Which Dunphy Is Your Favorite? Ariel Winter vs Sarah Hyland In 15 Pics

Since 2009, Modern Family has been one of ABC’s biggest hits. The multiple Emmy-winning comedy is a mockumentary-style show about the Dunphys, a family living in California. A key plot is the rivalry between sisters Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Alex (Ariel Winter). At first glance, they are polar opposites. Haley is a vapid, airheaded bimbo who loves showing off in hot outfits and is rather selfish. Alex is probably the smartest person in her family, rational and dresses down with glasses. But the series has shown depth to both: Haley can be surprisingly kind and smarter than she seems while Alex can be as crazy as the rest of her family. As with any long-running show involving kids, they’ve grown up and, in the case of Hyland and Winter, it’s in very remarkable ways.

Hyland was always attractive but has since truly become sexy and she loves to show off as much as her character does. More remarkable is Winter who has transformed into a fantastic sexy knockout, busty and extremely outgoing in her outfits and behavior. Each has used social media to boost themselves, often doing selfies focusing on their nice bodies and knowing the attention they get. The two are friends although not always hanging together yet linked in several ways. Trying to figure out which is hotter is tricky. Winter easily has a nice bust but Hyland boasts killer legs and each knows how to turn any outfit into a fantastic sight. Together, they are a key reason the show still brings in an audience and is taking off on social media. Here are 15 pics of the duo to try and figure which of the two “sisters” is the hotter but each standing tall.

15 Sarah: Long-Legged

From the start, Hyland’s best feature has been her legs. She openly admits she’s not a knockout in curves like co-stars and even a bit skinny. Amazingly, she’s only 5'2'' yet those legs are astounding. The show has always shown them off with her in short skirts and other outfits, the producers knowing it’s a great way to get attention and add to Haley’s appeal. Hyland also keeps that up in various photographs and magazine spreads and this is no different. The dress is terrific, the ties at the front very nicely tied and adding a good touch to things. The lighting is perfect to throw her into shadows and highlight her great pout. Those legs ending in the heels are what draw attention and make Hyland such a stand-out. The woman is an amazingly talented actress, looking gorgeous in any setting and this highlights how a short lady can still possess a killer pair of legs.

14 Ariel: Bad Gal

For a long while, Winter played Alex as a smart gal amid a family of goofs but with her own odd quirks. It was meant to be the brainy gal in the shadow of her hotter sister and her few movie roles played off that as well. But her personal life was getting attention with accusations of abuse from her mother that led her to be legally emancipated. Some wonder if that’s affecting her as the woman is starting to really cut loose a lot. Maybe it’s an act to get attention but some concerns over her partying antics. Still, you can’t argue when she shows off like this from a movie set. Her red hair looks more striking but that’s low-level compared to the rest. Her torn t-shirt shows off her midriff as well as the ultra-short jean shorts flaunting her legs. The fake tattoos look amazing and leaning on the car adds to her wild style. If any pic shows Winter going from “geek” to “hot gal,” it’s this one to shine in a wild way.

13 Sarah: Sophisticated Style

You wouldn’t think Hyland is the type to start a major celebrity feud but she has. She was a guest on Fashion Police, the popular E network series that looks at various celebrity outfits. Hyland was talking about Lea Michele and her “pout” on red carpets. She then mocked it, talking up how Michele always had the same look and pushing it way too much as a snob. This got Michele involved for some angry words but Hyland stood by her mockery. As if taking another shot, Hyland did this magazine shoot, flaunting her own sophisticated style. The lovely dress focuses on her curves and shows a grown-up style. The hairdo is nice, making her look older and smarter and the makeup around her eyes highlights her gorgeous face. The pose is great, arms crossed, showing painted nails and looking like some 1980s soap opera queen. When she glams up, Hyland looks astounding and this shows she’s got more style than Michele often shows.

12 Ariel: Scarlett Letter

Halloween is always a fun time for celebrities. A common thing among celebrities is dressing up as other starlets, showing even they have some favorite movies and stars. Ariel has done some dressing up in the past, like a sexy bunny, a hot skeleton and more. Yet this really does stand out very well. She clearly is emulating Emma Stone's breakout role in the comedy Easy A. In that movie, Stone is a high school virgin who’s mistaken for a wanton bed-hopper. She decides to go all in for it, dressing in a black corset with a Scarlet Letter-style A on her heart. Winter pulls the look off brilliantly with the right corset, style and even getting the “A” right. It helps that she has a much nicer chest than Stone does and thus pushing the corset very tightly. Winter has a nice smirk like she knows how she’s rocking fans and doing the movie proud while looking hotter than ever.

11 Sarah: Hello Nurse!

One of the most popular episodes of Family is the Halloween special. As expected, there are some fun costumes and nice going-arounds with various nutty plotlines. The Dunphys really go all out with Claire taking Halloween far too seriously and trying to ensure that they get the best trick or treaters and decorations. A subplot of every year is Haley dressing up in an outfit that freaks her mother out with its overt sexiness. In this case, it’s a nurse’s outfit which was an old costume. Claire fires back that she didn’t mean one from when Haley was eight and the great line “Are you trying to get candy or Japanese businessmen?” It’s just one of various hot outfits she wears from a sexy cat to a nutty take on the Virgin Mary. The legs alone make this costume look great and the red sash adds to it so while you can see her mom freaking out, it’s clear Haley would be great going out. Overall, this is an outfit that’s a true treat for fans.

10 Ariel: Vision In White On The Red Carpet

For a time, Winter was ignored among her more famous castmates. She was only 11 when the show started and Alex presented as a nerd character. But like many a woman before her, Winter discovered the puberty brought some changes. It turned her into a woman so amazingly hot that she could push a dress any way she wanted. The 2015 SAG Awards was the first opportunity for Winter to show off on the red carpet in a way that had jaws dropping. She was dressed in glorious white and boosting up her cleavage quite nicely. Unlike dresses she’d wear later, her outfit was lovely in being low-key, tight and fitting her well. Her lush hair adds a great contrast, the jet black against the white making her stand out. It’s truly gorgeous and Winter lives up to her name in a snowy look that was one of the first times she stood out as truly hot.

9 Sarah: Hot Luggage


The age difference between Winter and Hyland is unique. Winter really was only 11 when she was cast in the series and has grown with the show as Alex hitting college. Meanwhile, Hyland was 19 when cast as the 16-year-old Haley but was totally believable as a young teenager who moved to college herself (although it didn’t last with her booted out after a prank gone wrong). Hyland hasn’t gotten much chance to act her own age in roles but that’s because of how young she still looks, 27 yet can easily pass for much younger. This pic is great with her in a nice black dress flowing around her and the odd choice of sitting on a big red luggage box somehow working. The dress flows down with a necklace at her cleavage with some bare sides and showing off her excellent legs and lovely heels. No matter her age or how she plays it on screen, Hyland brings a lot to her role that works well.

8 Ariel: Bikini Yoga

This picture was one of the first to get major attention on how much Winter had…developed. On the show she dresses down; Alex is always seen in dowdy shirts and sweats with jeans, almost never flaunting any kind of heat. But off-screen Winter has truly transformed, notably in the chest (even needing a breast reduction). This pic shows her at a party, throwing back a few drinks to add to her party reputation. The stunning white bikini flaunts her amazing curves and the gold chains adding something special. It’s already a great image but then Ariel adds to it by doing some yoga, bending her leg while leaning on a palm tree. It’s remarkable how a woman so stacked can also be quite flexible and Winter knows it. The actress truly has blossomed into an amazingly sexy young woman, rather outgoing and this pic proves Winter doing yoga in any position is a remarkable sight.

7 Sarah: Skating With Tisdale

Hyland, like any popular teen actress who’s grown up, has more than a few good friends among the celebrity set. It’s fun to see her cutting a bit loose and having fun like a regular person rather than held up by the standards of trying to impress her studio bosses. This pic shows her out with Ashley Tisdale, the former Disney Channel starlet who’s carved out a good acting career herself while looking amazingly hot. The two are out roller-blading, this with Hyland looking a bit younger but in a fun way. She’s bright and funny with a nice floral top and pink and yellow shorts. She shows off her toned mid-riff and Tisdale matching her with her own pink top and black shorts. They look like any pair of teens out on a skate, rather than stars and it’s fun seeing Hyland being more herself. As hot and sexy as Hyland can be at times, she can be just as alluring as a regular person.

6 Ariel: Party Gal

This is an outfit that got Winter in some hot water. The cast was invited for a publicity meeting, where they were just supposed to show up to talk to reports and some distributors and promote the show. The actors showed up in laid-back clothing, even some jeans and light loafers and slacks. However, Winter must have assumed this was being held at the Playboy Mansion. She showed up in a stunning outfit, clearly no bra and showing more than a bit of sideboob through the clear fabric. The short skirt focused on her legs and the lovely design was good showing off bare shoulders and arms yet somehow linked to the main costume. The skirt parts, showing that she must be wearing a thong and is extremely short-cut. Overall, it’s a great look but much better for some wild party than a simple meeting and the rest of the cast were obviously not happy about Winter showing off like this. Yet you can’t deny how stunningly sexy she looked at it.

5 Sarah: Leopard Print

An annual plotline on Family is the clan going on vacation, often somewhere international. They bounce around the country and, being this family, often get into nutty misadventures. One year had them going to Australia and hanging out pretty well. A plotline has Claire freaking out when she realizes Haley is going to a topless beach while Haley doesn’t get what it means. She avoids it but does show off in a fantastic leopard print suit. The dip to her cleavage is nice as well as how it’s slit to show off her hips and legs. Hyland clearly is having a great time, a bright laugh on her features as she walks through the water and enjoying herself. It’s a great job when you can basically have a paid vacation and Hyland knows this is a period to get wild and enjoy fun in the sun and surf.

4 Ariel: Back In Black

Usually, Winter’s hair is naturally black and she kept it up for the show. But she’s been experimenting and has allowed her hair to now take on a red color in public. This usually means wearing a wig for the show to fit the brainy Alex along with her glasses (which Winter doesn’t need). As she’s grown, Winter has learned to mix that color with her outfits to get major attention. This fits her well, a fantastic black dress, the solid color flowing over her nicely. The dip at the chest is alluring and the shortness shows off her legs while the lack of utter decorations or adornments makes it stand out very well. Her purse is a nice touch and the whole thing comes off well. Winter has a good look on her face, knowing the attention she gets and very alluring. The way she’s grown up is astounding and this dress proves the wicked side Winter brings to show she’s an adult in many ways.

3 Sarah: Black And White

Something about Hyland’s legs is truly remarkable. Even among a cast of hot ladies, they stand out as clearly her best feature. Hyland actually complains a bit about not having the curves of co-stars Winter and Sofia Vergara. However, her legs more than make up for it. For this magazine shoot, Hyland knows how to flaunt them beautifully. The long coat is open just enough to show no bra but not too obvious about it. The ultra-short skirt mixes with it well and her hair is done up nicely to focus on her face with that hot pout. But what draws attention are Hyland’s hose-covered legs, gloriously set up and flowing into a pair of high heels. The black and white motif helps as well and the entire style is great. Hyland knows the effect she has rubbing at her coat as if teasing taking it off and standing very tall in sexiness.

2 Ariel: Emmy Heat

The Emmys are always a time to show off. And since the series began and puberty set in, Winter has known just how to do that. Her first few outfits were just okay, nice dresses and didn’t seem to want to flaunt it compared to her co-stars. But in the last few years, she’s pushed herself majorly thanks to how she’s turned into a fantastic knockout. This dress is lovely, bare-shouldered with a choker around her neck and the fabric flowing them. The slits at the legs show off her form and it accentuates her great curves. Ironically, she’s right in front of a “CBS” logo as they were carrying the Emmys despite how obviously her show is on ABC. It’s a fantastic outfit, one of her best and Winter clearly knows the attention she’s getting. The gal has gone from just a quiet teen to a true red carpet darling and this outfit showcases her fun style.

1 How They've Grown

It’s truly amazing to see how much these two have blossomed over the years. Each has become an amazingly sexy gal and pushed the show to new heights. They also are able to showcase some fun touches of humor. If anything, it shows Winter has grown truly hot and sexy while Hyland has her own charms. This pic of them at a party shows the change from a pair of kids breaking out to classic TV stars. Back in 2009, Hyland was the hot gal and Winter more the geek but times sure have changed. Together, they have grown into a pair of hot ladies who may end up with good careers ahead. Family is likely to continue for quite a few years yet to show them up even more yet this pic shows how these two on-screen sisters and real-life BFFs have bonded well and a classic case of two already attractive ladies transformed over the years into drop-dead gorgeous gals.

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