Where In The World Is Mena Suvari: 15 Steamy Pictures To Make Us Miss Her

What the hell ever happened to Mena Suvari? You've probably forgotten all about her by now, but one look at Mena and the memories will start flowing back into your mind. After all, how could you ever forget a face like that? She was one of the hottest actresses alive back in the day, but then she just sort of fell off the map. It's funny how Hollywood just seems to pass some people by, people who you think are going to be huge stars for at least a decade. Although Mena's time in the spotlight was brief, it was enough to make a real impression on a lot of people. She was the kind of girl you fell in love with at first sight.

One look at her and people would immediately know that they had seen perfection. If you went to the dictionary and looked up the word "flawless," you'd probably find a picture of her. She was a perfect ten, no doubt about it. Her few movie roles were amazing, and the mere inclusion of Mena Suvari was enough to make even the worst films somewhat bearable. Whether she was doing photoshoots or acting in a movie, it was impossible to tear your eyes away from the utter perfection that was Mena Suvari.

15 Sexy Back

Is there anything more sexy than a woman with a hot back? This scandalously low-cut dress on Mena Suvari shows off her hot lower back in all its glory. She's a petite girl and her back seems crafted by the highest forges of heaven. There's a beautiful curve to it, and one can only imagine what it's like to run your hand up and down it, caressing that beautifully arched back. She's the type of girl that is made for clothes like these, and she is able to look classy and sexy at the same time wearing this dress.

But it's not only her dress that looks hot. The rest of her body is incredibly entrancing as well. Her golden locks cascade down her upper back like a copper river, and the way she's looking at you over her shoulder is just too hot for words. She's also showing off plenty of her legs, and those boots look incredibly sexy as well.

14 American Beauty

One of Mena Suvari's biggest early roles was in the critically acclaimed movie American Beauty. When this movie came out, everyone wanted to know the name of that hot blonde who looked so devastatingly beautiful in every single scene. After this movie, Mena Suvari knew that her fame was guaranteed. She proved that she wasn't just a pretty face, and that she also had some pretty decent acting chops.

One of the most iconic scenes involving Mena Suvari was a daydream that the main character had. A vision of Mena appears to him, and it's actually quite a beautiful scene. Mena Suvari appears in a bed full of rose petals, and the vision is one of the most lovely things ever caught on camera. Many people would want to watch that scene over and over again...

13 Caught In A Bikini

When Mena became a big star, she found herself in a completely different world. Everyone knew her name all of a sudden, and that meant that it was much harder to live a normal life. When she went to the beach and wore skimpy bikinis, the paparazzi would be there, following her every move. This is definitely the downside to fame, and some people can't deal with it. But Mena seemed to handle it well, aside from some disgusted looks towards the camera as they snapped pics of her flawless body.

This particular picture shows how amazing Mena's body really is. This picture is especially impressive because this is just a normal picture of her. It's not like a movie or a photoshoot, where her face has been carefully covered in makeup and the lighting is adjusted to be very flattering. Even without all these things, she still managed to look totally hot.

12 Perfection

And what about those pictures where her face is prepared with makeup and the lighting is adjusted to make her look amazing? As you can see, she looks almost unbelievable when all these factors come into play. This is definitely Mena Suvari at her best. Her petite body looks ravishing in that little zebra print bikini, and her body looks so lithe and smooth. She may be small and a little on the skinny side, but her body looks totally curvaceous and she has a body that will make your jaw drop.

Mena Suvari's second big success story was with American Pie. Although it had a similar name to American Beauty, it was totally different. While American Beauty was a drama, American Pie was a teen comedy. Mena's ability to shine in both of these genres highlighted her impressive range, setting the stage for a number of continued acting roles. In American Pie, Mena plays an innocent choir girl.

11 She Wants You

Looking at pictures like this one, it's easy to see how Mena was also very successful as a model. She actually started modeling in her preteen years, with her parents seeing her potential and making sure that she got seen by the right people. This started a long string of modeling gigs that she landed while she was reaching success as an actor. Although her big break came in the late 90s, Mena was acting in TV shows by the time she was in her mid teens. She has appeared heavily in print ads for Lancome Cosmetics, and was once the face of the entire company.

She also appeared in magazines such as Vogue and a few others, and when you look at pictures like this one, it's easy to see why. Putting aside her smoking hot body for a second, it has to be said that her face is drop dead gorgeous. The way she looks into the camera makes people's hearts skip a beat, and her perfectly proportioned facial features are intoxicating to look at.

10 Topless Scene

There were many reasons why American Beauty was so great for Mena Suvari's success. She showed that she was a competent actor, but she also showed off her incredible sex appeal. Scenes like this one worked wonders for Mena Suvari's star power. Her first big movie was also a movie that she got topless in, and that certainly got a lot of people's attention. Her bravery in baring her breasts paid off, as this move got her on a lot of people's radars and propelled her into fame. If you've seen the movie, this is one scene that's hard to forget.

The movie is actually pretty strange. That's not to say that it wasn't good - the people who made it just approached the story in a very unique way. They challenged what was seen as normal. Kevin Spacey played a middle-aged man who changed his whole perspective on life. Somehow, he starts a relationship with a girl who's much younger - Mena Suvari's character. The rest, as you can see by the picture, is history.

9 She Looks Great In Yoga Pants

After the release of American Beauty, all eyes were on Mena, and this provided the general public with some amazingly hot pictures of her. Photos like this one prove that Mena Suvari is capable of looking smoking hot without taking off any of her clothes. Her topless scene in American Beauty may have been mouth-watering, but this full body shot of her in some seriously tight yoga pants is just as hot. Again, she proves that even when she's totally unprepared, she still has the capability to make us fall head over heels in love with her.

Her legs look tight and incredibly hot in this photo. Those yoga pants look skin tight, and she might as well be standing there completely bottomless. That's how revealing these pants are. And although yoga pants look hot on pretty much any girl, Mena Suvari rocks them like no one else possibly can.

8 She Still Looks Amazing

So let's return to our first question. Why exactly has Mena Suvari fallen off the face of the Earth? The last big roles she had were around 2010. So what happened to her? The truth is that she's actually still pretty active. She just hasn't landed any major movie roles lately. She appeared in a couple episodes of American Horror Story semi-recently. She also appeared in the thriller movie Don't Blink in 2015, although most of her movie roles these days go straight to DVD. Her most recent role was in a TV series called South Of Hell, but this series didn't do too well.

Aside from her latest acting roles, another thing that she did semi-recently was pose for this picture. Can you believe it? She still looks smoking hot. In fact, her body seems to look even tighter and more muscular than before, with some seriously ripped abs making an appearance in her tiny, sexy green bikini. Her face is also aging very well, and she still has all that same charm that made us fall in love with her back in the day.

7 Safety First

The paparazzi simply love Mena Suvari. Why? Because almost any picture they take of this babe is good enough to make it onto the front cover of any magazine. Even when she's looking away and squinting into the sun, she still manages to look incredibly hot. She's the type of girl who looks like her body was built to squeeze into some of the tiniest, sexiest, and tightest bikinis known to man. She might be taking off that life preserver, but I'm sure many people are wishing she'd take off a lot more. She actually has been snapped topless on the beach before, and those pictures were released to the Internet.

Ever wonder where Mena Suvari got her good looks from? Her parents are actually just normal people. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a psychologist. She has both Estonian and Greek heritage, and however those genetics combined, the result was a complete masterpiece. Sometimes nature reminds us of what incredible beauty it can create. Mena Suvari is one of those creations.

6 Classy Girl

Mena Suvari is a very classy lady. It's that combination of classiness and sex appeal that makes her so desirable. Of course, this is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to why people are so obsessed with this actress, but it's a notable factor nonetheless. She can appear as though she's a high class aristocrat one minute, and she can play the "girl next door" type with equal ease. Pictures like this show us how Mena Suvari can be hot and tasteful at the same time, something that she's built an entire career around.

Mena Suvari has had her fair share of relationships in the past. She's actually been married twice, and both those marriages have resulted in divorces, sadly. But although she probably wanted her romances to turn out better, the fact that she's single must come with its benefits. And of course, the fact that she's single makes her a lot more desirable to the average person. Sure it, might never happen, but we can all dream.

5 All-American

Part of Mena Suvari's appeal is her "All-American" look. This has allowed her to play some really iconic roles. She looks like the kind of character that was dreamed up by pin-up artists back in the 50s. She really looks like a classic American beauty. This is kind of ironic given the fact that she's actually Greek and Estonian, but hey, America is a land full of immigrants. This "look" that Mena has allows her to play cheerleaders, choir girls, and "the girl next door." She looks just like that hot high school girl we all remember from back in our teens.

This picture perfectly exemplifies that "All-American" look of Mena Suvari. Her bikini is decorated with classic-styles cherries, highlighting both her innocence and her timeless good looks that would look at home in an old 50s style cartoon. But even if an artist spent his whole life trying to draw the perfect girl, he would never reach the levels of perfection present in Mena Suvari. She looks so seductive and sweet in this photo - just like a cherry pie!

4 Her Early Days

Mena wasn't always famous, but she was hot from a very young age. This picture proves that. This old picture of Mena is from way back in the mid-90s, and it shows how Mena's hotness is completely timeless. Once again she's showing off her jaw-dropping body with a scandalous crop top sweater. Her beautiful stomach and hypnotizing lower back is once again on display. This girl definitely knows how to show off her best features, but not in a way that compromises her integrity. This photo looks both hot and artsy, and the tasteful shot would be at home in any fashion magazine.

Mena Suvari has had one hell of a journey so far in her life. Did she have any idea how famous she would become when she was just an up-and-coming model and actor in her early teens? I guess only Mena can tell us that. But what's obvious is that this girl had enough determination and perseverance to make it to the very top.

3 Tight Body

Here's another smoking hot picture from Mena Suvari's prime. You can see here that this is a girl that is destined for great things. She has really mastered the "sexy look over the shoulder" and she looks positively delicious in this picture. Once again she is wearing form fitting pants that hug her cute little rear, and it really is a thing of beauty. She has a surprising amount of weight on that booty, and it's what makes her the object of obsession for countless guys. Her hair also looks wavy and luscious, and at the same time messy, which adds to her sexy look.

Never doubt that this girl is actually doing great things with her fame and fortune. Like many great stars, she has been involved heavily in charity work, and she's not just hoarding all her money for herself. This means that she's not just a pretty face, she genuinely wants to help and do something meaningful.

2 Looking Stunning In Sin City

One of Mena's hottest ever roles was in a movie called Sex And Lies In Sin City. If you've never seen it and you're a fan of Mena Suvari, you need to check this movie out. In the film, Mena plays a stripper in Las Vegas, and as you can imagine, her scenes get very steamy indeed. She really does shake her money maker up on stage, and rides that pole like she has been doing it for years. This movie is actually about the death of a real Vegas casino heir, and apparently it's quite interesting. It also stars Matthew Modine, who was in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. This highlights the fact that Mena Suvari has worked with some huge names in acting in the past.

The fact that she's managed to convincingly portray a stripper is a real testament to Suvari's acting ability. Or maybe stripping is just a natural talent she was born with. Who knows. But what's clear is that this is hardly the first time she's learned new talents in order to play a character. She also learned some pretty convincing (and hot) cheerleading moves for the movie Sugar & Spice.

1 A Perfect Ten

At the end of the day, Mena Suvari is one of those beauties that only comes along once in a million years. She's like a rare comet, which is beautiful and intimidating at the same time. Even if we only saw her rare beauty for a few precious years, we're still able to sit back and say we witnessed something beautiful and unique in the world of Hollywood. Nobody like her will ever grace the movies we love again. Sure, there are actresses that are similar, but nobody can quite do it like Mena Suvari.

Girls like Jessica Alba are the only ones who have really challenged Mena Suvari's beauty. And even then, it was never really the same. Today, even Alba stopped appearing in roles, and right now we have a massive shortage of hot girls like her in Hollywood. We might have to accept the sad truth - that Mena Suvari is a thing of the past. At least we have the memories... And the photos...

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