though of course, some would say it's not duck-facing, she's just blowing a kiss for the camera.

4 Lauren Cohan: I Woke Up Like This

There she goes again with her effortlessly sexy good looks! Here we see her sitting on a white bed in red lingerie, with just a thin, pale blue shirt covering her body, letting people's imagination run wild. The color scheme, along with the heavy eyeshadow, helps bring out her beautiful blue eyes which are an amazing contrast against her dark brown messy bob. The photo gives off a whole 'I woke up like this' vibe, and although we know a lot of styling and preparation went into this, one can be pretty sure Lauren really does look this gorgeous first thing in the morning! Who wouldn't want to wake up next to this? Steven Yeun's a lucky guy to have had such a sexy woman playing his love interest for so long!

3 Christian Serratos: The Little Mermaid


This stunning black and white photo is from 2015 when Christian posed for Stndrd Magazine. She's wearing a gorgeous, skin-tight, backless maxi dress that really shows off her figure! With the dress' pattern combined with her locks styled into beachy waves and the no-makeup look, she kind of looks like a mermaid, don't you think? The shape of the dress along with its pattern resembles a mermaid's tail a little bit. Also, what a gorgeous tan! Though one might think that she's always tanned due to her Mexican-Italian roots. In most of her photos she's sexy and cute, but here she's just straight up sexy. However, what makes her even sexier is that everything is so minimal, which is why shooting this photo in black and white seems like a perfect choice.

2 Lauren Cohan: Legs For Days

Lauren used to be a model before entering the acting world, and it definitely shows in this photo! This photo is from when she posed for Maxim's October 2013 issue. With her sultry good looks, Lauren works the camera like a pro, coming across even more effortlessly sexy than Christian. While Christian's sexiness has some cuteness mixed in with it, Lauren is just straight-up sexy! The black hotpants show off her ridiculously long legs. The makeup adds to her natural sultriness, as the cat-eye flick really suits her piercing blue eyes and makes them pop out even more. As stated previously, Lauren used to be a model, and you can tell from the way she's such a natural at striking a pose. Of course, she's got legs for days as models tend to be tall.

1 Christian Serratos: Red Carpet Glamor


Here we have a picture of Christian from when she attended the 2015 Producers Guild of America Awards, showing she can work the red carpet as well! Wow, the girl really does always look gorgeous! We can see somewhat of a style pattern here as she seems to have grown fond of the Old Hollywood vibe with the back-combed hair and timeless dress. We salute women who can pull off a retro outfit but add a modern twist to it because that's what makes their style timeless. The dress' pale color is a wonderful contrast against her tanned skin tone. Once again, showing off that back and those curves. We say if you've got it, flaunt it, and Christian definitely always knows how to flaunt it! She'll hopefully keep it up!


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