Where Are They Now: The Cast Of The Girl Next Door

The movie The Girl Next Door is about a teenage boy who gets lucky enough to have a super hot adult film star move in next door. Throughout a series of adventures including creating an all new and improved sex ed tape for their school to see, and getting into a fight with a "film" producer, male lead Matthew Kidman and his friends work together to get him the dream girl he’s always wanted. Spoiler Alert! In the end, he gets the girl as well as the opportunity of a lifetime.

While this movie isn’t a classic or even a “must-see” for most viewers, it is a great comedy flick to watch on a Friday night when you have nothing to do. However, regardless of whether or not you liked the movie, it doesn’t really matter. This isn’t an article about what we did or didn’t like about it, it’s about the actors that played the characters in the movie, and where they are now.

The Girl Next Door came out in 2004, that’s more than a decade ago, technically, it’s 13 years. That’s a pretty long time to go out into the world and make a name for themselves. For most of the following actors, this movie by no means “put them on the map.” Some of them have been acting long before Danielle or Matthew were even born. We did want to discover what these people have been doing in recent years, and it’s pretty impressive. Here’s the cast of The Girl Next Door, and where they are now.

15 Olivia Wilde - Kellie

We all know Olivia Wilde, the American actress, model, director, and producer that is most famous for her part as Dr. Remy Hadley in the TV drama House. Before she landed that starring role, she had a minor role in The Girl Next Door. That small role playing Kellie jump started her career when it came to acting because right after appearing in TGND, Wilde appeared in one movie the year after and three the year after that. In the time since then she has appeared in a ton of films like Tron: Legacy, Rush, and Life Itself. After being Dr. Hadley in 81 episodes of House, her latest TV endeavor included her voice as the voice of Radiana in an episode of Son of Zorn.

14 Autumn Reeser - Jane

Autumn received her first major big screen role when she landed the part of Jane in The Girl Next Door. Although it wasn’t a main role in the film, it gave her enough of a career boost for her to continue on being a successful American actress. Since her appearance in her first film, she has gone on to play parts in 12 other movies. Five years after the movie’s release, in 2009, Reeser married writer and director Jesse Warren and together they had two boys, one in 2011, and the other in 2013. Unfortunately, just a year after the pair welcomed their second baby boy into the family, the couple filed for divorce, after not being able to reconcile their differences. She hasn’t let that stop her though and she has been playing the part of Leslie Belcamp in multiple episodes of The Arrangement, which is an American TV drama.

13 Amanda Swisten - April

If you remember anything from this movie, it’s most likely the porn scenes which came really close to being the real thing. Or so it seemed. Amanda Swisten is one-half of the sexy duo that is recruited to be in the new and improved sex ed tape. This is April. She is an American model and actress who has a few big screen and TV appearances under her belt. After portraying the lovely April in The Girl Next Door, Amanda went on to appear in Freezer Burn a year later and shows like Two and a Half Men, Joey, and Quintuplets. We don’t know what she’s been doing the past few years, but stars need their privacy too. We get it. But it’s surely something worthwhile.

12 Sung-Hi Lee - Ferrari

Here is the other magical half of the porn stars in our featured film, The Girl Next Door. Sung-Hi Lee played the part of the stunning Ferrari and she, together with April, create a new age sexual education tape that is sure to make even the most lackluster student bright eyed, bushy tailed, and eager to learn. She is a South Korean model and actress who lives in America. Since her portrayal of Ferrari, Sung-Hi has gone on to make appearances in several TV shows as well as the action movie The Art of War III: Retribution, which came out in 2009. Soon after that she started her own website but shut it down citing that having a toddler running around was too much to handle while also running a website. Lee then started working as a personal trainer in beautiful California.

11 Emile Hirsch - Matthew Kidman

Emile Hirsch is the male lead in The Girl Next Door. He, along with the help of his friends, go through a bunch of adventures to get the girl of his dreams. The craziest thing about it is that he gets his future set up for him too, so it’s a win-win for all. Although his part in the movie got him nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss the year it came out, he went on to hone a career in movies and television. 2005 saw him in Lords of Dogtown, and he played alongside Chris in Alpha Dog in 2006. In 2007, Hirsch was nominated for half a dozen different awards from different groups and organizations for his performance as Chris McCandless in Into The Wild. Since then he has been in 31 other movies with three alone in 2017. That’s what we’d call a busy actor.

10 Elisha Cuthbert - Danielle

Elisha Cuthbert is the whole reason this movie was made. Well, her character, Danielle, was. This Canadian actress and model plays a young woman who moves next door to the male lead, Matthew Kidman, he likes her and pursues a relationship. Seems all hunky dory, except for the fact that she’s an adult film star. Long story short, after a few ups and downs, the happy couple ends up together. After playing Danielle in The Girl Next Door, Elisha went on to play Carly in House of Wax. Just five years later, she had appeared in seven other films as well. She got married to hockey player Dion Phaneuf in 2013 and a year later she played Penny Morgan in Just Before I Go. Her most recent film was released in 2017 and it’s called Goon: Last of the Enforcers. It’s an impressive resume, and that doesn’t even cover the other work she’s done in television.

9 Timothy Bottoms - Mr. Kidman

Timothy Bottoms is an American actor that has been in dozens of movies dating back to 1971 when he appeared in Johnny Got His Gun. The list of appearances he made is enough to write a novel in its own right; he’s quite the accomplished actor. Although he is best known for his role in The Last Picture Show, he went on to appear in movies like American Hero, Absolute Force, and The Man in the Iron Mask too. In The Girl Next Door, Timothy plays the part of Mr. Kidman, the father of the high schooler the entire movie revolves around. After the movie was released, Timothy moved onto other projects and has appeared in ten other movies since. That’s quite a career portfolio, we hope that he has since taken time just to relax.

8 Ulysses Lee - Samnang

Playing the lovable Cambodian nerd in The Girl Next Door, Ulysses Lee is quite a character in himself. He was born in California but he grew up in Hong Kong. Because he had the opportunity to experience both cultures, he is a well-rounded individual. He has performed in groups both in America as well as in Hong Kong, and he can speak fluent Chinese as well as English! Since appearing in this film, he went on to graduate from UC Berkeley, which isn’t a small feat. He currently works for a media production company, so we say he’s probably doing pretty well for himself, which is great.

7 Nicholas Downs - Bob

For those of you who don’t remember who “Bob” is, he is in the 70s sex ed film shown in The Girl Next Door. It certainly wasn’t a huge part, but we want to know what he’s been doing since, he is a character, after all. Before The Girl Next Door, he had been in a few films but none as big as Pearl Harbor in 2001. Since Nicholas appeared in TGND, he has been in a few dozen different big screen films, short films, and several TV series. Some films you might remember are Constantine, 16 to Life, and Is It Just Me? He might not have made much of a name for himself while in The Girl Next Door, but he did so in the next few projects he worked on.

6 Brian Kolodziej - Derek

Brian plays the part of Derek in The Girl Next Door. It was a very small role but it’s OK since he’s only a part time actor. Besides acting, Brian likes to dabble in other hobbies and calls himself quite the brewmaster. In fact, he was named head brewmaster at a brewpub near Los Angeles, California. Since then he moved back to Michigan, the state he was born in, and he supposedly received his Juris Doctor degree after studying to become an attorney back in 2012. We sincerely hope he made it. It’s quite a jump to make from acting to brewing beer to becoming an attorney, but at least Brian will have a colorful story when it comes to his career.

5 Jacob Young - Hunter

Jacob Young may have only appeared in three big picture films throughout his career, one of which being The Girl Next Door, but what he lacks in big screen experience, he makes up for in day time TV awards. After playing the part of Hunter in TGND, Jacob continued to play JR Chandler in the series All My Children, a show that he had appeared on before filming for TGND began. In 2005, Jacob won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series and in 2009, 2015, and 2016 he won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Still going strong and winning awards left and right! There isn’t a better reward to showcase your skills than an actual trophy saying as much.

4 James Remar - Hugo Posh

The adult film mogul Hugo Posh is played by the one and only James Remar. Not only is James an accomplished American actor but he is an accomplished voice actor as well. Before playing the part of Posh in The Girl Next Door, James had already been featured in 50 other films! As if that wasn’t insane enough, he went on to play parts in some well-known movies like Ratatouille, Pineapple Express, X-Men: First Class, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Django Unchained, among many, many more. It doesn’t seem like this man has stopped to even breathe for a second and we didn’t even mention all the roles he has played on tv! His passion for the industry and his career shows. Heck, he even went on to do the voice overs for video games like Destiny, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

3 Chris Marquette - Eli Brooks

This American film actor has been in front of the camera since he appeared in a commercial back in 1993. It was a Staples back to school commercial, who knew that he would become the actor he is today? In The Girl Next Door, Chris plays the part of Eli Brooks, one of Matthew’s friends in the movie. After his appearance in the film, he later appeared in popular TV shows like Weeds, Criminal Minds, and Hawaii Five-O. He didn’t stay away from the big screen either, In 2006 he was in Alpha Dog, in 2009, Race to Witch Mountain, in 2013, he was in Bad Country and this year he played Corey Swanson in Chokeslam. It is clear that he doesn’t plan on stepping away from this career path anytime soon.

2 Timothy Olyphant - Kelly

Timothy Olyphant plays the horrible producer and ex-boyfriend of our leading lady, Danielle. He portrays a character that is just about as sleazy and gross as one might suspect of a person working in that industry. Olyphant made his first big break in acting from a debut in Off-Broadway theater back in the 90s. After being the bad guy in The Girl Next Door, Timothy went on to play roles like Agent 47 in the popular film, Hitman. He has also played parts in High Life, Crazies, Rango, and Driven. Besides big picture films, Timothy has been seen in a number of TV shows, the most recent being Santa Clarita Diet a show where he is also the executive producer. He’s certainly come a long way from the fictional porn industry.

1 Paul Dano - Klitz

The character of Klitz was a part played by Paul Dano. The part he played was that of a supporting friend when it came to the ridiculous adventures of Matthew Kidman. In addition to both stage and TV appearances, Paul hasn’t stopped acting in the time since playing the part of Klitz. Some of the more recent roles you might recognize are from the 2009 movie Where the Wild Things Are, 2011’s Cowboys & Aliens, 2012’s Looper, Swiss Army Man in 2016 and his latest project, Okja, which was released earlier this year. He has been in a serious relationship for ten years with a beautiful actress named Zoe Kazan; they started dating back in 2007. Since Kazan said herself that “marriage isn’t that high on the list,” we don’t think that we’ll be hearing wedding bells soon.

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