Who's Hotter? 15 Pics Of Cosplayers Heather Leet And LeeAnna Vamp

In the world of cosplay, a sexy woman is able to stand out very well. Over the years, many a hot lady has become something of a star on the circuit by dressing up in hot outfits and showing off. Jessica Nigri is a good example of a celebrity cosplayer but she’s far from alone. Two names stand above many of the others: LeeAnna Vamp and Heather Leet (also known as Heather 1337). Both ladies are able to take on hot costumes but in unique ways. Leet usually goes for specially posed pics in studio where she not only puts in lush details but adds in light effects and other touches. Vamp is more a traditional cosplayer, mingling at conventions and her outfits practical to walk around in. But both are dedicated to making any form they wear stand out beautifully.

Vamp likes to dress up as male characters a lot (even Freddy Krueger) while Leet sticks mostly to female ones. Each puts in their own details and Vamp tends to flaunt her body a bit more. Leet is more down to Earth but the care and work she puts into her outfits makes her stand out amazingly well. Both ladies have their own likes and dislikes, some of their outfits a bit risqué but not as overtly hot as other players. What they share is a love for their craft and how they enjoy getting male fans going. Here are 15 pics of LeeAnna and Heather to show two of the best cosplayers at their sexiest and combining into a very steamy look at the way they bring male fantasies to life.

15 Heather As Sith Lady

It’s one thing to try and make an established character look right. But some cosplayers find an even greater challenge is making something more original. You have to stand out but not be too out there in order to win over onlookers. Heather pulls that off in an excellent way with this fantastic image of a Sith woman. The Dark Side has an allure as folks enjoy the idea of a lady going bad with Jedi powers and she captures that. The black corset fits her well, flowing into the tights and boots, sexy but also showing power. The long cape and hood adds to the danger along with the black gloves. Heather adds in the glowing lightsaber in one hand and the other showing off lightning, ready to attack. The topper is the necklace around her throat, a shot of vanity but still very attractive. Put together with its background and it’s a great original look that Heather uses to make the Dark Side more attractive than ever.

14 LeeAnna As Lara Croft

If you’re a hot brunette with an affinity for cosplay, it’s pretty much a given you dress up as Lara Croft at some point. From her debut in the very first Tomb Raider video game, Lara has been an icon, known for her tight tops, short shorts, ponytail and affinity for guns. She’s been played on screen by Angelina Jolie and soon Alicia Vikander and remains popular. The 2013 reboot of the series had a younger and tougher Lara learning her way and made the character more than just as sexpot. But when a hot lady dons the outfit, it’s always notable. In this case, LeeAnna goes for a darker top for the character but still showing off her nice assets yet professional as well. The shorts show off her legs nicely and the pistols in the gloved hands are well-crafted. Vamp also pulls off the ponytail, not too long or distracting but nicely tossed over one shoulder. It’s the look on her face that seals the deal, the confidence of Lara and LeeAnna remind fans why even non-gamers love her so much.

13 Heather As Emma Frost

From her debut, the White Queen has always gotten readers going. An ice-cold blonde, Emma Frost rose from a privileged family to join the Hellfire Club, a group of elitist mutants seeking world domination. A powerful telepath, Emma was notable for her outfit of a tight white corset, bikini bottoms and knee high boots with a fur cape. A villainess for years, she eventually became an ally to the X-Men with a secondary power of turning her skin into solid diamond. She’s bounced between good and bad since but still maintains a sexy allure with her arrogance and sharp tongue. Heather is perfect for the part with her long blonde hair and this pic has her bringing the Queen to regal life. The top isn’t too tight and revealing but still adding to the fun with the bare shoulders and the long white gloves are fitting for the character. She even captures the cool look of superiority in Emma’s expression. Put it all together and Heather turns Frost red hot.

12 LeeAnna As Catwoman

It’s pretty much a must for any hot brunette cosplayer to take on the role of Catwoman at one point or another. The sultry thief of the DC Universe has been a long-time fan favorite thanks to her looks, her costume and her long-time steamy relationship with Batman. With so many looks over the years, there are plenty to choose from but LeeAnna goes for the version from the mid-2000s. This one has Selina Kyle more an adventurer with a nice costume, showing off her ample chest. The goggles are a good touch as is her expression, looking right off the pages of her comic book. It’s pretty much impossible to make a non-sexy Catwoman so having LeeAnna in the role just makes it all the steamier. She went all out, including a nice bit being photographed like a police lineup. She’s more than worthy to make this Cat one you’d want to cross your path.

11 Heather As Leeloo

While Milla Jovovich has gone on to major fame in the Resident Evil series, there’s still one role she’s best remembered for. In the classic sci-fi action film The Fifth Element, Leeloo is the “perfect woman” created by aliens and appearing stark naked before wrapped in bandages. It made Jovovich a star and has been one of the hotter cosplay ideas around. Heather does a great job replicating the look, getting the bandages perfectly right without showing off too much skin. The orange wig is the perfect color as well and it helps that she’s got a great setting. She’s posed just as in the movie where Leeloo walks on the outside of a building and is confronted by flying police cars before leaping into the thousand foot drop. Heather is fantastic in the part, looking a dead ringer for Jovovich and bringing a major sci-fi sexy icon to wonderful life.

10 LeeAnna As Maleficent

For years, Maleficent was considered one of the greatest Disney villains ever. The evil fairy of Sleeping Beauty was amazing in the design, cold and cunning and the sequence of turning into a dragon a masterpiece of animation. In 2014, Angelina Jolie put a spin on the role in the live-action movie painting Maleficent as more a “fallen angel” type than pure evil. That just made it hotter (no surprise given it was Jolie) and so more popular with cosplayers. What LeeAnna does with the outfit is just great. The black dress is smooth and nice, flowing back like a cape and the headdress is very impressive with its long horns. The staff in her hands is also a great design to stand out and be more intimidating. The true genius is how Vamp pays tribute to Jolie with a slit to show off a leg just like Jolie’s famous Oscar dress. A fitting tribute to both the character and actress, Vamp turns this into one wickedly sexy diva.

9 Heather As Silk Spectre

In Alan Moore’s masterpiece Watchmen, Sally Jupiter was a World War II heroine called Silk Spectre. Basically the super-hero version of a stage mom, she pushed daughter Laurie to take on the role with Laurie working with other heroes and later lover of the cosmic-powered Dr. Manhattan. She was nicely played by Malin Akerman in the 2009 movie adaptation and thus bringing that very sexy costume to new life. Heather manages to replicate the look, mixing elements of both the comic and movie versions into one great package. The yellow and black jumpsuit isn’t revealing but still alluring. The background is a good touch of a street setting but it is impressive just how much Heather looks like the character. The character has tough times like finding out her father’s identity and the possible ending of the world but Heather manages to make this a Spectre anyone would want to keep watching.

8 LeeAnna As X-23

In an X-Men comic, Iceman pretty much summed things up. “So after seeing how Wolverine turned out, someone decided to make another Wolverine and make him female?” That was the thinking behind the secret operation Weapon X when they cloned Wolverine and made the clone a female to make her more “manageable.” Gifted with the same healing factor, X-23 had twin claws on her hands and on her feet bound by the indestructible metal adamantium. Escaping from her creators and taking on the name of Laura, X-23 worked with the X-Men and even taking on Wolverine’s mantle. It’s a great look as the character has grown and LeeAnna does a good job fitting it. She keeps it simple but good with a nice tight sports top and leather pants, showing her mid-section off well. The claws are excellently created and the collar around her neck is a nice touch as well. Deadly as hell, X-23 is also sexy and shows how a “female Wolverine” is just cooler.

7 Heather As Samus

Any video game fan of circa-1987 can remember what it was like playing Metroid. The amazingly in-depth game had you as armored bounty hunter Samus Aran infiltrating a deadly planet packed with monstrous aliens. After you finished, you would be shown Samus without the helmet…and discovered she was a woman the whole time. The character has returned in numerous games in a variety of great adventures. One of the lesser-liked versions is Other M which fans disliked for how it turned Samus into more of a “girly” character to the point of not using weapons until a male co-worker gave the okay. It did get attention for the cut scenes of Samus wearing a very alluring blue body suit. Heather replicates that look in a great way, the suit fitting like a second skin and managing to make Samus still a bit of a bad-ass even without the complex armor. Other M may not have been great but at least Heather makes this memorable.

6 LeeAnna As Boba Fett

For a guy who had about three lines of dialogue and less than five minutes of total screen time, Boba Fett has become an icon for Star Wars fans. The bounty hunter is impressive for his constantly shifting origins (from a renegade Stormtrooper to a clone of Jango Fett) and despite a rather lame death, he continues to fascinate (aided by how the comics and novels have resurrected the character). Leave it to LeeAnna to make a Fett costume stand out. She manages to replicate the battered armored look but with an amazingly sexy vibe to it, a halter top to show off her nice mid-riff before shorts. The fishnets are unique yet oddly work and she keeps the character’s belt and a long-sleeved top to replicate his cape. The helmet in her hands is perfectly accurate with wear and tear and even that big dent at the top. Of course, many will prefer she keep the helmet off to show her face and how this is one version of Fett fans wouldn’t mind being hunted by.

5 Heather As Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers has been through a lot of changes over the years, in personality and powers. Currently, she’s known as Captain Marvel and soon to hit the big-screen thanks to Oscar winner Brie Larson. But cosplayers prefer the classic look the character had in the 1970s (with a brief comeback for it in the 2000s. Heather has one of the best takes on it ever. It looks utterly perfect from the insignia on her chest to the red sash around her waist to how it form fits her and the mask over her gorgeous face. Heather adds to it with some nice effects for the glowing hands of the cosmic energies Marvel is able to wield. It’s a good posed pic but you can easily see Heather mingling around conventions to make a fuss with it and stand out. Many a hot lady has done a take on the character but Heather truly makes it a marvel in so many ways.

4 LeeAnna As Mad Max

LeeAnna enjoys dressing up as male characters a lot and giving them a spin. She’s even managed to do “sexy” takes on The Walking Dead characters Rick and Negan. But Mad Max makes an odd sense for her and she does great with it. The role that made Mel Gibson a star and basically helped put “post-apocalyptic adventures” on the map, Max roams the countryside of a ruined future desperate for fuel. The role got a spin by Tom Hardy in Fury Road although he was mostly background for Charlize Theron’s Furiosa. LeeAnna does nicely with it, the tight leather suit almost totally form-fitting yet clearly feminine with the right amount of belt and pouches to make it stand out. She even gets the little red bandanna on the right arm. The sawed-off shotgun is straight off the film and topping it all off is the great smirk of a lady who knows she’s not to be messed with. You’d have to be mad to not love this outfit.

3 Heather As Supergirl

The Girl of Steel is another popular cosplay character but leave it to Heather to put a spin on it. Rather than the classic look for her with blue suit and red cape, Heather goes for a “dark Supergirl” motif. The dark bodysuit and silver trimmings around the shield give the hint of an edgier Kara, perhaps affected by Red Kryptonite. Yet it still looks fantastic with the mini-skirt showing off Heather’s great legs and bare mid-riff and she pulls it off well. She went all out with some posed pics such as this where she seems to be holding up a massive girder in her hands. Another had her blasting out “heat vision” as if in a rage and even fighting another cosplayer dressed as Wonder Woman. It’s a great look with Heather showing the power of Supergirl with an edge and alluring and intimidating at once to get far more attention.

2 LeeAnna As Vampirella

If there’s one costume hot ladies love to show off, it’s Vampirella. Created back in 1969, this hot lady is notable as being from a planet of vampires who came to Earth and soon chasing down the more monstrous vampires of our world. Her origins have shifted over the years but what remains the same is that fantastic outfit. It looks like a red swimsuit tied over her chest with bare mid-riff and a hot look with white collar. LeeAnna pulls it off wonderfully, the makeup perfect with the fake fangs and even the right billow to the lush dark hair. She really goes all out for the huge boots, going for a more complex look than just heels but it actually works out for the character. Toss in the gold bracelet on the arm (a detail many cosplayers miss) and it’s a fantastic sight. It’s only fitting a lady named Vamp should bring this vampire lady to wonderful life.

1 Han Solo

To top this list off, it makes sense to show how LeeAnna and Heather both put a spin on a famous sci-fi character. Han Solo is an iconic figure of Star Wars and is a rather easy one for cosplayers to pull off. Ladies like to put a nice spin on a female Han and both Heather and LeeAnna give it a good try. LeeAnna has the sleeveless leather vest over a nice white body suit that puts her nice chest on display but not overt. The shorts are also nice and she has the right amount of belts and pouches to make it obvious. Heather is a bit simpler but still alluring. Her tied-off white shirt allows her to show her toned mid-riff off and while she goes for full-on pants, it just adds to the appeal rather than take away from it. Her gloves also help as each woman has an authentic Han blaster. It showcases how both ladies are able to do a great turn on this famed character in unique sexy ways.

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