14Shawn Andrews as Kevin Pickford

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In the film, Shawn Andrews played the role of the guy who was supposed to host the party after school named Kevin Pickford. Kevin knew his parents were going on a trip the same day school was ending for summer, and this presented the students with the perfect venue to hold an

unsupervised keg party.

The only problem with this plan was the booze delivery guy coming a few hours earlier than they had planned, so he met the parents before they left. Kevin's parents immediately discovered their son's intentions and decided to postpone their trip, so the students had to look for another venue.

Kevin was supposed to play a bigger role in the film than he did, but it was significantly reduced because Shawn Andrews didn’t get along with the other actors. Andrews had married Milla Jovovich for a while, but her mother annulled it because Milla was 16 at the time. One of his most notable roles was when he appeared in Fix (2008), a film in which he won the Best Actor Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

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