Hot Or Not For 2017: 8 Stars That Will Rise, 8 To Fall

It’s a given that 2017 is going to be a bad year for many stars. Brad Pitt is going through a divorce with Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp is still reeling from Amber Heard's domestic abuse accusations. And Lena Dunham remains pissed about the election. It’s also a given that other stars always seem to be on top no matter what. Taylor Swift is untouchable between her hit singles and never ending romances. Mila Kunis is still treading water as a wife, mother and actress. And Drake has been a fixture for years with his music and high profile relationships – his current hook-up with Jennifer Lopez promises to keep us talking all year long.

That said, many stars will find 2017 to be full of change. Some will continue to rise, while others will fall into oblivion. 2016 was a monster year for celebrities, between the election and all the tragic deaths. So we have no reason to believe that this year will be any different. No one knows what the future holds, but it’s fun to speculate. We have gathered the most up to date information for you in this list, which will serve as your guide for what to expect for the upcoming year. Just try to act surprised when it happens.


16 Sophie Turner: Hot

For years Emilia Clarke has dominated Game of Thrones as the hottie. But now there’s a new beauty in Westeros, and her name is Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark). Turner is of age at 20, which means it’s finally alright to ogle her. She is coming into her own, and turning up the heat. And unlike other starlets who let it all hang out (we’re talking to you Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner), she is classy instead of trashy. Her social media pics are the right mix of naughty and nice. Turner has even gone through a rite of passage – she’s currently dating Joe Jonas. This fling is making her major headlines. And count on Sansa Stark getting more risque on GoT. The audience is begging for it. They are tired of Daenerys Targaryen’s lofty ideals.

15 Ronda Rousey: Not


Ronda Rousey entered 2017 in the worst possible way – she got TKO’d by Amanda Nunes in just 48 seconds flat during an MMA fight (December 30th, 2016). To make matters worse, Rousey was a sore loser. She refused to shake her opponent’s hand at the end of the cage fight. In the face of this embarrassing defeat, even Rousey’s own mother is saying that she should retire from fighting altogether. Rousey was last year’s golden girl, but this is a new year which makes her old news. She’s definitely not going to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition any time soon.

14 Megyn Kelly: Hot

Whether you love Megyn Kelly, or love to hate her, her star is going to rise higher than ever in 2017. Kelly started with Fox News in 2004, and skyrocketed to fame with her public feuding with Donald Trump. She then released a memoir, Settle for More. In it, she exposed dirty secrets of the cable news network that made her a household name. One accusation was that she was sexually harassed by Fox News founder and chairman, Roger Ailes. This drew public criticism from the network’s biggest star, Bill O’Reilly. Many women would have been shrinking violets in the face of major backlash, but Kelly was very opportunistic. She parlayed her newfound fame into a multi-million dollar contract with NBC, which will give her a daytime talk show and a Sunday night news show. We can think of no one else that has benefited more from Trump’s presidential win than Kelly.

13 Ashley Graham: Not


Graham shot to stardom as a plus-sized model, and even posed for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition last year. Since then she’s received many accolades, started her own fashion line, and has modeled for some of the biggest names in the industry. But fans have turned against her because of her non-stop whining. Graham has a career anyone would kill for, but she won’t cease complaining that she isn’t taken seriously enough and that she is discriminated against. She criticizes the modeling world for neglecting plus-sized women, and this has a lot of people begging to differ. Plus-sized models cultivated a niche for themselves years ago. What many find missing in the modeling world is a spot for truly average-sized women. Many are frustrated that female models are either six feet tall and emaciated, or are bigger – it’s as if there is no in between. The final nail in the coffin for Graham was when she protested Victoria’s Secret and said that they should have asked her to walk in their most recent show in Paris.

12 Ivanka Trump: Hot

Funny how the 2016 election made so many stars rise and fall, but such is the ever-politicized world we live in. In this day and age it is difficult to tell where celebrity ends and where politics begin – and vice versa. This is the most true for Ivanka Trump. Her quiet beauty and intelligence have won her fans the world over, and people-watchers are eagerly awaiting her next move. Trump makes news for everything from her speeches to her fashion to being harassed by a disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporter on a plane. She will be the most famous First Daughter in history. People will follow her much like they did with Jacqueline Kennedy. And mark our words, it will be Ivanka that will fulfill the role of First Lady – not Melania.

11 Mariah Carey: Not


Mariah Carey was on our “not list” even before her New Year’s Eve snafu, when she complained that she couldn’t sing due a malfunction of her ear piece – and then was caught lip synching (poorly). This public disgrace was all the more funny because those with good memories will recall that she won the Grammy for Best New Artist the year after Milli Vanilli did. Carey has been ready to implode in a Britney Spears fashion for quite some time. Her marriage with Nick Cannon failed, her billionaire rebound dumped her, she hasn’t had a string of hits in years, and her appearance is often the source of ridicule since she hasn’t aged gracefully. She’s on drugs if she thinks that her career will ever get on track – that would be one sweet, sweet fantasy baby.

10 Emma Watson: Hot

Emma Watson has had a groundbreaking career. She’s the only female child star to have made a seamless transition into adult acting, and hasn’t gotten mixed up in the glitz and glamour of the business. Shirley Temple laid the groundwork for child actors everywhere, but Watson hit a home run. Watson has the looks and talent to work for decades, but she also has killer instinct in picking good roles. A perfect case is point is the much anticipated Disney live-action version of Beauty and the Beast. Watson will get to showcase her acting range, and please fans of all ages. And with her singing from the movie just leaked, the world has gotten a glimpse of yet another one of her skills.


9 Tim Tebow: Not


Tim Tebow just won’t go away. After the whole “Tebowing” trend died down, people realized how distasteful he was. His piety seemed like an act, and he just couldn’t cut it in the NFL which is why he was relieved of his duties. But now he’s trying to jumpstart his career by playing baseball. That didn’t work out for Michael Jordan, and it’s not going to work out for Tebow. We wish him luck, but we just don’t want to hear all about his pathetic attempts. He was recently on The Dr. Oz Show promoting the “keytone diet.” He has no shame. We’re used to B-list celebrities making the rounds like Lindsay Lohan, but when a man does it he comes off as emasculated. But we totally understand where Tebow is coming from. He worships the almighty dollar more than the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

8 Chris Pratt: Hot

Chris Pratt is on fire. He’s poised to be the next big thing, and put competitors like Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt to shame. He’s just good looking enough so as not to be threatening, he seems like a cool dude, and his recent movies have done well at the box office. He recently starred in Passengers with Jenifer Lawrence, and totally eclipsed her star power. It’s basically like she’s riding his coattails at this point. We must admit that we’re a little bored with his wife, actress Anna Faris from the Scary Movie franchise. The public likes to romanticize its Hollywood stars, and they are chomping at the bit to catch him with a hot hook-up.

7 Ariel Winter: Not


Ariel Winter’s sex appeal shot up about a million percent once she became barely legal. She has flooded social media with racy pics, and certainly got her name out there. But what did she really gain? She hasn’t signed on for any big movies, she doesn’t have noteworthy endorsements, and Modern Family is on its last legs. What’s worse is that her pics were so over the top that she has nowhere to go but down. And it’s going to be a long fall. People who once gobbled up her sexy pics are now backtracking. They are body shaming her for being short and stumpy, saying that she is desperate for attention, and forecasting that she will be another Lindsay Lohan.

6 Blac Chyna: Hot

The public is finally growing weary of the Kardashians. How many times can we watch those girls bicker? How many times can we marvel at their curves? How many products can we buy because they promoted them on Instagram? The public isn’t ready to go cold turkey, so it’s slowly transitioning onto Blac Chyna. She’s like Nicorette when we’re trying to stop smoking. Blac Chyna has tapped into a hidden Kardashian market – brother Rob. The women (and we include Caitlyn in this) have exhausted the limits of what is shocking and new. Rob, on the other hand, is uncharted territory. Blac Chyna is happy to be his arm candy, the mother of his child, and his confidant. She has made a name for herself by posting sexy pics, most recently of her post-baby body. She is even busy trying to trademark the name “Angela Rene Kardashian” (Angela Rene is her birth name, and Kardashian will be her last name if she marries Rob). This will ensure that she will be forever able to cash in on the family’s legacy.

5 Kim Kardashian: Not


Kim Kardashian wore out her welcome in a one-two punch. First, it was the Paris incident where she was allegedly robbed at gunpoint. We use the term “allegedly” because not everyone is convinced that this wasn’t a publicity stunt. Second, rumors are swirling that she is going to divorce Kanye West. This isn’t so much a surprise as it is an annoyance to everyone. They simply don’t have any sympathy left for Kardashian. They feel like her third marriage – and the kids – were a sham. At this point, Kardashian is looking to play the poor little rich girl card and people are crying foul. They think she’s been asking for trouble – and she found it. She lured the so-called robbers by shamelessly displaying her millions of dollars worth of jewelry on social media, and she married a known lunatic. 2017 will the beginning of the end for her.

4 Hailey Baldwin: Hot

Fame is fleeting in a society where everyone is famous. 2016 marked the year when the Jenner sisters blew up, and hangers-on like the Hadid sisters followed in suit. But people are fickle and are always on the lookout for the next big thing. Enter Hailey Baldwin. She’s been overshadowed by her more famous gal pals – until now. Baldwin has been quietly building a reputation for herself on the runway and in the tabloids. She is poised to steal her friends’ thunder, and become just as sought after as they are. This year we will no doubt see her in hot pictorials, dating a bounty of eligible bachelors, and hitting records with social media followers.

3 James Franco: Not


James Franco is often lauded as being a super talented guy. He’s supposedly a great intellectual, a great actor and a great artist. If that’s true, then why do all of his movies suck? A glance at the trailer for Why Him? made people finally put two and two together and realize what a hack he is. He’s cultivated a career around his aura, which can only propel a person for so long. His best days are behind him and he knows it. Count on him to make a couple more flops at the box office and then fade into oblivion. Franco’s best bet is to keep on making stoner movies, but he’s getting a little too told for that. He can’t compete with up-and-comers like Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch.

2 Billie Lourd: Hot

From great tragedy can come great fortune. Such is the paradox for Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher (left) and granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds (center). She suffered a devastating loss of the two most important people in her life within days, and she will never heal. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out what everyone is thinking – which is that this thrust Lourd into the spotlight. A year ago no one knew her name. Now, everyone knows her who she is – and that she appears on Scream Queens. And who is there to comfort her, but Taylor Lautner? Yes, this is the stuff that careers are made of. If Lourd plays her cards right, she will be getting more roles, interviews and endorsements than she knows what to do with. 2017 will be an interesting year for her.

1 Margot Robbie: Not


Margot Robbie was a smash sensation with her role in Suicide Squad. So what project is she currently working on? A biopic about Tonya Harding. Yes, you read that right. WTF?! We don’t see that at all. And it isn’t because Robbie’s too pretty or because Harding’s story is so yester-year. It’s because the story just won’t sell. Who gives a care? Robbie could work on any project she wants, and yet this is her big pick. It has the potential to be a major career-ender. She’s going to find out the hard way that looks don’t equal success in Hollywood. And now that Robbie is engaged, men are already finding her less desirable (we think).

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