Who's Hotter? 16 Pics Of Buffy And Sookie

Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Anna Paquin are two very attractive women. Given the roles that they've played in their respectively iconic television shows...they've had to be. But who is the hotter of the two? More specifically, who is the hotter character: Buffy, or Sookie?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer and True Blood are, in their own ways, very celebrated and iconic shows. Representative of two separate eras, for sure. Now Buffy has time on her side. More people have watched Buffy, and created a sort of cult following around her, and her show. True Blood on the other hand, has met a new generation of vampire lovers, who have also had to put up with Twilight, so there is a quick bond to the character of Sookie, for not being a vampire, or sparkly.

Ultimately the choice is subjective, and each reader may come out with a different answer as to whether it's Buffy or Sookie who wins the day. But to do that, one must obviously take a look at Gellar, and Paquin as well. So here are eight photos of each, and you can decide who the hottest woman is.


16 Slayer

Sure, she's not the very first rendition of Buffy to have ever existed (given the film version that came out in 1992, starring Kristy Swanson – though also written by Joss Whedon)...but Sarah Michelle Gellar will forever be the true Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And she is smoking hot. There's no doubt about that. Even with the big nineties hair that appears a few times throughout this article. Now look above. She might be down on the ground, but the stakes are never higher with her (pun intended). All Buffy wants is to be an everyday girl (it's not weird to talk about Gellar this way. She does play a high school girl, but she was twenty when the show aired). But she's dragged into being a slayer, and she finds she's damned good at it. Balancing school and slaying is one hell of a job, but Buffy has got a pretty good sense. She pulls off school, slaying, and being sexy all in one swing of a stake.

15 Moonlight Beauty


There's something fairy mystical about Anna Paquin in this role. Sorry, fairly mystical (pun intended). True Blood must indeed be the first television show to mix up vampires, werewolves, and fairies at the same time. An interesting angle to take...but perhaps not quite believable (in the reality that they've created, that is). Regardless, it is clear the Sookie serves the same sort of function that Buffy does, but is perhaps not quite so aggressive at achieving her goals. Sure, she has her moments, but there's more of a supporting role, than a combat role with Sookie. Especially given the number of times she's been kidnapped, or passed between prospective vampire lovers. Of course, Buffy had her moments with Spike and Angel, but she was still always ready to kick some ass. Sookie can read thoughts though (for the most part), which is pretty exciting...though maybe not the best thing for someone to have when just thinking about how sexy she is.

14 Vamping Out

This is a fantastically tight fit for Buffy, which is more than clear when examining the exposed chest area of this red leather outfit. It's almost like Buffy is flirting a bit with the idea of being a vampire. And, to be fair, there was once an episode where she did become one. Now, that episode was nothing more than people's worst nightmares coming true, and she was thusly buried alive, and crawled out as a vampire, but it happened all the same. Either way, this is a look that Buffy really could have gone for in the show, and no one would have questioned it. Blade slaughtered vampires left, right, and centre, and he was always clad in a rather vampiric outfit (though he was himself a vampire). So it would be just fine for Buffy to fit right in. And imagine her slaying in an outfit like this? She wouldn't have to worry about the blood on her outfit, and every bend of her body during a fight would be something exquisite to be know, if she could indeed bend in this outfit.

13 Sookie To The Max


Anna Paquin posed for Maxim, and certainly no one is complaining about this fact. She is one gorgeous, and pallid blonde. The strange thing is that her complexion, the cut of her cheek bones, and even the outfit she is wearing above, really do point in the direction of vampirism. But of course, being a fairy, surely the pale skin, and sharply cut facial features also apply. Who knows? Regardless, the barely-held-closed blazer, with no shirt underneath, is certainly a wonderful way to get attention. And of course anyone who reads Maxim of course doesn't actually read the magazine. Its soul purpose is to be looked at. It's nice to think that TheRichest has greater journalistic integrity than the famed magazine. So Sookie's photo shoot with Maxim is surely something every fan of True Blood wanted (male or female). She's even got that seemingly vacant, ever so slight parting of the lips that models seem to think exudes sex appeal.

12 ...Bed Head?

Take the title of this entry anyway you will (sexual or not), but this gigantic nineties hair that Buffy is working with here is just hilariously fantastic. It looks like she either just had a really, really great night, or she volumized the hell out of her hair. Considering she's leaning up against some sort of faux rock formation, with candles already pouring wax down it, one would have to go with the former. And given her cute little dress, that mischievous smirk, and the only just noticeable high boots she's wearing...Id' say it's pretty damn clear. That's the thing about Buffy though. In her desire to just be a normal girl, she still aims to do things like prom, and sex...and she must be one hell of a freak when it comes to sex. When she loses her virginity to Angel, she literally screws the soul right out of him, and then he turns into a complete psychopath. Of course she is distraught over this at first. After all, hormones are literally all the rage in high school. Hers are apparently rage just a little too much...which probably makes every reader want some now.

11 Going For The Big Hair


Everything to do with Buffy seemed to go so well, that even five years after the show finished, True Blood came up and out with a lot of similar things. Whedon produced a winning formula that wasn't perfectly emulated, but clearly utilized in newer vampires shows. We just finished looking at Buffy and her big nineties hair...and now here's Sookie. Sure, it's nowhere near as big as the previous shot, but there's still clearly a cranked up volume to this look, over most of the other shots of Sookie. It really is amazing how much she looks like she could pass for a vampire. She has all of the qualities of the romantic, and beautiful version of the bloodsucker. Of course, with that look, those big, luscious locks, and that open-back outfit, surely no reader is thinking of her sucking blood. If nothing else about this feisty fairy, it must be said that she is very attractive. This is simply Anna Paquin in general (except perhaps her role as Rogue, which maybe didn't quite hit the hotness level everyone wanted).

10 The Sparkling Slayer

Note, the title of the entry is "Sparkling Slayer", not sparkling vampire. This is not an homage to Twilight. There is a Twilight in the Buffy series, but it's actually Angel in disguise. It also becomes a separate dimension, but not one where vampires sparkle. However, Buffy is sparkling in a nice sequins top above, with tight pants that seem to be slightly undone. Always ready to exude a bit of suggestive sexuality, Buffy has really got a knack for playing to her strengths. It certainly doesn't hurt that Sarah Michelle Gellar is actually just super attractive in everyday life, even now at almost forty years of age (if anyone can actually believe that!). There's something about the shadow over her eyes that her brow casts, and the look of sly, sexual confidence that really can drive people crazy. The pose doesn't hurt either, emphasizing her hips, giving some shoulder, and then exposing just the slightest midriff, and cleavage to really make one wonder...


9 Pure As Fallen Snow


Everything about Sookie in this photo is about purity. The colour of her dress, the white-washing highlighting on her face, the wind swept hair, and the darling, doe eyes. Hell, even the lace: somewhat see-through (in spots that surely people wished were elsewhere), also adds to her purity. Because all of the bits of the dress that are somewhat translucent are fairly safe places, where there is no overt sexuality on display, this really does add to the innocent, fairy-like quality of Sookie. Which is, in its own way, very attractive, and appealing. It's like how so many people fawn over Aeris in FFVII. It's her innocence, and purity that drive people to distraction. There's something sick in people's heads with wanting to either put someone like this on a pedestal, or wanting to see them lose that innocence altogether; preferably in the dirtiest way possible.

8 Just A Regular, Everyday, Normal Girl

The absolutely wonderful thing about Sarah Michelle Gellar is that she is that girl next door. She exudes that quality, while at the same time she exudes and intense amount of sexual desire. It's a very interesting conundrum, but very really all the same. The above photo is just so plain, but she's still pretty damn hot in it. And that's even before remarking on the cut of her shirt, or the contents of it. And she just looks very content in a way that not only show confidence, but also builds confidence in others. She seems like that girl who would do anything to help, because she already knows where she stands on the issue. And sure, Buffy might not always feel a certain way, but she does almost always know what the right decision is (even if she doesn't make it, or at least not right away). I really wish that this was the girl who lived next door...Don't you?

7 Lady In Red


Now of course this isn't a Chris DeBurgh song, so Sookie is not a hooker, but it doesn't change the fact that she looks ravishing in red. And given that True Blood is an HBO show, there is no reason to think that gratuitous sex wouldn't happen all through the series. And indeed it does. It doesn't happen as often with Sookie as people sure would like it to, but it happens. In fact, in the episode the above photo is from, the audience gets a pretty damn good view of Sookie's body. And one must really thank Anna Paquin for whatever she does to keep in shape, because...damn. Watching her remove that red dress to reveal the matching underwear beneath...very HBO, and very, very sexy. Even just with what is shown above, she's sitting on the table, which is already different, and therefore sexier than sitting on the couch (where she later ends up). And the look she's giving...she certainly knows how to get what she wants (unless it's a threesome with two vampires, in which case she has to keep it in her dreams).

6 Oh My, Did I Do That?

It almost looks like Buffy just did something for which she's ashamed, or she's frightened of something that's about to happen. Whichever side of that this photo falls under, it would probably have something to do with Spike, or Angel regardless. Two vampires she felt both ashamed of being involved with, and frightened of at one point or another. But there is something of an unkempt, ravenous sexuality about her in this shot. The hair, drawn across her right eye, and tumbling in little tangles just past her shoulders, along with the fact that she's just wearing her bra, and finger-less gloves...there is something rather Skid Row about her. Maybe even a Lost Boys vibe. And she would have fit in perfectly with that crowd...I mean she would have slain them all, but it would have been wonderful. Perhaps the best part of this shot is the fact that at least one of Gellar's eyes is fully open, and stunning. Those green eyes have something of the otherworldly to them, which fits the character of Buffy just fine.

5 A Bit Of Breeze


It will never cease to amaze how well the makes of True Blood seemed to design the fairy who is Sookie after a vampire. There is every feature here, but perhaps for the eyes. And even then, in this shot they could be taken as black anyway, and that would suit just fine. With a bit of wind-swept blonde, the pale complexion, and the aforementioned, but incredibly sharp cut to her features, Anna Paquin looks the part of a vampire...which is to say villainously sexy. Perhaps the only reason she gets away with this look, and with being a fairy somehow too, is the incredible innocence, and maybe even naivety apparent in her doe eyes. It's got to be either that, or the fact that her shirt is open enough just to see the tops of her breasts, and so no one ultimately cares if she's a vampire, a fairy, or even a petrified gorgon. It must be said that both True Blood and Buffy The Vampire Slayer have very good casting when it comes to the leading ladies...and the supporting ladies too (Alyson Hannigan). And for those interested, I'm sure they do a good job with the men as well, but that's not this article.

4 Ready To Rumble

This is something you will not see coming from Sookie in True Blood. She is not, by any means, ready to rumble, unless she's forced to...and even then, it's not like she's really ever prepared for a fight (which she should be, given the way her life's turned out). Regardless, the lack of editing of the above shot really gives readers an idea of how Sarah Michelle Gellar really looks, in real life, devoid of Photoshop. Remember, there was a time when that program was not used to touch up every last photograph. This must be one that survived that wonderful era of relative reality. You can see the fuzz on her forearms, the break in her posture, the makeup that was used for the shoot, and you can even see her natural body type, in a shirt that't not form-fitted, or edited to cut out any "excess skin". This is one of the most real photos of Buffy anyone will ever see, and it must be said, that cute, and conniving confidence that permeates from Gellar's smile really does it for this writer, and should do it for you readers as well.

3 Three's Company


Oh that's right. Remember that aforementioned threesome that Sookie wanted with two vampires? And that red bra and panty combo underneath that ravishing red dress in one of the previous entries? Well...there you go. Eric and Bill have long been Sookie's Angel and Spike. It's amazing the number of character qualities, choices, and plots in True Blood that have seemingly been pulled from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Regardless, the above dream that Sookie has of nailing her two lovers is a bit ridiculous...and that's knowing full well that Buffy was a show from the nineties! But, it's Sookie's dream, and she gets what she wants. She has to strip to get it, but no one watching the show, or reading this article, thinking about it now are complaining...surely. Anna Paquin is gorgeous after all, and watching her talk about her desire for two men to belong to her, rather than her belong to either man is pretty on turning...even with the bullsh*t southern accent.

2 Backstage With Buffy

Who wouldn't want to be backstage with Buffy? Aside from making cracks about being in her back lot, it would seriously be an exciting experience. Especially if she was giving the look she is in this photo. And there's something very business professional about this outfit she has going on here. The nice, fitted sweater, and the knee-length pencil skirt...hell she could even be on her way to playing the sexy librarian here...if she wasn't already a totally badass, vampire slayer. As seen in this article, Sarah Michelle Gellar has many looks, and she is able to pull them off with greatness, and an attraction that even bridges the gap from sometimes laughable nineties fashion. She still manages to draw people in with her exceptionally attractive, yet girl-next-door sort of looks. She's very deceiving in this way, but in a pleasantly surprising sort of way. As the author of the article...I'd vote Buffy.

1 Ravenous


Anna Paquin is a gorgeous, doe-eyed, though perhaps not overly amazing actor, with a real sense of her physical self, for sure. The above photo seems to echo, somewhat the "Oh My, Did I Do That?" entry of this article. It's almost as if Sookie had done something for which she was ashamed, or perhaps she is frightened of something. And she has the same reasons for shame and fright as Buffy. And perhaps that's the reason why Sookie is so effective. She simply needed some previously well-founded tropes, a southern accent, and a beautiful actor like Anna Paquin to bring her to life. It's difficult to be objective in this instance when it's clear that so much of what Sookie is, came from a character years before, played by another attractive actor. But pulling away from specifically the character (because it's pretty clear Buffy wins the hottest character portion of this), what of the actors themselves? They are both stunning, and while it seems Gellar is more diverse in appearance, perhaps Paquin is the most solidly stunning at each turn?


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