Who's Hotter? 16 Photos Of Emilia Clarke And Natalie Dormer

Chances are you've joined the other 8.1 million viewers in watching the epic HBO series Game of Thrones. If you haven't yet seen the show then we must ask; what the heck are you doing?! Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) play two ferocious beauties in the hottest show on the planet, and if you haven't yet tuned into the show then we’re willing to guess that after reading this article that these two will drag you in immediately. If you aren't into medieval manipulation and fire breathing dragon wars, no fear, Game of Thrones has enough hotties to keep even the most mundane audience entertained. These two innocent souls play some not-so-innocent characters on the show, and their gorgeous demeanors command respect no matter who you are.

A common debate when viewers of the show collide is this one, who is hotter? Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) or Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer)? In this debate we aren't picking sides because honestly they're both so attractive we can't decide ourselves. We leave it up to you guys to come to the long awaited solution everyone who watches the show (or even those few outsiders) has been waiting for. Setting the show aside for a minute, we encourage you to objectively look at these photos we have set before you; decide for yourself whether Emilia or Natalie is hotter. If you cannot arrive at a conclusion for one or the other we don't blame you, similarly to the show these following images are provoking and jaw-dropping, so buckle up and prepare for photos that make the arrival of the winter pale in comparison.

16 Emilia Clarke's Innocent Smile

In a photo that depicts the exact opposite of who Emilia Clarke plays on the hit show Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke looks like an innocent school girl arriving cautiously for her first day of class. Her piercing blue eyes and rosy red cheeks compliment each other so well that it may give Emilia the early edge over Natalie Dormer. However we’re not yet ready to make that distinction. It’s hard to believe that Clarke has a set of vicious dragons on the show, from first glance at this photograph you may be more inclined to believe she runs a coffee shop on the corner of Broadway and Main Street. The versatile actress is absolutely gorgeous, having just broken ground on her acting career it’s safe to assume that Emilia Clarke will be around for several years to come, watch out Natalie!

15 Natalie Dormer's Sinister Smile

Her clever and cunning character on the show leaves us all in awe, she's as smart as she is beautiful, and boy is she beautiful. Natalie Dormer transitions her beauty into the show effortlessly, in which she uses her sex appeal to hypnotize and lure oblivious victims into her range. She does roughly the same thing on the outside, except we know what we’re getting ourselves into and we do it anyway. She is so attractive that she gives Emilia Clarke a run for her money. Both of these women are incredibly beautiful in their own right, but Natalie Dormer may be getting an edge with photos like this one. It’s tough to tell who looks more innocent, and who is more sinister on the inside.

14 Simple Beauty

With a face like this it’s no wonder that she can control massive dragons and baffle enemies all across the world. She has a face that screams innocence, and an iron fortitude that commands respect. The stark contrast is staggering, and when staring into those eyes we’re sure we don't stand a chance. There’s just something so controlling about a soft spoken woman with a heavy heart, and she embodies those very virtues with ease. These two females have been trading punches back and forth like a ping pong match, only there are two beautiful women holding the paddles. Sorry guys, we’re at a complete loss for words when it comes to making a decision on who's sexier, we advise you just sit back and enjoy the show.

13 Off The Shoulder

Pictures like this one help us understand the justification that Natalie Dormer is hands down the hottest character on the show. As a matter of fact it’s pictures like this one that argue she might be the hottest woman in the film industry period. Her unique beauty is breathtaking, coupled with her staggering confidence and charisma, Natalie Dormer is certainly making quite the name for herself as an up and coming superstar. Her independent nature and cunning manipulation she so well depicts on the show, finally appears to emerge in this photograph. Like her shockingly dramatic character on the show, Natalie Dormer has no problem relaying the same vigor and exuberance for the camera either. This debate remains deadlocked, for now we are just going to keep our mouths shut.

12 Black And White Emilia

Emilia Clarke has a unique talent of looking like she doesn't care at all, and that unique talent of hers ironically seems to always make us more and more interested. There’s something so nauseating about the black and white photograph; and by nauseating we mean that she’s so attractive we get weak at the knees and feel like we’re going to puke. A master of the ‘head-tilt’, Emilia Clarke has gotten a certain way of flicking her head to the side, and subsequently flipping our hearts directly out of our chests. The race is so unbelievably close we aren’t sure if these images are going to get us any closer to an answer, or just provide another awesome vehicle to view our most desired characters of our favorite show.

11 Natalie Dormer's Seductive Gaze

That’s it, we’re done. We cannot judge this competition fairly anymore after seeing this picture of Natalie Dormer; she’s simply too hot. If Emilia Clarke wasn't a stone cold beauty we’d have no problem giving the title to Natalie Dormer against anyone else. This picture literally makes us weak at the knees. Natalie Dormer has a way of seducing her audience through a picture like no one else can; it’s as if she knew she was facing off against Emilia Clarke and she took this picture for the sole reason of beating her. We can no longer be non-partisan in the topic, we are too tongue tied when it comes to the beauty of Natalie Dormer; can Emilia Clarke ever recover from pictures like this one?

10 Emilia Clarke In Esquire

Photographs like this one from Emilia Clarke just plain aren't fair. She is so seductive in this Esquire photoshoot that we’re almost inclined to end the competition right here, but to be fair we will give Natalie Dormer a few more chances. With the black and white setting, her bra appearing to be falling forcefully to the ground, and her mile-shot gaze into the wild unknown, it’s no wonder several people consider her the hottest woman on the show. Emilia has gained notoriety since her debut as Daenerys Targaryen, and for good reason; Emilia Clarke is arguably one of the hottest up and coming actresses in the film industry to date. Unfortunately for her so is Natalie Dormer, which leads us to our next photo.

9 Bent Over Madness

If this picture of Natalie Dormer was a bit more popular, we’re fairly confident that it would break the internet. Natalie Dormer clearly takes the more seductive pictures, so whether or not Emilia Clarke is hotter; Natalie has the fierce edge when it comes to luring in the gentlemen. Natalie Dormer makes a solid case with this picture that she should be considered as one of the hottest women in the film industry, period. Both of these women have taken our breath away at one point or another, and it’s easy to see why the race is so hotly contested, no matter what conclusion that you may end up at we think it’s safe to assume that you’d agree both women are incredibly stunning.

8 Lady In Red

Something about a synchronized red lipstick and ruby red sweater has us in disbelief. How can such a simplistic entourage have us so baffled? Oh, yeah, Emilia Clarke is wearing it. Every single time we think we have this debate’s fire stoked, we take another look at the other opponent and immediately want to switch our position. We guess that’s the foundation of an epic debate, especially one bunkered with two fabulous beauties at the height of their respective careers. Clarke’s ensemble reminds us of the fire breathing dragons she so effortlessly controls on the HBO hit Game of Thrones. To be fair we would let Emilia Clarke control us whether it was on a fictional television show or not. This race for the sexier of the two seems to be destined for a stalemate, it’s not over yet though.

7 Are You Kidding..?

If we told you Natalie Dormer shaved part of her head, you might have decided not to participate in viewing this photo at all. After looking at it though, we’re willing to guess you're darn glad that you did. Few can pull of this bold move like Dormer can, and we’re so impressed we are ready to fork over the trophy to her right now...well not quite yet. These two women pull off some of the most seductive and enticing ‘come and get me’ stares in the game. Perhaps that’s why it has been so difficult to choose a winner; they're both just so good at it. If Natalie Dormer can navigate her way through shaved heads and medieval catapults we think she will do just fine strolling Hollywood Boulevard.

6 Flower Girl 

Emilia Clarke has mastered the shy and innocent look to perfection, it compliments her quite well considering she has conquered an entire people on her show Game of Thrones. Looking like she just rolled out of bed, but somehow simultaneously also looking like she just did 5 hours of makeup, Emilia Clarke is a stunning version of Sleeping Beauty. Once again her emerald green eyes come out to shine, her bleach blonde locks, and soft pink lipstick somehow compliment each other perfectly. Emilia Clarke is showing off her versatility to both dominate Esquire photoshoots, as well as sweet innocent morning after pictures. Emilia Clarke may have a slight edge over Natalie Dormer with her versatility. As we move forward with our competition, let’s see if Natalie can make up for lost ground.

5 First Lady?

Natalie Dormer looks like she should be sitting side by side with the President of the United States delegating new legislation to pass bills and laws. We must say that this apparent first lady photo-op suits her quite well; her deadlock stare is both intimidating and incredibly sexy. Natalie Dormer continues to impress no matter what the scenario, she can look good in literally anything, and she’s showing off her versatility quite well in this photo. Something about these fragile young women just commands that we take them seriously, and we really do. What about a young domineering, sexy, and confident woman don't we like? We love it all. Natalie Dormer has been keeping this race for sexiest Game of Thrones character close, so close in fact, she may have just taken the lead.

4 Emilia..Emilia...Emilia...

The master of the calm and collective face, Emilia Clarke cannot look any more pure than she does in this photograph. Maybe it’s the black and white addition that’s giving us the shakes, or perhaps it’s just always been her beautiful face; but Emilia Clarke has left us breathless once again. The queen of dragons has demanded we give her a serious shot at being our choice for the most beautiful character in Game of Thrones. Not that we ever didn’t take her serious, but with shots like this one how can we not? Emilia Clarke will be just fine if she isn't crowned by us as the most beautiful character in the show, just take one look at her, she’s going to be more than alright trust us.

3 Long Hair, Don't Care

Natalie Dormer usually captivates us with her beautiful mug, and don’t get us wrong she still does, but in this photo our eyes have wandered around a bit. Her hair always looks good, but even this picture is a glorious upgrade. Her pale skin and her black satin dress are a stark contrast; and her piercing eyes have us frozen in our tracks. Natalie Dormer looks as though she was caught in the midst of a hurricane, her hair is blowing relentlessly around the screen in what is undoubtedly a calm setting. The race between these two couldn't be any closer, no wonder this topic has had Game of Thrones fans bickering back and forth for such a long time. No matter who ends up on top, both of these women are incredibly gorgeous.

2 Daenerys Targaryen - Queen Of Dragons

The Queen of Dragons is so mesmerizing we’re lost for words. If you were a character in the Game of Thrones series we think you’d be hard pressed to not want to follow such a fascinating woman. I mean, she has dragons for god's sake. Emilia Clarke embodies her role in the HBO series better than just about anyone, she takes her relatively small frame and commands a character that is truly larger than life. Whether she is dressed for success on the set of Game of Thrones, or just dressed up to walk down the street; Emilia Clarke always seems to impress. In her first massive role, Emilia Clarke may have cemented herself in the movie industry seemingly overnight. Truth be told we would be happy whether it’s Emilia Clarke or Natalie Dormer gracing our television sets, but Emilia Clarke is certainly making a case for being the hottest woman on the show.

1 Natalie Dormer's Icy Eyes

Just when we thought we had this entire debate settled, Natalie Dormer had to go and flash her unbelievably steel grey eyes, and completely leave us bewildered once again. We could seriously get lost in those eyes all day, and we’re venturing to guess you could as well. Whether you're die hard Emilia Clarke fans, or just here for the show, images like this one leave us with a gut feeling that Natalie Dormer just might edge out a victory in this highly contested race. These two have gone head to head this entire way and honestly we have no idea who’s winning at this point, and being quite blunt, does it matter? These two gorgeous women are putting on an absolute show that has us gasping for air. These two are liable to start their own firework display with the sparks that they’re setting off.

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