Who's Hotter? 15 Hollywood Blondes Vs. Brunettes

Do gentleman really prefer blondes? It’s a question as old as time, but the debate keeps raging. Brunettes are usually considered more serious and sophisticated, while blondes are usually considered more bubbly and bold. Just look at famous brunette and blonde rivalries, like that of classic beauties Marilyn Monroe versus Audrey Hepburn, reality stars Audrina Patridge versus Lauren Conrad, and cartoon characters Betty versus Veronica. Each one has something that the other doesn’t have, so it’s near impossible to pick a winner.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t give it a go! Here we will try to settle the question of whether blondes or brunettes are hotter once and for all. First and foremost we will take into account hair color, but myriad other traits will be considered in making our decision. We will bring up superficial ones like body, cup size, and former flings. And to be fair and balanced, we will also weigh career, personality and brains.

Do you think you have a type, like how George Clooney and David Beckham prefer brunettes? Or how Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Phillippe always cling to blondes? Or do you think your tastes run the gamut, like Leonardo DiCaprio and John Mayer? If so, then put yourself to the test and see how your imagined preferences stack up to our mash-ups.


20 Gigi Hadid Versus Bella Hadid

Are you on “Team Gigi” or “Team Bella?” It’s hard to choose sides when both girls are so luscious. Gigi Hadid has a wider face while Bella Hadid’s is longer and more narrow. Bella is a hair taller and is known for walking the runway. Gigi has her famous torso moles and tends to do more glamour modeling. How can we choose? This is definitely a case of blondes versus brunettes. So which do you prefer? Gigi often looks vibrant and youthful with her light hair and big smile. Bella gives off an air of elegance and culture with her chocolate-colored waves.

For our part, we are picking Bella. Gigi initially made a bigger splash in the media, but Bella will probably outlast her. Style and sophistication tend to endure, and Bella has both in spades. Of course, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if the girls didn’t have a billionaire father who paid for their plastic surgery. Before they went under the knife, the question wasn’t “Who’s hotter?” but “Who’s homelier?”

19 Jennifer Aniston Versus Angelina Jolie


If you chose a side in the whole Jennifer Aniston-Angelina Jolie war, then you might not have made your decision based on who was more talented or who was more deserving of Brad Pitt. You might have simply chosen sides based on who was hotter. And hair color comes into play. Jennifer is a bottle blonde with a SoCal vibe, while Angelina offers up something dark and mysterious with her raven mane. This one is a toughie, because they both have hair that is to die for. Thus, we have to move onto more superficial qualities like body and face. Jennifer’s face is admittedly more on the plain side, while Angelina has chiseled features that may not be warm, but are definitely alluring. In this mash-up, Angelina looks like she’s in better shape, but Jennifer gets points for showing some cleavage.

18 Elizabeth Berkley Versus Tiffani Thiessen

Okay. Let’s face it, Saved by the Bell was canceled more than two decades ago, but you still have the hots for Kelly and Jessie (we know you do). Did you prefer the perky cheerleader on TV, or the Brainiac? And what about after the bell? Are you a fan of Elizabeth Berkley’s from her starring role in Showgirls or did Tiffani Thiessen do the trick for you when she played bad girl Valerie on Beverly Hills, 90210? It’s such a close call. Elizabeth has the sparkly blonde hair, so she captures our eye right away. But Tiffani has that adorable heart-shaped face. Decisions, decisions.

17 Scarlett Johansson Versus Anne Hathaway


Nobody really pays any attention to Anne Hathaway anymore, ever since “Hath-a-hate” became a thing after she starred in Les Miserables. However, back in the day Scarlett Johansson and Anne Hathaway were pitted against each other. Maybe it started when they co-starred in The Other Boleyn Girl as sisters that were rivals. Or maybe it’s just a sexist thing that the Hollywood machine made up to turn two beautiful women at the top of their game against each other. Either way, the question of “Who’s hotter?” begs to be answered. Hathaway looks svelte in this shot, and she turns up the heat with her plunging neckline and her hair blowing in the wind. But we’ve got to give it to Scarlett on this one just for cup size alone.

16 Lady Gaga Versus Katy Perry

It was actually hard to find a pic of these two girls with their “natural” hair color since they are always sporting wigs. But here it is. So we ask, “Who’s hotter?” Neither girl is known for her beauty, which is why each one always dresses up in elaborate costumes in order to hide her flaws. So choosing a side here is like picking the lesser of two evils.

Lady Gaga gets credit for her platinum blonde hair which is utter perfection, and for showing some skin. Katy Perry gets points for being more down to Earth with her neutral makeup and demure lips. If we had to pick, we’d give it to Gaga for originality. We’re going to forget this shot of Katy in no time at all, but at least the one of Gaga will stay with us for better or worse – even if she is sporting buck teeth, an ugly beauty mark and barely-there brows. You just want to get to know a girl crazy enough to leave the house looking like that.

15 Christie Brinkley Versus Cindy Crawford


This is a good (and steamy) one! Christie Brinkley and Cindy Crawford have been rivals since the 80s. Christie was a Cover Girl while Cindy was the spokesmodel for Revlon. Both posed for Playboy, both married famous men, and both now have very beautiful children. So how do we choose a winner? Well, according to Christie, she says that she’s seen Cindy naked, and she still has the perfect body. Thus, this one goes to Cindy – but only by a hair. We’ve got to give Christie props for being so generous and being so honest.

14 Taylor Swift Versus Selena Gomez

Frenemies Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are undoubtedly both beautiful girls. Taylor has conventional Hollywood looks since she’s tall, thin and blonde. But Selena has the look of today. Dark beauties have eclipsed the blondes, and it’s their time to shine. Selena has glossy hair that can put any blonde to shame. She’s a spokesmodel for Pantene, after all. She also has a physique that many find pleasing. Selena has some curves and a little more meat on her bones, so guys have something to grab onto. Girls appreciate her figure as well, because it is much more healthy-looking than Taylor’s pin-thin body.


13 Julie Bowen Versus Sofia Vergara


Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara are both beautiful in their own right. Julie doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her, has graceful mannerisms and a flawless complexion. Sofia is a spicy lady with a lot of va-va-va-voom. Aside from her curvy figure, she has plump lips, flowing brown hair and bright brown eyes that light up a room. She also has personality for days. Thus, there’s no question that Sofia is hotter. Case closed! We do feel a little badly for Julie, though. She does have a lot of competition for attention on Modern Family. Not only is Sofia absolutely gorgeous, but Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter are both hot as well.

12 Mariah Carey Versus Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez recently had an old feud re-opened when Mariah insisted that she didn’t “know” Jennifer. Jennifer maintains that the two have met several times over the years. Mariah then backtracked, saying that she can be forgetful. The point is, this latest bump in the road made people examine the two divas more closely. While they may not be friends, they have a lot in common. They are both singers, they both had failed marriages, and they are both parents to twins. Add to that they both grew up in New York, and you’d think they’d be besties. But Hollywood is a mean place, and enemies are much more common than friends.

What’s more fun to speculate about is who is hotter. Mariah may have burst on the scene first, but she hasn’t aged as well as Jennifer. J.Lo still rocks mini-dresses, dates younger men, and has managed to maintain her sanity. Mariah has not been so fortunate.

11 Blake Lively Versus Leighton Meestor


Get a load of this old shot of Blake Lively and Leighton Meestor! It was taken back when they were both ingénues and co-starred on Gossip Girl… and back when they used to be friends. Blake has moved onto bigger things like movies and being married to Ryan Reynolds, while Leighton has pretty much been dropped by the Hollywood “in crowd.” Still, we can’t think of one lady without thinking of the other. Who’s your favorite?

Blake scores a lot of points just for being blonde, since it’s said that gentlemen prefer blondes. However, many insist that Leighton is by far the more attractive of the two. Blake’s looks are very commercial, whereas Leighton has more character. Leighton has mischief in her eyes, a swagger in her walk, and a body with curves in all the right places. She’s the underdog in this relationship, and many people are attracted to her just because she’s scrappy. Sometimes it isn’t just about looks, but attitude.

10 Cameron Diaz Versus Jessica Biel

Comparisons are always being made between Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel because they are both linked to Justin Timberlake. Cameron got the boy, whereas Jessica got the man. Fans of Cameron’s say she is too good for J.T., and laud her statuesque looks. They also whisper that Justin is secretly in the closet and Jessica is his beard – and vice versa. Scandalous! Fans of Biel’s attest that she is a flawless brunette beauty with a killer body she works hard for. If you ask us, we just don’t see what all the fuss is about. Just looks at these pics. They both look sloppy. So, we’re going to call this one a draw.

9 Emma Roberts Versus Lea Michele


Lea Michele was given a second chance on television with the Fox show Scream Queens which has done nothing. Audiences didn’t respond to it, and now she’s exploring other options like releasing a second album featuring her vocal skills and is also cast in an ABC pilot about a hip-hop artist that runs for mayor. No one has high hopes for Lea’s career since she is known to be difficult to work with. Rumors are still swirling that she and Emma Roberts don’t get along. Apparently their catfights on the set of Scream Queens even have Jamie Lee Curtis miffed. Both girls wanted all the limelight, but it’s been said that the real reason they don’t get along is that Lea is jealous of Emma’s good looks. Emma has the sort of glamorous good looks from Hollywood’s bygone era, while Lea looks like what she is: a short girl from the Bronx who got lucky.

8 Beth Behrs Versus Kat Denning

Beth Behrs was cast as the “pretty girl” on 2 Broke Girls which has a lot of people scratching their heads since Kat Dennings gets all the praise for being beautiful. On paper, Beth should be the one with all the accolades. She is tall and lean. Her blonde hair is always perfectly coiffed. And her face is symmetrical with a wide smile. But Kat is not without her charms. She’s curvy, her light eyes contrast well with her dark hair, and she is blessed in the chest. Is it fair that she is considered more attractive than Behrs? That’s a tough one.

On the one hand, Beth is conventionally beautiful while Kat may be more of an acquired taste. However, personality might also come into play. People love that Kat is outspoken, whereas since Beth is more quiet she seems to get less press. Another theory is that Hollywood likes to push the agenda that plus-sized girls can be just as hot as thin ones, and the publicity machine may have gotten carried away with the idea that Kat is almost a perfect ten. The simplest explanation is probably the correct one – that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

7 Jennifer Lawrence Versus Kristen Stewart


Two things made Kristen Stewart come crashing down off her pedestal. The first was her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders when she was still with longtime boyfriend Rob Pattinson. The second was Jennifer Lawrence starring in The Hunger Games. Suddenly the world had a whole new girl to ogle, and a whole new movie franchise to focus on. And the fact that Jennifer is hotter also had a lot to do with it. Kristen often looks sullen, with her pale skin, mousy hair and low energy. In contrast, Jennifer is a dazzling blonde with a bountiful chest, big smile and bubbly personality. Who would you rather be around? Who would you rather watch on the silver screen? Even Kristen’s dalliances with women didn’t allow her to regain her appeal, and lesbian relationships are always big news.

6 Nicki Minaj Versus Lil’ Kim

Anyone who thinks that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry invented dressing up in wacky costumes and performing on stage doesn’t know their music history. Sure, Cher was there first. But in terms of our generation, Lil’ Kim was a trailblazer. She was ahead of her time when she showed up to the VMAs in a purple jumpsuit with one breast hanging out that was adorned with a decal of a seashell. However, Kim wasn’t wise enough to quit while she was ahead. She pushed her looks to the edge, and fell off. Her body might be bangin’, but her face is such a disaster that she looks like a member of the Jackson family. So while Nicki Minaj may just be copying her predecessor, we have to say that Nicki is far more attractive. Her nose is proportional to her face, the blonde wig contrasts well with her skin tone, and her makeup accentuates her best features like her plump lips and almond-shaped eyes.

5 Erin Andrews Versus Brooke Burke


Erin Andrews seems like a fixture on Dancing with the Stars, but people have short memories. The reality is that Brooke Burke was a co-host on the show before she was unceremoniously fired in favor of Erin. This was one time that the audience didn’t get to vote. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t have opinions. And one of the most hotly debated topics is which star is more attractive. Some people think Erin is hotter because she’s taller, thinner and blonder. Others think Brooke is hotter because she has more feminine features and a bigger bust. But what about inner beauty? Erin is widely disliked because she plays the victim so frequently. Who can feel bad for a girl that got peeped on in a hotel room when that very thing made her millions of dollars and sent her career soaring? Brooke is a more likeable person, since she’s a wife and mother of four.

4 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Versus Megan Fox

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley replaced Megan Fox in the Transformers franchise and the world gasped. Not just because Megan didn’t want the role, but because Rosie took over so seamlessly. Megan thought she was so hot that she needed to take a step back for fear of being overexposed. And guess what happened: people just moved onto the next big thing. Even an appearance in a Ninja Turtles movie couldn’t resurrect Megan’s career. Still, we want to know who’s hotter. You know, just for the record. Megan has a little edge to her, and that’s the secret to her success. Her dark hair and tattoos make her come across like a good girl about to go bad. Meanwhile, Rosie looks wholesome - even when she is modeling for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret.

3 Blac Chyna Versus Kim Kardashian


It was hard to find a good photo of Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian together. Does this mean something? Absolutely! The two are rumored to hate each other, even though they are more or less part of the same clan now that Blac Chyna gave birth to Rob Kardashian’s baby. In fact, we are pretty sure this pic of the two girls has been Photoshopped. They are never around each other, so therefore it’s almost impossible to get a photograph of them side by side.

As for who is hotter, we are going to be strictly superficial on this one because both women have major personality flaws. Blac Chyna it hot because of her pert nose, wide eyes and glowing skin. Kim is hot because of her exotic looks, like her dark hair and full breasts. The final verdict has got to go to Kim. She has shown fans time and again that her look is versatile; she looks good in bikinis, lingerie and evening gowns. Blac Chyna has yet to evolve her style, so we just can’t say a one trick pony is the better of the two. But give her time, because she might catch up. We already know that her booty can compete with Kim’s!

2 Katie Cassidy Versus Chrissy Teigen

Katie Cassidy, star of Arrow, got into a Twitter war with Chrissy Teigen over a comment Katie made about Erin Andrews’ reporting abilities. Apparently Chrissy and Erin are close friends and vacation together frequently, so Chrissy stuck up for one of her besties. What we find so hilarious about this whole thing is that it brought out Chrissy’s ugly side. She just couldn’t let it go, even though Erin remained quiet. A lot of people have since alleged that Chrissy is not only unattractive on the inside, but on the outside as well. They say her beauty is overhyped and believe she is rather funny looking. In comparison, Katie couldn’t be more beautiful. She has chiseled cheekbones instead of Chrissy’s chipmunk cheeks, her breasts look more natural, and her styling isn’t monochromatic.

1 Kylie Jenner Versus Kendall Jenner


For years the most hotly debated question about celebrity looks pertained to which Kardashian girl was the most attractive: Kim, Kourtney or Khloe. But things have evolved into an argument over which Jenner sister is hotter – Kylie or Kendall? Kendall has all the trademarks of being a flawless beauty, from her staggering height to her glowing skin to her taut body. But Kylie’s looks are very on-trend right now. She has capitalized on the public’s fascination with amped-up bodies. She has big lips, big curves and big blonde hair out of a girlie magazine. Kylie and Kendall might be related, but their looks are wildly different. And that’s what makes this so hard. It’s more than just a question of blondes versus brunettes. It’s a question of what is most desired: the conventional good looks of Kendall or Kylie’s vogue. For now, we are picking Kylie. Her looks transform constantly, while Kendall knows her signature style and sticks to it. Where’s the fun in that?

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