Who's Hotter? 16 Pics Of The Ladies From The F&F Franchise

Few movie franchises have had such an amazing ride as The Fast and the Furious. The 2001 racing crime action flick was a surprise smash in 2001, making Vin Diesel an instant star. He bowed out of the sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious which was still a success. However, Tokyo Drift was seen as a failure and that seemed to be the end of it. In 2009, Fast and Furious reunited the original cast and surprised many by being a hit again. Fast Five brought together characters from the previous films and the addition of Dwayne Johnson to become a monster success. That led to Fast 6, an even bigger smash.

Sadly, the series was rocked when, in a tragic irony, Paul Walker was killed in a car accident in 2013. They managed to cobble his already shot footage with some CGI so Furious 7 turned into a good tribute for him. The series has now landed with The Fate of the Furious and amazing how it’s one movie franchise where each movie is an even bigger box office hit than the previous one. Fans love the action, the wild stunts and the cars but there is another reason: That the movies boast some of the hottest women around. Some are around for just one movie while others are popular faces (and bodies) of the franchise. They get into the action, often the stunts and show a great way the series wins over male fans besides just the cars. Here are 15 steamy pics of the ladies of this franchise who make sure F&F always gives viewers a fun ride.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!


16 Nathalie Emmanuel

A gorgeous British actress, Nathalie Emmanuel got her start on the stage in various West End musicals like The Lion King among others. That led to a run on the popular British soap Hollyoaks. Emmanuel hit the limelight with her role as Missandei on the smash hit Game of Thrones. Like most any lady on the show, Emmanuel had a memorable nude scene and showed great grit in the part. This led to her being cast in Furious 7 as Ramsey, the impossibly hot computer hacker who the team has to rescue. This included a scene of her emerging from a beach in a killer bikini and no wonder teammates Roman and Tej compete for her affections.

Emmanuel has kept busy with Thrones as well as Fate and appearing in The Scorch Trials to add another action franchise to her resume. This pic shows her lovely style in a shoulder-free dress, her hair billowing out and an alluring look that makes her one computer nerd to get hot over.

15 Nathalie Kelley


Tokyo Drift is something of the “forgotten child” of the Fast franchise. It had none of the stars of the previous films (save a cameo from Diesel at the end) and doesn’t connect to much to the rest of the saga aside from the character of Han. Still, it’s argued it has its good stuff with Lucas Black as Shawn, a kid sent to Tokyo after smashing up a car in a race. Neela was a lady involved with a Tokyo racer who intrigues Shaw and she soon is on his side as he prepares for a big race. The role was played by Nathalie Kelley, a Peruvian actress who showed off nicely with some humor and drive. While the movie wasn’t as huge a hit as the others, Kelley still was a highlight.

The actress has kept busy on television with roles such as Body of Proof and playing the evil Sybil on the final season of The Vampire Diaries. As seen by this pic, her smoldering beauty with lush black hair makes her a standout and one reason why Drift shouldn’t be as ignored in the Fast franchise as it is.

14 Ronda Rousey

In 2015, Ronda Rousey was riding high on top of the MMA world. She had brought UFC into major fame as a champion and wowing fans with her mix of beauty and fantastic fighting. With such fame behind her, Rousey was trying her hand at movies, having already gotten a role in The Expendables 3. This led to her brief but memorable role in Furious 7 as Kara, a bodyguard for a billionaire whose party the team has to infiltrate. She and Letty go at it in a great fight scene with both ladies in fantastic gowns to make it an even hotter sight.

Sadly, Rousey’s career hit a big block with a shocking upset loss of her title to Holly Holm. Her would-be comeback turned into a minute-long humiliating defeat and her status as both a fighter and action star has fallen. She still has her fans and this beachside pic of her in a lion swimsuit shows that in terms of looking hot, Rousey is still a knockout.

13 Gal Gadot


Like any citizen of Israel, Gal Gadot was required to spend two years in military service. That made her a great candidate for action scenes although she first cut her teeth as a model. Her film debut was in Fast and Furious as Gisele, an underling of a drug lord who helps out Dom and Brian in their quest. Brian saves her life in a gunfight and she repays it with telling him how to get her boss. Gadot made such an impact that she was brought into the gang in Fast Five with the revelation of being a former Mossad agent. This had a great scene where she uses her bikini-clad body to distract a crime boss. She and Han had a good romance going but in Fast Six, she sacrifices her life to save his during the big climatic scene.

Gadot of course has become far more famous by landing the role of Wonder Woman in the DC Cinematic Universe. She stole the show in Batman v Superman and expectations are high for her upcoming solo film as well as Justice League. This photo shows a great grace and beauty but also still steaming hot and how it was the F&F movies that introduced this Amazon to moviegoers.

12 Gina Carano

Long before Ronda Rousey came around, Gina Carano was putting female MMA fighters on the map. With her tough drive and skill, Carano pioneered how women could kick butt in the Octagon as well as men could and won huge respect for her prowess. Retiring from fighting, she had a part in the revival of American Gladiators while moving into movies. Stephen Soderbergh cast her as a spy in Haywire and she did a great job, including a fight scene in a hotel room with Michael Fassbender. In Fast 6, Carano played Riley, a marshall who helps the team in their efforts and gets into a big fight scene with Letty. But in a wild twist, it turns out she’s the lover of bad guy Shaw and ends up killed by Letty in an airplane fight.

Carano has kept busy with roles in the Kickboxer reboot and a great part in Deadpool. This pic shows how her intensity in training makes her a great fighter but also amazingly beautiful and that combination makes Carano as effective on screen as she was in the Octagon.

11 Jordana Brewster


Frankly, Jordana Brewster and Vin Diesel don’t look much alike but somehow she ended up being cast as his little sister Mia. Already known for the cult sci-fi film The Faculty, Brewster brought some nice spark to the role romancing Paul Walker and handling a car as well as the others. She moved onto other roles like a lesbian terrorist in DEBS and TV series like Chuck. She joined the rest of the cast for Fast and Furious and was surprised it became a hit to revive the series. The next two movies had Mia and Paul Walker’s Brian getting closer and finally married with a child on the way. Walker had completed much of his work on Furious 7 before his untimely death and the seventh movie ended with the idea of him and Mia retiring to raise a family.

Brewster has kept busy such as the ABC drama Secrets and Lies and Fox’s surprisingly successful TV version of Lethal Weapon. With her smoldering eyes, bangs and fantastic body, Brewster has proven herself one of the franchise's hottest ladies who got fans going.

10 Charlize Theron

It’s still astounding that Charlize Theron was able to bury her beauty for her Oscar-winning turn in Monster. From her debut in 2 Days in the Valley, Theron has been burning up movie screens with her intensity, drive and willingness to doff it all on screen in a variety of roles. She was notable in some parts but her Oscar win has solidified her as an actress as well as a sex symbol. She showed her grit big time with her role in Mad Max Fury Road and thus being cast in a Fast movie made perfect sense. She was terrific in The Fate of the Furious as Cipher, a conniving computer genius who blackmails Dom to her side and utterly ruthless.

The role is open for a return in the sequels and it would be fun to see Theron there. The actress is keeping busy, gaining big buzz for her upcoming spy thriller Atomic Blonde and always in demand. This pic shows Theron's flawless beauty that’s made her a must for any ranking of sexy ladies.


9 Elsa Pataky


Born in Spain, Elsa Pataky was into acting and modelling early on, which is no surprise given her flawless looks and amazing body. She appeared in various Spanish TV shows and some movies like the cult favorite Snakes on a Plane. In Fast Five, she got the meaty role of Elena Neves, a tough Brazilian cop brought on for the hunt for Dom. She and Vin Diesel got some hot scenes together to start a relationship but it ended in the next movie when he found out Letty was alive. Fate of the Furious had a stunning twist of Elena being captured and it was revealed she’d had Dom’s son and never told him. She ended up being killed, a shame given Pataky’s great heat in the role.

The actress has gotten a bit more fame for her marriage to Thor star Chris Hemsworth and famously won a court decision against a magazine that had printed topless photos of her without permission. She keeps busy and this shot of her in jeans and a nice bra shows off the stunning sex appeal that made her role in the franchise so notable.

8 Devon Aoki

After the very first film was a hit it was only natural a sequel followed. However, Vin Diesel bowed out over money issues so the story had Paul Walker’s Brian taking on a new assignment in Miami. He teams up with Roman and Tej as a pair of street crooks turned race hustlers who help Ryan get racing gigs in order to infiltrate a crime lord’s organization. Suki is the leader of a race crew notable in that they’re all women. Played by Devon Aoki, she got attention for her bright pink Honda and shows a gritty determination. She and the crews end up helping Brian in his big escape from the cops and Aoki showing off nicely in the role.

The attractive Asian-American has leant her exotic looks to further action films like DEBS, DOA and playing Miho in the first Sin City film. Today a clothing designer, Aoki still has a great exotic beauty on display in this pic and a reason she could steal the show in many an action film.

7 Nikki Griffin


The kick-off of Tokyo Drift is how racer Shawn gets into a fight with a high school rival for a race that ends in a mess. The race begins with Shawn clashing with Clay, an arrogant jock played by Home Improvement’s Zachery Ty Bryan. The two start to fight a bit with Shawn pushing for a race but Clay scoffs he doesn’t want Shawn’s car. Nikki Griffin is Cindy, Clay’s girlfriend who gives them a prize worth racing for: “Winner gets…me.”

Griffin looked great in the role as the hot high school blonde and while the part was small, she made the most out of it with her nice skirt and blouse. Known for her role as party girl Jess on The O.C., Griffin would appear in various small movies before finally retiring from acting. This pic showcases a very steamy side to her in a gold dress and how she’s a lady well worth the prize.

6 Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez had gotten attention from her debut role as a female boxer in 2000’s Girlfight. This led to her breakout as Letty, the wild car thief who enjoyed her criminal lifestyle in the very first Fast movie. Rodriguez would go on for roles in Resident Evil, BloodRayne and Avatar along with the TV series Lost. Rodriguez won fans with her hot attitude and great looks while also throwing herself into action parts. In 2009, she returned for Fast and Furious but was seemingly killed off to push the plot on. But the stinger for Fast Five revealed she was still alive. The sixth movie elaborated that Letty had survived but with amnesia and aiding the bad guys. The seventh movie had her remembering to finally get with Dom.

Rodriguez has continued her amazing ride with movies like Machete and the Assignment and being up front over her sexuality in Hollywood. She says she never meant to be an action icon but she sure fell into it well. Her fantastic beauty on display in this image showing Rodriguez is a lady truly furious in her beauty.

5 Minka Kelly


Some may do a double take on this as they wouldn’t remember Minka Kelly being in any of the Fast movies. However, to promote the sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious in 2003, the studio turned to the Internet to present Turbo Charged Prelude, a six-minute short film that took place before the movie. It just has Paul Walker’s Ryan running around various places using cars to get from L.A. to Miami. At one point, he literally runs into a young woman at a hotel who’s taken by him with a smile and gives him a ride. It’s only a few seconds but Kelly is notable in how hot she looks in jeans and blouse driving him around.

A few years later, Kelly got her breakout role as Layla on the acclaimed NBC drama Friday Night Lights. She’s done more with movies like 500 Days of Summer, The Butler and a return to TV in Almost Human and Jane the Virgin. She was named Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” and this photo of her shows how she has the natural beauty and pouty look to earn the title.

4 Eva Mendes

It’s almost impossible to find a picture of Eva Mendes where she doesn’t look hot as hell. That’s especially true for images where she’s wearing next to nothing. Born in Miami, the stunning looker made a career as a model before various B-movies like Urban Legends. Her big break came in Training Day that allowed her to show her stunning body off in full. That led to bigger roles like Once Upon a Time in Mexico and then 2 Fast 2 Furious. As Monica Fuentes, she appears to be the lover of a drug dealer but turns out to be an undercover Customs agent who helps Ryan out. Mendes fit the movie’s Miami setting perfectly and looked scorching in the role.

Mendes reprised the part for a cameo in the post-credits scene in Fast Five but has kept out of the franchise since. She’s remained busy with roles like Ghost Rider, Hitch, The Other Guys and more as well as her marriage to Ryan Gosling. This pic shows off that amazing body and scorching beauty that make Mendes a winner in any role.

3 Mirtha Michelle


When Fast and Furious was made in 2009, many in Hollywood rolled their eyes. The idea of a reboot of the series long considered dead and with such a lame title had many calling it a flop. Instead, it was a smash that revived the franchise by reuniting the key players at last. Among the cast was the character of Han from Tokyo Drift who had a girlfriend named Cara. She proved herself tougher than she looked by helping out with the cars and taking part in a big chase but was written out when Han returned in Fast Five.

The role was played by Mirtha Michelle born in Santo Domingo. Her lush alluring looks add to her amazing beauty and any picture of her seems to eat the camera alive. Michelle has kept up in minor roles on TV shows like CSI but has gotten attention for her work as a poet and emceeing events in Las Vegas. This pic shows that gorgeous face that made this minor role one that many a fan can remember in full.

2 Rita Ora

The British songstress took the U.K. by storm with some hit singles in 2012. Her sultry voice was backed by a very unique style that won over a slew of fans and made her a favorite of British tabloids. Ora has dabbled in acting with some appearances on shows like 90210 and got major attention for her role of Mia in 50 Shades of Grey. Before that, Ora had spoken about being a big fan of the Fast franchise and jumped at the chance to contribute a song to Fast 6’s soundtrack. She also talked the producers into letting her cameo as the “race caller” for a scene of a race in London. It was a brief role but Ora made the most of it with her unique style in fur coat over a hot dress. Ora has continued her run in music and this pic showcases her amazing body with arm tattoo and the bright smile that’s made her very hot lady of song.

1 Helen Mirren


Dame Helen Mirren has at least one of just about every acting trophy there is. She is a revered actress, one of the most popular in the world and has played queens, spies, witches and more. She’s also proven herself a woman who’s gotten sexier with age as name another actress who has done great nude scenes in four different decades. Yet it was a surprise when Mirren made it publicly known that she desperately wanted a role in a Fast movie. She had shown surprising action chops in the film Red and its sequel yet the idea of her in this world just seemed bizarre.

As it happened, it worked as Mirren’s uncredited cameo in Fate is hailed as one of the best parts of the movie. Putting on a Cockney accent, she plays Magdalena Shaw, the mother of bad guys Owen and Deckard. A great moment is her sobbing when Deckard (played by badass Jason Statham) refuses to go along with her plan and when he agrees, she stops instantly and he sighs “every time…” Many of the ladies in the franchise are young enough to be Mirren’s granddaughters but this pic showcases the amazingly graceful sexuality that proves there’s nothing like a Dame.

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