Who Was Hotter? 15 Pairs Of Actresses Who Played The Same Character

Whether it’s a major comic book franchise experiencing a new phase or remaking an old movie, studios are eager to replicate films that worked before.

Reboots have become a pretty common thing in Hollywood. Whether it’s a major comic book franchise experiencing a new phase or remaking an old movie, studios are eager to replicate something that worked before. That’s not counting the classic idea of TV shows based on movies and vice versa. It sometimes fails as the remakes don’t match up to the originals. But every now and then, you can get a good revival, including a TV show that nicely expands on the original source. It also means there’s a great way to expand on an already hot female character. Sometimes, it can be a TV show giving a movie character more depth while other times, it’s just a younger actress giving her best to make a role hotter. It happens a lot and looks to continue with more reboots and remakes along and intriguing to think of how many roles a hot lady can take.

Yet sometimes, the newer pick can’t quite match the original. It comes down to the casting, the actress bringing her own vibe and sexual aura to the role and looking hot in the outfit. The new gal can make the role stand out more, helped by how today’s movies and TV allow them to get away with more in revealing outfits and performance. But other times, the original remains the much sexier lady and her performance stands the test of time. From comic book characters to even a few comedic ones, plenty of ladies have tackled the same role and put their unique stamp on it. Here are 15 pairs of ladies who took on the same sexy character and which one pulled it off better to provide fans with double the pleasure.

15 Satanico Pandemonium: Salma Hayek vs. Elisa Gonzalez

From Dusk to Dawn was a wild collaboration between Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, really two movies in one. It starts as a crime thriller where the Gecko Brothers take a family hostage to get into Mexico. They end up at a seedy bar where the “floor show” is Satanico Pandemonium, said to be an alluring dancer. Enter Salma Hayek in what’s basically a bikini and a snake draped over her, and proceeds to do a stunning dance routine. It gets major applause but things take a turn as it’s revealed the bar is packed with vampires for a wild fight. Hayek’s role is brief before she’s killed off but the sight of her stunning body dancing about was the highlight of the film.

The El Rey network decided to turn the movie into a regular series in 2014, using the film as the plot for the first season but then expanding on it. Elisa Gonzalez played Satanico, here a 500-year-old woman kept alive by a cult doing blood sacrifices. She ends up turning on them to help the Geckos out and becoming a bounty hunter. Gonzalez did her own turn on the famous dance routine and brought a wicked edge to the part, not above looking gorgeous in almost nothing but bra and blood. It’s not her fault that she can’t match the unbelievable beauty of Hayek who made the most out of her brief screen time for one of the hottest vampires ever seen. Gonzalez may have played the role longer but Hayek made it more memorable.


14 Buffy Summers: Kristy Swanson vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar

From humble beginnings rose future geek icon Joss Whedon. When Buffy the Vampire Slayer came to theaters in 1992, many critics ranted about the stupid name but were surprised at how much goofy fun it was. Kristy Swanson played the title role of a Valley Girl cheerleader who discovers she’s been chosen to fight the undead and balances monster hunting with going to the prom. The promo pics of Swanson in gym clothes training and holding a stake were notable and she had a great humor to make the movie a cult flick despite bad box office.

Whedon kept plugging away and in 1997, managed to convince the WB to revive Buffy as a weekly TV show. Feeling Swanson a bit too old for the role now, Whedon cast Sarah Michelle Gellar and did a fine job making the show an allegory for teenage life with high school literally built on the mouth to Hell. Gellar replicated Swanson’s humor but brought additional depth to the role as Buffy fought evil, issues of teenagers and her love for vampire Angel. Gellar also got hotter as the show went along, showing off in magazines and some very steamy hook-ups on the show itself. Swanson paved the way but Gellar was the one who made Buffy a true hit and thus it’s easy to note how she was the sexier of the duo despite Swanson’s great busty turn.


13 Storm: Halle Berry vs. Alexandra Shipp

Halle Berry was reaching the heights of her career when cast as Ororo Monroe for the first X-Men movie. She’s admitted her attempt at an “African” accent was bad but still looked great in the part with the costume and a nice attitude. Even though she had to put up with the terrible “toad struck by lightning” line, Berry was a bright spot to the movie. She got better in the sequels to enhance the action role of the character with her weather powers and a leadership role and still looked astounding as the future Storm in Days of Future Past. That Berry has become an Oscar-winning starlet in her own right helps make Storm more notable.

For X-Men Apocalypse, the producers chose Alexandra Shipp for the younger version of Storm, working an accent of her own and doing a good job in the part. Her Storm is recruited by Apocalypse as one of his Horsemen but clearly not liking it and eventually turns on him. Shipp had a much more revealing outfit with Mohawk and her Storm with a much tougher attitude that aided her performance. Berry, though, comes off the better and not just because of her experience. Berry just has an otherworldly beauty that fits the character and sparks in more ways than one. While Shipp looks good for the future, Berry is the one who made Storm a tempest of very hot beauty.


12 12 Daisy Duke: Catherine Bach vs. Jessica Simpson

When The Dukes of Hazard premiered in 1979, it was an immediate hit as viewers loved watching the Dukes outwit the corrupt Boss Hogg amid wild car chases. But a key reason fans kept tuning in was Daisy Duke, their cousin. An ace driver, horseback rider, able to shoot anything from a pistol to a bow and arrow, her skills aid the cousins well. But what most remember is how Catherine Bach worked the shortest pair of shorts television had ever seen and a fondness for mid-riff baring tops. She had a wonderful humor, using her body often to help the guys and Bach looking stunning in promotional pictures to help the show be a hit and introduce “Daisy Dukes” into the lexicon as the nickname for such an outfit.

The 2005 big-screen movie cast Jessica Simpson as Daisy despite her lack of acting experience. She did a bit better than expected and certainly brought the heat up. That included the great bit of sauntering into a police station, dropping her coat to reveal a stunning bikini to seduce a cop for information. Simpson handled the shorts as well with a nice fresh attitude to make her Daisy a bit smarter. However, Bach brought far more charm to the part, not to mention making her sexiness look a lot easier without having to work too hard at it. While Simpson was okay on the big screen, Bach made Daisy the hotter of the Duke ladies by far.


11 Mystique: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Rebecca Romijn

A lot of changes were made to the X-Men in bringing them from the comics to the 2000 movie. One of the biggest was Mystique. The shape-changing terrorist had been known for her blue skin and yellow eyes but usually clothed in a white dress. The movie imagined that Mystique was basically naked except for carefully placed scales which actually made sense given her shape-changing abilities. Rebecca Romijn was still known as a supermodel when cast but impressed with how well she handled the wild makeup as well as the fight scenes. She stood out with other bits like Mystique proud of what she was and not hiding it as well as enjoying how she could fool people.

When X-Men First Class was made, Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t quite the huge star we know today. Thus, her casting as a younger Mystique was surprising. Lawrence gave the role more depth, the irony of a shape-changer afraid of being herself and her banter with Xavier, Magneto and the Beast gave the movie a lot of heart. With Lawrence becoming an Oscar winning star, the role was beefed up for the sequels to give Mystique more time and Lawrence in some hot outfits. But as sexy as she is, Lawrence lacks the unique touch Romijn gave Mystique such as the saunter, the smugness and even the height. A highlight of First Class is Mystique in bed to tempt Magneto and when he tells her “come back when you’re older,” she turns into Romijn. In that moment, the original shows why she was the sexier and while Lawrence may have the fame, Romijn is the form of Mystique most would prefer.


10 Kimberly Hart: Amy Jo Johnson vs. Naomi Scott

From the beginning of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Kimberly was the standout. Amy Jo Johnson gave the character of this gymnast/shopaholic a great aura of relatability that made her a winner with fans. Funny but tough, she could handle everything from monster attacks to the latest party well. She also had the best outfits, not just in pink but a good variety and Johnson herself bringing the energy to the part that helped it shine more. She got even hotter in the Turbo movie when Kim is briefly turned evil and Johnson clearly having a ball playing the role this way which was sexier in five minutes than Kim had been over three seasons.

For the upcoming big-screen reboot of the series, Naomi Scott has been cast as Kimberly, now a former high school queen until something caused her to become persona non grata. While some are criticizing the movie’s trailers as dark, Scott does seem to have a good feel for Kimberly, showing off a more independent streak and taking to being a hero well. She does look terrific in the pink armored outfit and bright laugh to do justice to the role. Yet Johnson (who still looks terrific today) just had a great spunky attitude that made Kimberly more a winner. While Scott may do well, she can’t quite match the original when it comes to making the Pink Ranger a sexy one.

HOTTEST: Johnson

9 9 Lois Lane: Erica Durance vs. Teri Hatcher

With all respect to Margot Kidder and Amy Adams, TV has brought the best versions of Superman’s intrepid reporter girlfriend. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman mixed the mythos with a “rom-com” feel and the key was the chemistry between Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. In the role that made her famous, Hatcher brought a sassy vibe to Lois, tough and bright, funny and amazingly sexy with episodes having her in various costumes, an evil double and even a super-powered heroine herself. The image of her in just a Superman cape was the first “break the Internet” download and boosted the character as more than just fluff but a great sexy presence.

At first, the producers of Smallville avoided Lois, thinking she wouldn’t come until after Clark became Superman. But they finally bowed to demand by bringing her in, played by Erica Durance. She had the same sexy vibe and great humor but carried a better edge with her youth than Hatcher had. She had some very hot stuff with Lois undercover as a stripper, possessed by a witch and more crazy antics. Hatcher and Durance are almost equal in their performances, their sex appeal and even appearances but this is a time youth gets the edge as Durance just came off a bit more daring for the part. It goes to show how the Man of Steel can melt in the presence of this hot lady.

HOTTEST: Durance

8 Nikita: Peta Wilson vs. Maggie Q

1990’s La Femme Nikita was the movie that put Luc Besson on the map. The director was hailed for his work of a street punk who’s transformed into a government assassin. It was remade as Point of No Return and the concept remained a top one. In 1997, the USA Network took a chance adapting it with Australian Peta Wilson as Nikita. Framed for murder, she’s recruited into a secret program, having to carry out dangerous missions while searching for a way out. Wilson was fantastic in the part with some very hot scenes, an alluring accent and the promotional photos emphasizing how hot she looked with a gun. Whether undercover or blowing guys away, Wilson made the show a breakout success for five seasons and herself one of the hottest women on TV at the time.

In 2010, the CW revived the property, taking the idea of Nikita having escaped her handlers at Division and now working to take it down. Maggie Q basically nailed the part as soon as she auditioned with the posters of her in hot red and black outfits with guns selling the show before it even premiered. This was a woman who could slice up guys with a sword while in a designer dress or engage in brawls while in just a tank top and shorts. Q added a nice dry humor to the part while still selling the deadly skills that made Nikita so feared and respected. It’s a tough call but the exotic look of Maggie Q makes her take on the character a bit more killer than Wilson's.

HOTTER: Maggie Q

7 Elektra: Jennifer Garner vs. Elodie Yung

From the moment Frank Miller created her, Elektra was one of the hottest women in comics. A trained ninja assassin, she was so skilled that she could basically fight in what amounted to a bikini and it didn’t hurt her standing. When the Daredevil movie was made, Jennifer Garner was starring in the hit spy drama Alias and thus a good pick for Elektra. She brought the skills of martial arts and the outfit looking great on her although marred by the movie’s poor script and studio interference. It was enough for her to gain a spin-off movie but while Garner was hot in the red outfit, that film turned into a total debacle.

When Netflix made Daredevil into a TV show, fans expected Elektra to show up. They waited until the second season to introduce her with Elodie Yung in the part. Again, she had the athletic prowess down (fighting in a much tighter outfit) but better was how Yung brought in a level of exotic beauty and danger that Garner had lacked. She was far more the Elektra of the comics in all her dangerous glory and fans loved it. While Garner is an incredibly sexy woman in her own right, Yung is the one who matched the wicked vibe that’s made Elektra a favorite.


6 Gwen Stacy: Bryce Dallas Howard vs. Emma Stone

Gwen Stacy is one of the most important figures in Spider-Man’s life. Peter Parker’s first love, this lovely girl was a key supporting player and her murder at the hands of the Green Goblin was shocking. She’s seen turns in the comics from being resurrected as a clone to an alternate Earth version where Gwen is Spider-Woman. When he began planning Spider-Man 3, Sam Raimi felt like bringing in Gwen with the idea of a love triangle with Peter and Mary Jane. Bryce Dallas Howard dyed her hair for the part but the movie’s famous harried production curtailed a lot of the plans so Gwen ended up a side character despite how Howard looked just like the character springing from the page.

When the property was rebooted for Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone was riding high and an intriguing choice for Gwen. More a scientist, Stone brought her usual wonderful charm to the part along with a new sexy vibe, bantering with Peter. She didn’t show off skin but Stone just has a heat to her that’s undeniable in any role and thus Gwen’s death in the sequel was as heart-breaking as in the comic. It’s likely the character returns for another go with the movie rebooted yet again under Marvel but as it stands, Stone was the one who made Gwen more special.


5 Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter vs. Gal Gadot

The first and most famous super-heroine of all time has surprisingly taken a long time to hit the big screen. It does seem there were worries about a female heroine being able to succeed, which most thought was stupid. The character did find fantastic success in the 1970s via a TV show with Lynda Carter in the role. The former model was perfect in the part, believable as this gorgeous Amazon and the scenes of her twirling to transform were a thrill to watch. She brought the power, the energy and the charm that make Diana an icon and is still held as the standard for the character.

While there are concerns over the course of DC’s Cinematic Universe, the casting of Wonder Woman does seem promising. Gal Gadot looks very believable as an Amazon warrior, more emphasis on her soldier part and was easily the highlight of Batman v. Superman with her great entrance and fighting (witness when she takes a hard blow and smiles like she’s having a blast). While rumors persist her big-screen movie might have issues, Gadot looks ready to bring Wonder Woman to movie stardom at last. Yet, while a good actress, Gadot lacks the same easy charm Carter had, how she made Diana relatable despite being an almost literal goddess. Plus, Carter just rocked that red, white, and blue outfit so well. The fact the woman still looks stunningly gorgeous makes it clear that as hot as Gadot is, Carter is still the Wonder for fans.

HOTTER: Carter

4 Jean Grey: Famke Janssen vs. Sophie Turner

X-Men really was the movie that helped kick off a new wave of comic book films. It took a property that seemed so tough to adapt and made it relatable to mainstream audiences and a winner in its own right. Famke Janssen was the first cast as Jean Grey, the redhead telekinetic X-Man of many names. She had a good look in the black outfit although hampered a bit by not much to do. She got better in the sequel that ended with her sacrificing herself and was a bright spot of the otherwise rough third film in a great red dress for the “Dark Phoenix” arc. While that movie faltered with fans, Janssen still looked great.

For X-Men Apocalypse, Sophie Turner was a fine pick for a younger Jean, the Game of Thrones actress bringing a good charm to the part. A hot redhead, Turner looked great in the nice suit and brought it big time for the big finale facing Apocalypse with hints of coming into her Phoenix powers. She’s set to return for the upcoming sequel which promises to do more of Dark Phoenix and while she lacks Janssen’s experience, Turner’s innate hotness is great for the part and promises to only grow as the franchise moves on.

HOTTER: Turner

3 Catwoman: Michelle Pfeiffer vs. Anne Hathaway

Halle Berry will admit her turn as Catwoman was not a good one (she even accepted her Worst Actress Razzie in person). This leaves two other ladies who put their great stamp on the sexy cat burglar. For Batman Returns, Michelle Pfeiffer starred Selina Kyle as a mousy (pun intended) secretary who’s nearly killed and revived into an avenger. Pfeiffer was one of the hottest women alive at the time and clearly loved the part, slinking, stretching out in the ultra-tight latex suit and throwing in bits like licking Batman in a fight. Many still feel she should have returned for a sequel but at least this film offered the Feline Fatale a glorious spotlight.

When Christopher Nolan closed out his Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises, he made Selina (never actually called Catwoman on screen) into a more feisty character. Anne Hathaway was a fine choice, the actress learning gymnastics and her cool demeanor fitting the character perfectly. Plus, the sight of her in that amazing outfit was stunning and looked the part. Yet, as incredibly sexy as Hathaway is, she doesn’t match the great energy Pfeiffer brought to the part like the slinky walk, the wicked voice and a true Cat vibe. Hathaway may have an Oscar but Michelle was the one most think of when Catwoman is mentioned.

HOTTER: Pfeiffer

2 Susan Storm: Jessica Alba vs. Kate Mara

It’s a shame the Fantastic Four have yet to really make it on the big screen. Marvel’s flagship title basically put the company on the map and is still among their best books. Susan Storm-Richards has changed from merely “gal in distress” to a wife, mother and arguably the team’s most powerful member. For the 2005 film, the producers cast Jessica Alba, a move that came with controversy due to her mixed heritage. Making this Susan a scientist was rough as well as Alba hardly comes off an academic. She was hot in the outfit but the movie (and its sequel) weren’t very well received.

On the other hand, it was far better than the horrific 2015 movie. It’s well detailed how the film had massive reshoots and studio interference that helped derail it and turn it into one of the most hated flops of that year. Again, Susan was presented as a scientist with Kate Mara in the part, doing her best but clearly too dry for the role. It wasn’t helped by how several scenes make it obvious they were reshoots with Mara clearly wearing a terrible wig. Both ladies were good but let’s face it, a tight blue spandex suit looks a lot better on Alba than on Mara. A shame you couldn’t see either lady into an actually good movie but at least Alba’s spark and curves made her version more watchable.


1 Lara Croft: Angelina Jolie vs. Alicia Vikander

Since her debut in the first Tomb Raider game, Lara Croft has been the sexiest woman in video games. Her ponytail, tight tank top and short shorts have made her an icon as gamers love playing her adventures, the puzzles, the combat, the fun settings and more. Naturally, Hollywood took notice although it took a few years for the project to escape development hell. Thankfully, when Lara Croft: Tomb Raider opened in 2001, the studio was smart enough to hire the perfect leading lady: Angelina Jolie. At the time, the actress was coming off her Oscar win and known for her wild times off screen with husband Billy Bob Thornton. Affecting a great British accent, Jolie was terrific in the part, sexy as hell, handling the stunts and making the film shine. It was a hit but the 2003 sequel was a disappointment with a bad script and the would-be franchise faltered.

In 2013, the game property was boosted back by a fantastic reboot, focusing on a younger Lara surviving a brutal island adventure. The popularity led to a long-awaited revival of the movie franchise with several actresses (like Daisy Ridley) suggested for Lara. In the end, the part went to Alicia Vikander, the Swedish actress who burst onto the scene with Ex Machina and her Oscar-winning turn in The Danish Girl. Set photos have her looking good in the role but, as hot as Vikander is, she lacks the sheer sexual aura Jolie just naturally exudes. While Vikander will be great as Lara, Jolie clearly had the role much better to bring Lara to glorious life.


Sources: IMDb

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