Who's Hotter? 16 Cosplays Of Scooby Doo's Velma And Daphne

Scooby Doo has been an incredibly popular show since its debut in 1969. And what a perfect year to have come from, especially given the content of this article. Now much like Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics, Daphne and Velma have long had a rivalry. Ultimately in the show they get along just fine. But fans of both women have always warred about just who is the hottest.

So this article is to help those who are on the fence make up their minds about whether it's vivacious Velma, or drop-dead-gorgeous Daphne. And you know, this article just may make peace between the two warring camps. There are some great photos here that suggest Daphne and Velma are really into each why shouldn't everyone appreciate them both?

And for those who never knew there was such a debate ongoing since the 60s, well prepare yourselves to see these two Scooby Doo characters in ways that you've certainly never expected to see them. But I think it's pretty clear: if there's a show, or a cartoon, there's almost certainly an adult industry version of it. And boy oh boy are there some pretty provocative pictures below. Zoinks!


16 Jinkies! Velma On Her Knees!

It's certainly never been a normal part of Velma's attire that she show off really any degree of skin. She's always been the shy, nerdy, almost librarian sort of character. But it's also that librarian quality that has led people to think of Velma in a rather naughty way. And here is a prime example. It's not like this cosplayer has gone out of her way to show off a lot of her body. In fact she's only really showing some leg, and her midriff. Otherwise she's pretty well classic Velma. But it's that extra bit of skin, the much tighter shirt, and the incredibly suggestive position that really turn this poindexter into a ravishing, and charged woman. This is how we get that hot librarian look. And what a perfect character. An icon of intelligence from our childhood, come to a naughtily mature state in our adulthood.

15 Oh Damn Daphne!


Yeah, as you can see, even Scooby is just completely thrown by this overwhelmingly hot cosplay of Daphne. And it's easy to tell that that's the character she's dressed as...even if she's wearing almost nothing at all. The colour scheme, scarf, hair, and headband are all very telling signs of the character, but with a very, very naughty touch. Anyone who never found the cartoon versions of these characters in any way attractive must now have certainly made an exception for their human cosplayers! Pierced, tattooed, and showing off a hell of a lot of skin, this Daphne cosplayer has basically become a childhood dream. Even though she was clearly the more open character of the Scooby Gang girls, Daphne was still pretty conservatively dressed in most episodes...this really changes things up quite a bit, and in a very good way.

14 Very Tight Velma

It's not like this cosplayer has overdone the skimpy outfit, or posed in a particularly suggestive way. But there's still something about her work that really gets the job done when thinking about Velma as a pretty hot character. It could be how tight the sweater is across the bust...or maybe it's that she's wearing a pretty short skirt that gives viewers just the tiniest glimpse of her underwear. It could even be something as simple as the innocent, and almost fearful look in her beautiful eyes. There's something about that sort of vulnerability that really does seem to get a lot of people aroused. And given that Velma's character revolves a lot around an incredible amount of innocence, and naivety, it makes perfect sense that this expression would get people going.

13 Babe Battle


Ok wow. This is a pretty fantastic costume battle. I mean I'm pretty sure I know which one wins here, but that doesn't change the fact that they are both still very attractive cosplaying women. The wig and makeup on the Velma character might just be what makes her lose out against Daphne though. It's maybe just a bit too fake. Daphne's hair, while likely fake as well, looks very well fitted...though not nearly as well fitted as her vinyl dress, and leggings. Oh my goodness! While it would likely be very difficult to take off when wanting to get into some...role playing...this is perhaps the hottest version of Daphne's costume I've ever seen. Or at least it's the most interesting take. It's like if Daphne were a dominatrix. All she needs is a crop in her hand, and someone at her feet.

12 Just Taking A Break

Again, it seems not to take all that much to turn Velma into a pretty vivacious, and incredibly hot character. There's nothing particularly special to her outfit, save for the skirt. All it really takes is the proper pose, and just that little show of some thigh (especially with those knee-high socks to follow). Suddenly every guy is falling for a character they never found particularly attractive to begin with. It's very interesting to think how easy it can be to get a guy going. Of course the classic sweater has obviously been chosen to be a little bit tighter than what the cartoon character seems to have. But it's those small, yet important details that transform this character from a nerdy Velma, to a vixen Velma. And what's wrong with that?

11 Ravishing Reid


Ireland Reid is now one of my favourite cosplayers. And I haven't seen any of her other work, aside from this Daphne outfit. The wonderfully low-cut top really does not pull much from the character in any way. And ultimately the only difference between Reid's version of Daphne, and the classic cartoon (besides how hot Reid is), is that there is a separate top, and skirt. And I have to say that it really works well. How could it not? As easily seen with the lingerie version of Daphne, more skin is obviously better. And if you can show off more, while still paying true homage to the spirit of the character...then why not? The stripes are still basically in the same place. The colouring is right. The scarf and headband are still present. She's just got something to flaunt as well!

10 Velma Selfie

It makes perfect sense that Velma would be the first one of the Scooby Gang to take a selfie. It would seem that the vanity of Daphne would drive her to be the first, but don't forget that Velma is the smarter and more tech-savvy of the two characters. And boy does she know just how to use the selfie to accentuate certain key areas of her body. And looking over the glasses as she is, is a pretty engaging way to get guys into the photo...before their gaze drifts downward to the open cut top, and extraordinarily white chest. Though it has to be said that the quality of the photo, and the way the shadow play happens does kind of make for an unattractive bit on her photo-taking arm. But it stands to reason that most people won't be focusing there at all.


9 Daphne Blake's Lingerie


There may be another shot in this article that hints at, or somewhat shows off some Daphne lingerie. Which is a very interesting look into the character, because how do any of us know just what Daphne wears under that dress? But now we needn't imagine any further. I think this should be the definitive choice of clothing underneath Daphne's dress. So in future, if you're ever watching Sarah Michelle Gellar play this role, you can think about exactly what is under her outfit. And I'm sorry for those fans of Gellar (I love her too), but this cosplayer is a much better looking Daphne than Gellar could ever be. It truly is amazing how the elements of the character can remain so easily, while simultaneously making her far naughtier.

8 Of Course Jessica Nigri

There should be absolutely no surprise here. If there is a show, game, or character from any medium that happens to have a cosplay, then it's pretty safe to say that Jessica Nigri has done it. And surely that's not the only thing every guy who checks this babe out wishes she has done. Either way, here is Nigri is Velma! Of course to keep the photo safe for TheRichest, it had to be cropped a tiny bit, and you can certainly see why! Just that much cleavage from the classic Velma sweater is more than enough to make for some happy dreams. And Nigri really seems to have a way about her expressions that can just make a man melt. And here is one for sure. She has that hint of innocence to still keep her grounded to the Velma character. But it's pretty clear that she's got a little something more in mind than solving mysteries. I think she wants to get to the bottom of something else...

7 Time For Bed!

advertising! What's amazing here is that this Daphne cosplayer has the full costume dress. And it's the right colour, with the right stripes. Wonderful job at keeping true to the character. But other than the occasional bathing suit, we have no idea what Daphne keeps under that dress. And I have to say that this cosplay is perhaps the best imagining of just what she wears under there. This Daphne lingerie is just perfect. The colour scheme is just right. And it's conservative yet revealing in a similar way to her dress. And the look on this cosplayer's face as she strips out of that classic dress just says it all. I hope she's not waiting for Fred to show up, because I think there are many more guys who are willing to fight Fred for a chance with her.

6 Dream Girls

Yes, of course anyone who has ever thought of Velma or Daphne in a remotely naughty way has then thought about both of them being naughty together. And these two really know hot to play on those fantasies. Their tight, vinyl, or rubber costumes are pretty smokin'. Both are incredibly low cut. And you'll notice just that extra bit of skin on Velma's top. Sure, the colour is quite right for Daphne's top, but people are likely more interesting in what's popping out of that top, and what's going on just above that. I'm fairly certain this isn't just a cosplay, and is part of an adult film, but it still has the spirit of cosplay. After all, if you can't play around with the characters (or each other), while still paying homage to them, then what's the point?

5 Live Action Velma


Alright, so this isn't exactly a cosplay in the traditional sense, but this is at least an actor dressed as the character of Velma. There having been a couple of Scooby Doo films now done in live action, it's great to see that they even had the impulse to make Velma a little more...exciting. There is just no way you would have seen Velma with a low cut top like in this shot, unless some cartoon ghost made her appear in a bathing suit to embarrass her or something. But she's pretty clearly on display here. And so far as I know, not too many people had a lot to complain about. And it doesn't hurt one bit that Linda Cardellini is a pretty darn good lookin' woman. And considering that her counterpart playing Daphne was Sarah Michelle Gellar, they really had a good-looking cast for these two ladies.

4 Mmm...Scooby Snacks

There really is no mystery to be uncovered here. I think it's pretty clear that these two are trying to entice us with Scooby snacks. Well that, and their incredibly tight outfits. And Daphne's well-placed Scooby snack really does seem to place a bit more focus on her posterior. And it has to be said that those horizontal stripes do her booty some pretty wonderful justice. Now you might think that it makes no sense that they would be enticing anyone other than Scooby with these snacks. But then you would forget that Shaggy often indulged in the same snacks as well. Now to be fair, Shaggy would eat just about anything. But could it really be out of the realm of possibility that this Daphne and Velma cosplay couple might want someone to have a little bite?

3 Daphne And Velma


Oh come on now. There's no way you've never thought of it. Unless you clicked on this article because you thought it was impossible to think of Daphne and/or Velma in a naughty way, then you've absolutely thought about the two of them together. Even if just a passing thought, it's been on your mind at least once. And this is perhaps the classic example of how one might expect that sort of story to play out. Velma would of course be the nervous, less experience one. And Daphne would surely be the one wrapping her scarf around Velma to pull her in for some fun. It doesn't hurt that Daphne is wearing a lower cut top than normal in this shot as well. And it's pretty clear by the look in her eye that she knows exactly what she is doing.

2 The Damsel Daphne

Alright, so maybe there is a bit of inaccuracy with the costume here. But it's nothing that any one onlooker is going to complain about. The only issue? The dress is a bit shorter than the classic character. But who would ever really consider that an issue. Especially when the woman wearing that dress is so gorgeous. And the thigh-high stocking that you can just barely make out in the shot really help accentuate the short cut of that dress too! Imagine walking along this causeway, and coming across Daphne Blake in person. Even though I'd know it was a cosplay, I'd still try to pick her character up. She's clearly into some bit of role play. So why not try to push those boundaries just a little bit further? I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

1 Gellar's Daphne


Alright, if nothing else it has to be said the Freddie Prinze Jr. is probably the most perfect choice that there could have been to play the role of Fred in the live action Scooby Doo films. When it comes to the casting of Daphne Blake (as much as I love Sarah Michelle Gellar), there probably could have been a more accurate looking actor than Gellar. Of course she nailed the essence of the character. But if there's anything that the other cosplays in this article have told me, is that there are far hotter Daphnes out there than Gellar. She can slay vampires all day long, and I'd say that no one could touch her. But Ireland Reid, for example, just wipes the floor with Gellar when it comes to dressing up as Daphne. It's not Gellar's fault, but it's the truth all the same.

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