Who's More Insane? Lindsay Lohan Vs. Amanda Bynes In 16 Photos

Hollywood is packed with stories of teen stars who turned into hot messes. But few can touch the incredible dual train wrecks of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Both started as child actresses, Lohan with The Parent Trap and Bynes with All That. They then moved on to be hot teens and young adults, Lohan starring in hits like Mean Girls and seemed ready to conquer Hollywood. Meanwhile, Bynes was well put together with the sitcom What I Like About You and movies such as All A Girl Wants. Lohan was the first to sink thanks to drugs and major diva behavior on set. Meanwhile, Bynes seemed great but in 2010 seemed to go insane and her own harsh fall.

Each has become infamous for their issues. Drugs, arrests, rants on being persecuted and major tabloid attention. They have fought studios, lawyers, reporters, even their own families. It’s sad to see as both ladies were once amazingly sexy and hot and yet today are better known for how much they’ve screwed up their lives. Today, each woman has tried to pull themselves together and eager to try and rebuild themselves. But they leave behind an amazing record of truly bizarre behavior that have made them tabloid dreams. The question is, who is crazier? Lohan can blame her fall more on drugs while Bynes seems afflicted by mental issues. Here’s a look at the lives of each and try to figure out which one can actually rank as the craziest mess of recent years.

16 Mug Shots

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There’s no better comparison between the two than their mug shots. Both showcase once very hot and attractive ladies in less than pleasing circumstances. Amanda at least still looks good, retaining some good features but the pink coloring to her hair is a bit off and she seems a tad too interested in what’s going on. The smoky eyes show signs of partying as this was for her marijuana arrest and more than a few hints she was “toking” a bit too much. For Lindsay, it’s from one of her earlier arrests with her hair more like her old self. That just makes it sadder with how she is quite clearly about three sheets to the wind and one can easily imagine she was swaying during the photo. To see these photos is truly sad, two amazingly talented ladies who seemed to have the world at their feet only to come apart to their various demons. If nothing else, each stands as a clear sign of what happens when fame and addictions hit otherwise good people.

15 Amanda: Sleeping In A Mall

Bynes had become infamous for some whacky public appearances. She claimed photos of someone on her Twitter feed in a bad outfit and hair were just an imposter. She then shaved half her head, claiming to be inspired by singer Cassie. In Style photographed Bynes at a wild house party, claiming she slept on a mattress on the floor and with blacked out windows. She was also spotted with cheek piercings and other issues. So it wasn’t that much of a surprise when Bynes was photographed asleep on a couch at the Beverly Center mall. Bynes tweeted that she didn’t have the money for a motel as her parents had attained conservancy of her money. Rumors soon spread of Bynes having been wandering around L.A. for days. Heidi Montag tweeted she’d let Bynes crash with her but it’s unsure if Bynes accepted or not. She seems to be doing better today but it’s clear Bynes has had to hit rock bottom before she can straighten out.

14 Lindsay: From Filthy Rich To Flat Broke

At one point, Lindsay Lohan had a net worth of roughly $9 million but has also had to file for bankruptcy. Obviously, drugs, arrests and plastic surgery take their toll. But Lohan also has wasted a lot of cash on crazy stuff. Reportedly, she spends $1200 a month on her hair extensions, even at her lowest points. She’s rather connected to her cell phone as she famously called the police when she lost hers. Yes, she called 911 for a cell phone. When she was “engaged” to Russian playboy Egor Tarabasov, Lohan claimed he was flat broke and she had to buy her own engagement ring. He fired back that he was rich, the “breadwinner” and Lohan kept the ring.

There was also the time Lohan missed a flight and a $150,000 payday in Vienna because she was shopping free duty. She’s fully confessed she hoards hundreds of shoes Perhaps the nuttiest has to be when Lohan got her appendix removed and asked if she could keep it. She defends it on the fact that (crazy as it sounds), there is a black market for the organs of famous people.

13 Amanda: Twitter Rampages

A key reason Bynes’ very long and very public breakdown has gotten so much coverage from the tabloids is thanks in part to her Twitter account. A lot of her rants are on her own parents, including accusing her dad of putting a microchip in her brain to control her (something a few have noted should be for real). But Bynes has also claimed to have created phrases like “LOLOL” and “ILY.” But really, Bynes is better known for ranting about celebrities in amazing ways.

Among the most infamous have been saying Rihanna deserved to be attacked by Chris Brown “because she’s not pretty enough.” (Rihanna responded “you see what happens when they cancel Intervention”); saying Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron and Courtney Love all had ugly faces. She also snapped Jenny McCarthy “look 80 compared to me.” Perhaps the topper is when in 2013, Bynes tweeted President Barack Obama to “fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.” Naturally, the President ignored that as it showcased how out there Bynes’ mind was via her rantings.

12 Lindsay: Sam Ronson Relationship

In 2007, just as Lohan’s career collapse began, tabloids were abuzz about her and Sam Ronson dating. The British DJ and club host was an intriguing presence with her laid-back attitude and outfits. Ronson was with Lohan when the latter was involved in a car crash and arrested on drug possession charges. Perez Hilton put out the story the drugs were Ronson’s and soon had “Blame Samantha” shirts up. Ronson responded with a lawsuit that took a turn when she then sued her lawyer for supposed “incompetence.”

Their relationship continued until 2009 but had major issues thanks to Lindsay’s actions and arrests. She and Ronson finally split with Ronson complaining that she felt overwhelmed by the media attention. Afterward, Lohan claimed she was still straight, basically all a “phase” and not that interested in other women. They seemed to be on good terms, complete with Ronson saying she’d DJ Lohan’s wedding one day…for a fee.

11 Amanda: Drake Obsession

For reasons no one has ever understood (then again, a lot of what Bynes has done defies understanding), the actress became obsessed with singer Drake. True, Drake has more than his share of fans but this was something else. With no warning at all, Bynes’ twitter posts on her affinity for Drake’s music suddenly took a turn to the stalker-ish side of things. The most famous would have to be “I want Drake to murder my vagina.” No sooner had the rancor over that died down than Bynes apologized for it. But then she went on a rant about Drake having “ugly gums, uneven teeth and ugly eyes.” Then almost the next day, Bynes was going on about Drake being “gorgeous.” Drake himself seemed openly disturbed by the whole thing and she needed help. Bynes has admitted she was on drugs at the time and as embarrassed by the whole thing as everyone else.

10 Lindsay: Legal Issues

lindsay lohan court 3 191011

While she’s gotten in court numerous times for DUIs and other drug arrests, Lohan also has had other legal problems. She actually got permission to sue Rockstar Games, claiming a minor character in Grand theft Auto V was based on her (the case was thrown out). She also sued Pitbull for using her name in a song, Fox News for a story claiming she and her mother were doing cocaine, and E-Trade for $100 million for using her first name in one of their commercials. Needless to say, none of those panned out for her and just added to her various money woes.

Also not helping was that when Lohan showed up in court, she hardly put on the appearance of a lady taking things seriously. She openly burst out sobbing when sentenced to 90 days in jail and begging not to go. Another time, she wore makeup that made her look like a zombie from a 1980s movie and another time, wore a dress that made her look like a 1950s housewife. There was also how she once had her nails done with a “f--- you” clearly painted on one. Hard to take her issues seriously when Lohan doesn’t do the same.

9 Amanda: Fake Engagement

In October of 2014, Bynes was arrested for her second DUI and another hospital stay. However, the actress then surprised many with the announcement she was engaged to marry 19-year old actor Caleb Pusey. Amanda stated the two met at the Canyon Treatment Center and despite being nine years older than him, they hit it off. Bynes tweeted of how they were going to be married and “on the cover of People magazine.” Things started getting weird, however, when Pusey was contacted and announced he hadn’t proposed at all. Not only that, according to him, he and Bynes were simply friends and had never even dated.

Undeterred, Bynes tweeted it was a different guy named Caleb she’d been talking about. She then trashed Pusey as a bad guy who wasn’t her friend and “I don’t know why he thought I was talking about him.” Bynes went around with a ring and tried to get a tattoo of “Caleb” but was denied due to no identification. As for this “Caleb,” he never showed up and Bynes soon forgot the whole thing.

8 Lindsay: Famous “Friends”

Lohan has had a lot of friends in Hollywood but a lot of them haven’t exactly been on good terms with her since her collapse. Amazingly, a young Kim Kardashian was Lohan’s stylist and the two remain friends with Lohan attending Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries. She and Vanessa Minnillo famously posed with knives in 2007. In 2015, Lohan got major attention attending the wedding of millionaire pal Justin Etzin and model Lana Zakocela. First, she changed outfits four times in the pre-wedding dinner. Lohan began running around naked and screaming out she had been drugged. It’s safe to say she won’t be invited to any parties in the future.

Most notable is how so many in Hollywood want Lohan to get help. Charlie Sheen, a walking tabloid target with his own infamous list of arrests and rehab stints, actually claimed Lohan outdrank him and gave her $250,000 to get clean. Snooki has hated being compared to Lohan and Justin Bieber laughed “at least I’m not Lindsay” after his own escapades. Lohan still has friends (like Britney Spears) but it shows how many folks in Hollywood think of her as a nutcase more than a talent.

7 Amanda: Driveway On Fire

By 2013, most assumed that Bynes had gotten as crazy as you can get. At one point, Courtney Love was on twitter, urging her to get help. That’s right: Courtney Love thought Bynes was out of control. But in July of 2013, Bynes was arrested outside a home in Thousand Oaks, California. Bynes was found outside a home, running after her dog with what appeared to be a super soaker water gun. According to Bynes, she had somehow spilled gasoline on her dog and walked into a liquor store to use their restroom to rinse the dog off. When they quite naturally refused, Bynes just headed to a complete stranger’s home to try and fix this.

It went badly, setting fire to Bynes’ left pant leg and she screamed that she would call the police on the first person to help. She soon left her pants behind as a neighbor tried to put the fire out. Bynes then tried to hail a cab to get away but was arrested, leading to a stay for psychiatric coverage and yet another bizarre stop on her road.

6 Lindsay: Her Own Language

After so long in Hollywood, Lohan decided a move to England would be better for her. It began with appearing in a play, Speed the Plow and getting fair reviews for it. Lohan was soon sticking around the city, saying she felt better without the temptations of Hollywood and it seemed to be working for her. But even in England, Lohan couldn’t avoid getting into whacky stuff. While doing an interview for a club opening, Lohan began speaking in a bizarre accent that seemed to mix American, British and a variety of other nationalities in one. Folks were soon mocking it on Twitter with Lohan even taking to name it “LILLOHAN.” She actually suggested fans take to calling it something else and enjoying the new attention. Lohan has claimed to speak several languages and living in the U.K. is helping her out but one has to wonder how “normal” speaking your own tongue is.

5 Amanda: Perp Walk

The fall of Bynes truly kicked off on May 23rd, 2013 when she was arrested for criminal possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence. That included tossing her bong from the window of her 36th floor apartment building and it’s remarkable no one was hit by it. Bynes took to Twitter to rant on how the whole thing was totally blown out of proportion, that she was “allergic” to drugs and alcohol and it was actually a vase she threw out the window. She spent a night at the hospital for psychiatric evaluation before being booked. Bynes further threatened to sue the NYPD and the New York court system for false arrest and harassment. The photos of her with a raggedy blonde wig being dragged into a courthouse were soon the talk of Hollywood with many astounded at how this once fun-loving girl had transformed into such an insanely hot mess. BTW, the lawsuits never came about.

4 Lindsay: Her Reality Show

One would ask, who would possibly be crazy enough to give Lohan her own reality show? Even the E Network wouldn’t stoop quite that low. Which was why it was so shocking when Oprah Winfrey decided that her brand new OWN Network should have an eight-episode docuseries on Lohan’s life. It came after a well-publicized interview with the star fresh out of rehab and it was massively promoted. The show itself turned into a truly bizarre experience as it mixed interviews with Lohan with stuff like meeting other celebrities and trying to get a new acting gig. The major point was when Lohan confessed to suffering a miscarriage, a move most thought was going too far.

Tabloids were abuzz of the show behind schedule and Oprah having to force Lohan to go through it and Winfrey was slammed for “enabling” Lohan just to get a big show. The series was canceled after one season and instead of redeeming Lohan, just served to make her look more of a mess than ever.

3 Amanda: Dressing Room Mess

Bynes had already gotten herself into some odd trouble in September of 2012 when she attended a gym class. She stripped down to her bra to do some biking then proceeded to get out her makeup bag and do her makeup in the gym mirror. Naturally fed up by this, the instructor kicked her out. But Bynes topped that a few weeks later when she went to an expensive clothes store. She locked herself into the dressing room for about 2 hours with concerned clerks checking on her. They were pounding on the door but Bynes simply yelled back “I’m not done yet!” According to reports, there was a loud banging sound every ten minutes or so yet Bynes kept insisting she needed more time. Finally, she exited and calmly bought items as if absolutely nothing had happened. It wasn’t as dramatic as other bits but clearly another sign of the mess Bynes was turning into.

2 Lindsay: Profiting Off Her Jail Time

Say what you will about Lohan but she actually managed to make her infamy for arrests and rehab into something of a new career. She’s used it for some stuff like her reality TV show and bouncing back in the limelight. When she was sentenced to wear an ankle bracelet, Lohan actually posed in a bikini wearing the bracelet and even giving tips on how to “stylize” it for her new jewel line. Saturday Night Live got some heat having Lohan host but she had fun with it, her opening monologue including having herself patted down and a drug test. She also took part in the recurring skit of Keenan Thompson as a convict by playing herself out from jail. Lohan also did a guest shot on 2 Broke Girls and when rumors of her acting a diva on set appeared, stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs both went out of their way to say she was a professional. It’s bizarre that Lohan actually seems ready to turn her collapsed career into a new one.

1 Amanda Vs. Lindsay

We’ve seen how they’ve stacked up. But how do these two infamous train wrecks feel about one another? Back in 2003, the duo took part in a cover for Vanity Fair of up and coming teen actresses. With them were Evan Rachel Wood, Hillary Duff, Mandy Moore and others and Wood has claimed Bynes and Lohan clashed a lot, wanting the better shots. They seemed to get along, all smiles meeting up at award shows and red carpet events. However, each lady has had major issues with the other over the years. When Bynes first got into her troubles, Lohan demanded “why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star didn’t?”

Reports from some friends of Bynes claim that the actress ranted a lot about Lohan, calling her every name in the book. Reps for both insisted there was no feud but clearly Lohan had to take some glee at Bynes pushing her out of the headlines. Today, both seem a lot better and trying to get back their lives but it’s a reminder that there are some issues with each other as much as themselves.

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