Who's The Creepier TLC Family? Sister Wives...Or The Duggars? (15 Facts)

The famous families share one thing (no, not Christianity) in common—debauchery.

In 2015, In Touch Weekly outed Josh Duggar, the firstborn of Jim Bob and Michelle, as an incestuous pedophile. Even though he, his siblings, and his parents seemed like an idyllic Christian clan, their past revealed molestation and cover-ups. Duggar's five victims, which include four of his own sisters, never received justice.

Despite the never-ending interviews with Megyn Kelly, TLC quickly cancelled 19 Kids and Counting. And when the network announced the spin-off, Counting On, focusing solely on the eldest sisters' lives, Duggar disappeared from the public eye.

His secluded lifestyle almost parallels the lifestyle of the Browns, a Mormon family also on the TLC payroll. Their show, Sister Wives, documents what life can be like for polygamists and their families. While the Browns look as wholesome as the Duggars, they also try their best to hide their dirty laundry.

In 2015, Kody Brown ran into trouble with the law. Because he broadcast his polygamist ways on television, he became acquainted with police. Since Utah deems polygamy illegal, he, his four wives, and their 18 children fled to Nevada. However, he still faced the judicial system. If a judge found Brown guilty, his loved ones would suffer along with him.

So, which TLC family do you find creepier? Both the Duggars and the Browns bear a weighty cross.


15 Extramarital Affair (Account On Online Dating Site: Ashley Madison)

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When people found out that Duggar inappropriately touched his own sisters, they felt shock, anger, and dismay. They would've never guessed that the young man, who then advocated for abstinence and unborn babies, would abuse his kin. Another shock would soon come, though.

"The world came to know that Josh had an account on Ashley Madison, an online dating website for adulterers," an article states. Despite being married for seven years, Duggar broke his vows by sleeping with other women. He destroyed his wife's trust, and he almost destroyed his entire family. Hopefully, he and his family went to counseling. They certainly needed all the help they could get.

14 Half A Million Dollar Lawsuit Dropped

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Even though adultery, molestation, and incest already ruined Duggar's reputation, one woman made sure that his character remained six feet under. Adult star Danica Dillon said Duggar manhandled her during the deed, which he paid $1,500 for. "He threw me on the bed, and in all honesty, though it was consensual it, more or less felt like I was being r*ped," Dillon describes. Instead of silencing her voice, she chose to take action by filing a lawsuit.

Her decision scared Duggar, but she soon decided to drop the lawsuit. As much as she hated the man for what he supposedly did, maybe she exaggerated the truth? After all,        if Dillon suffered any trauma, she should've pursued her lawsuit, which asked for half a million dollars from Duggar.

13 Looks Can Be Deceiving

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In the 2006 police report, the children talked about much more than just molestation. Apparently, their parents punished them severely. "They have a rod," the unidentified child states. A proponent of "spare the rod, spoil the child," the father and mother never looked like the type to inflict pain.

With her sugary-sweet voice and soft appearance, Michelle seemed like a loving and doting mom, and certainly not a Joan Crawford. Looks can definitely be deceiving, though. If molestation and incest can happen behind closed doors, then physical abuse can be a possibility too. For their children's sake, let's hope not.

12 A Breeding Ground For Spousal Abuse

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On the family's blog, Michelle published her thoughts on marital s*x. Instead of promoting consent, care, or compassion, she basically told all married women to spread their legs, no matter how crappy they felt. "A wife, according to the Duggar matriarch, should always be 'joyfully available' to him," an article states.

Her opinion, which Anna Duggar (Josh's wife) highly values, struck a nerve within the ostracized mother of five. Since her husband cheated on her multiple times, she sees his sin as her very own. Instead of pinning the blame on the cheater, she carries the burden for him. And her mother-in-law just rubs salt into her gaping wound.

11 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

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On the surface, the Duggars encourage people to live by wholesome Christian values. They believe that their livelihood and religion are in sync, so they choose to obey the Bible and their God everyday. However, their friends go against Christian teachings. Bill Gothard, a fixture in the Institute in Basic Life Principles, assaulted women of all ages.

"Bill faced a scandal when a number of women in his organization stepped forward and accused him of abuse. This was the same place that Josh Duggar went to receive treatment for his issues with underage girls," an article states. Clearly, the leader preyed upon young women, just like his friends' eldest son. And abuse still remains rife within their cult.

10 Exploiting Not Just Friends And Family, But Their Fans

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Let's just be honest. The Duggars are grifters. They want to make as much money as possible, but not through hard work. Even though they used to rake in $45,000 an episode, they saw no problem with handouts. When Ben and Jessa Seewald announced their pregnancy, they asked fans to dig deep into their wallets.

"For readers who have asked about sending gift cards to the Seewalds, Jessa told us that her favorite stores are Target and Walmart," according to her family's blog post. While they can afford honeymoons to Paris, they apparently can't afford a simple 40-dollar bassinet at the local Walmart. Ugh! It's truly sickening.

9 Their Show's Subtext - 'Baby Addiction'

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Even though TLC televised the Duggars' every move, the network initially showed interest because of the family's many children. Since American women usually parent two kids at the most, the Duggars, with their 19 children, wowed everyone who knew them. And even though people got over their shock, their acceptance only fueled the matriarch's desire for more children.

According to psychologists today, Michelle suffers from a "baby addiction," just like her daughter, Jill Dillard, and daughter-in-law, Anna. "These women can be driven to have more children in an effort to make up for some sort of void or loss, usually from their unhappy childhood," therapist Gayle Peterson explains. Regardless of how happy Michelle always appears, she longs to fill an empty void. Sadly, she perpetuated the cycle with her 19 kids.


8 Spread Hate, Not Love

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Even though the Duggars pursue Christianity with a passion, they adopt skewed beliefs based on their own prejudices and not on the Bible's teachings. For example, they frown upon homosexuality and birth control. Even though being gay or using protection should be low on their list of concerns, the family constantly bashes the two.

They will even spread false information to scare others. "Jim Bob said birth control causes miscarriages during a 2014 appearance at the Values Voters Summit," according to an OK! Magazine article. Even though their claim is completely untrue, people still believe them. If the Duggars can sleep well at night knowing they spread lies, then how can they be trusted or admired?

7 A Lesbian Love Affair

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While Brown and his wives seemingly practice fidelity, his first spouse strayed from their plural marriage. Since she and her husband kept drifting apart, she sought comfort in the arms of another man. Well, she thought she found another man. In reality, Meri engaged in an affair with a woman.

"Meri thought she was talking to a man named Sam online but it turned out to be a woman named Jackie Overton," an article states. Overton played Meri to her advantage, exposing their entire relationship to the press. After hearing the news, fans no longer viewed Meri as stable and steady; they saw her as needy and insecure, just like her family's polygamist foundation.

6 Keeping It In The Family

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Despite their Mormon values, the clan appears more mainstream. With four wives, at least one of them possesses a painful past. Brown's second wife, Janelle, talks about her previous mistakes and how they led her to Brown. Before she even went out on a date with him, she was already a wife...to Meri's brother.

"The sister wives are even closer than we thought! Janelle used to be married to Meri's brother, Adam Clark Barber," an article states. The two shared a couple years together before Janelle wanted something (and someone) more. The more time she spent with Brown, the more she longed to be with him. She eventually got her wish.

5 Different Wife Every Night

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With four different women and only one man, s*x can be complicated at best. Even though the Browns figured out a routine that works best for them, emotions become heightened. Nobody wants to share their lover, yet four women vie for the affections of a single man every day and every night.

But each party chose to participate in the polygamist lifestyle, so they chose the ups...and the downs, which include the sleeping arrangements. "Kody follows a schedule, which has him staying at a different house each night. Each wife has their time with their husband," an article states. While the wives, like Christine, voice their approval, fans can see past the bull. No woman wants to share their man, not to mention swap fluids.

4 Or Only One Wife Every Night?

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With four women at Brown's disposal, he seems like a pretty satisfied guy. However, according to the rumors, he only sleeps with one woman. His fourth (and youngest) wife, Robyn, the only girl he legally married, gets Brown all to herself. While she can bask in his affections, she also gets to bask in the steam rising from the other women's ears.

"Just as Kody is only legally married to one of the women, he also only has s*x with one of the women. The wife who gets all of Kody's attention is his newest wife, Robyn," an article states. Newlyweds might as well be rabbits; the lovebirds just can't keep their hands off of each other. Unfortunately, their growing love chips away at the other women, which can eventually chip away at their polygamist foundation.

3 The Couple Go Way, Way Back... As Family Members

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Janelle left her first husband for Brown, even though the couple go way, way back...as family members. Yep, you read that correctly. They grew up in the same home together        as stepbrother and sister. Since they lived in the same home with the same parents, their union now makes people want to throw up.

"Janelle is actually Kody's stepsister. His father is married to her mother. So, Kody graduated from stepbrother to brother-in-law and now husband," an article states. Janelle and Brown's marriage gives fans the stomach bug. But, in their defense, the couple stayed married for more than two decades. They must be doing something right.

2 Like Mother, Like Daughter

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When Meri found out that she virtually dated a woman, she looked distressed, but not because of her lover's s*x. Instead, Meri cried because Overton wanted nothing to do with her. And her callous rejection jump-started Meri's depression. As she grieved, her daughter, Mariah, went through a similar ordeal.

The college student struggled with her sexuality. Even though she wanted to be straight, she knew she liked women. "Her coming out as a lesbian was the most 'normal' fans could get from the show. Unfortunately, the situation got disturbing when Kody and the wives revealed what they thought. Kody stated, 'We're not happy Mariah's gay,'" according to a publication. Her family looked like they got hit with several bricks, and Mariah could sense the tension. Hopefully, the Browns will lighten up.

1 On The Prowl

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Even though Brown keeps busy with four wives and 18 children, he still wants to take on more responsibility. He wants to marry another woman, and he wants to marry another woman soon. However, she needs to meet his standards. If she wants to be Brown's wife, then she needs to look like a model.

"He's been looking for more than a year. He's wanted someone really young, like 19 or 20. And she has to be attractive and thin," Robyn's friend says. His desire to be with a girl who is three decades younger than him says a lot about Brown. Instead of needing another girl, he needs to get his priorities straight.

Stop being a creep, Kody.


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