Who's Hotter? Blake Lively Vs. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is hot. Blake Lively is hot. But, who's hotter? That’s the question I'm asking. And, truth be told, I don’t want to be asking this question. I don’t want to pit two women against each other, because aren’t we all moving past that as a society? But, it’s hard not to pit Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson against each other because they are basically the same person. Okay, they aren’t the same exact person, but they do have a lot in common. Starting with the fact that they both married Ryan Reynolds. While Blake Lively is still married to Mr. Deadpool himself, Scarlett Johansson's three-year marriage to Reynolds ended in 2011. Also, Ryan Reynolds is a total STUD to have married two of Hollywood’s hottest ladies, right?

The similarities don't end with Ryan Reynold's penis. Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively have also been Woody Allen muses, Lively in Café Society and Johansson in Match Point, Scoop, and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Both actresses have been in comic book films, with Scarlett Johansson filling the role of Black Widow in the Marvel Universe and Blake Lively's appearance in the 2011 bomb Green Lantern. They’re both blonde. They're both mothers. They’ve both had nude photos leaked. They both starred in a film with Ben Affleck. Okay, I’m reaching now, but they really do have a lot in common. Oh, and they’re also both drop dead gorgeous. But, WHO IS HOTTER? Let’s compare the two, shall we?

Round 1: Swimsuit Competition, Scarlett Johansson

The first category is the swimsuit competition, because if Miss America does it then we should too.

The above photo is of Scarlett Johansson rocking a blue swimsuit in a totally candid beach photo. She's not airbrushed or photoshopped. This is what Scarlett Johansson really looks like, and girlfriend looks great.

Scarlett's bod looks how it always looks, as she’s always had a curvier frame and never indulged in the ever so popular super-thin look. While she has meat on her bones, Scarlett Johansson still stays very fit, which can be difficult if you consider the fact that she’s only 5’3”. I mean, the taller you are the leaner your body naturally appears. But, we all knew ScarJo has a great body, because it's pretty evident every single time she wears her Black Widow costume. Girlfriend looks GOOD in her Black Widow costume.

ScarJo’s body is both toned and curvy, which is what most men would consider ideal.

Round 1: Swimsuit Competition, Blake Lively

The thing about Blake Lively in a swimsuit is that there was a whole movie literally made about her in a swimsuit. Yes, 2016’s The Shallows was basically a movie all about Blake Lively being in a swimsuit. There was a shark too, but I think the selling point was Blake in a bikini. I could have easily included a still from that film, but that wouldn’t be fair since the photo of ScarJo was candid. And so, to even the playing field, we included a candid photo of Blake Lively on the beach. Truth be told, this didn’t do much to even the playing field because Blake Lively’s body was pretty much made to exist on the beach. At 5’10”, Blake Lively has the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Actually, she looks better than a Victoria’s Secret Angel because she has some meat on her bones. Oh, and Blake's tan is like the tan used by companies selling tanning lotion. Blake Lively is a beach goddess.

We have to give the swimsuit round to Blake Lively, who grew up in California and belongs on a beach at all times.

Round 2: Red Carpet Realness, Scarlett Johansson

Both Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively attend red carpet events, because they’re famous and stuff. But, they both have very different red carpet looks. We’ll explore Scarlett Johansson first, because why not explore ScarJo’s style first?

Scarlett’s look has often been compared to a modern day Marilyn Monroe, because her body and face both resemble Marilyn Monroe a lot. That being said, Scarlett doesn’t do the Old Hollywood glamour thing on the red carpet too often. She more indulges in earthy looks, with wavy, free hair, floral patterns and tulle – all seen in the above photos. She looks like some earth goddess fairy who just so happens to be attending the premiere of a film.

Also, let’s all praise Scarlett Johansson’s silhouette in the purple Dolce and Gabbana number (far right), because, as Uncle Jesse would say, have mercy!

Round 2: Red Carpet Realness, Blake Lively

Blake Lively is beloved by the fashion world... like really, really beloved. Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue and unofficial president of the fashion industry, has approved of Blake Lively, who has appeared on THREE Vogue covers. If you’re a dude and you don’t understand things like this, landing three Vogue covers is huge, especially for someone under the age of 30. Blake Live also appeared in Chanel ads, and Chanel is the heavy hitter in the fashion industry.

All this being said, Blake has a very different red carpet look than ScarJo. She’s more glamour and high-fashion. While ScarJo looks like she wandered out of a forest, as an earthy goddess, Blake looks more like she was beamed down to the red carpet by the alien lords of the fashion industry. While both women look hot on the red carpet, we’ll give this round to Blake for her fashionable edge.

Round 3: Lady In Red, Scarlett Johansson

It’s my personal belief that Scarlett Johansson was born to wear this red dress. There’s something so very va-va-voom about this look, which is clearly a result of ScarJo’s smokin’ curves. (Again, have mercy.) That’s the thing about rocking a red dress, you better have the curves to bring the heat, and ScarJo certainly does. The whole look is very simple, as the dress doesn’t have much going on other than the fact that it’s highlighting her body.

ScarJo paired the red dress with loose curls, which, again, makes us feel like she stumbled out of some wilderness after making friends with a bunch of squirrels. I mean, maybe it's not that earthy, but it's very sensual. Matching her sex appeal with a very relaxed look works wonders for Scarlett Johansson. But honestly, girlfriend doesn’t need much to look like sex on a stick.


5 Round 3: Lady In Red, Blake Lively 

While Scarlett did the red look in a very sensual way, Blake Lively, of course, went more high fashion.

Blake Lively's red dress has some major details with both sequins and a plunging neckline. Unlike Scarlett Johansson’s loose waves, Blake paired this look with a sleek ponytail. This draws the attention to her face, but it also doesn’t give her that relaxed sexuality that ScarJo exudes.

This red dress match-up is, again, very telling of their different style. Scarlett Johansson did the red dress is an undone, earthy way. Meanwhile Blake Lively went the more done-up, high fashion route. While both women look smokin’, we have to give this round to Scarlett Johansson, because she was literally born to wear that dress. I mean, just put ScarJo’s curves in a red dress and it makes the world pretty much stop, am I right?

Round 4: The Lord Of The Rings

This one is a tough thing to judge, but it’s worth a mention. Yes, it's the Ryan Reynolds round.

Scarlett Johansson married Ryan Reynolds in 2008, and their relationship was extremely quiet. Like, they had to have worked really hard to stay out of the spotlight as much as they did because there is almost no evidence of their relationship whatsoever. Seriously, try to Google images of them together. There’s hardly any. Reynolds and ScarJo then divorced in 2011. I personally believe they divorced because that much hotness cannot exist in one married, but in a Cosmopolitan interview, ScarJo implied that their marriage ended because they were competitive with one another.

Cut to 2011 when Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively began publicly dating. They married in 2012 and now have two daughters together. In judging the relationships, Blake obviously got the bigger ring, but we can chalk that up to Ryan Reynolds having more money due to his booming career. Instead, we’ll just add this nugget of a quote from Ryan Reynolds, “"I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there, who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make everything better — absolutely everything in my life better. You've given us two of the most incredible children that I could ever hope to have. You've made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential.”

Also, you can just Google and find about 600 other quotes of Ryan Reynolds gushing about his love for Blake Likely. They are the most in love couple ever. They are so in love that I'm pretty sure they invented a new level of love. In this round, we have to give it to Blake Lively, because she clearly has the stamp of approval from Ryan Reynolds.

Though, the fact that ScarJo is still single may actually give her hotness an edge. I mean, if ScarJo is single that technically means you - yes, you reading this - has a shot with her and that's really hot.

You know what? We’ll call this round a draw.

Round 5: The Baby Bump, Blake Lively

I understand that pregnancy is beautiful and stuff. It’s, like, the most natural and wonderful thing in the world, but isn’t it also kind of sci-fi. Guys, women grow other tiny humans inside of them. That is something that sounds like a horror movie… but it’s just... pregnancy.

While pregnancy is a hard thing to go through, pregnancy in the public eye is a hard thing to do. Remember all the horrible things people said about Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy? People were not nice, not nice at all. The truth is, Kim Kardashian is not alone. Most women don’t look their best during pregnancy. Yes, there’s that glow thing that happens, but women also heavier, tired and hormonal. Women don't look their best during pregnancy, but Blake Lively is the exception to this rule.

Blake Lively may seriously be the hottest pregnant person that ever lived. Like, she set the bar pretty friggin’ high for all pregnant women, which is kind of annoying. She looks annoyingly good while pregnant. She actually looks sexy while pregnant. Her body looks better than most non-pregnant people. I actually have to move on now, because I’m so annoyed by how good she looks while pregnant.

4 Round 5: The Baby Bump, Scarlett Johansson  


Blake Lively loves being pregnant on the red carpet. Like, she really enjoys dressing up her baby bump. Many celebrities don’t do the whole red carpet thing while they're pregnant, and ScarJo is one of those who shies away from the spotlight when she’s pregnant. In fact, the only pregnant Scarlett Johansson photos you can really find are those of her running errands on the street, like the above photo.

ScarJo looks great pregnant. She has that whole pregnant glow and, y’know, it’s ScarJo so she never really looks bad. The thing about this round is that Blake Lively somehow even hotter while pregnant. I’m pretty sure Blake Lively is just going to keep getting pregnant because she looks so hot when she's pregnant. While all pregnant women are beautiful, Blake Lively is a pregnant woman who is truly hot. By the way, I keep going on about this because it's kind of annoying that Blake Lively looks THAT GOOD pregnant.

We have to say that Blake Lively wins the pregnancy round and she'd probably win a pregnancy round against anyone and everyone.

Round 6: Youthful Beauty, Blake Lively

Since we just did a pregnant round, we might as well do a "babies" round - or more specifically, a younger round.

So, here we have a young Blake Lively attending the 2005 Teen Choice Awards. Blake looks… well, she looks different. Her signature long, blonde hair is pretty much the same, though it’s missing the special touch that the expensive hairstylists now give it. Her body also looks pretty much the same, as she’s willowy and tan. Girlfriend has always had legs that go on forever. The biggest difference, though, is her nose. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, Blake Lively definitely had a nose job. Also, what the hell is Blake wearing? MY GOD, thank you, Blake, for getting a stylist.

Young Blake is cute, but she lacks the fashion sense and tinier nose of older Blake, and both the fashion and tinier nose add a lot.

3 Round 6: Youthful Beauty, Scarlett Johansson 

On to baby Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett got famous at a mega young age, so there are quite a few Young ScarJo photos floating around out there. In fact, when Lost in Translation came out, she was just 19 years old. Yep, 19 and already a sex symbol. Scarlett may not look mega sex symbol-ish in these photos, as she’s young, fresh-faced and innocent looking. But, she does look beautiful. Her face is pretty much the same. Yes, she's now aged into her features well, but her face is almost the same. Of course, the best and biggest change may be the fact that she’s opted for blonder hair. The mousy brown color was not doing her any favors, but mousy brown hair does no one any favors.

In the battle of the younger photos, we’ll crown young Scarlett Johansson the winner here, mostly because she hasn’t had any obvious work done and pretty much looks the same.

Round 7: As A Fiery Redhead, Blake Lively

While both Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively are known for their blonde looks, both women have experimented with different styles – from brunette to redhead. We figured we’d judge their redhead looks, since it’s not easy to pull off. And, Blake Lively didn’t really pull it off. Sorry, Blake, but you’re a blonde, through and through.

With her blonde hair, Blake Lively looks like the quintessential California girl. She’s thin, tan, and blonde. It’s totally hot. But, when you add red hair to the equation, Blake Lively’s look falls flat. Quite frankly, it comes down to a skin tone thing. To pull off red hair, you must have fair skin. Since Blake has perfectly sun-kissed skin, red hair really doesn’t work well on her.

Whatever, she’s still a blonde bombshell.

Round 7: As A Fiery Redhead, Scarlett Johansson

Since we weren’t too kind about Blake’s redhead look, you can probably already guess whose going to win this round. Yep, Scarlett Johansson definitely rocks the redhead look much, much better than ol’ Blake.

Scarlett looks super hot as a blonde, but her fair skin helps her also pull off red hair or brown hair. I mean, ScarJo basically looks good with every single hair color, which is kind of annoying. Like, if she could just look bad once in a while that would level the playing field a little bit. Scarlett even looks good with the pixie haircut she's currently rocking. Hell, she could probably look hot bald.

While we’re all used to seeing ScarJo as a blonde, she’s a redhead in her most famous role as Black Widow. I personally prefer both women as blondes, but ScarJo wins the redhead round. Way to be, Black Widow.

Round 8: The Comic Book Movie Round

Both ladies were in comic book films, so let’s talk about that.

Scarlett Johansson joined the Marvel Universe in 2010’s Iron Man 2. She’s gone on to appear in The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War. She’s an integral part of the Marvel Universe and will continue to appear in Marvel films, which – I probably don’t have to tell you this – crush it at the box office. It’s also pretty much confirmed that a solo Black Widow film will happen… eventually. OH, and Scarlett Johansson looks mega hot in the costume.

Um, so I’m not even going to use another slide to talk about Blake Lively’s Green Lantern because… yeah, it’s not worth the slide. It was bad. On a budget of $200 million, the film only grossed $220 million, which is actually a bomb. Yes, it’s weird to say a film that made $220 million is a bomb, but with a budget that large, it really was. Also, Lively was relegated to the role of love interest, whereas Scarlett Johansson gets to play an actual super hero.

ScarJo CLEARLY wins this round. Though, Blake Lively did meet Ryan Reynolds on the set of Green Lantern, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Round 9: Old Hollywood Glamour, Blake Lively

There is not a single woman who doesn’t worship the feminine looks of Old Hollywood. Between the bombshell curls, the red lips, and the eyeliner, it’s the #1 way to feel like the prettiest girl in the room. And, of course, most actresses will embrace an Old Hollywood look at one time or another. Since both Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively have done the whole Old Hollywood thing, let’s compare.

Blake’s look is very traditional, as she’s got the curls and the lips going on. Of course, Blake Lively’s curls look AMAZING because her hair is the thing of dreams. No, I seriously have dreams that I have Blake Lively’s gorgeous mermaid hair, which always end with me waking up to my non-mermaid hair.

In her take on Old Hollywood beauty, Blake has more of a classical beauty thing going for her, rather than the va-va-voom sex appeal of some Old Hollywood ladies.

2 Round 9: Old Hollywood Glamour, Scarlett Johansson


Dolce and Gabbana is known as a sexier fashion brand. They are, of course, high fashion, but their designs tend to showcase the feminine, curvy figure. That said, it makes sense that Dolce and Gabbana tapped Scarlett Johansson to be the face of their line. It also makes sense that this would be one of the ads, because it just exudes sex appeal. Basically, Scarlett is doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression, and it’s working for her.

Scarlett Johansson just has a face that certainly could have starred in Old Hollywood films. But, so does Blake. They both do Old Hollywood well, but differently. Scarlett Johansson is more of the Marilyn Monroe/Rita Hayworth beauty, while Blake Lively is more of the Lauren Bacall/Veronica Lake beauty. We’re going to say this one is a tie, because they’re both mega hot.

Round 10: Bonus Points, Blake Lively

What does Blake Lively have going for her that Scarlett Johansson doesn't? There’s the fact that Ryan Reynolds literally worships the ground she walks on. Girlfriend has to be doing something right if Ryan Reynolds is that obsessed with her, right?

There’s also Blake's legs. Blake Lively’s legs are literally 100 feet long and always tan. I mean, her whole body is long and always tan. She's built like a model. Blake Lively also has hair that even angels, mermaids, and Victoria’s Secret models dream about. It’s really good hair. Oh, and there’s her smile. She has a bright smile, both in photographs and on the screen. When she smiles onscreen, it lights up the whole movie.

Blake Lively's film The Shallows, which was like a surfer version of Cast Away, brought in $119 million on a budget of just $17 million, meaning that she is a box office draw.

The last bonus points are for her Instagram, on which she posts candid, goofy posts that showcase her personality and let the world know she doesn’t take herself too serious. Scarlett Johansson, on the other hand, doesn’t do social media. (ScarJo, we're DYING for your selfies!)

Round 10: Bonus Point, Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson gets bonus points for her voice, because it’s smoky and sexy as hell. I mean, she has a voice so hot that she was cast in Her as the operating system (like Siri or Alexa) with which a guy falls in love.

ScarJo also gets points for her extensive film career. While Blake is still most known for her role on Gossip Girl, Scarlett has starred in the Marvel franchise and has appeared in Oscar-winning films such as Lost in Translation and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Scarlett Johansson also starred in Lucy, which brought in $463 million, making people question if she’s the new Angelina Jolie. (My personal belief is that there will never be a new Angelina.)

There’s also the fact that Esquire named Scarlett Johansson the Sexiest Woman Alive both in 2006 and 2013, making her the first and only woman to receive the title twice, so we clearly know where Esquire stands on the ScarJo vs. Blake debate.

1 The Final Results

Let’s review the rounds, shall we? Blake won the swimsuit, red carpet, pregnancy rounds. Meanwhile, Scarlett won the red dress round, the younger round, the redhead round, and the comic book round. That puts the ladies at 3 for Blake Lively and 4 for Scarlett Johansson. Then, there's the bonus points for Blake's legs and Scarlett's voice.

Such a tough decision, am I right?

In the end, we’re going to call it a draw because Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively are, like, two of the hottest women in the world. Sure, sometimes Blake Lively is hotter and sometimes Scarlett Johansson is hotter. That's because everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

Also, beauty is subjective. Some of you may think Blake Lively clearly wins, while some of you may think Scarlett Johansson clearly wins. Sound off your opinion in the comments and let us know what you think.


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