When Your Favorite Celebrities Get Nose Jobs...That Suck

Nose jobs, AKA rhinoplasties, are nothing to sneeze at nowadays, with everyone from your ho-hum next-door-neighbor to the biggest and brightest Hollywood A-list star having had one (or more) or contemplating reshaping their bumpy beak sometime in the near future.

Some nose jobs look really terrific, creating a major and much-needed improvement in a person’s overall looks -- the slope is just right and well-balanced, the nostrils look petite, natural, and even, and the width and length fit the face to a tee. In less appealing cases, the job looks like a blind butcher hacked at that schnoz with a cleaver or a bunch of hyperactive school kids whacked at it as they would a piñata at a birthday party.

With the nose being dead center in the middle of the face, these nose jobs gone bad are pretty hard to miss. Surely, the person who got this botched nasal surgery wished they had taken a little more time to research a more experienced surgeon rather than go for a plastic surgery Groupon or seek out a cheap nip and snip from a low-budget strip-mall hack.

These 15 people featured below should've left their noses as Mother Nature intended rather than sought “perfection” in the form of the most flattering nose they could buy. They thought they would be smelling roses, but their nose jobs actually stink instead. A word to the wise: appreciate your one-of-a-kind uniqueness, or else you may become another dreadful case of unfortunate rhinoplasty roadkill.

15 Lil' Kim

Rapper Lil' Kim did far more than alter just her nose, and she's received tons of cruel criticism for the unnatural and unrecognizable changes she has made to her formerly attractive-enough (and normal-looking) face. Her mug now looks painfully pulled back and super-tight, her eyes are oddly reshaped, and her nose was taken in to the point that it's impossible to believe that she can even breathe properly, if at all. And it seems she keeps on getting more and more work done every time she steps onto another red carpet or shows up in public someplace else. Lil' Kim needs to take a serious breather (if she even can) from all this crazy plastic surgery before her nose gets any lil-er.

14 Michael Jackson

May the King of Pop rest in peace, but nobody can deny that while Michael Jackson was with us, his nose was talked about nearly as much as his music. Over the years, he had countless nose jobs, among other types of reconstructive surgery, and his nose became so tiny and delicate that there were rumors that it had fallen off and that he had a prosthetic one in place of the real thing. Of course, Jackson’s unique looks made him who he was, and even with his plastic surgery blunders, he was still considered by many to be attractive. It’s too bad his talents were overpowered by his nasal reconstruction choices and mishaps. It’s a good thing his nose issues didn’t seem to affect his voice, but it sure made for some salacious headlines.

13 Haylie Duff

Actress and popular TV cooking show starlet Haylie Duff seems to be as sweet as pie and is seemingly a great big sis to her even more famous sibling, Hilary. But Haylie’s nose job isn’t exactly what Hollywood dreams are made of. She’s otherwise attractive with her golden hair, bronzed skin, and curvaceous body, but her nose steals the show, as cute as she is overall. It seems like she didn’t want to go overboard in making her formerly natural nose too teeny tiny, but she may as well have left her nose alone, as this rhinoplasty job looks incomplete. As long as she's happy is all that matters, but since she seems to have had other work done, too, why not redo the schnoz to perfection?

12 Ashley Tisdale

Nobody is denying that actress Ashley Tisdale is very cute, but her not-so-cute nose job is super-obvious and quite unnatural-looking. Yes, the former child star wanted to branch out and be all “adult” on us, but getting plastic surgery isn’t the best way to prove your newfound sex appeal. Her former (real) nose may have been a bit more bulbous, but she was a pretty girl who was fine as she was. This cookie cutter nose looks like the noses on half of the other gals prancing along the streets of L.A. who likely all saw the same (very rich) plastic surgeon. Why does everyone need to look alike in order to feel attractive? Child stars of today, listen up! Leave your faces alone; you’ll thank yourselves in the future.

11 Courtney Love

Love her or hate her, wild child/woman, Courtney Love is a fierce force to be reckoned with. She's bold, brassy, brazen, and often fairly berserk, and she's changed her look over and over as time has passed. She's barely recognizable anymore due to her plastic surgery, and her reshaped nose is pure proof that a few snips and nips can change a person’s entire face. Her newly unnatural nose isn’t her finest feature, but with all of the partying Love has done in her life, she may not even notice the difference. While this isn’t the worst nose job in the history of plastic surgery, it's obvious that it isn’t her real nose, and she probably wishes she left well-enough alone.

10 Joan Rivers

Can we talk? Joan Rivers -- may she rest in peace -- was one of the most infamous plastic surgery addicts around, and she was the first to admit all the work she had had done over the years. She was heavily nipped and snipped, tightened and brightened, and taken apart and put back together again over and over as she got older in the limelight. She had her nose done, likely more than once, and the evidence was smack in the middle of her artificial face. The rhinoplasty looked unnatural, as did the rest of her face, but it seemed she liked looking “plastic fantastic.” Rivers was always the first to make fun of herself, so she was in on all the jokes about her looks anyhow.

9 Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is long past her 90210 days, but the same catty high school teasing still goes on due to the not-so-great plastic surgery she’s gotten over the years, particularly in the nasal region. Despite her family’s fame and fortune, Spelling’s imperfect nose is uneven, crooked, and seems to droop on one side. She’s never been considered a traditional Hollywood beauty, but she's been unfairly ripped apart by the press for her less-than-perfect looks and often bone-thin frame. She’s now a mom of 5, so hopefully, she cuts out the plastic surgery and instills a sense of body-positivity in her kids. She may not be a “10,” but she’s got 5 reasons to hold her nose up in the air and feel proud of her accomplishments.

8 LaToya Jackson

There are a lot of Jacksons in the famous Jackson family, so it's not a major shocker that another family member went under the knife to have her nose redone. LaToya Jackson is a beautiful woman, but her nose job is pinched so extremely that she looks like someone left a clothespin on her nose for months. While LaToya looks otherwise pretty A-OK, that nose job is something you just can’t take your eyes off of. Perhaps she was just trying to look as much like her brother Michael as possible. If only they had all kept their looks natural, then they wouldn’t have had to have spend so much time under anesthesia getting nipped and snipped. Let’s hope she doesn’t take her nose reshaping any further and appreciates the fact that she can still breathe normally.

7 Jennifer Grey

The Dirty Dancing darling had a bit of a beak back in the day, but her pretty and natural looks made her the lovable lass everybody adored on the big screen as she sashayed and did her lifts into the arms of the hunky Patrick Swayze. Jennifer Grey was on top of the world after the success of the film, but soon, she seemed to have gone missing from everyone’s radar. What did she do? She fell into the trap of Hollywood perfection and turned her signature nose into a little button to fit in with the rest of the A-list crowd. She may think she looked better, but this small change suddenly made her unrecognizable. She may have “had the time of her life,” but her new nose isn’t invited to the dance.

6 Marlo Thomas

She’s been around for a long time as an actress, producer, and activist, but Marlo Thomas’s nose has changed a lot over the years. The wife of Phil Donahue, former daytime TV host, is certainly attractive for her age, but that overly pinched-in nose makes it a miracle that she's able to breathe, let alone act or attend to her social activism. As a woman in the public eye, it’s not hard to see why she’d want to improve her looks, but when the nose job is so obvious, it’s impossible to not notice the overdone aspect of what could've been done in a much more subtle manner. As long as she keeps her nose as is and doesn’t take any further steps to make a change, she can get away with this nose for the rest of her life. But she may go for a freshening facelift if she follows in the footsteps of other female celebs her age.

5 Melanie Griffith

Once considered to be a total babe on the big screen, Melanie Griffith seems to have changed her looks -- and not for the better. Her nose job came out crooked and indented rather than making an improvement on a nose that many would say was perfectly fine, to begin with. Of course, an aging woman in the spotlight is often inclined to try to better herself in order to compete with the younger starlets, but Griffith should've found a better surgeon to slice and dice her nose, so she wouldn’t become another nose job botch. Her daughter is now hot in the spotlight starring in Fifty Shades of Grey, but Griffith is simply turning gray and was seeking the fountain of youth. She’s so lovely that aging naturally would've suited her just fine. Live and learn.

4 Melissa Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Melissa Gorga, has spent countless wasted hours denying that she got any “work” done, but her overdone nose job is all the evidence anyone needs to prove she's gone under the knife to attempt perfection. Even with this obvious rhinoplasty job, the end result didn’t really seem to do much of anything to make the star look any better. She's already quite attractive, so why she needed a fake-looking super-sloped nose is a mystery. Sure, the New Jersey gals are all a little kooky, to say the least, but Gorga seemed to have her head on straighter than most of the rest of the cast. Well, at least she now has a straight nose to go along with it.

3 Vicki Gunvalson

The Real Housewives of Orange County “OG” is a plastic surgery specimen of which nose job not to ask for. While she’s done a heck of a job trying to improve her looks, as many OC women (and some men) have, Vicki Gunvalson just can’t seem to get the rhinoplasty look she was likely aiming for. She was once dubbed “Miss Piggy” by the rude boyfriend of one of her cast mates, and as mean as that was, he had lots of people backing up his claim. Gunvalson was in the hot seat for her behavior on the show in the many seasons she's been on the reality program, so perhaps people feel validated for making fun of her looks. But this reality star never backs down, so she'll stand proud and stick her nose in the air, like it or not.

2 Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton is part of a talented musical family (think sister Toni), was a former host (who got booted) of The Real, and is part of a popular reality show with her large and drama-filled family. Tamar has been under scrutiny for her obvious and some may say not-so-great nose job, and this picture likely adds fuel to their fire. She may feel her new nose is an improvement over what Mother Nature gave her, but any layperson or surgeon could tell you that this nose is as fake as the script on a reality show. Braxton isn’t one to shy away from the haters, and she’ll give it right back to them, so she’s sniffing you out if you troll her online and mention her looks.

1 Brandi Glanville

Former cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville, will be the first person to let you know she thinks she’s hot, but her crooked nose job certainly isn't as hot as she probably believes it to be. Sure, Glanville was a model back in the day, and her body is still fierce, and her looks overall are better than most, but her rhinoplasty could use a little fine-tuning. For a dame living in Beverly Hills, you’d think there's a plastic surgeon at every corner willing to do the blonde babe a quick favor. Maybe Glanville will give her plastic surgery another go when she’s re-hired to make a comeback on the reality show. All the women return looking hot to trot and ready to throw shade like a hot potato.

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