Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Entourage

For years now, HBO has been known for the high quality of their original programming. Everyone knows, of course, about the runaway success of Game of Thrones, perhaps the greatest cable channel drama series ever. Before GoT, it was The Sopranos, that groundbreaking look at New Jersey mobsters that was more responsible for starting the current “Golden Age of TV” than any single other show. In between, we’ve had everything from the long-running dark dramas The Wire and Boardwalk Empire to the short but critically acclaimed True Detective and Carnivale.

Then there’s Entourage. The critically-acclaimed hit series aired for eight seasons on the premium channel and garnered a ton of awards, not to mention pop-culture credibility while doing so. Following the lives of Hollywood A-lister Vince Chase and his merry band of brothers-in-arms as they move through the heart of the TV and film industry, the show won kudos for its honesty, brashness, wit, and inspired use of cameos. In fact, it won actor Jeremy Piven both a Golden Globe and three (yup -- three) Primetime Emmys for best supporting actor and the show, a nomination for Best Comedy Series from either the Golden Globes or the Emmys an astounding eight times.

But it’s been over six years since the gang rode off into the proverbial Hollywood sunset. We wonder: whatever happened to Vince, Ari, Turtle, Johnny ‘Drama,’ and Eric, not to mention all of those hot leading ladies who made their careers that much hipper playing themselves? Let’s take a look then at where the movers and shakers of Entourage are now.

15 Perrey Reeves

If you think being Ari Gold’s personal assistant for years was a tough job, then imagine what it was like to be his wife! Every fan of the show knows that Ari’s personality (and behavior) is somewhat more than life-size. Ari Gold is more like an act of God or a weather event than a normal person. But Perrey Reeves pulled off the role as Melissa Gold (“Mrs. Ari”) with wit, aplomb, and a certain sexiness, too. In fact, Ari’s long running affair with Dana Gordon ended when the show ended as Ari realized what he had at home with Melissa. My favorite trivia nugget about her, by the way, is that the character supposedly starred in The Young & the Restless when she was younger… Anyway, Perrey Reeves is awesome and has been active ever since Entourage ended. She's probably best known at this point for her role in the drama Famous in Love, which is currently airing, but she also did a bunch of guest work the past few years in shows like Covert Affairs in 2014 and Perception in 2013.

14 Jerry Ferrara

Who doesn’t love them some Turtle??? If Ari Gold was the fire of the series, then Turtle was always the ice, the only guy in the posse who wasn’t involved in the entertainment industry and the one who was, by far, the most chill of the group. Who knows? Maybe it was all the spliffs he rolled… Anyway, Turtle is Vince’s oldest childhood friend and also his driver, although that wasn’t really a profession as much as it was a status symbol. One of his best storylines was when he began dating the aforementioned Jamie Lynn-Sigler, and no one believed him. Jerry Ferrara totally nailed it with Turtle for the entire series run, then went on to parts in movies big and small -- big ones like Battleship, Empire State, and Lone Survivor and smaller ones like the eminently forgettable Flight 7500. He’s settled, more recently, into a recurring role on the Starz drama Power, which begins its fourth season this summer.

13 Kevin Connolly

If Turtle is Vince’s oldest childhood friend, then Eric “E” Murphy, another childhood buddy, is his best friend in the series. E is motivated by a desire to look out for Vince’s best interests and also keep him on track as an actor and person. Sometimes, that leads to friction between the two, which leads to good TV. It also leads to conflict with Ari, on occasion, which makes the show even more fun. At the end of the day, though, E is always the one trying to figure out how to navigate Vincent’s career through the professional minefield that is Hollywood. Kevin Connolly was perfect as Eric for the entire duration of the show and continues to work steadily in TV. A few years ago, he was one of the stars of Friends with Better Lives, a CBS sitcom that lasted half a season. He went from that to Pitch, the silly Fox drama about a girl who makes it to the big leagues as a pitcher. Hopefully, Kevin will get the chance again to shine on a legitimately good show rather than the half-baked stuff he’s been in recently.

12 Kevin Dillon

It’s pretty apparent that Vincent knows a thing or two about the life of a star -- like, if you’re going to be a wild Hollywood “Bad Boy,” then you need a posse. Duh! We’re talking about an entourage, after all. But what really makes an entourage legendary is when you get your own relatives involved in it. That’s what happens with Vince when Johnny “Drama” Chase, his half-brother, joins his gang at the beginning of the show. The best part about Johnny is that he’s, at best, a C-list actor. One of his most famous roles was in the ridiculous cult Sci-fi Viking show Viking Quest. Kevin Dillon comes from good acting stock, being the brother of Matt Dillon, and isn’t actually as active as one might think. He was on an episode of Blue Bloods this year but other than that he hasn’t been doing too much other than voicing characters on some cartoon clip show called Triptank.

11 Jeremy Piven

The man, the myth, the legend -- Ari Gold! Actor Jeremy Piven was already well known for his previous roles in things like The Larry Sanders Show and Ellen as well as funky cult movies like Smoking Aces and Very Bad Things. However, Ari Gold gave him the role of a lifetime, and he grabbed on with both hands, winning three Emmys for the role. It’s no wonder, too, given that Ari is such an over-the-top character, fully realized by Piven in all of his glory. Piven sort of downshifted for a little bit after the show, working as a voice actor on things like The Pirates and the Sin City reboot. However, he amped it up again when he spent four seasons as the lead character on Mr. Selfridge, which just finished its last season this past year. Knowing Piven, I’m sure he'll find something suitable for his talents soon enough again.

10 Adrian Grenier

You can’t have an entourage without a top dog to head it all up, so it will come as no surprise that our final entry is for none other than Vincent Chase, the fictional leading man of the Entourage universe. Vincent is, of course, a Hollywood star, and also a guy who needs his whole group of buddies to help him manage his star-studded life. That’s pretty much your whole show in a nutshell right there, fellas. Adrian Grenier was fantastic as Vince, appearing in every single episode (he is the leading man, after all) and parlayed his success in Entourage into an indie-film career in movies like Goodbye World, Sex, Death, and Bowling, and Trash Fire. He also did voices in something called Miles from Tomorrowland, an animated space opera. Hey, I guess if it’s good enough for Vince Chase, then it’s good enough for me!

9 Emmanuelle Chriqui

Here’s another one of those hot ladies that seem to populate hip shows like Entourage. Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Sloan McQuewick (there’s a tongue twister of a last name for ya!), E’s on-again, off-again girlfriend who eventually becomes engaged to him at the end of the show’s run. She first shows up as his girlfriend in season two but then disappeared for a few seasons. When she returned in season six, though, she was onboard until the end, appearing in 31 episodes. Immediately after the end of Entourage, Chriqui voiced “Cheetara” in the Thunder Cats reboot, which is totally awesome -- I mean it; how is that not cool? Chriqui has been active on many other TV series as well, having starring, regular, or recurring roles on everything from The Mentalist to Cleaners to Murder in the First. She's currently part of the regular cast on Shut Eye, the psychic-con series that's entering season two.

8 Rex Lee

It can’t possibly be easy being Ari Gold’s personal assistant, something that the character of Lloyd Lee, played by Rex Lee, had to do episode after episode on the show, especially given that Lloyd is Chinese and homosexual, two things that Ari can’t help but attack constantly. Hey, he’s Ari Gold; the man has no boundaries. I, for one, was cheering when Lee got out from being under Ari all the time and headed up the television section at Miller Gold. Lloyd appeared in a whopping 79 episodes, although we never learned quite as much about him as we did some of the other recurring characters. After finishing up Entourage, Lee went on to more network TV shows, appearing as a regular in the comedy Suburgatory and again in the current comedy Young & Hungry, where he has appeared in 61 of 64 episodes.

7 Mark Wahlberg

I know, I know... Mark Wahlberg wasn’t actually a star of Entourage. So why would I put him at the bottom of this list? Well, get this -- the former underwear model and pretty boy pop star who transformed himself into a serious actor starting with Boogie Nights is also a big-time film and TV producer! He was the top-listed executive producer for Entourage for its first few years. In addition, much of Vince Chase’s fictional life was inspired by Wahlberg’s own Hollywood exploits with his own gang of misfits and ne’er-do-wells. The character of Eric Murphy, Vince’s best friend and manager, is supposedly based on both Wahlberg’s agent and his real-life manager. After Entourage, Wahlberg was the head producer for another HBO hit, Boardwalk Empire. He was also a producer for his own dramatic and highly acclaimed films Lone Survivor and Patriot’s Day.

6 Jamie Lynn-Sigler

It’s no secret that Jamie Lynn-Sigler will always be best known for her role as the sulky Mafia princess Meadow Soprano on HBO’s original hit drama The Sopranos. We watched the actress grow up before our eyes for years on that series, even cheering her on when she released a solo album as a singer, of all things (OK, maybe we cringed a bit at that endeavor). But she also had a huge role as a special guest star on Entourage, appearing in 13 episodes as herself. That’s right -- she played herself that many times, one of the all-time great TV cameos ever. In fact, she was only supposed to be in a three-episode arc, but everybody had so much fun with the “Turtle is secretly dating Jamie Lynn-Sigler” storyline that they kept it going for two seasons. Jamie Lynn is currently active as a “special guest star” on TV. She had a regular role in Guys with Kids in 2013 and, even more recently, has guest-starred on shows like Baby Daddy and CSI: Cyber.

5 Constance Zimmer

Our lady Constance was quite the regular in Entourage, appearing in 21 episodes over many seasons. Her character, Dana Gordon, was a studio executive who got Vince the big-time role of Aquaman. However, the character’s storyline was really about her on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Ari, which led to a great deal of dramatic tension and story building. In fact, the writers used her character to great effect building a not-so-secret romance with Ari that kept that character torn between her and his wife for years. Since her appearances in Entourage, Constance Zimmer has been incredibly busy. In the past few years, she's been a regular or recurring character on Grey’s Anatomy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and House of Cards. She's currently one of the stars of TV’s UnREAL and, perhaps coolest of all, does voice work for the Transformers cartoon as Strongarm.

4 Rhys Coiro

Here’s a dude who had one of the coolest recurring character roles ever on TV. After all, who wouldn’t want to portray an “Indie” film director who was supposedly inspired by Quentin Tarantino, especially if you’re able to act as crazy as Tarantino and get away with it? Rhys Coiro did exactly that with the character of Billy Walsh, milking his role as the over-the-top director for an incredible 27 episodes, chewing up scenes with the best of them. The character was also supposedly inspired by Entourage’s own writer, Rob Weiss. The best part of all about this character, though, was the storyline that he was given a 25-picture contract to film “adult” movies. Rhys himself has stayed busy as a TV guest star for the past few years, bouncing around from such disparate fare as the critical hit Lilyhammer to the slow-burning drama Graceland to TV miniseries like The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and Texas Rising. He’s certainly not a huge household name, but he’s working steadily, which is sometimes all you can ask of Hollywood.

3 Cassidy Lehrman

One of the ways to make it big in Hollywood as a young actor is to land a role in a popular and/or critically acclaimed TV show and watch your career explode from there. While that hasn’t quite happened yet for Cassidy Lehrman, she’s still very young, and I have a pretty strong suspicion it will -- sooner rather than later. Lehrman played Sarah Gold on the show, the young daughter of Ari and “Mrs. Ari.” We quite literally watched her grow up on the show, from her first appearance in 2005 (she was all of 13 years old at the time) all the way to the series finale in 2011. Since she spent her time growing up onscreen, Lehrman has been busy with a lot of theater and art projects outside the scope of “normal” Hollywood. However, she did land a lead role in the failed TV series The Bluffs in 2015 and the lead voice role in a video game called Murdered: Soul Suspect in 2014.

2 Scott Caan

When you’re the son of a Hollywood legend who also happens to be one of the all-time toughest guys in movies, it can be hard carving out your own place in Tinseltown. Such was the case early on for Scott Caan, the son of badass James Caan, whom everyone remembers from films like The Godfather, Brian’s Song, Rollerball, and Misery. But Scott found his own particular niche, and part of that niche was his recurring role on Entourage as Scott Lavin, the Hollywood manager who founds his own company (“The Murphy Lavin Group”) with series regular Eric “E” Murphy, Vince’s best friend (and manager). The character was in 19 episodes and Caan’s portrayal of him as a pint-sized but outsized tough guy was awesome. You probably know Scott Caan these days for a different TV series, though. He's been one of the leads for all 168 episodes of the long-running reboot of Hawaii Five-O. “Book ‘em Danno” indeed!

1 Debi Mazar

It can be hard for a gal to hang with the boys, especially when those boys have a tendency to be wild and bad boys. That’s why it was so refreshing to have Debi Mazar playing Shauna Roberts on the show. Shauna was a long-time recurring character, who actually appeared in a whopping 50 episodes. Mazar was even given star billing by HBO for a few seasons. The character was Vincent’s publicist, and even if he didn’t care about his image, she sure did. She also didn’t mind sticking up to his posse if she felt they were out of line. The character’s brassiness made her a huge favorite and led to some fun on-screen fireworks. Since the end of Entourage, Mazar was a little bit all over the place for a while. She starred in a bunch of movies you won’t remember -- Lovelace, Return to Babylon, She’s Funny That Way, among others -- and then finally found her place on the comedy series Younger, which she's been a regular on since 2015.

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